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Image: oil.jpg   820x600 90357 bytes 2007.04.25

Oil Cougar Ad

From the company that brought you Cat Milk, here comes Fur Oil - a bodybuilder's best friend in toning the fur to show out much of the muscles! It doesn't even harm the fur! It works on all species, even on scaled ones!

Tags: buff muscular bodybuilder beefed beefy muscle muscled cougar  
Image: muscledbadgerspecial.jpg   680x800 105357 bytes 2007.04.15

The badger is now resting in the sauna after a hard work. Oh no, he's naked, but don't worry, he's covered himself (well, from view anyway)!

Tags: buff muscled beef muscular beefy buffed beefed badger american  
Image: muscledbadger.jpg   576x1100 148745 bytes 2007.04.12

A newcomer joins the ranks of the Beastmen Bodybuilders. He is an American Badger, and he shows to you that he is not just gonna sit by and let others take all the attention.

Tags: buff muscular bodybuilder beefed beefy muscle american badger  
Image: hunterfox.jpg   536x900 174304 bytes 2007.04.12

Fox Hunter

A young muscular fox scouts the woods, the mountains, the dungeons, anywhere, as long as the payment for the mission is met. Who knows what he does with his big muscular body though.

Tags: buff muscular bodybuilder beefed beefy muscle fox hunter  
Image: muscledalion.jpg   647x1150 148187 bytes 2007.03.22

White lions are a result of some gene mutation in the lions. They are not albino, as their fur isn't really pure white. Still, that doesn't mean they can never be buff now?\r\n\r\nDone in Photoshop.

Tags: buff muscular bodybuilder beefed beefy muscle white lion  
Image: muscledlizard.jpg   600x1200 117170 bytes 2007.03.22

A muscular lizard poses in front of the camera. He's not your run-of-the-mill local reptilian you see in your yard. Nope! Done with Photoshop.

Tags: buff muscular bodybuilder beefed beefy muscle lizard  
Image: milk.jpg   700x800 70162 bytes 2007.03.15

Milk Panther Ad

This is a nice poster for Milk Cat company. Why not put a muscular model? It makes the sales go up really fast!\r\n

Tags: panther muscle beef muscular buff bodybuilder  
Image: muscleddragonred.jpg   710x800 194499 bytes 2007.02.06

Here's the red dragon.\r\n\r\nAs opposed to his Green Dragon buddy, the Red Dragon is obviously buffer, and has wings. My something to nitpick are the wings... they look off.\r\n\r\nNevertheless he is buff!

Tags: red dragon muscle bodybuilder buff beef beefy hunky muscular  
Image: kokujam.jpg   900x1000 195697 bytes 2007.01.26

This one is a gift for the artist named Kokurou (who is also the brown dragon in the image). He asked me to draw him and his other character Jam using the reference on his site ( He likes it! ^ ^

Tags: kokurou jam beach dragon muscle beef bodybuilder muscular buff  
Image: tigertrio.jpg   1400x1050 437456 bytes 2007.01.26

The three tigers pose for the audience. From left to right, we have the Siberian, the Bengal and the Maltese to show their beautiful muscles to the people!

Tags: tiger buff muscular bodybuilder muscle flex beef bengal siberian maltese  
Image: muscledwlion.jpg   675x1356 197961 bytes 2007.01.14

This is an Asiatic Lion, a sub-species of the lion where they have combed, semi-shorter mane, with more yellow and lighter fur. Of course, being lions, they must be buffed out!

Tags: lion muscle beef asiatic bodybuilder buff  
Image: tangerine.jpg   900x774 205532 bytes 2006.12.30

Nope, no Popeye-like effect involving tangerines being eaten to get buff is used here.\r\n\r\nMeet Tangerine, a relative's cat I buffed out. He got his name for his orange patch, and I heard he is a crossbreed. I am not sure why, but yeah. I decided to buff him out. XD

Image: muscledafox.jpg   672x920 122141 bytes 2006.12.21

I did the wolf, so now here's the fox. He's an Arctic Fox, cousin of the Red Fox. He is a training partner of Arctic Wolf, both are buddies.

Tags: buff fox arctic muscles bodybuilding muscle flex  
Image: muscledawolf.jpg   791x985 131313 bytes 2006.12.20

The arctic wolf stands mighty in front of the ice, showing his muscles. He's the cousin of the Grey Wolf, and despite being somewhat small, he is as buff as his relative.

Tags: wolf muscle beef  
Image: mwsharpclaw.jpg   1100x625 138497 bytes 2006.12.05

This is a gift for MuscleWolf featuring his lion character Sharpclaw, one of my faves in his collection.\r\n\r\nObviously, the lion's a big, beefy golden feline!

Tags: lion muscle beef sharpclaw  
Image: muscledmaltiger.jpg   790x1055 227469 bytes 2006.11.28

The Maltese tiger is a rare subspecies of tigers living in the Southeast Asian areas. They have blue-greyish fur and are known for being few.\r\n\r\nThey need to survive - and giving them muscles is a good go!

Tags: maltese tiger  
Image: muscledlionmaneless.jpg   600x900 108285 bytes 2006.11.14

Ah, the new guy.\r\n\r\nHe's an Indonesian maneless lion. As you can see, he has very short mane and is quite scruffy. Hopefully, his personality isn't.

Image: muscledrex.jpg   570x1000 122414 bytes 2006.11.09

Why must I forget one of the giant lizards? This bodybuilder is a T-Rex, and well, the build compliments his ferocity. Hopefully, he doesn't bite.

Image: muscledhorse.jpg   700x1000 248599 bytes 2006.08.24

Draft horses are big. You can never go wrong with their sizes, so why not give them a complementary physique for bodybuilding?

Image: cid.jpg   780x808 153903 bytes 2006.08.19

My friend Cid requested him to be drawn as a knight, and well, I have problems. Hopefully, this would make it up.\r\n\r\n(C) Cid is owned by himself.

Image: muscledpeacock.jpg   900x959 246249 bytes 2006.08.19

A peacock is a rare creature to be buffed, not to mention anthro-ized! Here I give you the colorful male peacock (yes, males are the ones who are colorful!) giving his best!

Image: benton.jpg   1000x860 167666 bytes 2006.08.19

A good guy named Benton helped me out with some stuff, and so in return, I drew him and his fantasies - he likes foxes and being buff, so why not do a little muscle-worship? Anyway, this is, again, a gift for him.\r\n\r\n(C) Benton is owned by himself

Image: muscledsibtiger.jpg   798x1200 198555 bytes 2006.07.30

Yes, like the red wolf, I actually thought of Siberian Tiger being different from the Bengal one.\r\n\r\nBesides, white tigers are cool to look at, don't you think?

Image: muscledredwolf.jpg   680x1050 137834 bytes 2006.07.30

While I did upload a wolf, it was the Grey Wolf, and since the red wolf is different from the grey wolf, I might as well make one.\r\n\r\nYeah, it's me making up excuses just to draw another wolf.

Image: muscledpterosaur.jpg   756x1200 205035 bytes 2006.07.30

Hmm... I suddenly thought of yet another obscure animal (mainly dinosaur) being buffed - pterosaurs (or in the easier word - pterodactyls). While we have a few runnign around online, you really see them rarely.

Image: muscledchameleon.jpg   647x990 170609 bytes 2006.07.30

This guy is a rare breed - I mean, where can you find muscled chameleons running around or even posing? Wait, maybe they are invisible?

Image: muscledcoyotenew.jpg   640x1140 234333 bytes 2006.07.18

Old one is this:\r\n\r\nCoyotes are like wolves, but of course, they need muscles too! Why not give them a chance to do bodybuilding?

Image: muscledwolfnew.jpg   760x1120 218321 bytes 2006.07.15

For the old pic, go and visit this link:\r\n\r\nAh, grey wolves. They are known for hunting and stalking effectively. I am sure no harm would be done (heck, benefits are even considered) when they go to the path of speedos-wearing beastmen!

Image: muscledfoxnew.jpg   590x1100 245471 bytes 2006.07.10

For the old image, go here:\r\n\r\nFoxes are rarely seen muscular, if not toned. They are usually revealed as stealthy and agile. Why not give them a shot at bodybuilding?

Image: muscledotternew.jpg   470x950 92896 bytes 2006.07.08

You can view the original work here:\r\n\r\nOtters are great swimmers, we all know that. However, those anybody here wonder why swimming doesn't do anything to their body at all? Hmm... It's time to give them the body they need.

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