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Image: Krenkala01.jpg   419x541 86812 bytes 2004.04.23

THis is krenseru's Sister Krenkala. She is going to be starring a role in the online comic I am doing soon.

Image: Krenport.jpg   96x96 6285 bytes 2004.04.03

This is a port for me in furcadia. I did this taking alot longer than my last one.

Image: Krenseruhome.jpg   838x1078 232320 bytes 2004.04.03

Another pic of Krenseru. this is him in his house. This is the unfinished version.

Image: Seesha_copy.jpg   846x1096 448899 bytes 2004.03.11

Okay lets try this again

Image: KrenSeruretro.jpg   834x1092 459536 bytes 2004.03.06

This is Now Krenserus new look. Who can mess with this badass? Pen and ink on paper with prismacolors color pencils.

Image: Krenretro.jpg   500x804 106128 bytes 2004.03.04

THis is me messing with gradients in photoshop. I think i have outdone myself. this is Krensadas new look

Image: Rinbrick.jpg   528x801 142129 bytes 2003.11.04

Screwing around in MS paint again. sucks not having a scanner. oh well. another picture of my character Rin Kusha Martin. this picture took a an astonishing 2 hours.

Image: Me_and_Kren.jpg   638x379 107262 bytes 2003.09.03

A cartonified me with Kren in the background

Image: Setey.jpg   300x708 57817 bytes 2003.07.17

Setey, mate of Rin. none of you know about the rin saga yet as that is my best work yet.

Image: Krenserubattle.jpg   763x1003 160690 bytes 2003.02.16

I fixed the blood on this picture. now it looks more like blood oozing through the fur. i had been meaning to fix that for some time. cause it was driving me nuts. doing all of this because I am going on here soon.\r\nIm suddenly getting alot of fans.

Image: Krenface2.JPG   362x263 16607 bytes 2003.02.16

I think I am Hooked on the Kren. And it sucks because nobody ever cares.

Image: Farmillians.jpg   838x1000 257401 bytes 2003.02.09

This pic took me a long time. I just baught this scanner and im mad atthe resultstake a look closelt at the image. ifyou notice on Krenserus staff it gets linked together wrong. thismight end up in the scetches directory anyway but ifim lucky it will not be.

Image: Krensada01.jpg   849x1207 352481 bytes 2003.01.19

I moved it to here after finally cleaning it up. I neglected it for a year now its time to put it where it belongs.

Image: Roo.jpg   838x1052 82754 bytes 2003.01.19

Hes a roo, but not like charlotte which i drew earlyer.

Image: Krenlooking.jpg   838x1086 193587 bytes 2002.12.02

The king of farmillia looking all high and mighty in this pic of him looking on to veiw the land around him. a dunno I might not finish this or I just might. either way its here for you to see. two years ago I couldnt draw like this so I know im improving.

Image: The_five_colored.jpg   419x545 132489 bytes 2002.10.04

I decided to color it. I think it really came out awesome.

Image: Khalti.jpg   850x1102 115453 bytes 2002.09.27

This guy is Khalti...i had to do a serious number of cleaning up this pic before putting it on. it had a tear and even coffee was spilt on it. i did the best i could so here it is.

Image: Krenmessed.jpg   425x551 49575 bytes 2002.09.24

This is the result of bad lighting. and what is it with me and the color Pink?...anyway I spent so long on this one that I didn't feel like putting it in scetches section. were all human and we make mistakes. so heres my file of Krensada...with pink hair...god my friends laughed at me for this one. this also is my first blooper.

Image: Terak.jpg   425x555 60204 bytes 2002.09.20

This is Terak M'lar, a Cerolan. and he's also my first artistic product of my new and horridly cool Prismacolor Pencils. these things are nothing short of miraculous in their quality of color... man and I could remember the days when I wasn't even half this good.

Image: Handotion.jpg   850x1098 180897 bytes 2002.09.19

Heh...just a male Regular handotion...I guess his name is Jokila.\r\nDone with Prang brand colored pencils and lines made of ink from a uniball Onix pen.\r\nHe was scethed out with a mechanical 0.5 mm pencil.

Image: furryneerfac.jpg   387x553 72240 bytes 2002.09.15

On all worlds neerfacs are different but they are still cute as ever.

Image: Charlotte.jpg   774x1050 219611 bytes 2002.09.15

This image is dedicated to Velena. onlly those who knew her like I did would know who she is.\r\nthis is one of my better but usual works. it has also been awhile since i have been on the vcl or even a computer. well anyway here is charlotte meryweather, a roo morph. this also is not one of my usual works.

Image: Krenarmor.jpg   850x1100 136670 bytes 2002.08.01

This originally was just a rough scetch that i had in the back of my head for about a year or so. it finally came out in a detailed pencil drawing. and it confirms to me that every single time i pick up a pencil i get better. this happens to be a perfect example. please send me an email beginning in the next three moths that this darwing was uploaded to tell me what you think about it...i like feedback from fans:)Btw this took me 14 hours to do.

Image: Krenface.jpg   90x90 20395 bytes 2002.07.21

Just me screwing with options in photshop. I htink I might use this on my online RPG im making.

Image: Starkren.jpg   845x1098 142823 bytes 2002.07.14

Just look at him! he's just a little bit behind the cartoony feeling I want him to be. I am at the level however that I want to be at to start an online comic.\r\nThis is Krensada yet again. but I have finally mastered his color. now i just have to get just a few more steps in before he is the wat i have wanted him to be: Cartoon!

Image: Kreneye.jpg   700x700 76599 bytes 2002.06.30

Kreneye is something i made in ten minutes using adobe photoshop 6.0 i was just screwing around.

Image: Krensadahall.jpg   845x1098 330821 bytes 2002.06.27

yeat another pic of krensada kinda pissed off. this time it has a purpose:\r\nHe is in the evil Swerer's lair, which is a battle station up in space. He has confronted him. and as I might add he is really pissed off that swerer hasn't left farmillia alone yet. After he killed him here General kaine finished what Swerer started.

Image: Krenpissed.jpg   845x1098 593665 bytes 2002.06.27

Krensada pissed off...its not all that great of a picture but hey thats my depression talking.\r\nThis pic was made in 2002 even though it dont show...oops

Image: frat_pic.jpg   845x1093 107221 bytes 2002.06.26

whohoo my fist comission! Frat is (c) his player

Image: Cover_copy.jpg   845x1102 206312 bytes 2002.06.02

This is the cover of a comic book I am making

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