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Image: Kensadatrain.JPG   1142x892 100579 bytes 2001.10.15

Heres a pic of krensada training with the holy sword of farmillia. This weopon is the most powerful one I have in all of my storys.\r\nBut the wings of light(who doesn't use weopons) can break it over his knee.\r\nDone with uniball pen.\r\n

Image: Eye_of_snowy.GIF   161x77 1629 bytes 2001.10.14

This is my first attempt at computer rendering. and I did pretty good if I say so myself.\r\nI decided to use my total white farmillian snowy as a guide.\r\nI will eventually put a whole picture of snowy but right now this is all i will do in this department of art.

Image: Sulkin.JPG   892x1142 87001 bytes 2001.10.14

This guy is Krensulkin. Most just called him sulkin cause of his demenor to be not very kingly. the name kren means king and this guy acted like a tyrant.\r\nKrensada bared the most pain under this evil kings rule when sulkin burned down his house. the house of enda, which had been lived in by his family for generations.\r\n\r\nhe then horridly killed his father.\r\nthen raped and killed his mother.\r\n\r\nKrensada made this cruel king pay dearly for his evil.\r\nKrensada dispatched this villian with the holy swrod of farmilla. before Krensada was named king of the planet he was named just plain sada.\r\nthe people of farmillia were forever grateful for the actions of his noble being and put him in charge of everything. where on his throne there had not been war since he got there. it would be that way for 189 years.

Image: Wingsoflightcast.JPG   882x1147 108348 bytes 2001.10.10

This is the main three characters of the story I am working on called the wings of Light. Left to right: Jason Marcus, Sendao of jol ,Chitai of Jol.\r\nNot much can be given away about these characters due to the story talking all about them.\r\nE-mail me if I should upload the current story even though its not totally finished yet.

Image: Fare_thee_well.JPG   882x1147 208448 bytes 2001.10.08

This is a picture of Krensada saying goodbye to a very old and dear friend of mine.\r\nMarcus is going into the air force. and I have made this picture for him to remember me by.\r\nGoodbye marcus, get out of the air force alive will ya?

Image: Ronce.JPG   882x1147 81844 bytes 2001.10.07

Ronce is a lonescin That is from the technolgically advanced world of Lonescince\r\nIt is pronounced: LON ES SINCE\r\nThis is a lonescine warrior.\r\nHe's about 18 years old which means he's still very young. his body is covered in all born with stuff.\r\nhe was born with the armor and cannon and about 15 hidden guns all over his body.\r\nHe is part of my most technologically advanced race. Trillions of years old.

Image: Kamaine&Renah.JPG   882x1147 119821 bytes 2001.10.05

This picture is dedicated to the people that died in the tragic accident of september 11th.\r\nThe world needs love.\r\nwhy did the world have to be hated?\r\nSombody needs to learn that love is the most powerful thing in the universe.\r\nit goes beond race, religion, and power.\r\nThis Is Renah and his mate kamaine, Renah is about to see her one last time before going off into the legendary battle with genral kaine. there he met his death.\r\nA death that didn't need to happen.\r\nThe two could still be together and none of this ever needed to happen. but because of th tinyest differences it did.\r\nand now a world was destroyed because of pitiful hate.

Image: Billy&Brean.JPG   882x1147 116831 bytes 2001.10.04

This Is brean pronounced Bre-on and his partner billy monroe.\r\nBilly monroe is a WW3 bioroid soldier from the late 21st century. yes he's human but if I do have a human in the pic then there has to be one of my creatures in there as well or I dont submit it.\r\nBilly James monroe has earned the nickname Billy bodypierce do to the piercings that used to cover his face.\r\nHe used to be total human but lost most of his body in a brutal enemy attack on america in the late 21st century.\r\nno he avenges evil along with Greg Julian saville ( A new york cop who justily enforces the law) and Brean Hataki Olanti, The fore pictured neerfac to Billys right. I would of put Greg In the picture but I just didn't feel like drawing that guy (too many humans for the VCL)

Image: Kamaine.JPG   882x1147 99548 bytes 2001.10.02

Krensada had a son named Renah. Well this is his mate. Her name is Kamaine. Isn't she cute?\r\nA friend once told me that this particular picture of her does not have expression.\r\nI made her as happy as a priest on sunday really. That's all there is to here smile. what do you think she's thinking? E-mail me with what she looks like she's doing to you.

Image: Menace.JPG   840x1093 83487 bytes 2001.10.02

In this section I have decided to put all my bad guys. Starting with the most powerful and evil of my bad guys. He is known as a menace. He doesn't come from a race of anything. He just exists to destroy the universe and make it as dark as his own. He cannot be reasoned with and doesn't care who or what you are. He will kill you regardless. He will destroy anything and everything he sees.\r\nHe was killed by the wings of light.

Image: NeoKrensada.JPG   840x1093 81631 bytes 2001.10.01

This is how im drawing my hero from now on. He was drawn with a very balck pen to give him that extra sexyness that only Krensada can master.

Image: Forgotten.jpg   800x600 255503 bytes 2001.09.24

This is Grahna. She is a martian. She is sad for the sole reason that she made planet mars what it is today. once mars was a proud and famous world with outstanding beauty.\r\nbut her selfish acts caused her to use a forbidden magic spell that annihilated all life on her planet. The spell also made her imortal doomed to wander the planet for all eternity.\r\nShe wishes her actions could be forgiven and that she could finally die.\r\nshe vowed a long time ago never to repeat the incodent and wishes she just could have a friend again. She is unbearably lonely.\r\nThis piece is entitled: I am forgotten. made on ms paint and retouched with the gimp.\r\nI am also putting on a story about this creature, stay tuned for the upcoming story of this sad individual.

Image: Powerful.jpg   839x1090 122201 bytes 2001.09.16

This is the last time I upload the wings of light onto the v.c.l before I just try again later with another drawing of him.\r\nUsing the gimp I got him right I think.\r\nIm writing a book about him that will be put onto this site eventually so stay tuned for the details of this powerful creatue.\r\nThis ultra powerful being is Copyright (c) 2001 Travis Brown.

Image: Whatever.jpg   846x1093 427154 bytes 2001.09.14

Krensada looks at his opposition with a smug and careless face saying the word WHATEVER!\r\nand he could care less!\r\nThis bad boy was made with mechanical pencil and colored with cratola color pencils.

Image: Brean_olanti.jpg   587x584 37465 bytes 2001.09.04

This creature is probably one of my cutest creations ever. thier mission in life is to help out other races who are misguided and killing eachother. hey we could use a neerfac like this one here!\r\nThis particular neerfac's name is Brean olanti he is about 400 years old. he has already had many children in one of my stories in a fictional earth where these things thrive among humans.\r\nTheir home planet neerfain is not as populated as you would think but that is because they have gone around the universe on a mission to make friends with all races. due to their cuteness they usually succeed in this hard task.\r\nBrean Olanti, Neerfain and neerfacs Are copyright(c)2001 Travis Brown.

Image: Renah_portrait_final.gif   385x274 9959 bytes 2001.08.07

This Was and still is my first upload onto the V.C.L His Description will come in a short story I am writing. Renah And Farmilians Is (C) Travis brown 2001

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