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Image: ShalaanKela.jpg   627x812 210425 bytes 2006.02.27

I tried to give this picture a kindof surreal look to it. this is two of my D&D characters. Shalaan And Kela. A couple of unusual farmillians. Shalaan can be read about on

Image: Snowy.JPG   834x1097 138795 bytes 2001.10.25

This is the Ice wizard of Farmillia. He is in icy farmillian with the powers of ice at his disposal.\r\nHis ice powers are so magnificent In fact, that he can summon a 70 ton glaicier and drop it on his opposition. His real name is Krenseru, which means king of white.\r\nHis brother is none other than Krensada you wouldn't want to mess with this guy....Snowy has shown up in few comic books but he kicks butt when he does.

Image: Snowy2.JPG   764x987 105752 bytes 2002.01.15

This is Snowy again looking over Becaru island ocean. He is enjoying life and having fun planningthe next farmillian winter. a joyous time to be known all over planet Farmillia and beyond even. well anyway enjoy.

Image: Starkren.jpg   845x1098 142823 bytes 2002.07.14

Just look at him! he's just a little bit behind the cartoony feeling I want him to be. I am at the level however that I want to be at to start an online comic.\r\nThis is Krensada yet again. but I have finally mastered his color. now i just have to get just a few more steps in before he is the wat i have wanted him to be: Cartoon!

Image: Sugar_glider.jpg   554x715 115589 bytes 2004.10.28

Just a sugar glider. done in pencil

Image: Sulkin.JPG   892x1142 87001 bytes 2001.10.14

This guy is Krensulkin. Most just called him sulkin cause of his demenor to be not very kingly. the name kren means king and this guy acted like a tyrant.\r\nKrensada bared the most pain under this evil kings rule when sulkin burned down his house. the house of enda, which had been lived in by his family for generations.\r\n\r\nhe then horridly killed his father.\r\nthen raped and killed his mother.\r\n\r\nKrensada made this cruel king pay dearly for his evil.\r\nKrensada dispatched this villian with the holy swrod of farmilla. before Krensada was named king of the planet he was named just plain sada.\r\nthe people of farmillia were forever grateful for the actions of his noble being and put him in charge of everything. where on his throne there had not been war since he got there. it would be that way for 189 years.

Image: Tellme.jpg   700x700 42968 bytes 2002.04.11

this took me an hour. cause i really was trying to figure out what to ask all the people i know and even those I don't know.\r\nI hate being depressed and I need more coffee.

Image: Terak.jpg   425x555 60204 bytes 2002.09.20

This is Terak M'lar, a Cerolan. and he's also my first artistic product of my new and horridly cool Prismacolor Pencils. these things are nothing short of miraculous in their quality of color... man and I could remember the days when I wasn't even half this good.

Image: The_five_colored.jpg   419x545 132489 bytes 2002.10.04

I decided to color it. I think it really came out awesome.

Image: The_Star_Cat.jpg   419x542 134387 bytes 2004.08.21

The star Cat was the first cartoon character i ever made and oneof my oldest of these days i might bring him back.

Image: The_wolfess.jpg   629x810 134772 bytes 2006.02.27

Just a quick something i did a few months back.

Image: TrevorGeoffbyKrensada.jpg   425x585 80357 bytes 2004.10.23

Trevor and Geoff are two characters made by micah fennec. I have drawn this for her in a trade.

Image: Tykari.JPG   764x990 84354 bytes 2001.12.16

A pic I made for a friend.

Image: Whatever.jpg   846x1093 427154 bytes 2001.09.14

Krensada looks at his opposition with a smug and careless face saying the word WHATEVER!\r\nand he could care less!\r\nThis bad boy was made with mechanical pencil and colored with cratola color pencils.

Image: Wingsoflightcast.JPG   882x1147 108348 bytes 2001.10.10

This is the main three characters of the story I am working on called the wings of Light. Left to right: Jason Marcus, Sendao of jol ,Chitai of Jol.\r\nNot much can be given away about these characters due to the story talking all about them.\r\nE-mail me if I should upload the current story even though its not totally finished yet.

Image: WolfessVCL.jpg   469x538 99284 bytes 2006.02.27

Colored pencil

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