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Image: EricWright1A.jpg   388x600 69976 bytes 2005.03.20

friend of mine did this for me, I'm quite greatful..\r\n\r\nhere's her stuff:\r\n

Image: eww-clipboard-sketch.jpg   507x744 37286 bytes 2006.08.04

nothing special; just playing with an idea in my head. Not going to finish this.\r\n\r\nimage copyright me, and all that jazz. didn't bother with a copyright mark because it's just a fucking sketch - if someone's so pathetic as to copy it or someshit, then they're not worth worrying about.

Image: eww-food-sketch.jpg   818x766 54178 bytes 2006.08.04

ate a lot at work, felt stuffed.\r\n\r\nagain, not wasting time with copyright marks. I drew this, it's "mine". See prior (clipboard) upload text.

Image: eww-goroh_wolf-sketch.gif   495x686 24715 bytes 2003.09.23

damn straight.

Image: eww-laying-sketch.jpg   853x455 66162 bytes 2006.08.04

neck is bad, head is at the wrong angle, legs are fuxxored, dog's head is too big for being further in the background. just scribbling.\r\n\r\nI drew this, it's "mine", etc.

Image: eww_7-26_sabby-booty-sketch.gif   877x599 50656 bytes 2004.07.27

hahaha doesnt really need a description

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