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Image: envy.JPG   561x980 173299 bytes 2003.04.09

"aw sweetie don't your ex boyfriend looks sooo cute with his new mate..?" "yes.. i must compliment him..but i think it's too late ,i've poisoned his drink just two minutes ago.."\r\n\r\ni've decided to draw..all the 7 sins. Yes,it's unoriginal.\r\nYes,it's lame,yes it's me.Daa..envy!

Image: gluttony.JPG   537x1000 150401 bytes 2003.04.15

" gee.. it's great ..I've crashed that shop with bare hands and i don't even feel the pain..i'm totally drunk..but i think i can drink more" "hmph i'm still sober and i don't know why.."\r\n\r\nGluttony is..well a pig.Because pigs eat a lot. yeah.\r\nand gluttony is brown..brown is the color of chocolate, of a cooked beef,of coffee ..and a lot of other yummy things. \r\nGluttony has a hole in his stomach,he is never full.\r\nhmmyeah.

Image: greed.JPG   546x1000 164493 bytes 2003.04.13

"mmm. Tasty." "fuck of kiddos , dont' you see that we are trying to eat something?"\r\n\r\nGreed is a jackal, because it's an animal that is famous (at least here) for not sharing anything with anyone.\r\nGreed is yellow, because gold is yellow.\r\n

Image: lust.JPG   558x991 162930 bytes 2003.04.10

"ghahahah, now no one will ever call you "nerd" can have a not one.. hundred of girls only for your \r\npleasure..for our pleasure!"\r\n"mrrfyesahahahamrrf"\r\n\r\nlust is a rabbit, because they're prolific..and lust is pink,not because pink is my favourite crayon,pink is a\r\nmixture of white(purity,chastity) and red (passion,love,fury) so the innocence of white polluted by the irruence and the fury of the red.The Lust have sealed\r\nears, because he'll not listen to your pray when you implore him to stop.\r\n\r\ngeez,weird description..i must take a nap..\r\n\r\n

Image: pride.JPG   546x995 185544 bytes 2003.04.11

the pride is the peacock..beautiful animal that is conscious of his beauty and use it for elevate himself over\r\nother animals.Blue is the color of the sky, that is above all of us. \r\nThe incarnation of pride behind the peacock has a mirror in front of his eyes, because pride cannot see anyone that isn't himself.

Image: sloth.JPG   553x1000 128876 bytes 2003.04.16

"i can't..reach..dat..i don't want to get up to take that..Grab that glass for me" "nah..i'm too *yawn* tired"\r\n\r\nsloth is a cat.Cats are so lazy.. mmyeah..\r\nand violet.. is the first color that popped in my mind..\r\ni hope you will understand why this one is not completely colored ;P

Image: wrath.JPG   558x1000 158073 bytes 2003.04.14

"no one can touch my daughter you pervert..!! no one can rape her..! i'll kill you" "yes..!! drink his blood, eat his flesh,because he doesn't deserve any mercy!"\r\n\r\nWrath is red.Red is the color of blood, of anger ,of passion\r\nit is also heartless ,blind , and skinless because being without skin should be very irritating.

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