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Image: 1311.jpg   400x400 46790 bytes 2002.08.24

he is late! he's so damn late..\r\nheh, 13:11 as the white rabbit ..even if i don't think he is a rabbit..uhu .. o_O\r\nthis is my first gif pic..maybe one day i would art trade with himm..i hope so...*_*\r\nanyway i think i'll stop to drawing alice in wonderland characters...this is the last one..i promise..!!(yeah sure..nyeheehheeheh)

Image: 31october.JPG   600x600 126832 bytes 2002.10.31

what can i say..good halloween?\r\ni was kinda inspired by the idea of disguising and here's my fursona dressed up as the fuck-u-angel..he's cute ,mmh ?? ^_^

Image: 404.jpg   600x600 39787 bytes 2002.11.08

plain 404 message for the vcl ...hmm maybe i should think something of more original.. mh. Oh well..\r\nthe writings on the shirt says "poof own u" because i'm the humble servant of the poofy-deity..*bows*\r\n\r\npoof is (c) of Natalie robles yeah ^_^'

Image: 5am.jpg   400x400 43389 bytes 2002.08.23

"YEEE , i luv you bro' !"\r\n"Cloddy, you know, it's 5a.m. ..i was sleeping"\r\nCloddy really love his brother in law ..But Aalbaich is alwais cold with him..maybe he don't consider Cloddy as a real brother.\r\nI generally like this one..maybe the colors aren't so great..but i like it. Guh o_o. *mindless*\r\n

Image: aalbaich.jpg   425x362 27149 bytes 2002.08.03

this is my main character, Aalbaich.He's an orphen with a tormented past,sometimes happy sometimes sad.He spent his youth in the aalbaich orphanotrophium ,but one day a family adopted him.Now he lives a peacefully life with his new family and his brother-in-law Cloddy, a rat guy with suicidal tendences.\r\nend.(for now..uhuhuhu ^_^)

Image: Abe.JPG   564x495 128216 bytes 2002.09.15

gift for chris goodwin. I really like his's so expressive...And i love Abe too ,he's in some way intriguing.He makes me think of calm water and waterfalls..\r\nhuh, it's been since a loong time that i don't try a new style..\r\nHmm btw this is also a test to make my line art look more cleaner..i think it came out good..

Image: allthecrew.jpg   462x350 57335 bytes 2002.08.04

heh,want to draw all the characters in aalbaich's story,i ended to draw only the most important..(i'm soooo lazy -_-)\r\nfrom left to right,Aalbaich ,Cloddy (the rat suicidal guy),Jigos (the blue idontknowwhatkindofanimalitis-thing)\r\nand doo-doo(red kangaroo guy in orange) \r\new,Aal looks so..perplexed..^_^'\r\n

Image: allunderthenightsky.jpg   400x400 29547 bytes 2002.08.14

YEAH,painter classic & paintshoppro fun!\r\nAalbaich,Doo-doo,Cloddy and Jigos watching at the blue sky.No less,no more.

Image: aloneinthemist.JPG   600x600 69477 bytes 2002.10.15

yeah, hm..i know it sucks...but i kinda like it..and anyway i wanted to draw uhrio,he's so cool with his katana ^_^\r\nhuh.Yay for krappy drawings ! XD

Image: anatomy.jpg   400x400 49229 bytes 2002.08.22

don't ask..i did'nt want to offend the da vinci works (i think the original version of this anatomy table was drawed by him) i just want to say fuck to the anatomy in general coz i suck at it.\r\nheh, don't try to read the scribbles, they're just doodles\r\n|3

Image: anubisjudgement.JPG   600x600 47126 bytes 2003.06.07

weeell it's anubis and his stupid balance of judgement judging a stupid pharaoh in that stupid after life place .\r\nif the heart weights more than the feather of toth then a beast (behind anubis's shoulders) will eat his heart .otherwise he'll be accepted in the heaven.. and stuff\r\neveryone draws anubi.. and so.. i draw anubis too ..i'm stuipd! yaa

Image: asongfortheforgotten.JPG   655x812 129892 bytes 2003.06.06

this is a ghost town, no one come here anymore\r\nno one visit the cemetery\r\nno one remembers the children who died in the last\r\nbrigant attack\r\nthe children play in their coffins alone dreaming of\r\ntheir parents\r\nawaiting the day when they can hug them again\r\n\r\nbut today, someone came to make them happy\r\nit's a musician that dances on the graveyard\r\nand call out the childrs to listen to their stories\r\nand to their fantasies\r\nbecause no one deserve to be forgotten\r\n\r\n\r\nbad bad day.. excuse me for this.

Image: aspides_arcana.JPG   600x600 109463 bytes 2002.12.02

second try at a new style..oh oh oh..this..SUCKS!!!X|\r\ntwo mages fighting in the great magicorium .The magicorium is like an arena where gladiators fights, but instead of them, only mages are allowed to fight there..\r\nthe beastman wizard is using a poison-type spell, named aspides arcana.It creates many energy snakes that bite the victim and poison him as well.The poison injected by the snakes causes necrosis in the flesh of the victim in about 1's extremely deadly, but the mage who casted the spell can decide to dissolve the poison in the victim body at will.

Image: autumnbreeze.JPG   600x600 97750 bytes 2002.11.02

huhh.. i love this guy..but i think it looks too much like aya's character (it was unintentional ..sowwy TT__TT)\r\nooohh.. he's playing a requiem for the dying summer..and welcoming fall as well; is name is Leucos, that means white in greek.\r\n\r\nYAY FOR KRAPPY BACKGROUNDS!! XD

Image: B.A.D.jpg   365x379 40552 bytes 2002.08.10

art trade with b.a.d !Damn he is so cool!:3\r\n(hmmm this pic isn't bad, but the lines are too big i think..yeah i know,i suck TT__TT) \r\n\r\nb.a.d is (c) of himself ,ehe ^_^'\r\n

Image: b.b.hood..JPG   429x455 56928 bytes 2002.08.31

"hii sweetie, this time there are no hunters around..who will save you ??"\r\nsaid tha big bad wolf\r\n"i'm gonna eat you! mwaahhahaha!"\r\nso, baby bonnie hood said:\r\n"i think you've catched the wrong lady, mister."\r\n"uh?"\r\n"wanna met my dearest friend? i call him...\r\nUZI!"\r\nBUDDA BUDDA BUDDA BLAM!\r\nhave you ever played vampire savior ?? well i dedicate this to one of my favorite characters..the wonderful baby bonnie hood, or bulleta for the japanese, she's so totally insane..i simply vuv her.|3

Image: babes.JPG   400x400 52452 bytes 2002.08.29

ooooh! sexy..AH! LOOK! A HOOMAN !\r\neh.this is just a sketch of futuristic clothes for the pinton's comic.yeah.. hum..word.

Image: big.JPG   425x407 126644 bytes 2002.09.01

uh .. erm.. don't mind this one... eheh ^_^'

Image: black&red.JPG   352x450 110999 bytes 2002.09.05

for we are this.

Image: blackspiral.JPG   683x1045 240103 bytes 2003.03.28 well...a black spiral dancer..or a fomorian..i dunno.

Image: Blame_Pleplauglef.JPG   679x771 107940 bytes 2003.03.26

OT?'s a were..were rat..again. He's an rpg character ,His name is Blame Pleplauglef..he's a bit paranoic and don't trust anyone ,only his closest friends.Even if he has this psychotic crisis sometimes he's a god fellow, a smart,funny and original one, but a bit too strange.He has'nt a strong personality and when he's sad or depressive (not too frequently) he get high on drugs and various other damaging things.He's also not so brave and have this bad attitude to flee when things don't go well.\r\'s all for now.

Image: bloodycorruption.JPG   500x500 215958 bytes 2002.09.06

hu hu hu..the devil's blood is sweet, but it's like a drug..\r\nand if you drank the blood of a devil, you become his slave.\r\nThe devil's blood consume who drink it from within,drawing all the evil in the heart of the victim outside, and transforming him in a dread concentrate of sin.When finally\r\nthe blood kill the victim,it gain control of his body and transform it into a blood demon.\r\nok ok ,i'm stopping with this devils thing ^_^, from now on i return to the sweet furries X3

Image: boogiewoogie.gif   126x124 15510 bytes 2004.01.07

as the title say.. experimenting with animations ..gha!! X3

Image: bye.JPG   667x914 214315 bytes 2003.04.06

goat jump on rock, cougar fall down. Mmmh ..there's supposed to be a canyon under the two.. but the pic was\r\ntoo big and it was cutted of..

Image: calm.JPG   600x600 38228 bytes 2002.10.16

ooooooooooh!! loooooook! it's so.....SUCKY!!!!\r\nweeeell, this was a kind of test...was practicing on far objects and clouds and grass and i realized only now.. the beast woman is....UGLY!!! WAAAAAAAARRRRRRGGH!! x8

Image: cartoonyorientaltiggy.jpg   400x400 42106 bytes 2002.08.24

the warrior's getting ready for the fight..\r\nno much more to say about this one..i was tired and don't wanto to do a complicate shading, so i tried to make it look cartoonish.Well, it's not bad..but i think i can do better..maybe later...oh, and the signs on his body don't means anything (damn i MUST learn japanese...)

Image: cetaceans.jpg   400x400 39828 bytes 2002.08.25

i can draw cetaceans.two cetaceans in love.How cute.And yes, the male one have a goatee,and the female has long hair.Who said they shouldn't have hair?They're covered with fur like any of the other mammals(well that's not exactly fur..but..ah who cares -_-)

Image: chase.JPG   667x797 172461 bytes 2003.05.27

taur zebra , meet taur cheetah..taur cheetah, meet taur lunch.

Image: chouzi.JPG   492x539 69757 bytes 2002.11.08

hm, let's seeeee... i like the line art of dis...but the color... just suck.. -_-\r\nit's a chouzi, a holy creature created by clerics to protect the forgotten city of aevidium , the ivory town.\r\nthey're able to fly because they use an internal system of levitation (The wings are used to move around, without them they'll only be able to go up or down)\r\nthey can cast high clerical spells and are able to create a field of invulnerability around them for ten seconds, but they can do that only for one time per day.

Image: Cloddy.GIF   652x1023 167289 bytes 2003.07.03

just revisiting an old character of mine.\r\nHis name's Cloddy, he clean the sewers of the lymbus and he live in the same house of Aalbaich.\r\nHe consider himself a brother of the green were.\r\nCloddy is a bit geeky but a good guy at heart.\r\n\r\n\r\npencil = fun.\r\n15 minutes doodle..BLAH!

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