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Image: Cloddy.GIF   652x1023 167289 bytes 2003.07.03

just revisiting an old character of mine.\r\nHis name's Cloddy, he clean the sewers of the lymbus and he live in the same house of Aalbaich.\r\nHe consider himself a brother of the green were.\r\nCloddy is a bit geeky but a good guy at heart.\r\n\r\n\r\npencil = fun.\r\n15 minutes doodle..BLAH!

Image: justyourimagination.JPG   672x922 247068 bytes 2003.07.03

Dremeaux .DRRRemeaux.\r\ni love him.\r\n\r\n\r\nno particular reason for this.. just practicing with watercolors.\r\nduh.\r\ni feel so dumb

Image: keyholder.JPG   310x571 70968 bytes 2003.06.19

she awaits in the darkest place of the asylum waiting for someone who is worth to take the key of the choice\r\nshe lead the hero to the hall of choices and give the\r\ncombination for the god's gift and the satan's gift\r\nto the hero.\r\nstill waiting in the dark.\r\nshe will never see the light."\r\n\r\ndon't mind me..i'm just in a weird mood.\r\nShe is the adoptive daughter of dr. Zwikkenstein ,Mary.He strangely love her and don't want that she sees the asylum and its patients. Because his love for her is twisted like his mind he blinded Mary to avoid her the sight of the asylum.\r\nin the asylum she's just a legend, a fairy tale.She's also called the keyholder (nah nothing in common with KH ^_^)\r\n

Image: umizu2.JPG   600x600 48574 bytes 2003.06.08

i don't know. just wanted to draw that char i saw in the irene's pic of elementals..water is sooo understimated.. \r\neveryone like fire ,thunder.. bleh.. the earth is covered by 80% of water must be a powerful element don't you think..?\r\nthis is just senseless o.o\r\nmy brain is rotting\r\n\r\nchar (c) irene/gigadramon

Image: anubisjudgement.JPG   600x600 47126 bytes 2003.06.07

weeell it's anubis and his stupid balance of judgement judging a stupid pharaoh in that stupid after life place .\r\nif the heart weights more than the feather of toth then a beast (behind anubis's shoulders) will eat his heart .otherwise he'll be accepted in the heaven.. and stuff\r\neveryone draws anubi.. and so.. i draw anubis too ..i'm stuipd! yaa

Image: asongfortheforgotten.JPG   655x812 129892 bytes 2003.06.06

this is a ghost town, no one come here anymore\r\nno one visit the cemetery\r\nno one remembers the children who died in the last\r\nbrigant attack\r\nthe children play in their coffins alone dreaming of\r\ntheir parents\r\nawaiting the day when they can hug them again\r\n\r\nbut today, someone came to make them happy\r\nit's a musician that dances on the graveyard\r\nand call out the childrs to listen to their stories\r\nand to their fantasies\r\nbecause no one deserve to be forgotten\r\n\r\n\r\nbad bad day.. excuse me for this.

Image: speeretual.JPG   542x534 78913 bytes 2003.06.05

please don't kill me , i'm only a poor idontknowwhat.\r\n\r\njust.. an inside joke between me and myself

Image: failurenumbereight.JPG   594x594 121037 bytes 2003.06.05

i'm veeeenting in the reing i'm veenting in the rain..dududuuu

Image: dark_ambrosia.JPG   600x600 97629 bytes 2003.06.02

the dark ambrosia is a legendary drink of my rpg..\r\nit transforms who drink it in a legendary being capable of realize his greatest dream. But not everyone is strong enough to drink it.For these person the dark ambrosia is just a poisonus strong liquor that obfuscate their head and make they do horrible things,like killing their friends or themseves..\r\n\r\n

Image: chase.JPG   667x797 172461 bytes 2003.05.27

taur zebra , meet taur cheetah..taur cheetah, meet taur lunch.

Image: vampirewerewolf.JPG   600x600 53565 bytes 2003.05.18

it's a spanish vampirized werewolf named Sangre (unoringinal..gee..).\r\nIt's a lady man that enjoy destroying married couples, first he seduce the wife in human form with his vampire powers, then he let to be discovered by the husband of the wife..when this happens he kill the husband and kidnap the wife only for killing her drinking all of her blood.\r\n\r\nmm..i love making bad guys. X3

Image: trappedornot.JPG   600x600 78936 bytes 2003.05.15

dremeaux ,a jamaican psychopatic satanist werewolf imprisoned by the church.\r\nHow boring.\r\nit's the first time i draw an openly satanist character,no\r\noffence intended..\r\nbut, more important is the presence of the uber-cool DREADLOCKS X3 love them.

Image: she_is_my_light.JPG   600x600 50563 bytes 2003.05.15

for a special, special person..that i..

Image: still_alive.JPG   667x914 194160 bytes 2003.05.09

deer1:"what is this?" \r\ndeer2:"i think it's a dead wolf." \r\ndeer1:"cool.. it's really dead? *poke poke*"\r\nwolf:"if you want to see a dead person i'll satisfy you with extreme pleasure."\r\ndeer1 & 2: "eeek!"\r\n\r\nwell. here. I ruined the pic with this description ^_^'\r\n\r\n(reupload.. the wolf's head is really screwed up..)

Image: pokerf.JPG   600x600 96778 bytes 2003.05.03

could this be my subconscious desire to achieve money robbing fantasy creatures..?\r\ncontains 50% more satanic goat demons.\r\n\r\nWoofie likes poker. Let's play poker kids!

Image: glass_angel.JPG   600x600 74070 bytes 2003.04.29

he want to help everyone, but he's too frail,and he broke himself helping other,until he become a pile of glass dirt.

Image: woofie.JPG   600x566 79691 bytes 2003.04.21

don't ask.. i go randomly. This came out. \r\nwoofie is your best friend.

Image: finnicella.JPG   598x556 78942 bytes 2003.04.21

a patient of herr doktor, a male mermaid named Finnicella.\r\nHe likes furry meat...soo..feed him with furry meat.\r\n

Image: heREALLYlovesyou.JPG   600x600 97791 bytes 2003.04.19

hi rensis. Glutterflutter wanna eat your eyeballs.\r\n\r\nmy alf (yes.ALF.) of tha art trade with reno maxwell.

Image: bye.JPG   667x914 214315 bytes 2003.04.06

goat jump on rock, cougar fall down. Mmmh ..there's supposed to be a canyon under the two.. but the pic was\r\ntoo big and it was cutted of..

Image: damn.JPG   659x1268 162787 bytes 2003.04.04

don't you hate when it happens? this suck, but i don't give a f**k. mm i like only the line art and the concept..the coloring is *HORRIDOUS*

Image: triumphofhappines10af.GIF   586x866 55233 bytes 2003.04.01

....interpret this as your wish.

Image: dontrythisathome.JPG   598x516 86710 bytes 2003.04.01

just playing around with that brushes..Weed is not l33t.. smoke copper instead! it's easy, just take a wire of it and melt it with a welder's poisonusastic!\r\n\r\ngee..this has..really's also a semi-critique for those who does drugs..hmm's also a senseless doodle. All in one! WOW!

Image: theasylum.JPG   661x906 158772 bytes 2003.03.31

hmm have you ever wondered how the asylum looks like ? no ? i dun care here's a front shot of it..just because no one ever demanded it .X3

Image: blackspiral.JPG   683x1045 240103 bytes 2003.03.28 well...a black spiral dancer..or a fomorian..i dunno.

Image: don'tdogoatkids.JPG   578x642 92383 bytes 2003.03.27

seriously.Don't goat! it damages your health..!\r\n\r\n\r\nEky is (c) Erika Signini

Image: Blame_Pleplauglef.JPG   679x771 107940 bytes 2003.03.26

OT?'s a were..were rat..again. He's an rpg character ,His name is Blame Pleplauglef..he's a bit paranoic and don't trust anyone ,only his closest friends.Even if he has this psychotic crisis sometimes he's a god fellow, a smart,funny and original one, but a bit too strange.He has'nt a strong personality and when he's sad or depressive (not too frequently) he get high on drugs and various other damaging things.He's also not so brave and have this bad attitude to flee when things don't go well.\r\'s all for now.

Image: thelawofthestronger.JPG   667x914 213277 bytes 2003.03.24

..i love trees.I really do.It's Seekel the destructor god and Sehefhan,his son, born from his blood.Seekel is teaching a lesson to his son:only the strongest survive in the real world,weak ones can't stand the life.But his son don't agree,and believes that is a place even for weak people on the world of axar.Mh ..are you asking why Seekel is a human and Sehefhan is a beast man? no? ok.X3 (urr..i'm dizzy tonight -.-)

Image: reference.JPG   600x600 125344 bytes 2003.03.23

dis is the new reference pic.Mom was afraid of this one, and she said "you're sick, why are your wasting your skill in doing this thing?"\r\nHey, i like this stile..i like everything that is dark,gothic,rotten,mechanical,infected...a rather big part of my mind is composed by this things..but this don't mean that i don't like sunny days,the sing of a bird,the school, the people,the world.. pfah..understanding problems. -.-\r\nagain, my fursona's name is Phobia, not Aalbaich.Aalbaich is the green wuffie of the limbus,Phobia is the psychotic albino mouse with nails on his shoulder,paws,and feets ok ?\r\n\r\ni'm definitely (c) me.\r\n

Image: fireofthepassion.JPG   679x674 105307 bytes 2003.03.22

it's a force of nature that can overcome anything,even being\r\nof different species.I'm searching for its true form.

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