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Image: consolation.gif   600x600 146955 bytes 2002.11.24

"no one loves me"\r\n"i love you"\r\n"no one likes what i do"\r\n"i like what you do"\r\n"no one accept what i am"\r\n"i accept what you are"\r\n\r\nno matter how much you feel lonely or depressed, there will ever be someone who love you.So don't stand alone,and go to that person,he'll help you.That's your angel.

Image: contrast.jpg   400x400 29872 bytes 2002.08.27

this is kinda an experiment...i wanted to draw a really colorful person in a pretty greyish and colorless background. The result is ...contrast..weird contrast (oooh!! reeallyyyy?)\r\nactually this is an art trade with glenskunk.\r\nThe skunkette in the pic is megan mephitidae(that is (c) of glen)

Image: cougrcal.JPG   600x600 79944 bytes 2003.01.18

request pic for calorath..aww..! my first requestie ^,^

Image: crimsongryphon.JPG   647x464 58548 bytes 2002.12.21

in the vodeland (vodeland is one of the country of axar, a cursed land,filled with monsters and undead)there is a order of female priestess called "order of the crimson wings".It's composed only by female elves and humans who losed their parents when they were childs.The sisters of the crimson wings taught to the child who join the order to control and tame a young red gryphon.When they both grow up, the relation between the gryphon and the priestess became so strong that they are practically one individual.\r\nred gryphons are lethal and aggressive predators, no one can approach them without fighting a fierce battle with them.But if they are raised when they are cubs and teached to live with another person they can become loyal allies.\r\n\r\naw. crappy description.. i can't think really well tonight \r\nguuuuuh....|O

Image: dachesirecat.jpg   400x400 57136 bytes 2002.08.20

fear the chesire cat, he is WWWWWEIRD. nyeheheheheheheh.\r\nanother try of a new style ,this time it turned out very well, i like too much the light effect of the background and the shrooms .I'm so great whahahaha (ok, i'll stop it :3)

Image: damn.JPG   659x1268 162787 bytes 2003.04.04

don't you hate when it happens? this suck, but i don't give a f**k. mm i like only the line art and the concept..the coloring is *HORRIDOUS*

Image: dane.JPG   450x486 157528 bytes 2002.10.14

gift art for dane w. of the side 7 gallery.\r\nHis art are so ,inspiring and beautiful..when i see his gallery i felt the urge of drawing hum..\r\ni tried to draw him in a non-violent pose..even if i enjoy drawing this kind of thinks..because i think he is in some way different from the others ^_^\r\n\r\ndane belongs to himself, you rock dude ^__^

Image: darencuordipuzzola.JPG   600x600 59656 bytes 2002.12.02

test on a cleaner and simpler style...turned well ?\r\n\r\nhm .. a beastman..his name is Daren Cuordipuzzola (Daren Skunkheart for the anglophones ^,^ ) he's a warrior..mmh and a ladies man.. he wears a necklace with all the rings of his previous girlfriends..ew.. no much more to say.. he's just a secondary character ..but hey, i like him .He's kinda spiffy XD

Image: dark_ambrosia.JPG   600x600 97629 bytes 2003.06.02

the dark ambrosia is a legendary drink of my rpg..\r\nit transforms who drink it in a legendary being capable of realize his greatest dream. But not everyone is strong enough to drink it.For these person the dark ambrosia is just a poisonus strong liquor that obfuscate their head and make they do horrible things,like killing their friends or themseves..\r\n\r\n

Image: darknessbath.jpg   400x400 18440 bytes 2002.08.11

all we have little secrets.\r\nAalbaich had that cross scar since he was a cub,probably his lost parents were satanists .He hate that scar, so he always cover it with is hair.The Y scar is more recent but no one knows why he have it.\r\nanyway, first attempt to do's a bit strange..o_O

Image: dawn.jpg   479x359 30137 bytes 2002.08.04

aaw do i like the dawn.Hmm, tried to draw a background..i think it turned out well..but the sun looks like an explosion..urgh.. -_-

Image: deadoralive.JPG   600x600 92043 bytes 2002.11.25

ho-ho.. mom says that i'm practically dead because i haven't (well, that's what she think..) a social life.\r\nmy friends says that i'm too alive for them..aaah, how i love antipodes..oh well, this pic was inspired by more no less..hmm, the ankh in the right hand means life, the ace of spades in the left hand means death.. well..i think you already know that..*cheap simbolism ruleZ!*

Image: death.JPG   600x600 77404 bytes 2003.01.04

and last but NOT least..death!hmm not quite you've imagined it huh ? i mean..the usual black skeletal mistress...heh^_^ i'm tired as before and don't want to short, the lamb opens the fourth seal,and death come, his steed is green and the hell follow him/her.\r\nwell.. the poofy goddess is just perfect for this role don't you think ? ^,^\r\n\r\npoofy is (c) natalie robles

Image: decayedbeauty.jpg   400x400 50154 bytes 2002.08.26

um, well..i think it's time for something different.\r\nThis was inspired by a pic i saw in scale's gallery..he said "who said all furries are young & cute?".So i start drawing and this came out.When i see it i feel strange :|\r\nbut i'm proud of it..yeah....i hope you'll die young..o_o

Image: devil.JPG   500x500 191123 bytes 2002.09.06

ph33r the power of off-topicness!\r\nthis is a axar there are differences between demons and devils.The demons are ugly and big creatures\r\nborn in hell, created for the only purpose of torment the\r\ndevils and the damned.The devils are instead, fallen angels.\r\nThey're confined in the hell because they betrayed God..\r\nbut recently some of them managed to reach axar.There's about 56 devils in the physical plane, the rest of them awaits the opening of the gate of hell to take their revenge on the God's sons.Teorically they can take any shift\r\nthey want (deybolos usually take the shape of a beastman for example)but they prefer their angel-like form.

Image: deybolos.jpg   418x360 42236 bytes 2002.08.02

first upload on vcl..hi :3\r\nThe guy here's deybolos ,archdevil of the seven sins.He\r\nhas materialised on earth to search for the key of damnation.With the key he can open the gates of maelstrom and bring the hell on earth.Ew,not much original but i like\r\nthis character a lot,expect more of him ^_^\r\n(i apologize for the crappy english , but what do you expect from an italian guy :P)

Image: DIEEE.jpg   400x400 32412 bytes 2002.08.15

i HATE festivities.I hate christmas, i heate easter, i hate today! so DIEEEEEEEE FESTIVITIEESSSSSSSSS !!!\r\nanyway, this guy was slightly inspierd by a character of the blade 2 movie that i saw only recently.He has no story , he's just the result of my frustrated mind.\r\nsigh TT___TT

Image: dinodianhunter.JPG   667x914 206852 bytes 2003.03.10

a dinodian hunter.Dinodians are centaur-like creatures that roams the most savage forests .They have a mayan-like culture and pray a forgotten serpent-god called sheiath.They're very fast, almost like a velociraptor..when attacking the dinodians jump toward the prey with their rear claws then began hitting it with their weapons.They usually go hunting alone, but sometimes they can be encountered in packs.

Image: dizzy.JPG   501x643 88818 bytes 2002.10.31

waaaii..i simply..ADORE this one..he's Dizzy, the mordechai's best you can see he's a bear man, and also a not-so-skillful thief.He's clumsy and dumb, but extremely strong:he can crush an ogre with one hand..this was done mostly with colored pencils..but i've also used some markers.No acrylic paint this time.. that was simply useless :|\r\ndone in economy think i must study harder..\r\nbut who cares! I LIKE THIS ONEEEE! YAAAAAYY XD

Image: don'tdogoatkids.JPG   578x642 92383 bytes 2003.03.27

seriously.Don't goat! it damages your health..!\r\n\r\n\r\nEky is (c) Erika Signini

Image: dontrythisathome.JPG   598x516 86710 bytes 2003.04.01

just playing around with that brushes..Weed is not l33t.. smoke copper instead! it's easy, just take a wire of it and melt it with a welder's poisonusastic!\r\n\r\ngee..this has..really's also a semi-critique for those who does drugs..hmm's also a senseless doodle. All in one! WOW!

Image: doom.JPG   674x942 157217 bytes 2003.10.12

i'm not going to do a comic with these characters..or at least.. not now. I suck at group pics.. hurr.. so there's Argento doing his hyper ninja tricks aAHAAH!!\r\nWoofie looking cool and evil and two new werewuffies..Softball , the hungry werehuskie and Lone with his Cub..she's the only female there..oh well\r\nit's all crappy and such but i have to do it.. *obsessed*

Image: dor.JPG   600x600 64230 bytes 2002.12.28

a guardian of the lymbus, he was in charge before leucos, but he was "fired" because he doesn't have the courage to carry the spirits of dead childs to the lymbus.Now he wanders in the lymbus searching for lost souls,his task is to collect them and bring them in the ethereal sanitarium,a kind of a prison where the lost souls are placed to be reutilised as matter for build sculptures in the lymbus.\r\nLike all the lymbus guides he too can play an instrument:he plays an harp. He's also the winter carrier.

Image: dragongryphonchimerapegasushorselikething.JPG   500x500 164324 bytes 2002.09.07

yeah uh i think it's a o_o\r\nbeautiful, beautiful creature..! i like eet :3\r\nbut it's not mine,it's a creation of prismawolf..\r\nand so this is an art trade ^_^.\r\nsorry for the ultra crappyness of the pic...i wish i could\r\ndo better, but i'm not really good at drawing non anthropomorphic things . TT_TT

Image: dragonlordbeastman.JPG   817x1139 201815 bytes 2002.09.03

ho-hum, so.. he is a dragonlord beastman (weird word..huh?) \r\nthat means he lost his parents when he was young and was raised by a dragon.Adult dragonlords can dominate any dragon who they watch, they have a high magic and physic defense, and can use some of the skills of the dragon type who raised them.Some of then can also morph into a dragon for few minutes (usually they can only morph in the kind of dragon who raised them).This one has a fire dragon with uhm,i like this pic and i'm very proud of eet.But i think i can do even better.Fear me.

Image: druid&familian.JPG   676x843 125009 bytes 2003.01.30

when a druid is skilled enough he can call to himself an animal who will link to his life forever.This animal is called familian and he's the druid's best friend! yay XD\r\n\r\nthis was drawed at school..then scanned..then colored with painter..the druid kinda looks like Aragorn..huh o.O

Image: dyawn!.JPG   667x914 186890 bytes 2003.02.14's so calm... so ..BORING..!\r\nan excess of good things means boredom. Bad things are necessary you know.\r\n\r\nahh..markers..why didn't i used them earlier..?

Image: earsoftheworld2.JPG   865x1106 89015 bytes 2002.10.07

in the lands of axar, the poles are called "the ears of the world".They're called that way because if a psionic or a "mind-open" person reach them he'll be able to hear a lot of psionic echoes and crying of dead peoples.\r\nAnyway, it's the first time i draw a snow-covered land i think ^_^\r\nthat horse/like creature is an Alcheon.It isn't a normal pony because it can ,at will, heat his body.He can reach an internal temperature of 300.In that state, they can breathe cloud of burning steam off of their mouths.That's their main defence weapon.\r\nThe Alcheon rider is a beastman of the cheetah man subrace, probably he's searching for some kind of treasure..\r\n(and , hey, it's my first try with watercolor pencils looks a lot better in RL anyway, aww -.-)

Image: electromagneticgolem.JPG   612x612 67085 bytes 2003.01.09 was just an experiment..i was trying to do a metallic looking arm..then i added a body..then a background..then a weapon..and it turned out so pretty that i decided to upload it's a magnetic golem..a statue animated by magic.He can control the metals and stuff like know how it works..-.-\r\nhm a bit OT perhaps...

Image: elfnurse.JPG   600x600 120637 bytes 2002.10.09

"oh my, what you're little brat!!?"\r\n"none of yoor bushinessh,shon of a tree!!get off of mah earrrh"\r\n"your parents will not be happy with this..!bad boy!!"\r\n\r\nkids do this kind of thing very frequently where i live.I don't know why they do this..and i don't really care ^_^'\r\noh well, elfs are good babysitters ,because of their great sense of protection and responsability.Humans and beastmens often hire them for watching their childs, and usually they do a great job..but not when goblins and orcs interfere ^_^'.\r\nanyway, in this pic there's :a young beastman of the Lupis family (the most common of the beastmen subrace,same as the one in tracking.jpeg ), a gold elf (there's only few gold elf in axar..there's about 1000 of them.They have gold air, and when they're in anger,their skin and eyes become like gold)a goblin and a orc cub(don't let be fooled by his short beard,orcs develop facial hairs at about 5 years) \r\n

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