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Image: let'shavefunwithdrzwikkenstein.JPG   661x745 176247 bytes 2003.03.21

hum. i 'm sure that you don't remember this little fella.\r\nIt's dr. Zwikkenstein and one of his loyal and pridi little helper, named Glutterflutter.Oh well, i tried that watercolor tecnique used by kyhot..she explained me how to do it very well and i must thank her for this, but i'm dumb and i failed X3. Ok i need practice..yes..

Image: wings.JPG   612x612 99004 bytes 2003.03.20

you tried to destroy ripped my wings.You let me live, believing that i would never use them again.But i don't give up,i will rebuild my wings, i will fly again.\r\n\r\nPersonal problems here.But i'm gonna be ok.

Image: wolfenfashion.JPG   550x689 125895 bytes 2003.03.20 puns intended i swear..! it's just..werewolf was done in school..(on lined paper.. i became mad attempting to erase all the lines...and i failed..TT__TT)\r\nbut it's ,like, spewfy! omg! X3

Image: lickergift.JPG   600x600 70661 bytes 2003.03.17

stoopid gift for eky inspired by a chat session...\r\ni personally like more hunters than lickers...\r\nbut well it's a matter of taste X3\r\n\r\neky is (c) erika signini\r\nlickers (c) capcom

Image: yourewhatisayouare.GIF   600x600 83344 bytes 2003.03.16

if you're looking for good art then don't watch this one..\r\nit's just some semi/venting art..\r\ni done this because..i hate stereotypes..i hate being considered a stereotype..i'm not a punk, i'm not a goth,i'm not a satanist,i'm not an anarchist,i'm not a religious bigot,i'm not gay, i'm not heterosexual, i'm not bisexual,i'm not evil,i'm not good,i'm not an angsty boy, i'm not a happy boy,not a raver,and definitely not an artist.I'm just me, Elia.And people seems not understand that and call me like the ones above,just because i barely resemble one of them.They don't care, so do i..if you are trying to impress me so don't judge me from appearence and try to know what i really am,it can not be so interesting, and maybe i will refuse to open myself (i'm a very closed person and rarely express myself)but i think that at least you've impressed me a bit. Ok i'm done thanks X3

Image: roamingthrutheforest.JPG   667x914 259029 bytes 2003.03.15

here the guardian of dead time! he's the protector of minds that leave their desire to live and fall to oblivion,he's also the lord of boredom ,of waiting and of patience..\r\nfunny critter .Anyway, he is jumping and he's a rabbit.Not hare. RABBIT. understand?? o.O

Image: normiesaysHI!.JPG   634x652 107116 bytes 2003.03.15

little gift of Norman for Alan foreman, creator of s.s.d.d.\r\n\r\ncheck out his comic ( love it ohh so much !\r\n\r\nNorman Gates is (c) Alan foreman\r\nwarning..contains black underpants!\r\n

Image: ilovejapanesemangasaboutsamuraiandninjas.JPG   642x688 89203 bytes 2003.03.11

i began with a scribble.. then added some markers..then some pencils..then some madness..and this came out.\r\nyash! samurai fursonaaaaaahtaaaahh!!!\r\nnice kimono btw.

Image: dinodianhunter.JPG   667x914 206852 bytes 2003.03.10

a dinodian hunter.Dinodians are centaur-like creatures that roams the most savage forests .They have a mayan-like culture and pray a forgotten serpent-god called sheiath.They're very fast, almost like a velociraptor..when attacking the dinodians jump toward the prey with their rear claws then began hitting it with their weapons.They usually go hunting alone, but sometimes they can be encountered in packs.

Image: Grelorth_.JPG   600x600 85279 bytes 2003.03.09

hum..did you remember that little fellow named attila..? no huh ? X3 well anyway i've decided to change his name in 's a young Grelorth fighting with some stupid human soliders.\r\nHAARGGGGG!! *hack* *hackity* *hack* \r\naww feels so good X3

Image: wolwhing.JPG   667x914 233204 bytes 2003.03.06

meet the insectastic wolwhing, a bewtiful werewolf-like creature who lives on trees and uses other creatures to attack their prey..the most used creatures are giant spiders (used as shields) giant scorpions (used as spears) and lobpions (crosses between scorpions and lobsters,used as knives) mmh.. mekanikal pencil

Image: sky.JPG   600x600 129687 bytes 2003.03.03

dis is my half of the art trade with Zer ...i drawed her and her new char least i draw a part of her head.... huh.. o.O\r\n\r\nZer and SkiHi are (c) of well..Zer..! X3

Image: owlblack.JPG   600x600 81848 bytes 2003.02.28

an owl wizard flying in the dawn..i.. can't really say anything more about this one..

Image: voicesfromthepast.JPG   667x914 199327 bytes 2003.02.26

a badger shaman is allowing a young wolf warrior to meet his ancestors..i'm not really in this indian thing..but this pic has just popped in my mind and i feel the urge to draw it..X3

Image: thirst.JPG   651x892 176730 bytes 2003.02.21

two soldiers chilling out on a desert rock..\r\ninterpret as your wish, they can be really relaxing..or maybe they're blocked in the desert and are starving and dying..\r\n\r\nchewing gums are chewing my brain.. so don't mind the hyper crappy english TT__TT

Image: nonsense.JPG   667x914 188840 bytes 2003.02.20

fwahahahah behold the ultra page of useless doodles!!!\r\nhere you can see..goblins..female goblin..woofie the great..a pyrobeast..two imps..a FLYING SQUIRREL..a faerie..a generic red haired guy with one wing..and a bloodstained smile..FUN!

Image: onslaught.JPG   667x914 200044 bytes 2003.02.17

well.. a friend of mine said that this two guy are the perfect hu..yes.\r\n\r\nthis one sucks...damn!

Image: omgomgomgomgifoundit.JPG   640x480 82588 bytes 2003.02.16

opencanvas thing.. feel the power of cuteness!

Image: dyawn!.JPG   667x914 186890 bytes 2003.02.14's so calm... so ..BORING..!\r\nan excess of good things means boredom. Bad things are necessary you know.\r\n\r\nahh..markers..why didn't i used them earlier..?

Image: scylla.JPG   667x889 228357 bytes 2003.02.13

two creatures of my rpg axar.. the female one is a scylla, a serpentine being that comes from the elemental plane of fire, the male one is a salamander..well they're hot, they spit fire, they're strong and blah blah *fire elemental-ish blabbering* . No one has ever seen the male counterpart of the scyllae, so many thinks that salamander are the other gender of scyllae, but they are *quite* different from them,so no one knows the truth.

Image: i'llgettheeformahgoddes!.JPG   667x631 83020 bytes 2003.02.13

a(nother) gift for my supreme goddess Pewfy . I will kill everyone who want to stop her..she will rule the world..!\r\n\r\nlot of fun with this one.. markers are soooo cool..i used a y-the gell pen too..but i'm sure you don't care about this useless info , no ? X3\r\n\r\nPoofy is own by her divine self.

Image: hoppityhop!.JPG   667x914 166608 bytes 2003.02.10

they're....playing on a tree.Never drawed lemurs..well don't like them so much..but i wanted to try somethin' new..\r\nthis was done with watercolors..colored pencil..gel pen...well a lot of thing..\r\nSEE? it's not true that i can only draw sad/bad/sucky/angry/gorey pic...GHA X3

Image: swaMPlady.JPG   600x800 62769 bytes 2003.02.09

what is there to say ? stoopid painter doodle done at 3.20 a.m. after five hours of artist's block i find what to's a..swamp lady with a knife..and some generic corpse floating on the water..blood tastes like iron.Yuck.\r\n

Image: sensesprivation.JPG   600x699 32936 bytes 2003.02.09

no sound, no sense of space, no sight .The only thing you can really feel is yourself and the cold darkness that surrounds your body.

Image: happykannibal.JPG   545x758 96251 bytes 2003.02.07

it's a book kover...did you noticed it? mhhh ? i'm a chef extraordinaire ..urrg.. it's weird and ugly..and it's for the art compo..gha..i'll never win with this XD

Image: lasciate_ogni_speranza_o_voi_che_entrate2.JPG   584x801 200601 bytes 2003.02.03

gift pic for David Hopkins, creator of jack.I really like his deep so dramatic..and soo gorey XD.\r\nthe word on the banner is italian,it's the word that is inscribed on the door of hell.\r\n\r\njack is copyrighted by David Hopkins

Image: thegatess.JPG   541x742 165835 bytes 2003.02.01

Hieracodaemon in front of the gates of hell, the edge between the limbus and hell.\r\ndamn, it looks much better in rl..sucky scanner of doom strikes back. \r\nfunny looking leg it isn't ?

Image: FFekyy.JPG   600x600 74194 bytes 2003.01.31

uf.. the jpeg compression eated this one.. well it was not so good anyway... final fantasy - ish gift for eky.. i'll do a better one i promise X|\r\n\r\neky is (c) of herpunkself XD

Image: druid&familian.JPG   676x843 125009 bytes 2003.01.30

when a druid is skilled enough he can call to himself an animal who will link to his life forever.This animal is called familian and he's the druid's best friend! yay XD\r\n\r\nthis was drawed at school..then scanned..then colored with painter..the druid kinda looks like Aragorn..huh o.O

Image: wazzyaflava.JPG   504x688 106105 bytes 2003.01.27

Hmmm! i'm glad to introduce you doktor zwikkenstein.The wrath that created prometeus and epimeteus...he gives free lobotomies to the first 10 customers that come in his happee hospital in the lymbus.\r\nnote: he's wearing a mask..he's not really an animal..yeah you didn't noticed XD

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