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Image: ellobolopezagain.JPG   834x1143 298675 bytes 2003.10.12

Lopez again reading a newspaper of his city while in were form.. \r\nyes.. i'm back in my anthro/were phase...\r\n\r\ni also wanted to try this new paper i's supposed to resist from water..but it's not very different from the others..(hence the wrinkled section in the lower-left \r\ncorner..) blah\r\n\r\nmmMMmm..dirtyness

Image: epimeteus2.JPG   504x576 115675 bytes 2003.01.15

this was drawed immediately after the prometeus pic..dunno what i want to represent..maybe hypocrity or something like that..anyway, the wrath that has transformed prometeus in a mechanical puppet has a little servant, a corrupted raccoon psychopompus named fsheul.After the creation of the new prometeus , the scientist wrath realized that the new born creature was too sad for its taste,and he decided that prometeus should have a brother.He took fsheul and began to build another puppet from him, with a happy and silly personality,with the task of cheer up prometeus.The result was a failure: the creature ,epimeteus,was only a grotesque creature with a sad and poor sense of humor.He then left epimeteus and prometeus alone in his house for mysterious reasons..\r\nwell that's the story..enjoy .

Image: evat.JPG   600x600 186398 bytes 2002.12.03

i've discovered that i'm a weak person.I cannot avoid to make people around me suffer..but i love them, i don't want to. With this i hope to make happy at least one person,my sister.I will ever try to protect you.

Image: failure.JPG   600x700 145834 bytes 2004.01.11

failure. Don't lift your face, watch your failure, you're not allowed to see your mirrored image,you're not allowed to see the light . while everyone smiles at you.\r\n\r\nanother chamber of hell.

Image: failurenumbereight.JPG   594x594 121037 bytes 2003.06.05

i'm veeeenting in the reing i'm veenting in the rain..dududuuu

Image: fairykiss.JPG   500x500 179283 bytes 2002.09.09

look! a closeup of a beastman!! ...ok,ok this is just an excuse to draw a fairy :P\r\nshe is kissing the beastman..have you noticed ? uh ??\r\nmy mom really like this one(she said that the beastman piercings are cute =^.^=) and i'm so proud of it! YAY! \r\ni'm 5 years old!! *jumps around happily*\r\n

Image: famine.JPG   600x600 84253 bytes 2002.12.30

"and when the lamb opened the third seal , i heard the third living being yelling "come",and a black horse appear,and who was riding it was bearing a balance"\r\n\r\nhuh, dunno if i translated it well..but who cares ..i want to do 4 of this drawings..i want to do the 4 horsemen of apocalypse as tha characters of people that i like here on vcl..even if famine is the third to come, i made it for first because he replied to my email for first.. so..\r\n13:11 as famine. ^_^\r\n\r\nand obviously, 13:11 is (c) of himself

Image: Faunosinyourface.JPG   675x886 124729 bytes 2003.08.20

faunos from my comic axar (\r\nan atypical spirit of the kind of the tinks with an obsession for good wine and alcholics in general.He have\r\nelemental powers, and can absorb an element from the elements that surrounds him (i.e. he can absorb the power of earth if there's a rock,or simply putting his hands on the ground) once absorbed, he can shot it (i.e. fireballs thunders etc.) or he can transform to a semi elemental being with the characteristics of the element that he absorbed...\r\ndone with colored pencils, ink and markers

Image: FFekyy.JPG   600x600 74194 bytes 2003.01.31

uf.. the jpeg compression eated this one.. well it was not so good anyway... final fantasy - ish gift for eky.. i'll do a better one i promise X|\r\n\r\neky is (c) of herpunkself XD

Image: fightclub.JPG   816x1146 226134 bytes 2004.03.02

du du du.. fightclubesque.. cat fight!! o.o

Image: finnicella.JPG   598x556 78942 bytes 2003.04.21

a patient of herr doktor, a male mermaid named Finnicella.\r\nHe likes furry meat...soo..feed him with furry meat.\r\n

Image: fireofthepassion.JPG   679x674 105307 bytes 2003.03.22

it's a force of nature that can overcome anything,even being\r\nof different species.I'm searching for its true form.

Image: fishingshark.JPG   600x700 64233 bytes 2004.04.25

humans catch fishes with food, they catch them with love,gold or power. just a matter of lure.

Image: fixxator.JPG   630x646 92720 bytes 2003.08.05

newest version of my fursona.. zombie version..\r\n\r\nNAILSSS!!

Image: fursaint.JPG   386x600 154362 bytes 2002.09.18

believe it or not, i'm a worshipper of God.But i generally\r\ndon't like the art that concerns jesus,saints ecc. \r\nMhh, i want to try my hand at something new..This one was inspired by a Raffaello's picture..kinda like the subject.. but i simply hate the just sucks..TT__TT

Image: gaianlovers.JPG   438x450 148057 bytes 2002.10.26

so, i think this royally suck(what a new, huh?),but hey, that wolf is handsome!\r\nSometimes in axar two creatures fall in love...if they're of two different species, and their love is so deep and strong to overcome the laws of nature, then Gaia, the mother earth goddess,give to the two lovers a gift.They become one and they'll be able to see the world with each other's eyes,plus they can shift in the other lover's shape.But there's a negative side: if one of them is hurted or killed, the other will follow his fate as well.\r\nIn axar, they call this type of creatures Gaian lovers.

Image: GEE!.jpg   400x400 67017 bytes 2002.08.05

Jigos in action.\r\ntried a new style of coloring..hmm..i'm not sure of it..:|

Image: glass_angel.JPG   600x600 74070 bytes 2003.04.29

he want to help everyone, but he's too frail,and he broke himself helping other,until he become a pile of glass dirt.

Image: grassandwind.JPG   578x480 43320 bytes 2003.01.09

ahh.. it helps a lot when you'r tired, depressed, high or suicidal to do such a calm pic like calm you (reeeeally??).. |D\r\n\r\nmmh i like all in this pic.. but i think the dragon is a bit out of place? nah..\r\nhave i already said that i like dark clouds ?no ? i like them. yeah..

Image: Grelorth_.JPG   600x600 85279 bytes 2003.03.09

hum..did you remember that little fellow named attila..? no huh ? X3 well anyway i've decided to change his name in 's a young Grelorth fighting with some stupid human soliders.\r\nHAARGGGGG!! *hack* *hackity* *hack* \r\naww feels so good X3

Image: happykannibal.JPG   545x758 96251 bytes 2003.02.07

it's a book kover...did you noticed it? mhhh ? i'm a chef extraordinaire ..urrg.. it's weird and ugly..and it's for the art compo..gha..i'll never win with this XD

Image: heartqueen.jpg   400x400 54050 bytes 2002.08.22

i call with her head(gee, original isn't it? ^_^) or the hearts queen want YOU.\r\nyeah, i just LOVE alice in wonderland..and i love more american mc gee's alice that has REALLY inspired this pic.

Image: heeeenshin!.gif   98x98 85614 bytes 2004.09.18

all i have to say is.. HEENSHIN! \r\ngo phobia !

Image: heiscool.jpg   400x400 47536 bytes 2002.08.14

he really is.I just LOVE that shirt :PPP.\r\nOh, and the cross hand tatoo was a B.A.D idea..Thanks dude! :3

Image: helpme.JPG   506x705 179971 bytes 2002.12.04

wahahahahahaha i killed my wrist doing this..fuahahahhaah....owwie TT__TT\r\nthis was done all in pencil encil encil and i'm damn proud of it.. first try at werewolves..huhuh..\r\nnever hurt a faerie..something awful could happen to you ^,^

Image: heREALLYlovesyou.JPG   600x600 97791 bytes 2003.04.19

hi rensis. Glutterflutter wanna eat your eyeballs.\r\n\r\nmy alf (yes.ALF.) of tha art trade with reno maxwell.

Image: heroes.JPG   562x786 184085 bytes 2003.01.07

two heroes killing a dreadful monster in a cave.\r\nBut are they really heroes? or just killers?

Image: hey-hey!.JPG   450x520 69008 bytes 2002.12.17

hay! it's a non-anthro fursona kinda-like-thing..well.. it isn't that non-anthro.. but i liked the idea..and mh a mouse can stand on his feet no ?\r\n\r\ndone in school, colored at home..with crayola pencils..\r\nbang!\r\n

Image: Hi!.jpg   531x432 112337 bytes 2002.10.06

hi! i'm mr.clean! i'm gonna rape you.\r\n\r\nhuh..yeah,'s a pink wolf..\r\na quick doodle that i really liked..\r\nand.. he's smiling... \r\n\r\npink wolfs are weird -.-

Image: Hingingling.JPG   759x597 90989 bytes 2002.10.08

an hingingling.they're creatures of the fairies world and they feed up with the dreams of the people.Hinginglinges sneak near to a person when he's asleep,then they touch the head of the "victim" with their tails, and make him dream.Hinginglinges wait until the dream fully ripen (dreams are like plants..), then they ate it up and fly away with it.When they ate a dream, the dreamer will wake up..\r\n

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