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Image: wereself.JPG   600x600 107128 bytes 2003.01.27

hm ok, it's a were. a were rat he is.oh yeah.\r\nthe pic says all. enjoy. end.

Image: lunchtime.JPG   630x854 165761 bytes 2003.01.25

a lil poor human warrior has fallen in the nest of the spider. she's not hungry at all, but her childrens want fresh meat.\r\n\r\nAnthro spider, i think it'll become a monster of axar.\r\nthe colors are quite messy, but i somehow like it..

Image: stay_away_from_her!.JPG   630x863 214702 bytes 2003.01.24

quite enormous..but i can't resize this without losing detail..sorry..! \r\nbtw.. a swanmay ( or were swan ) is changing in her were form for his first time,her werewolf master stand between here and you, and screams "stay away from her!"\r\n\r\nmmh, watercolors..colored pencils..(i almost consumed all the grey one TT__TT) and pencil..the stars were added with painter..aww yeah.\r\n\r\n

Image: supercrpyadsofdoom.JPG   600x492 94677 bytes 2003.01.24

cmon, you know that you want one of these wonderful tools...

Image: the_hand_of_the_destructor_god.JPG   630x872 124201 bytes 2003.01.21

Seekel, the destructor god is helping a mortally wounded fox man in the only way he knows ..he's killing it to stop his pain..\r\n\r\nok i don't usually give copyrights to my characters because i don't think anyone will never steal them but...don't try to steal my Seekel or i'll kill you with a .. a.. chewing gum. yes.\r\n

Image: riding_the_moon,riding_the_sun.JPG   504x711 139025 bytes 2003.01.20

aw. Aren't you tired of seeing angry werewolves..werewolves who kills people..werewolves covered by blood...wereblah blah blah..? oh well..a happy werewolf X)\r\nhe's between the night and the day.. and he isn't alone .. he's two creatures who dances togheter on the edge of two worlds.\r\nwell, this makes no sense so i'll cut it now X| good night/day

Image: cougrcal.JPG   600x600 79944 bytes 2003.01.18

request pic for calorath..aww..! my first requestie ^,^

Image: norimah.JPG   454x450 58599 bytes 2003.01.16

yeah, well i know it's crappy and b/w but..but...but..argh..i can't think of an excuse to upload this..-_-'\r\'s not so bad and it's one of the monsters that you can encounter on axar..its name is norimah ,it's an undead creature that roams across coasts and beaches searching for living flesh .The norimahs are childrens who was born dead,and killed their mothers in the act of borning (uh..spelled right ? i dunno -.-' ).they have psychic powers and YOU MUST OBEY THEM @___@\r\n(mmh they're not so ot can consider them as snail morphs..)

Image: epimeteus2.JPG   504x576 115675 bytes 2003.01.15

this was drawed immediately after the prometeus pic..dunno what i want to represent..maybe hypocrity or something like that..anyway, the wrath that has transformed prometeus in a mechanical puppet has a little servant, a corrupted raccoon psychopompus named fsheul.After the creation of the new prometeus , the scientist wrath realized that the new born creature was too sad for its taste,and he decided that prometeus should have a brother.He took fsheul and began to build another puppet from him, with a happy and silly personality,with the task of cheer up prometeus.The result was a failure: the creature ,epimeteus,was only a grotesque creature with a sad and poor sense of humor.He then left epimeteus and prometeus alone in his house for mysterious reasons..\r\nwell that's the story..enjoy .

Image: prometeus.JPG   504x677 132566 bytes 2003.01.14

i drew this creature while i was pretty pissed was intended to be my anger spitted upon the paper, but it turned out in something different..the pic is actually messy..i doubt that anyone would recognize how his body is made..well anyway, i've decided to include this creature *that i named prometeus* in the new Aalbaich story..prometeus was a great spirit wolf warrior, but he got captured by a human mind, and he lost both his legs trying to escape from the human's brain.He escaped in the limbus, but he was dying, and he fall across the line that separate the limbus from the hell.He was found by a wrath,that was a scientist too, he applied various mechanical implants in his body, and he transformed prometeus in a mindless puppet that has the mind of a 4 years old kid.After "saving" him, the wrath left prometeus alone in a house near the edge of the hell..prometeus is still waiting for him..\r\n*note* the tatoo he has on his forehead is a rod of hermes.\r\neww..i need comments on this one.. he's just too..strange for me :|

Image: naturalurban.JPG   600x600 172975 bytes 2003.01.12

deers... the male one comes from the city, the other one from the forest, they're in love,and the female one give a present for his mate.. ooh yeah.\r\ncrappy painter pic..kill me.. now!

Image: peace.JPG   541x742 125703 bytes 2003.01.11

peace & love..A druid is taming a dragon..well no much more to say..pencil fun at school..scales are...uhrgh..complicated..

Image: grassandwind.JPG   578x480 43320 bytes 2003.01.09

ahh.. it helps a lot when you'r tired, depressed, high or suicidal to do such a calm pic like calm you (reeeeally??).. |D\r\n\r\nmmh i like all in this pic.. but i think the dragon is a bit out of place? nah..\r\nhave i already said that i like dark clouds ?no ? i like them. yeah..

Image: electromagneticgolem.JPG   612x612 67085 bytes 2003.01.09 was just an experiment..i was trying to do a metallic looking arm..then i added a body..then a background..then a weapon..and it turned out so pretty that i decided to upload it's a magnetic golem..a statue animated by magic.He can control the metals and stuff like know how it works..-.-\r\nhm a bit OT perhaps...

Image: yeno.JPG   600x600 115643 bytes 2003.01.08

oooh..dunno..character sheet for the new aalbaich's partner, the name's Yeno.He is kinda an outcast in the lymbus .He once was a psychopompus, an animal that guide the dead people trough the otherworld, then he grow bored and decided to run away from the lymbus, now he wander between the lymbus and our world..he can't be seen by the living beings when he is in the world of living, but Aalbaich can see,talk and touch him when he is in werewolf form .Yeno follow Al just because he think he's fun..\r\nhe *Really* like to laugh..he always have his damn grin on his mouth..when he laugh he does that typical piratesque sound..that.. "har har har " you know..that sound.. huh o.o\r\nhm and he can change into his cat form (he is an anthro-cat)\r\nat will, but he rarely do that because he hate being considered like an animal.

Image: thinking.JPG   563x657 79932 bytes 2003.01.07

here's a scheme that illustrates the structure of Aalbaich's mind.It's a cute portrait of him too...\r\n\r\nyou know a thing....i think that the people that think this way are the luckiest and happiest people in the world...seriously..i envy you Al!! TT__TT

Image: heroes.JPG   562x786 184085 bytes 2003.01.07

two heroes killing a dreadful monster in a cave.\r\nBut are they really heroes? or just killers?

Image: death.JPG   600x600 77404 bytes 2003.01.04

and last but NOT least..death!hmm not quite you've imagined it huh ? i mean..the usual black skeletal mistress...heh^_^ i'm tired as before and don't want to short, the lamb opens the fourth seal,and death come, his steed is green and the hell follow him/her.\r\nwell.. the poofy goddess is just perfect for this role don't you think ? ^,^\r\n\r\npoofy is (c) natalie robles

Image: pestilence.JPG   600x600 94139 bytes 2003.01.03

"when the lamb.."\r\noh fuck.. don't want to translate i'm tired.The bible says that the horseman of pestilence has a bow, a crown and a white horse..and blah blah blah he carry pestilence,disease etc etc yeah yeah. so here you are your super anatomy-fuckedup-messwiththecolors-crappybackground first horseman of apocalypse \r\n\r\njessup is (c) of Heather R.\r\n

Image: war.JPG   600x600 94813 bytes 2003.01.02

"when the lamb opened the second seal, i heard the second living being saying "come".and then another horse came out it was red like the fire.the power of create war and make mens kill themselves was given to the rider of the horse.Then a huge sword was given to the rider too."\r\n\r\nhyper-crappy -.- .Oh well..she hasn't replied to me yet..but i felt the urge of drawing war as took me about 4 hours..X_X\r\ni'm still shearching for someone who can be death..mmhhh....\r\n\r\nEmrys is (c) Jaime Sidor

Image: famine.JPG   600x600 84253 bytes 2002.12.30

"and when the lamb opened the third seal , i heard the third living being yelling "come",and a black horse appear,and who was riding it was bearing a balance"\r\n\r\nhuh, dunno if i translated it well..but who cares ..i want to do 4 of this drawings..i want to do the 4 horsemen of apocalypse as tha characters of people that i like here on vcl..even if famine is the third to come, i made it for first because he replied to my email for first.. so..\r\n13:11 as famine. ^_^\r\n\r\nand obviously, 13:11 is (c) of himself

Image: sweetcandyonaspikebed.JPG   496x512 65009 bytes 2002.12.29 dum.. \r\ni'm becoming obsessed with this stylised stars's all that game's fault..i'm quite a fan of it..did you noticed..?? \r\nfungus....fungussss..XD\r\nhm crossdressing is also fun..and sexy.ok, end.

Image: dor.JPG   600x600 64230 bytes 2002.12.28

a guardian of the lymbus, he was in charge before leucos, but he was "fired" because he doesn't have the courage to carry the spirits of dead childs to the lymbus.Now he wanders in the lymbus searching for lost souls,his task is to collect them and bring them in the ethereal sanitarium,a kind of a prison where the lost souls are placed to be reutilised as matter for build sculptures in the lymbus.\r\nLike all the lymbus guides he too can play an instrument:he plays an harp. He's also the winter carrier.

Image: crimsongryphon.JPG   647x464 58548 bytes 2002.12.21

in the vodeland (vodeland is one of the country of axar, a cursed land,filled with monsters and undead)there is a order of female priestess called "order of the crimson wings".It's composed only by female elves and humans who losed their parents when they were childs.The sisters of the crimson wings taught to the child who join the order to control and tame a young red gryphon.When they both grow up, the relation between the gryphon and the priestess became so strong that they are practically one individual.\r\nred gryphons are lethal and aggressive predators, no one can approach them without fighting a fierce battle with them.But if they are raised when they are cubs and teached to live with another person they can become loyal allies.\r\n\r\naw. crappy description.. i can't think really well tonight \r\nguuuuuh....|O

Image: whoops.JPG   507x819 169654 bytes 2002.12.20

hmm think about a fireman, who climb a ladder to save a young kitty on a tree.. but the fireman is also a werewolf, and he transforms because the moon is high on the sky..\r\nhuh..this suck.. wrong colors i think.. bhah |P

Image: pehean.JPG   600x600 76492 bytes 2002.12.18

a pehean.They're the second intelligent race of the alquatus kind (the alquatuses are a cross between fishes and mammals.peheans and mermaids are the only intelligent race of the alquasuses kind).Think of an intelligent aquatic predator..only the female peheans go out to hunt their prey, they use their powerful voice to kill it.

Image: hey-hey!.JPG   450x520 69008 bytes 2002.12.17

hay! it's a non-anthro fursona kinda-like-thing..well.. it isn't that non-anthro.. but i liked the idea..and mh a mouse can stand on his feet no ?\r\n\r\ndone in school, colored at home..with crayola pencils..\r\nbang!\r\n

Image: ki-rin.JPG   600x600 75938 bytes 2002.12.16

an anthro ki-rin , a japanese unicorn.Legends says that they bring good fortune..ew..that's all i know about them o_O.i don't know what a ki-rin looks've looked over the vcl and shearched for ki-rins pics..they seem to have that strange shaped horn , and scales..i tried to draw it in a japanese outfit, but it didn't turned out so well..hmm kinda like it..o_<

Image: theevilLordchewingum.JPG   418x316 42303 bytes 2002.12.13

chewing gums are EVIL! they're pure evil..they will stick around your fingers..on your shirt.. on your hair ..EVERYWHEREE! AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHRRGGGGHH!!!!\r\n\r\n..senseless..just.. \r\nuh uh uh.. @_@* blink

Image: necrosis.JPG   506x710 75848 bytes 2002.12.12

gift for the queen of weres jaime sidor..this raven is just too inspiring..ghaa!! \r\n(hmm sorry if it's a bit dirty and sucky, but it was the scanner that ate it all ..and even the jpeg compression..sigh!!!TT_TT) \r\n\r\nnecrosis is (c) to jaime sidor \r\n

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