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Image: saisha_no_hokoryuu.JPG   505x696 95470 bytes 2002.12.11

another devil..don't wanna to describe him,i'm sure you don't care :P\r\nyay! i've got prismacolor pencils..i'm so happeeeee XD\r\nhe's *NOT* a werewolf..just a devil with an anthro-wolfish form

Image: scorch_payan.JPG   212x530 41811 bytes 2002.12.08

gha..!just don't ask ..i don't know what i was smoking when i drew this...a new character, a deer named Scorch Payan..his name makes no sense too..but oh well.. i draw so few females..and she's quite\r\ underwear rules!\r\n

Image: yumm..JPG   661x457 119016 bytes 2002.12.08

and after pencil and watercolor it's colored pencils turn..\r\ni hate this one..because i've putted all of my effort in it..and it didn't turned out as i expected..GRRRAAARR! IT SUCKS!!expecially the left knee of the anthro squirrel.. TT__TT\r\nanyway.. the pic is depicting sir redsquirrel (his diabolic name is hesopotokh,and his angelic name is sferiel,he's the red haired guy floating in the background) a devil with a passion for squirrel and nature.If someone hurt or damages squirrels he will probably appear and transform squirrels in diabolic squirrels after taunted the aggressor a bit .Diabolic squirrels are normal squirrels infected by the devil's blood, they become anthropomorphic and gain a natural human bloodlust,and if encountered in groups they're very dangerous.Once they drink human blood or eat human flesh,they transofrm again in normal squirrels.\r\ngh..squirrels are evil..they scare me O_o

Image: helpme.JPG   506x705 179971 bytes 2002.12.04

wahahahahahaha i killed my wrist doing this..fuahahahhaah....owwie TT__TT\r\nthis was done all in pencil encil encil and i'm damn proud of it.. first try at werewolves..huhuh..\r\nnever hurt a faerie..something awful could happen to you ^,^

Image: Tung_Shod_Attila.JPG   555x783 178834 bytes 2002.12.04

trying my hand with real medias..watercolor time! wheeee XD\r\nhe's the tung shod Attila, one of the most important and powerful beastman of axar.He control an army of above 160000 beastman and he himself is powerful as a little army.\r\nHe killed his own father, the previous tung shod rachias and he took his troop and his castle.Now he's trying to take over the entire axar, and he want to exterminate all the elvish kind, because a group of elves has killed in battle his mother, the warrior queen shar'alar.\r\nhuuu.. what an interesting person.. ^,^

Image: evat.JPG   600x600 186398 bytes 2002.12.03

i've discovered that i'm a weak person.I cannot avoid to make people around me suffer..but i love them, i don't want to. With this i hope to make happy at least one person,my sister.I will ever try to protect you.

Image: aspides_arcana.JPG   600x600 109463 bytes 2002.12.02

second try at a new style..oh oh oh..this..SUCKS!!!X|\r\ntwo mages fighting in the great magicorium .The magicorium is like an arena where gladiators fights, but instead of them, only mages are allowed to fight there..\r\nthe beastman wizard is using a poison-type spell, named aspides arcana.It creates many energy snakes that bite the victim and poison him as well.The poison injected by the snakes causes necrosis in the flesh of the victim in about 1's extremely deadly, but the mage who casted the spell can decide to dissolve the poison in the victim body at will.

Image: darencuordipuzzola.JPG   600x600 59656 bytes 2002.12.02

test on a cleaner and simpler style...turned well ?\r\n\r\nhm .. a beastman..his name is Daren Cuordipuzzola (Daren Skunkheart for the anglophones ^,^ ) he's a warrior..mmh and a ladies man.. he wears a necklace with all the rings of his previous girlfriends..ew.. no much more to say.. he's just a secondary character ..but hey, i like him .He's kinda spiffy XD

Image: ragesymphony.JPG   561x787 165172 bytes 2002.11.27

another big-size picture..this is the last one i swear..^,^\r\n\r\ was a really bad day..everyone was ..i dunno.. understimating me..saying phrases like "you'll never get a girlfriend" or "the only thing you do well is drawing"\r\ni get mad about that and i beated two of my friends..then\r\ni came back home and drew this..\r\ndone totally in ballpoint black pen and watercolors..eww..only now i realize that it came out pretty good imho..well, one good thing in an awful day.. ^_^\r\n\r\nBLLLLLOOOOOODDDD!! FUAHHAHAHAHAH!!

Image: magicduel.JPG   600x600 118372 bytes 2002.11.26

was thinking about magic:the gathering..can't beat one of my i drew this..awg..damn red&black deck.. you're WEAK! and so am i .. but it is so fun...\r\n burnn baby burrnnnnn \r\n\r\n

Image: deadoralive.JPG   600x600 92043 bytes 2002.11.25

ho-ho.. mom says that i'm practically dead because i haven't (well, that's what she think..) a social life.\r\nmy friends says that i'm too alive for them..aaah, how i love antipodes..oh well, this pic was inspired by more no less..hmm, the ankh in the right hand means life, the ace of spades in the left hand means death.. well..i think you already know that..*cheap simbolism ruleZ!*

Image: consolation.gif   600x600 146955 bytes 2002.11.24

"no one loves me"\r\n"i love you"\r\n"no one likes what i do"\r\n"i like what you do"\r\n"no one accept what i am"\r\n"i accept what you are"\r\n\r\nno matter how much you feel lonely or depressed, there will ever be someone who love you.So don't stand alone,and go to that person,he'll help you.That's your angel.

Image: yamahirashi.GIF   648x914 121797 bytes 2002.11.21

arg..! this is..BIG! sorry..i could'nt resize more than that without losing a great amount of detail.. so plz forgive me for this time ^_^'''\r\n\r\ndone in economy's a yama hirashi, another artificial creature generated for protecting the ivory city.\r\ntheir powers are similar to chouzes but they're faster and more intelligent.They work in the great arcanum library of the ivory city as librarians.\r\n(aw ,so sketchy..i'll color it i swear..i just need some decent pencils TT__TT)

Image: victory.JPG   559x335 93791 bytes 2002.11.20

FUAHAHAHAHAHAH! i've passed the exam today..and now i can driveeeee *glleeeeeeee*\r\n\r\nfrom now on beware...i'm extremely dangerous on a car mnyehehehehehehheheheeh >:3\r\n\r\n(look, it's a chibi-fursona-thing...!)

Image: sanssouci.JPG   600x600 70784 bytes 2002.11.17

"sigh, mens.."\r\n\r\nmy half on an art trade..\r\ngha! i....LIKE this one..! this took me forever to color but hey, didn't it turned out well ?\r\nthis was inspired by a story class..we were talking about the baroque style..i liked it oh so much and i tried..yay..\r\nGil this is for ya! ^,^\r\n\r\nSans Souci owns to Gilda Laura Rimessi, yay for her ^,^

Image: redmephlilith.JPG   600x600 89265 bytes 2002.11.15

art trade with Opalweasel this grey scale & red thing is great..i like this a lot..yay!hope ya like too, Opal\r\n^_^\r\n\r\nMephisto & Lilith are (c) of Opalweasel

Image: icanonlygiveyouarose.JPG   600x600 72012 bytes 2002.11.12

be happy nameless child, you'll never feel the pain of a broken heart, you'll never feel the death within you,you'll never feel the anger and the sin..\r\nbe sad nameless child , you'll never feel your parent's love,you'll never see the sun shine,you'll never feel the passion and the life..\r\nyour future is gray and for that, i'm sad.I can only guide you and give you a rose.\r\n\r\nLeucos isn't only the autumn bringer, he's also the guide for the neverborn child.He guide them through the valley of the lost souls and bring them to the limbo.\r\nAw, this pic is a bit sad..:|

Image: motherspride.JPG   600x600 134469 bytes 2002.11.12

like this one..the colors are pretty spiffy ..yay ^_^\r\n\r\nthe guy here's a future member of the ivory troop, ready for\r\njoin it.His mother is really proud of him, but he don't like to combat or harm people.he must make his mother happy and proud of him so, even if he don't want to, he's getting ready to join the army.\r\n\r\nthe ivory troop is a specialised army composed only of albino beastman.For the beastmen, the fur color means a lot of things.They think that a albino beastman is pure and honest and a black one instead is evil and vicious for example.Obviously this isn't always true..but they trust this thing a lot.

Image: J.jpg   536x542 68371 bytes 2002.11.10

art trade with j.hisui, no more no less.\r\n\r\nshe is (c) to herself

Image: reading.JPG   635x739 129171 bytes 2002.11.09

must..practice...on real media...argh..!\r\nreality is so hard...give me a computeeerr X|\r\nthis was done colored chalks...and..huu..yes oil crayons...few markers..and colored pencils... i really need some training...\r\nUGLYUGLYUGLYUGLYUGLYYYYYYY\r\nbut,hmm. I like the line art...i think it's ky00t ^,^

Image: 404.jpg   600x600 39787 bytes 2002.11.08

plain 404 message for the vcl ...hmm maybe i should think something of more original.. mh. Oh well..\r\nthe writings on the shirt says "poof own u" because i'm the humble servant of the poofy-deity..*bows*\r\n\r\npoof is (c) of Natalie robles yeah ^_^'

Image: chouzi.JPG   492x539 69757 bytes 2002.11.08

hm, let's seeeee... i like the line art of dis...but the color... just suck.. -_-\r\nit's a chouzi, a holy creature created by clerics to protect the forgotten city of aevidium , the ivory town.\r\nthey're able to fly because they use an internal system of levitation (The wings are used to move around, without them they'll only be able to go up or down)\r\nthey can cast high clerical spells and are able to create a field of invulnerability around them for ten seconds, but they can do that only for one time per day.

Image: wereferret.JPG   642x637 128162 bytes 2002.11.05

fear the powah of....THE WEREFEWWET!!!!!\r\nhmm, yeah. -.-'\r\nit's a dies garou, it means that he can shift into his beast form only during the day and not in the night.\r\nRandom boring-class-drawing.. but it turned out cute i think.. it's nearly the first time that i draw a were...\r\nso.. yay for me ^_^

Image: lucifer.JPG   600x600 81771 bytes 2002.11.03

off topic.. but hey, it's related with axar (that is quite furry imho) ^_^\r\nit's Lucifer before he fall off the heavens.God and Satan exist in axar as they exist in the earth, and they are the same that we has here.But their influence is stronger on axar because the axarians believes more in supernatural beings and spiritual stuff\r\n(i think it's normal when you use magic every day..)\r\nand yes, he's asexuated like all the angels ...(so, no nipples no dick no ass..)

Image: autumnbreeze.JPG   600x600 97750 bytes 2002.11.02

huhh.. i love this guy..but i think it looks too much like aya's character (it was unintentional ..sowwy TT__TT)\r\nooohh.. he's playing a requiem for the dying summer..and welcoming fall as well; is name is Leucos, that means white in greek.\r\n\r\nYAY FOR KRAPPY BACKGROUNDS!! XD

Image: 31october.JPG   600x600 126832 bytes 2002.10.31

what can i say..good halloween?\r\ni was kinda inspired by the idea of disguising and here's my fursona dressed up as the fuck-u-angel..he's cute ,mmh ?? ^_^

Image: dizzy.JPG   501x643 88818 bytes 2002.10.31

waaaii..i simply..ADORE this one..he's Dizzy, the mordechai's best you can see he's a bear man, and also a not-so-skillful thief.He's clumsy and dumb, but extremely strong:he can crush an ogre with one hand..this was done mostly with colored pencils..but i've also used some markers.No acrylic paint this time.. that was simply useless :|\r\ndone in economy think i must study harder..\r\nbut who cares! I LIKE THIS ONEEEE! YAAAAAYY XD

Image: mordechai.JPG   556x598 85941 bytes 2002.10.30

aw, i feel so frustrated..there will ever be someone that draw better than you..but oh well. I'll keep practicing..\r\nmaybe some day i'll be able to draw something decent.\r\nThis was made at school, during an english's the character that i play in my own rpg..his name is Mordechai von hazelnut o'lassafaneutsnassen de la madunina, but everyone call him Mordy (guess why...)\r\nhe's a fox man and a thief as well..his best friend is a big and dumb bear man called Dizzy.I didn't draw him because i must practice on bears(yeah i know that i must practice even on foxes..^_^'')...\r\nthis was done with markers and colored pencils.The coins, the buttons and the piercings on the ears were made with a golden acrylic paint...that is really shiny and fucking cool in real, but sucky as hell here..-_-

Image: gaianlovers.JPG   438x450 148057 bytes 2002.10.26

so, i think this royally suck(what a new, huh?),but hey, that wolf is handsome!\r\nSometimes in axar two creatures fall in love...if they're of two different species, and their love is so deep and strong to overcome the laws of nature, then Gaia, the mother earth goddess,give to the two lovers a gift.They become one and they'll be able to see the world with each other's eyes,plus they can shift in the other lover's shape.But there's a negative side: if one of them is hurted or killed, the other will follow his fate as well.\r\nIn axar, they call this type of creatures Gaian lovers.

Image: theydontwantme.JPG   600x600 81811 bytes 2002.10.25

if you meet a guy like this,kill him,he's probably me.\r\ni dedicate this for all my friends that don't know me, and want to criticize me,or insult me like they perfectly know what or who i am and what i think.\r\n(and yay for my FINAL fursona! this mouse is EXACTLY like me =^,^= i think i'll call him Phobia.)\r\nWow. my first venting art.. i feel a lot better now XD \r\n\r\nlyrics is (c) of the cranberries *bows*

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