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Image: naturalurban.JPG   600x600 172975 bytes 2003.01.12

deers... the male one comes from the city, the other one from the forest, they're in love,and the female one give a present for his mate.. ooh yeah.\r\ncrappy painter pic..kill me.. now!

Image: necrosis.JPG   506x710 75848 bytes 2002.12.12

gift for the queen of weres jaime sidor..this raven is just too inspiring..ghaa!! \r\n(hmm sorry if it's a bit dirty and sucky, but it was the scanner that ate it all ..and even the jpeg compression..sigh!!!TT_TT) \r\n\r\nnecrosis is (c) to jaime sidor \r\n

Image: nonsense.JPG   667x914 188840 bytes 2003.02.20

fwahahahah behold the ultra page of useless doodles!!!\r\nhere you can see..goblins..female goblin..woofie the great..a pyrobeast..two imps..a FLYING SQUIRREL..a faerie..a generic red haired guy with one wing..and a bloodstained smile..FUN!

Image: norimah.JPG   454x450 58599 bytes 2003.01.16

yeah, well i know it's crappy and b/w but..but...but..argh..i can't think of an excuse to upload this..-_-'\r\'s not so bad and it's one of the monsters that you can encounter on axar..its name is norimah ,it's an undead creature that roams across coasts and beaches searching for living flesh .The norimahs are childrens who was born dead,and killed their mothers in the act of borning (uh..spelled right ? i dunno -.-' ).they have psychic powers and YOU MUST OBEY THEM @___@\r\n(mmh they're not so ot can consider them as snail morphs..)

Image: normiesaysHI!.JPG   634x652 107116 bytes 2003.03.15

little gift of Norman for Alan foreman, creator of s.s.d.d.\r\n\r\ncheck out his comic ( love it ohh so much !\r\n\r\nNorman Gates is (c) Alan foreman\r\nwarning..contains black underpants!\r\n

Image: omega.jpg   400x400 34936 bytes 2002.08.06

a character of my rpg,axar.i definitely don't like his personality.. he's just a mindless thug who crush anything\r\nand anyone, but now he has turned into a semi-vampire,and his mind had become a little more interesting...his fur was originally black, but it has turned white after he drank some of his master's blood.\r\n\r\nOmega is (c) his player

Image: omgomgomgomgifoundit.JPG   640x480 82588 bytes 2003.02.16

opencanvas thing.. feel the power of cuteness!

Image: onslaught.JPG   667x914 200044 bytes 2003.02.17

well.. a friend of mine said that this two guy are the perfect hu..yes.\r\n\r\nthis one sucks...damn!

Image: owlblack.JPG   600x600 81848 bytes 2003.02.28

an owl wizard flying in the dawn..i.. can't really say anything more about this one..

Image: pain.jpg   400x400 27843 bytes 2002.08.18

look! i can draw taurs!\r\nshe's sad because she has killed her prey.But she must feed herself in some way.It's simply the nature's law.

Image: paradise.JPG   500x500 93039 bytes 2002.09.08

a gentle warm breeze.The sky covered by dark clouds.the sea.cold and high metal structures illuminated by neon light,and their continuous and buzzing noise.\r\nno rain, no people,no pain:nothing.\r\n\r\nthat's my paradise.

Image: peace.JPG   541x742 125703 bytes 2003.01.11

peace & love..A druid is taming a dragon..well no much more to say..pencil fun at school..scales are...uhrgh..complicated..

Image: pehean.JPG   600x600 76492 bytes 2002.12.18

a pehean.They're the second intelligent race of the alquatus kind (the alquatuses are a cross between fishes and mammals.peheans and mermaids are the only intelligent race of the alquasuses kind).Think of an intelligent aquatic predator..only the female peheans go out to hunt their prey, they use their powerful voice to kill it.

Image: pestilence.JPG   600x600 94139 bytes 2003.01.03

"when the lamb.."\r\noh fuck.. don't want to translate i'm tired.The bible says that the horseman of pestilence has a bow, a crown and a white horse..and blah blah blah he carry pestilence,disease etc etc yeah yeah. so here you are your super anatomy-fuckedup-messwiththecolors-crappybackground first horseman of apocalypse \r\n\r\njessup is (c) of Heather R.\r\n

Image: phennyc.jpg   494x380 46593 bytes 2002.08.08

uh, i was in the mood of drawing strange creatures today,so ,after Uhrio Ijiyo here's Phennyc, he is a cross between a nue(a tiger like creature, with monkey head and snake tail) and a bear..he is a part of some music band and he's dancing in a disco..ew, i can't think more for this guy's story, but i like him, he's cool! :P\r\n(hm, his snake head name is Echo and he like metal,instead of phennyc who likes disco..weh..useless info rulez !!^__^)

Image: pokerf.JPG   600x600 96778 bytes 2003.05.03

could this be my subconscious desire to achieve money robbing fantasy creatures..?\r\ncontains 50% more satanic goat demons.\r\n\r\nWoofie likes poker. Let's play poker kids!

Image: postal.JPG   600x700 148205 bytes 2003.10.12

another werewuffie. This time it's a general office worker named frederick. He's a plaaaain man..follows the rules and do nothing to disturb others..all his repressed anger and crazyness explode when he become a werewolf:he takes a good couple of guns and go out shooting at anything he sees . Actually , he don't need guns to butcher people, but his particular psychic condition make him think that he need them for that dirty job.\r\nwhoo hoo! \r\n\r\n

Image: prometeus.JPG   504x677 132566 bytes 2003.01.14

i drew this creature while i was pretty pissed was intended to be my anger spitted upon the paper, but it turned out in something different..the pic is actually messy..i doubt that anyone would recognize how his body is made..well anyway, i've decided to include this creature *that i named prometeus* in the new Aalbaich story..prometeus was a great spirit wolf warrior, but he got captured by a human mind, and he lost both his legs trying to escape from the human's brain.He escaped in the limbus, but he was dying, and he fall across the line that separate the limbus from the hell.He was found by a wrath,that was a scientist too, he applied various mechanical implants in his body, and he transformed prometeus in a mindless puppet that has the mind of a 4 years old kid.After "saving" him, the wrath left prometeus alone in a house near the edge of the hell..prometeus is still waiting for him..\r\n*note* the tatoo he has on his forehead is a rod of hermes.\r\neww..i need comments on this one.. he's just too..strange for me :|

Image: protagonists.JPG   831x929 184047 bytes 2004.02.02

mmh all the protagonist of my stories squeezed in a pic.\r\nthey're not much.. uhh .. o.o

Image: ragesymphony.JPG   561x787 165172 bytes 2002.11.27

another big-size picture..this is the last one i swear..^,^\r\n\r\ was a really bad day..everyone was ..i dunno.. understimating me..saying phrases like "you'll never get a girlfriend" or "the only thing you do well is drawing"\r\ni get mad about that and i beated two of my friends..then\r\ni came back home and drew this..\r\ndone totally in ballpoint black pen and watercolors..eww..only now i realize that it came out pretty good imho..well, one good thing in an awful day.. ^_^\r\n\r\nBLLLLLOOOOOODDDD!! FUAHHAHAHAHAH!!

Image: raios.JPG   426x600 54217 bytes 2003.08.05

les grimage in all his grinningful beauty.\r\nhe's a psychopompus from the lymbus..\r\nand yes that's latin

Image: reading.JPG   635x739 129171 bytes 2002.11.09

must..practice...on real media...argh..!\r\nreality is so hard...give me a computeeerr X|\r\nthis was done colored chalks...and..huu..yes oil crayons...few markers..and colored pencils... i really need some training...\r\nUGLYUGLYUGLYUGLYUGLYYYYYYY\r\nbut,hmm. I like the line art...i think it's ky00t ^,^

Image: redmephlilith.JPG   600x600 89265 bytes 2002.11.15

art trade with Opalweasel this grey scale & red thing is great..i like this a lot..yay!hope ya like too, Opal\r\n^_^\r\n\r\nMephisto & Lilith are (c) of Opalweasel

Image: reference.JPG   600x600 125344 bytes 2003.03.23

dis is the new reference pic.Mom was afraid of this one, and she said "you're sick, why are your wasting your skill in doing this thing?"\r\nHey, i like this stile..i like everything that is dark,gothic,rotten,mechanical,infected...a rather big part of my mind is composed by this things..but this don't mean that i don't like sunny days,the sing of a bird,the school, the people,the world.. pfah..understanding problems. -.-\r\nagain, my fursona's name is Phobia, not Aalbaich.Aalbaich is the green wuffie of the limbus,Phobia is the psychotic albino mouse with nails on his shoulder,paws,and feets ok ?\r\n\r\ni'm definitely (c) me.\r\n

Image: restofthewarrior.JPG   446x598 173460 bytes 2002.10.22

rest, oh sucky ,crappy beastman warrior.\r\ntest with 2 light didn't turned out as i expected but ,oh well.\r\nHe's sleeping in the heroes valley, a great valley filled up with greekish ruins and giant statues (the smaller of these statues, Lomli the sprite hero, is big like a Lady liberty, the biggest, Honou the minotaur hero is big instead like 10 lady liberty) no one knows who build the statues,but every time that a true hero dies, a statue of him appear in the valley of the heroes.That's one of the greatest mystery of axar ^_^

Image: riding_the_moon,riding_the_sun.JPG   504x711 139025 bytes 2003.01.20

aw. Aren't you tired of seeing angry werewolves..werewolves who kills people..werewolves covered by blood...wereblah blah blah..? oh well..a happy werewolf X)\r\nhe's between the night and the day.. and he isn't alone .. he's two creatures who dances togheter on the edge of two worlds.\r\nwell, this makes no sense so i'll cut it now X| good night/day

Image: roamingthrutheforest.JPG   667x914 259029 bytes 2003.03.15

here the guardian of dead time! he's the protector of minds that leave their desire to live and fall to oblivion,he's also the lord of boredom ,of waiting and of patience..\r\nfunny critter .Anyway, he is jumping and he's a rabbit.Not hare. RABBIT. understand?? o.O

Image: sadness.JPG   498x504 42133 bytes 2002.08.28

when Aal is sad or tired he has the bad habit of closing in his bedroom and getting drunk.It's a bad thing, his brother has tried several times to stop him but he simply pushed him away and once he has even beat up the poor Cloddy.\r\noh my..i like so much this.Even if it's simply-shaded..i just dig the pose..the shadows..and the new Aal's look(originally he was a self-representing char, but now i decided that Aalbaich is not my alter ego,we're too different.. he is just one my chars..)\r\nand now, for no apparent reason\r\nAalbaich is (C)me.FOREVER! FUAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH

Image: saisha_no_hokoryuu.JPG   505x696 95470 bytes 2002.12.11

another devil..don't wanna to describe him,i'm sure you don't care :P\r\nyay! i've got prismacolor pencils..i'm so happeeeee XD\r\nhe's *NOT* a werewolf..just a devil with an anthro-wolfish form

Image: sanssouci.JPG   600x600 70784 bytes 2002.11.17

"sigh, mens.."\r\n\r\nmy half on an art trade..\r\ngha! i....LIKE this one..! this took me forever to color but hey, didn't it turned out well ?\r\nthis was inspired by a story class..we were talking about the baroque style..i liked it oh so much and i tried..yay..\r\nGil this is for ya! ^,^\r\n\r\nSans Souci owns to Gilda Laura Rimessi, yay for her ^,^

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