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Image: restofthewarrior.JPG   446x598 173460 bytes 2002.10.22

rest, oh sucky ,crappy beastman warrior.\r\ntest with 2 light didn't turned out as i expected but ,oh well.\r\nHe's sleeping in the heroes valley, a great valley filled up with greekish ruins and giant statues (the smaller of these statues, Lomli the sprite hero, is big like a Lady liberty, the biggest, Honou the minotaur hero is big instead like 10 lady liberty) no one knows who build the statues,but every time that a true hero dies, a statue of him appear in the valley of the heroes.That's one of the greatest mystery of axar ^_^

Image: calm.JPG   600x600 38228 bytes 2002.10.16

ooooooooooh!! loooooook! it's so.....SUCKY!!!!\r\nweeeell, this was a kind of test...was practicing on far objects and clouds and grass and i realized only now.. the beast woman is....UGLY!!! WAAAAAAAARRRRRRGGH!! x8

Image: aloneinthemist.JPG   600x600 69477 bytes 2002.10.15

yeah, hm..i know it sucks...but i kinda like it..and anyway i wanted to draw uhrio,he's so cool with his katana ^_^\r\nhuh.Yay for krappy drawings ! XD

Image: dane.JPG   450x486 157528 bytes 2002.10.14

gift art for dane w. of the side 7 gallery.\r\nHis art are so ,inspiring and beautiful..when i see his gallery i felt the urge of drawing hum..\r\ni tried to draw him in a non-violent pose..even if i enjoy drawing this kind of thinks..because i think he is in some way different from the others ^_^\r\n\r\ndane belongs to himself, you rock dude ^__^

Image: wintercloddy.JPG   499x477 59585 bytes 2002.10.13

huh..look, it's cloddy! i didn't draw him from such a long time..aww, he is so cute here..!!=^,^=\r\nit's winter, and he is waiting for someone drinking hot \r\ncoffee/chocolate/generalhotdrink.\r\ni hate winter .end.

Image: elfnurse.JPG   600x600 120637 bytes 2002.10.09

"oh my, what you're little brat!!?"\r\n"none of yoor bushinessh,shon of a tree!!get off of mah earrrh"\r\n"your parents will not be happy with this..!bad boy!!"\r\n\r\nkids do this kind of thing very frequently where i live.I don't know why they do this..and i don't really care ^_^'\r\noh well, elfs are good babysitters ,because of their great sense of protection and responsability.Humans and beastmens often hire them for watching their childs, and usually they do a great job..but not when goblins and orcs interfere ^_^'.\r\nanyway, in this pic there's :a young beastman of the Lupis family (the most common of the beastmen subrace,same as the one in tracking.jpeg ), a gold elf (there's only few gold elf in axar..there's about 1000 of them.They have gold air, and when they're in anger,their skin and eyes become like gold)a goblin and a orc cub(don't let be fooled by his short beard,orcs develop facial hairs at about 5 years) \r\n

Image: Hingingling.JPG   759x597 90989 bytes 2002.10.08

an hingingling.they're creatures of the fairies world and they feed up with the dreams of the people.Hinginglinges sneak near to a person when he's asleep,then they touch the head of the "victim" with their tails, and make him dream.Hinginglinges wait until the dream fully ripen (dreams are like plants..), then they ate it up and fly away with it.When they ate a dream, the dreamer will wake up..\r\n

Image: earsoftheworld2.JPG   865x1106 89015 bytes 2002.10.07

in the lands of axar, the poles are called "the ears of the world".They're called that way because if a psionic or a "mind-open" person reach them he'll be able to hear a lot of psionic echoes and crying of dead peoples.\r\nAnyway, it's the first time i draw a snow-covered land i think ^_^\r\nthat horse/like creature is an Alcheon.It isn't a normal pony because it can ,at will, heat his body.He can reach an internal temperature of 300.In that state, they can breathe cloud of burning steam off of their mouths.That's their main defence weapon.\r\nThe Alcheon rider is a beastman of the cheetah man subrace, probably he's searching for some kind of treasure..\r\n(and , hey, it's my first try with watercolor pencils looks a lot better in RL anyway, aww -.-)

Image: Hi!.jpg   531x432 112337 bytes 2002.10.06

hi! i'm mr.clean! i'm gonna rape you.\r\n\r\nhuh..yeah,'s a pink wolf..\r\na quick doodle that i really liked..\r\nand.. he's smiling... \r\n\r\npink wolfs are weird -.-

Image: topography.JPG   479x473 38724 bytes 2002.10.04

try to get my style cleaner and simpler.....flash was a great know ,mouse in italian translates in "topo" so, topography is the writing of the mouses...see? it's funny it isn't ? hhm?? HMMMMMM?? O_O\r\nyeah, well i'know i suck. -.-

Image: fursaint.JPG   386x600 154362 bytes 2002.09.18

believe it or not, i'm a worshipper of God.But i generally\r\ndon't like the art that concerns jesus,saints ecc. \r\nMhh, i want to try my hand at something new..This one was inspired by a Raffaello's picture..kinda like the subject.. but i simply hate the just sucks..TT__TT

Image: Abe.JPG   564x495 128216 bytes 2002.09.15

gift for chris goodwin. I really like his's so expressive...And i love Abe too ,he's in some way intriguing.He makes me think of calm water and waterfalls..\r\nhuh, it's been since a loong time that i don't try a new style..\r\nHmm btw this is also a test to make my line art look more cleaner..i think it came out good..

Image: fairykiss.JPG   500x500 179283 bytes 2002.09.09

look! a closeup of a beastman!! ...ok,ok this is just an excuse to draw a fairy :P\r\nshe is kissing the beastman..have you noticed ? uh ??\r\nmy mom really like this one(she said that the beastman piercings are cute =^.^=) and i'm so proud of it! YAY! \r\ni'm 5 years old!! *jumps around happily*\r\n

Image: scarycrow.JPG   415x662 207601 bytes 2002.09.09

MWAH AH AH!! new character! maybe an axar character (an ancient undead tengu[they're japanese crow like creatures with big noses..]....) or maybe not. He was inspired by an old video of the cranberries (you know, the one with the cowboys and the living scarecrow..i can't remember the title of the song..:\\)hmm , hey, it's the first time i draw a bird anthro! and this is mah second try on scanning something (but since i colored it with painter, maybe this can't be considered like a normal scanned drawing..oh well who cares ^_^.And yes i like brackets |3 )))))))))))))

Image: paradise.JPG   500x500 93039 bytes 2002.09.08

a gentle warm breeze.The sky covered by dark clouds.the sea.cold and high metal structures illuminated by neon light,and their continuous and buzzing noise.\r\nno rain, no people,no pain:nothing.\r\n\r\nthat's my paradise.

Image: dragongryphonchimerapegasushorselikething.JPG   500x500 164324 bytes 2002.09.07

yeah uh i think it's a o_o\r\nbeautiful, beautiful creature..! i like eet :3\r\nbut it's not mine,it's a creation of prismawolf..\r\nand so this is an art trade ^_^.\r\nsorry for the ultra crappyness of the pic...i wish i could\r\ndo better, but i'm not really good at drawing non anthropomorphic things . TT_TT

Image: bloodycorruption.JPG   500x500 215958 bytes 2002.09.06

hu hu hu..the devil's blood is sweet, but it's like a drug..\r\nand if you drank the blood of a devil, you become his slave.\r\nThe devil's blood consume who drink it from within,drawing all the evil in the heart of the victim outside, and transforming him in a dread concentrate of sin.When finally\r\nthe blood kill the victim,it gain control of his body and transform it into a blood demon.\r\nok ok ,i'm stopping with this devils thing ^_^, from now on i return to the sweet furries X3

Image: devil.JPG   500x500 191123 bytes 2002.09.06

ph33r the power of off-topicness!\r\nthis is a axar there are differences between demons and devils.The demons are ugly and big creatures\r\nborn in hell, created for the only purpose of torment the\r\ndevils and the damned.The devils are instead, fallen angels.\r\nThey're confined in the hell because they betrayed God..\r\nbut recently some of them managed to reach axar.There's about 56 devils in the physical plane, the rest of them awaits the opening of the gate of hell to take their revenge on the God's sons.Teorically they can take any shift\r\nthey want (deybolos usually take the shape of a beastman for example)but they prefer their angel-like form.

Image: black&red.JPG   352x450 110999 bytes 2002.09.05

for we are this.

Image: magia.JPG   500x500 85486 bytes 2002.09.04

who said that all rpgs must be ambiented in medieval times ?\r\nthis is a creature of my rpg , in present times.No, he is'nt\r\na beastman, he is a magia, a magical creature who comes from\r\nthe astral plane of existence(or mystic plane).The magias \r\nresembles beastmans , but they're smaller and their fur\r\nare more colorful.They have butterfly wings and most of them\r\nlikes to study(magic spells,astrology,phylosophy etc).They \r\nalso like intelligent people,coffee,smoking and good music.\r\nooh yeah.\r\n

Image: dragonlordbeastman.JPG   817x1139 201815 bytes 2002.09.03

ho-hum, so.. he is a dragonlord beastman (weird word..huh?) \r\nthat means he lost his parents when he was young and was raised by a dragon.Adult dragonlords can dominate any dragon who they watch, they have a high magic and physic defense, and can use some of the skills of the dragon type who raised them.Some of then can also morph into a dragon for few minutes (usually they can only morph in the kind of dragon who raised them).This one has a fire dragon with uhm,i like this pic and i'm very proud of eet.But i think i can do even better.Fear me.

Image: big.JPG   425x407 126644 bytes 2002.09.01

uh .. erm.. don't mind this one... eheh ^_^'

Image: b.b.hood..JPG   429x455 56928 bytes 2002.08.31

"hii sweetie, this time there are no hunters around..who will save you ??"\r\nsaid tha big bad wolf\r\n"i'm gonna eat you! mwaahhahaha!"\r\nso, baby bonnie hood said:\r\n"i think you've catched the wrong lady, mister."\r\n"uh?"\r\n"wanna met my dearest friend? i call him...\r\nUZI!"\r\nBUDDA BUDDA BUDDA BLAM!\r\nhave you ever played vampire savior ?? well i dedicate this to one of my favorite characters..the wonderful baby bonnie hood, or bulleta for the japanese, she's so totally insane..i simply vuv her.|3

Image: babes.JPG   400x400 52452 bytes 2002.08.29

ooooh! sexy..AH! LOOK! A HOOMAN !\r\neh.this is just a sketch of futuristic clothes for the pinton's comic.yeah.. hum..word.

Image: sadness.JPG   498x504 42133 bytes 2002.08.28

when Aal is sad or tired he has the bad habit of closing in his bedroom and getting drunk.It's a bad thing, his brother has tried several times to stop him but he simply pushed him away and once he has even beat up the poor Cloddy.\r\noh my..i like so much this.Even if it's simply-shaded..i just dig the pose..the shadows..and the new Aal's look(originally he was a self-representing char, but now i decided that Aalbaich is not my alter ego,we're too different.. he is just one my chars..)\r\nand now, for no apparent reason\r\nAalbaich is (C)me.FOREVER! FUAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH

Image: killme.JPG   400x400 53475 bytes 2002.08.28

kill me now, before i do something similar...\r\nthis one is.. just.. weird... but there's something i like in this..Liger came out beautifully..and jaime sidor's style-like(yeah, well i think only in my offuscated mind -_-)but the background just SUX.\r\nTeorically it's my half of an art trade with Liger..hope you'll (-hardly-) likev it..\r\nsowwy TT__TT

Image: contrast.jpg   400x400 29872 bytes 2002.08.27

this is kinda an experiment...i wanted to draw a really colorful person in a pretty greyish and colorless background. The result is ...contrast..weird contrast (oooh!! reeallyyyy?)\r\nactually this is an art trade with glenskunk.\r\nThe skunkette in the pic is megan mephitidae(that is (c) of glen)

Image: tracking.JPG   400x400 50724 bytes 2002.08.26

a beastman ,a race of my rpg axar.They're half felines, half canines and half human.Some of them are really primitive and caveman-like.This one is tracking someone who has invaded his territory.Heh.Look , over there!\r\nilikeilikeilike this one...yaw! :3

Image: decayedbeauty.jpg   400x400 50154 bytes 2002.08.26

um, well..i think it's time for something different.\r\nThis was inspired by a pic i saw in scale's gallery..he said "who said all furries are young & cute?".So i start drawing and this came out.When i see it i feel strange :|\r\nbut i'm proud of it..yeah....i hope you'll die young..o_o

Image: cetaceans.jpg   400x400 39828 bytes 2002.08.25

i can draw cetaceans.two cetaceans in love.How cute.And yes, the male one have a goatee,and the female has long hair.Who said they shouldn't have hair?They're covered with fur like any of the other mammals(well that's not exactly fur..but..ah who cares -_-)

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