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Image: thewindiscallingyou.JPG   400x400 145616 bytes 2002.08.24

huh.. this one is heavy to load... i'm sorry ^_^'''\r\nmy half on an art trade with snidget .Her char is really inspiring and in some way mystical..want to know more of her...\r\nby the way, the withe doodles in the sky is the wind ..\r\n(aw!!! i forgot da knife on the belt! damnnn -__-'\r\nsorrysorrysorrysorry..)\r\n\r\nsnidget jaguarni is (c) of herself

Image: 1311.jpg   400x400 46790 bytes 2002.08.24

he is late! he's so damn late..\r\nheh, 13:11 as the white rabbit ..even if i don't think he is a rabbit..uhu .. o_O\r\nthis is my first gif pic..maybe one day i would art trade with himm..i hope so...*_*\r\nanyway i think i'll stop to drawing alice in wonderland characters...this is the last one..i promise..!!(yeah sure..nyeheehheeheh)

Image: cartoonyorientaltiggy.jpg   400x400 42106 bytes 2002.08.24

the warrior's getting ready for the fight..\r\nno much more to say about this one..i was tired and don't wanto to do a complicate shading, so i tried to make it look cartoonish.Well, it's not bad..but i think i can do better..maybe later...oh, and the signs on his body don't means anything (damn i MUST learn japanese...)

Image: 5am.jpg   400x400 43389 bytes 2002.08.23

"YEEE , i luv you bro' !"\r\n"Cloddy, you know, it's 5a.m. ..i was sleeping"\r\nCloddy really love his brother in law ..But Aalbaich is alwais cold with him..maybe he don't consider Cloddy as a real brother.\r\nI generally like this one..maybe the colors aren't so great..but i like it. Guh o_o. *mindless*\r\n

Image: anatomy.jpg   400x400 49229 bytes 2002.08.22

don't ask..i did'nt want to offend the da vinci works (i think the original version of this anatomy table was drawed by him) i just want to say fuck to the anatomy in general coz i suck at it.\r\nheh, don't try to read the scribbles, they're just doodles\r\n|3

Image: heartqueen.jpg   400x400 54050 bytes 2002.08.22

i call with her head(gee, original isn't it? ^_^) or the hearts queen want YOU.\r\nyeah, i just LOVE alice in wonderland..and i love more american mc gee's alice that has REALLY inspired this pic.

Image: dachesirecat.jpg   400x400 57136 bytes 2002.08.20

fear the chesire cat, he is WWWWWEIRD. nyeheheheheheheh.\r\nanother try of a new style ,this time it turned out very well, i like too much the light effect of the background and the shrooms .I'm so great whahahaha (ok, i'll stop it :3)

Image: wannadance.jpg   400x400 37955 bytes 2002.08.20

liked the concept, it turned out so-so..\r\nDruse dressed up as I-no from ggxx...damn she's just SO cool and sssexy! *drool*\r\n\r\n

Image: whereareyougoingmr.jpg   400x400 39202 bytes 2002.08.19

nyeheheh..first attempt at realistic drawing..\r\nthe fox was caught stealing a poor little cub from the house in the background.he was caught by the baby bunny's big goth brother.The big brother carried the fox out of the house.the big brother snapcracklepopped the fox.End.\r\n(sorry, it's late...yawwwnnn ..-__-zz)\r\n

Image: pain.jpg   400x400 27843 bytes 2002.08.18

look! i can draw taurs!\r\nshe's sad because she has killed her prey.But she must feed herself in some way.It's simply the nature's law.

Image: leointhedark.jpg   400x400 37045 bytes 2002.08.18

art trade a-go-go.This one is for Leo Magna ,who has one of the coolest archive here on vcl IMHO .\r\nheh, tried a new tecnique...not very original..but it turned out great !:PP\r\nLeo is (c) of leo magna *bows*

Image: spacefox.jpg   400x400 39365 bytes 2002.08.17

muahahahah, enter the wonderful world of the random drawings!here's a space fox in battle suit with lasers wings and built-in lightsaber.Don't ask me how he can breathe in open space .. o_O\r\nZAM, ZEEOW BLAAM

Image: Janusbrothers.jpg   400x400 58457 bytes 2002.08.17

HA, art trade time,because i haven't got ispiration to draw something of mine today .\r\nAnyway, there are Janus twins(yes, they're twins..),Chris and Mike Janus.The first one is a calm, but determined sniper(and he's male.), the second is a grumpy angst-filled common soldier.Chris is proud of his brother, but Mike hate Chris because he's better of him in anything they do.They militate in the animal force team (that is (c) of Glenn Csoncka)\r\naw i'm so sorry for the extremely crapppy background TT__TT...

Image: DIEEE.jpg   400x400 32412 bytes 2002.08.15

i HATE festivities.I hate christmas, i heate easter, i hate today! so DIEEEEEEEE FESTIVITIEESSSSSSSSS !!!\r\nanyway, this guy was slightly inspierd by a character of the blade 2 movie that i saw only recently.He has no story , he's just the result of my frustrated mind.\r\nsigh TT___TT

Image: heiscool.jpg   400x400 47536 bytes 2002.08.14

he really is.I just LOVE that shirt :PPP.\r\nOh, and the cross hand tatoo was a B.A.D idea..Thanks dude! :3

Image: allunderthenightsky.jpg   400x400 29547 bytes 2002.08.14

YEAH,painter classic & paintshoppro fun!\r\nAalbaich,Doo-doo,Cloddy and Jigos watching at the blue sky.No less,no more.

Image: smokingisbadforyou.jpg   400x400 35296 bytes 2002.08.12

Jigos again, with his dragon childhood friend,Nipp.They are like brothers but are also opposite in personality.Jigos is always Happy, lively and upset ;Nipp instead is always thoughtful and quiet .He rarely speak to someone who is'nt Jigos. \r\nI simply love this pic..Nipp is so damn cool and Jigos's outfit is cool too..and the background finally don't suck!\r\nYAY ,i'm happy! *jump around* |3

Image: i'llgowhereveryouwillgo.jpg   400x400 30236 bytes 2002.08.12

mwahahah ..another evil-lookin guy!\r\nhhm does'nt he look like Iori..?\r\nanyway ,it's too early to say anything about this mysterious guy..but he is connected to Aalbaich ^_^\r\n

Image: underthemoonlight.jpg   400x400 35490 bytes 2002.08.11

Doo-Doo, coz i don't draw him too much..\r\nlook! he has a girlfriend!\r\nHer name is Aska and she's a mouse who likes pop music,eating sushi and reading mangas about japanese schoolgirls with magical powers.She's nice,gentle and good and love Dominique (yeah,doo-doo's full name) sooo much.. (heh,maybe the perfect girlfriend ?)\r\nagain, the jpeg format has fucked up all the details TT__TT

Image: darknessbath.jpg   400x400 18440 bytes 2002.08.11

all we have little secrets.\r\nAalbaich had that cross scar since he was a cub,probably his lost parents were satanists .He hate that scar, so he always cover it with is hair.The Y scar is more recent but no one knows why he have it.\r\nanyway, first attempt to do's a bit strange..o_O

Image: B.A.D.jpg   365x379 40552 bytes 2002.08.10

art trade with b.a.d !Damn he is so cool!:3\r\n(hmmm this pic isn't bad, but the lines are too big i think..yeah i know,i suck TT__TT) \r\n\r\nb.a.d is (c) of himself ,ehe ^_^'\r\n

Image: shut-down.jpg   147x411 12376 bytes 2002.08.10

Being half wolf and half tiger , Druse is very agile.\r\nAs said before,she is a special agent so here's a pic\r\ndepitcing her in action ,she's trying to shut down the security system of some secret installation(the key she is trying to reach have a ticket on it that says shut down, but it's unreadable ,blame the jpeg format -_-)\r\n

Image: they_discovered_us.jpg   477x404 46870 bytes 2002.08.10

Druse and Pivot, two secret agents who's shearching for \r\ndoo-doo and Jigos.Druse is a wolf/tiger morph with a smart mind and a strong will.She like to act evil, but she's a good person who only want to be loved.Pivot is her partner and boyfriend .he's shy and intellectual and he's completely dominated by Druse who he loves anyway.\r\new, this story begin to collect too many character.. ^_^''

Image: torn_apart.jpg   480x396 38128 bytes 2002.08.09

"what's happened to my brother?? he's sleeping??"\r\n"yes, he's sleeping with our great be nice Uhrio\r\nand close your eyes, we'll take care of your ugly and\r\nevil wings"\r\nUhrio again with two evil nuns and his dead brother/head Julio\r\nthis turned out really well, i like it!!

Image: YAY!.jpg   480x396 59040 bytes 2002.08.09

It's not easy to live with Cloddy ..\r\nsigh , this one suck ..i liked the idea in the first time but i messed up with the colors..i hate me TT__TT

Image: phennyc.jpg   494x380 46593 bytes 2002.08.08

uh, i was in the mood of drawing strange creatures today,so ,after Uhrio Ijiyo here's Phennyc, he is a cross between a nue(a tiger like creature, with monkey head and snake tail) and a bear..he is a part of some music band and he's dancing in a disco..ew, i can't think more for this guy's story, but i like him, he's cool! :P\r\n(hm, his snake head name is Echo and he like metal,instead of phennyc who likes disco..weh..useless info rulez !!^__^)

Image: Uhrio_''fate''_Ijiyo.jpg   494x380 38399 bytes 2002.08.08

Uhrio Ijiyo, also know as fate..he is a chimera-morph, but his goat head and snake head were killed by the nuns of aalbaich orphanotrophium,cause they don't accept hybrid-morphs like chimeras.He become dark and twisted, and one day he left the orphanotrophium killing in the act twelve nuns.His left arm is dead, because it was controlled by the goat head, he can't feel pain in that part of his body, so he pierced and tatooed it many times and have put a barbed wire in it. He search for aalbaich for mysterious reasons. \r\n(iee , my first evil character ,fear him!!^_____^)

Image: shinthunder2.jpg   600x630 61532 bytes 2002.08.08

my half on an art trade with shinigami maxwell.(and my first art trade, yay! :3 )i like his char! he is so! ^___^\r\n(aww, i messed up the hair..i'm sorry TT__TT)\r\n\r\nShin Maxwell is (c)of his creator

Image: omega.jpg   400x400 34936 bytes 2002.08.06

a character of my rpg,axar.i definitely don't like his personality.. he's just a mindless thug who crush anything\r\nand anyone, but now he has turned into a semi-vampire,and his mind had become a little more interesting...his fur was originally black, but it has turned white after he drank some of his master's blood.\r\n\r\nOmega is (c) his player

Image: lady_naoko.jpg   386x373 32662 bytes 2002.08.05

i've done this because she's the first person who said "welcome" to me the first day i've uploaded this gallery,\r\nand because she's sooooo cute ^_^\r\n\r\ndraguineas and naoko are (c) Claire Walters \r\n

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