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Image: younicorn.jpg   483x295 37478 bytes 2002.08.05

i was watching the lady naoko's directory and i saw a beautiful pic of an unicorn, i never drawn an equine so..\r\na blue haired unicorn. \r\nHe's pointing at something..simply drawn..simply colored..\r\nbut i like it :P

Image: GEE!.jpg   400x400 67017 bytes 2002.08.05

Jigos in action.\r\ntried a new style of coloring..hmm..i'm not sure of it..:|

Image: dawn.jpg   479x359 30137 bytes 2002.08.04

aaw do i like the dawn.Hmm, tried to draw a background..i think it turned out well..but the sun looks like an explosion..urgh.. -_-

Image: allthecrew.jpg   462x350 57335 bytes 2002.08.04

heh,want to draw all the characters in aalbaich's story,i ended to draw only the most important..(i'm soooo lazy -_-)\r\nfrom left to right,Aalbaich ,Cloddy (the rat suicidal guy),Jigos (the blue idontknowwhatkindofanimalitis-thing)\r\nand doo-doo(red kangaroo guy in orange) \r\new,Aal looks so..perplexed..^_^'\r\n

Image: aalbaich.jpg   425x362 27149 bytes 2002.08.03

this is my main character, Aalbaich.He's an orphen with a tormented past,sometimes happy sometimes sad.He spent his youth in the aalbaich orphanotrophium ,but one day a family adopted him.Now he lives a peacefully life with his new family and his brother-in-law Cloddy, a rat guy with suicidal tendences.\r\nend.(for now..uhuhuhu ^_^)

Image: deybolos.jpg   418x360 42236 bytes 2002.08.02

first upload on vcl..hi :3\r\nThe guy here's deybolos ,archdevil of the seven sins.He\r\nhas materialised on earth to search for the key of damnation.With the key he can open the gates of maelstrom and bring the hell on earth.Ew,not much original but i like\r\nthis character a lot,expect more of him ^_^\r\n(i apologize for the crappy english , but what do you expect from an italian guy :P)

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