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Image: yamahirashi.GIF   648x914 121797 bytes 2002.11.21

arg..! this is..BIG! sorry..i could'nt resize more than that without losing a great amount of detail.. so plz forgive me for this time ^_^'''\r\n\r\ndone in economy's a yama hirashi, another artificial creature generated for protecting the ivory city.\r\ntheir powers are similar to chouzes but they're faster and more intelligent.They work in the great arcanum library of the ivory city as librarians.\r\n(aw ,so sketchy..i'll color it i swear..i just need some decent pencils TT__TT)

Image: YAY!.jpg   480x396 59040 bytes 2002.08.09

It's not easy to live with Cloddy ..\r\nsigh , this one suck ..i liked the idea in the first time but i messed up with the colors..i hate me TT__TT

Image: yeno.JPG   600x600 115643 bytes 2003.01.08

oooh..dunno..character sheet for the new aalbaich's partner, the name's Yeno.He is kinda an outcast in the lymbus .He once was a psychopompus, an animal that guide the dead people trough the otherworld, then he grow bored and decided to run away from the lymbus, now he wander between the lymbus and our world..he can't be seen by the living beings when he is in the world of living, but Aalbaich can see,talk and touch him when he is in werewolf form .Yeno follow Al just because he think he's fun..\r\nhe *Really* like to laugh..he always have his damn grin on his mouth..when he laugh he does that typical piratesque sound..that.. "har har har " you know..that sound.. huh o.o\r\nhm and he can change into his cat form (he is an anthro-cat)\r\nat will, but he rarely do that because he hate being considered like an animal.

Image: younicorn.jpg   483x295 37478 bytes 2002.08.05

i was watching the lady naoko's directory and i saw a beautiful pic of an unicorn, i never drawn an equine so..\r\na blue haired unicorn. \r\nHe's pointing at something..simply drawn..simply colored..\r\nbut i like it :P

Image: yourewhatisayouare.GIF   600x600 83344 bytes 2003.03.16

if you're looking for good art then don't watch this one..\r\nit's just some semi/venting art..\r\ni done this because..i hate stereotypes..i hate being considered a stereotype..i'm not a punk, i'm not a goth,i'm not a satanist,i'm not an anarchist,i'm not a religious bigot,i'm not gay, i'm not heterosexual, i'm not bisexual,i'm not evil,i'm not good,i'm not an angsty boy, i'm not a happy boy,not a raver,and definitely not an artist.I'm just me, Elia.And people seems not understand that and call me like the ones above,just because i barely resemble one of them.They don't care, so do i..if you are trying to impress me so don't judge me from appearence and try to know what i really am,it can not be so interesting, and maybe i will refuse to open myself (i'm a very closed person and rarely express myself)but i think that at least you've impressed me a bit. Ok i'm done thanks X3

Image: yumm..JPG   661x457 119016 bytes 2002.12.08

and after pencil and watercolor it's colored pencils turn..\r\ni hate this one..because i've putted all of my effort in it..and it didn't turned out as i expected..GRRRAAARR! IT SUCKS!!expecially the left knee of the anthro squirrel.. TT__TT\r\nanyway.. the pic is depicting sir redsquirrel (his diabolic name is hesopotokh,and his angelic name is sferiel,he's the red haired guy floating in the background) a devil with a passion for squirrel and nature.If someone hurt or damages squirrels he will probably appear and transform squirrels in diabolic squirrels after taunted the aggressor a bit .Diabolic squirrels are normal squirrels infected by the devil's blood, they become anthropomorphic and gain a natural human bloodlust,and if encountered in groups they're very dangerous.Once they drink human blood or eat human flesh,they transofrm again in normal squirrels.\r\ngh..squirrels are evil..they scare me O_o

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