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Lesson Four

By Skunkaholic

Once Michelle had calmed down such that her bodily fluids had stopped running and she had cleaned herself she returned to the main living room. Dressed in her clean panties, and the black leather bustier with the matching garter belt and stockings her mistress had given her, she now stood before her mistress again. Cecilia was a striking sight, the white bib of her chest fur broken by the black microhalter she wore, with a black leather miniskirt and matching leather jacket. Her tail stood tall behind her displaying it's handsome white stripe. She beckoned Michelle, inciting the human to approach her. Cecilia embraced her as much as she could, pressing her muzzle against Michelle's breasts, which she had displayed a great affection for earlier on. She took her one paw and gently led Michelle's hand to her leg. Michelle could feel her hand sliding over Cecilia's silky fur until the skunk had drawn Michelle's hand up her skirt to rest upon one cheek of her naked buttocks. Michelle was utterly floored, both by the action and by the implication that she could feel Cecilia's shapely ass and waist, and was in a position to judge that underneath that skirt Cecilia wore only her fur; at least right now that is.

As suddenly as she had instigated the embrace and fondling, Cecilia broke it off, offering no explanation for anything. She simply took the fine woven leash which was attached to Michelle's leather collar, and led her pet out of their quarters and to the elevator. Once inside the elevator Cecilia pressed the button for Sub-level One and the elevator set on it's way. As the elevator rose Michelle had time to think, she thought about what had happened, and a staggering realization hit her. She had been having sex with Cecilia; another woman! Not only that, Michelle had been enjoying it, and had even been a bit disappointed when it had ended. Looking back on it Michelle was in fact very glad that it had ended when it did, she still had her dignity, and could believably deny that she had in truth enjoyed it. She hadn't cum and that meant a lot. The elevator now arrived three levels above the crew quarters. As Cecilia took the lead again, drawing Michelle along by her leash, a figure stepped around the corner ahead of them.

He was 5'9” with a body that many men would envy. His fur was a mottled pattern of white, and a few shades of light brown, and his eyes were a deep brown. A gold earring lay in the crudely cut switchblade wound in one of his very pronounced ears. All three of them reached the door to the Mess hall at the same time, “Allow me to get the door for you.” The stunningly handsome mouse offered, making a comical performance out of pressing the button to open the door.

“Why sir,” Cecilia replied in her best southern accent. “You must allow me to properly . . .” placing emphasis on this last work Cecilia thrust her chest out towards Mark, “Thank You.” She finished, her voice oozing with a seductive drawl.

That was all Mark could take as his twitching muzzle blew forth a deep bellowing laugh. He roared with laughter causing Cecilia to lose control herself, and soon the two where leaning against the walls of the corridor, barely able to stand they were laughing so hard. As the laughter died down both were still gasping for breath, between the odd chuckle. Michelle had found the respective overacting comical but hardly worthy of Jim Carrey, and was perplexed at what about it drove her mistress and Mark to such histeria.

“Now Cecilia,” Mark chuckled, “You know flirting with me won't get you anywhere, I'm already committed.”

“Yeah, I know, “ Michelle thought she detected just a touch of genuine regret in Cecilia's voice, “But it's sure damn fun trying. So what brings you up to the mess, you usually eat dinner in your quarters?”

“Just ran out of a few ingredients while making dinner, I'm here to stock up on supplies.”

“Then here, let me get the door.” Cecilia pressed the button again, opening the door which had closed while Cecilia was delivering her performance. The three walked into the mess hall, which was already occupied by a group of women sitting around the main table. Charlene was heaping serving spoon-fulls of chocolate ice-cream into her muzzle, While Mark's sister Barb sipped quietly at a cup of coffee, and Strike Two was nursing an iced tea. Barb looked fairly similar to her brother, as much as all mice look alike, except that her fur was a solid white all over. Cecilia released Michelle's leash, and ordered, “Pet, get me a cup of coffee, and grab yourself something too.”

Cecilia slid a chair out from the table and eased herself into it, casually crossing her thighs. “So ladies, what's the topic of discussion tonight.”

All three groaned in unison the unanimous response, “Men.”

Mark chuckled as he stepped into the walk in pantry. Michelle fetched a clean cup from the row of identical white plastic cups, and poured a cup of coffee for the skunkette. Checking the fridge for her own beverage Michelle selected a glass of orange juice, and proceeded to the table. Setting Cecilia's coffee down Michelle pulled out a chair for herself and sat down beside her mistress.

“You'd think working in a bar Neil would handle his alcohol better.” Barb griped, “But no, you give him a couple of beer and suddenly he's god's gift to sex.”

“At least he needs beer first,” Charlene responded, “Some of the ones I've bedded figured they were all that from the get go.”

Cecilia laughed, “Or remember that poor stallion, he figured he was strong enough to take all three of us on.”

Charlene smirked dipping her spoon into the ice-cream again, “By the end of the night his balls were so sore he was begging us to let him leave.” She ended the statement by filling her mouth with chocolate delight.

“I had to throw out that mattress it was so badly soaked through.” Cecilia laughed.

Mark was now stepping out of the pantry with an armload of fresh vegetables, apparently making homemade Japanese cooking. “Try this on for size,” He challenged, “Ben has this thing for Nachos with melted cheese and mountains of green onions, which is no problem. But then afterwards he can't figure out why I don't exactly feel in the mood to make out.”

Strike Two turned to the male walking out of the kitchen area, “Yeah, I guess you have as much right to bitch about boyfriends as the rest of us. Why don't you sit down here, get it out of your system.”

Barb tensed up as soon as she suggested it. “Look Mark,” She said solemnly, “You're my brother and I love you, as much now as I ever did. And I support you're decision to come out of the closet here, but . . .” She didn't seem sure what to say and looked to Mark for some kind of clue as to what he was thinking, nothing, which probably meant he was upset. Not necessarily a lot but probably upset to some degree. “I'm just not really used to it yet, and talking with my own brother, about our respective boyfriends would just be too... weird, so here, I'll leave and you can sit and talk for a while.” Barb got up to leave, sliding her chair back in against the table.

Mark's paw was on her shoulder now. She turned to face him and his eyes were sparkling a bit from being slightly damp. The regret was plain in his voice as he spoke, “No I'll go, I have to get started on dinner anyways, you stay here, talk with the girls.” He turned and walked out, none of the girl's really knew what to say.

After a long minute Michelle finally broke the silence, “Is he going to be okay?” She asked Barb.

She sighed, “Yeah, I think so, I guess he's just unsure of where he fits in now. I mean, even though he's gay he's still a guy and so he can't really talk on an even footing with us girls. But I think he's afraid that now that we all know he's gay, none of the guys are going to treat him as an equal.”

“Ah who cares, “ Charlene grumbled coldly, “Gay, straight, it doesn't really matter, men are pigs.” All eyes were on her immediately, male bashing or not, no one could believe that Charlene had just said what she had. Charlene just sat there with that dark look on her face and heaped another spoonful of ice cream down her throat.

“That's my brother your talking about,” Barb voiced showing a bit of mousy fang, “What crawled up your ass?”

Charlene sighed regretfully, “I don't know, sorry about that. Shit, I guess I just need to get laid or something.”

“You know what?” Cecilia offered, “That sounds like an idea, just leave the arrangements to me.” Cecilia smiled broadly at her oldest sister who simply gazed into the partially melted chocolate ice cream, stirring it with her spoon. “First of all, lets get rid of this.” She reached across the table seizing the dessert and pulled it away from her depressed sibling. As Cecilia replaced the top on the container she gently slipped the spoon into her own muzzle licking it clean. She handed the ice cream to Michelle to put back into the freezer and laid out a set of directions for Charlene. “My prescription is as follows. Go home, run yourself a nice hot bath, a good book, one glass of that brandy in the fridge.” She stressed the one, “Maybe some soft music, whatever, the point is relax. Then once you're all dried off get dressed, something sexy but don't take too much thought with it, you won't be wearing it long.”

“All right,” Charlene relented, not that she had put up much of an argument. She got up and strolled out of the room.

As the door shut behind her Barb stated flatly, “I don't want to know what you're planning.”

Cecilia turned to Michelle, “Get yourself something to eat pet, you're going to need the energy.”

Michelle gazed impassively at the bare brown carpet of her chamber, taking in the pattern laid out by the individual strands of fiber and which way they lay to the grain of the carpet.

She felt the spiked heels of her shoes digging into the bottom of her butt as she knelt on the mattress that was her bed, her eyes fixed on the carpet and her head bowed low. Her mistress had instructed her to remain like this until she returned and so she would, it was really in her own best interests to obey, and behave in the manner Cecilia expected of her pet.

She could feel the blood rushing to her head, as her nervousness overtook her, she was pretty sure what Cecilia had in mind for her, and wasn't sure she liked it. Although after their last session Michelle was equally afraid that she would.

Michelle soon found herself slipping into a trance-like state in which she lost any awareness of time. The trance was almost like a light sleep without the dreaming, then after an unknown amount of time the trance was broken by a hydraulic hiss as the door to Michelle's room opened. Michelle maintained her gaze on the carpet, remaining as she had been instructed.

“Stand but do not look up.” Cecilia instructed. Michelle stood but maintained her focus upon one specific area of the carpet, not allowing her range of vision to slip towards her mistress. “Now approach me.” Michelle complied with her mistress' demand and walked until she could see Cecilia's toes, with her tiny claws digging into the plush carpet. A black paw seized Michelle's leash as Cecilia led her, almost blindly to Cecilia's room. Once they were inside Cecilia's room Cecilia gave a single word of instruction. “Remain.” Michelle stopped where she was as Cecilia released her leash and walked ahead, out of Michelle’s vision. Then she was instructed to look up. Michelle raised her head, first to four black furred legs, soft and smooth with graceful curves the likes of which Michelle had never taken notice of, but realized she possessed herself. As her sight raised it drifted past the legs to view Cecilia and Charlene, both decked out in identical red satin chemises with a bit of black lace framing against the white fur of their chests. It was astonishing, except for their facial markings and the obvious size difference Cecilia and her sister were identically patterned.

Michelle suddenly found her mouth very dry with anxiety, why was she doing this? Michelle looked to her mistress who was simply gazing back at her, as though expecting something. Michelle thought for a moment before resigning herself to asking. “What do you wish me to do mistress?”

Cecilia smiled, obviously that was exactly what she was waiting for. “It is time pet, for the next lesson in how to pleasure your mistress, and my sister Charlene has been kind enough to volunteer to help you learn. What do you say to her, pet?”

“Thank you, Mistress Charlene.” Michelle forced herself to say. She hated not only the idea of being used by these women but to have to thank them for using her. The thought made her furious, but she would do best to forget such thoughts, they brought nothing but trouble.

“Very good, “ Cecilia praised, “I was afraid you would have forgotten that Charlene is also your mistress, and so is Catherine, although I doubt she will be making use of you, at least for now. These Tigers get very jealous, so for the sake of Strike Three she remains monogamous.”

“Now, “ she continued, “Shall we begin lesson four?”

“As you wish Mistress.” Michelle stated flatly. “What would you have me do.” “Come here.” Cecilia flexed one delicate finger motioning Michelle to her. Once she was closer standing before the skunk sisters Michelle stopped, awaiting her next instruction. “Kneel, pet.”

Michelle bent down into an upright position on her knees, this height would be about perfect for kissing Cecilia, as Michelle stood just shorter than her mistress in this position. “What am I thinking?!” Michelle yelled inside her head. This wasn't good, being around Cecilia and her sisters was starting to rub off on her, she was starting to think along the lines of a sexual servant, the last thing she wanted.

Charlene had now stepped in front of Michelle and turned her back to the kneeling human. As Cecilia watched with depraved fascination, Charlene’s tail raised causing Michelle to recoil involuntarily, fearful of a skunk in that position.

“Don't worry pet, “ Cecilia reassured, “My sisters aren't equipped in that manner. I'm the only one of the family who can spray.” It was as though she could read Michelle's mind. Having that fear laid to rest Michelle turned back to Charlene. The hem of her chemise had only come down to her upper thighs anyway, but her tail had now lifted the bottom of her beautiful lingerie clear exposing her full, rounded derriere. “This part of lesson four applies specifically to furs, all furs as far as I know. There is one place of a fur's body which is extremely sensitive to both pleasure and pain. Do you know where it is?” Michelle just shook her head dumbly, she still wasn't completely sure about having her face this close to a skunk's ass. “That's all right. Here I'll show you.” Cecilia took Michelle's hand in her paw and led it to the very base of Charlene's tail, right where it connected to her spine, just above her buttocks. “Right there, is a massive bundle of nerves and muscles that control the tail; give it a squeeze, gently now.” Michelle squeezed very softly, like she would pinch one of her own nipples. The skunk in front of her gasped as her tail writhed in pleasure. She gave a delighted shiver, causing her ass to wiggle prominently in Michelle's face. “Very good pet, you're a natural. This spot can be very important in foreplay, and if manipulated at the proper time, can increase the intensity of orgasm astonishingly. Remember that spot. There is one other part of the body which is a very important part of intercourse with a skunk. Almost all female skunks, and even many of the males, love having attention paid to our asses. Sometimes we will even come without even having anything touch our vagina.”

Michelle immediately balked at the idea of doing anything with Charlene's ass, much less Cecilia's. What would happen if she was doing something with Cecilia and she... lost control, of her bodily functions. Exposure to skunk spray at that close range could be blinding, to say nothing of the less dangerous aspects.

“Ouuu, that's good dear, “ Charlene moaned, “Just a little softer.” Michelle suddenly realized that her hand was still grasping the base of Charlene's fluffy tail, and in her anxiety she had been rubbing, and massaging the sensitive spot. As soon as she realized what she had been doing Michelle released the skunk, and drew her hand back, as though the skunk's rear appendage had turned to flame.

Cecilia giggled, “That's all right, pet. You shouldn't be ashamed of your natural ability to please. It'll come in very handy in the future. Now let's see how that natural talent serves you in the rest of this lesson.”

“No, mistress please,” Michelle begged, “please don't make me.”

“I beg your pardon, did I just hear you say no?” Cecilia sounded angry. Angrier than Michelle had ever heard her.

Suddenly Michelle was overcome with memories of the foul stench Cecilia's musk had produced, and the burning in her eyes and mouth. “I'm sorry mistress. I... I mean no disrespect. Please, don't make me do this.”

“I saved your life, my little slave.” She barked, “Now you will do as I order you!” This was a side of Cecilia Michelle had never seen before. She was acting more like those cruel, dominating Morphs Michelle had heard rumors about, less like the sensitive, and passionate woman Michelle was starting to know. “You've just earned yourself 10 demerits, don't make this harder on yourself.”

“But Mistress, “ Michelle was pleading now as tears streamed down her cheeks. She was feeling so utterly humiliated.

Cecilia stormed around to where Michelle was kneeling and grabbed the human by the back of her neck. Michelle whimpered as the skunk forced her face towards Charlene's round fluffy cheeks. “Charlene, If you would do the honors.” Charlene reached back with both paws and parted her cheeks, baring her puckered tailhole to the air. Cecilia shoved Michelle's head closer, “Kiss her.” Michelle struggled for a moment, trying to keep her head as far from the skunkhole as she could. “Kiss her!” Cecilia roared. Michelle turned her face to Charlene's bared anus again, when she really examined it, it looked harmless enough. Leaning forward the fraction of an inch that separated them she planted a quick peck against the wrinkled flesh. “I think you can do better than that.” Cecilia coached, now mildly annoyed instead of the ragging anger she had just shown. Michelle tried again, this time lingering a good deal longer than she had previously. “That's very good pet, “ Cecilia encouraged removing her paw from the back of Michelle's neck. “I don't like having to get angry at you, but I can't have you refusing my orders. Don't worry, I won't have you do anything I wouldn't do myself, trust me. Now lets see what you can do. Improvise.”

Michelle pressed her face in close allowing her cheeks to brush against the cheeks of Charlene's pert bottom. She laid a series of small kisses pecking and brushing against the object of her trepidation. Charlene groaned with pleasure. Now that Michelle was complying readily Cecilia walked around to the bed in front of her sister and climbed up onto it. She kneeled on the very end of the bed, taking Charlene's head in her paws, and drawing their muzzles together. As their lips met there was a shudder of electricity between them as the locked mouths. Cecilia unfurled her tongue into Charlene's waiting muzzle, brushing over the other skunk's tongue and stroking the insides of her mouth, with a special love that only two sisters could know. Michelle could smell a scent, very much like Cecilia's arousal, only noticeably different, as Charlene's muff began to grow wet. Michelle found this experience entirely less unpleasant than she had expected. Here she was paying oral worship to another woman's ass, and she wasn't retching or convulsing as she had expected. She wasn't entirely certain how it tasted because she hadn't yet unleashed her tongue on the beautiful skunk. But she was growing bolder by the moment.

Cecilia meanwhile had slid her hands from Charlene's muzzle to take her older sibling in a warm hug, without parting their muzzles. Charlene was melting into the arms of the younger skunk's embrace, coupled with the tender kisses being laid upon her anus. Meanwhile on the other end Michelle had now grown brave enough to allow her tongue to flick of across the skunks puckered tailhole, the flavor wasn't at all unpleasant, Michelle couldn't detect the slightest hint of the revolting bitter flavor she had been expecting. She snaked her tongue across the hole, brushing it gingerly, remembering what Cecilia had taught her about anticipation. She pressed her tongue gently against the tiny entrance. Feeling it slowly relax and open for her. Just as she started forcing her way through Michelle withdrew her face from the crack of the skunks rump. Charlene moaned into Cecilia's kiss, half from pleasure, half from sexual anticipation from being brought up to a high intensity and then left to fall. Cecilia briefly broke their kiss to slide the chemise over her sisters head, and discarding it to the side. Michelle now pressed her open lips against one silken butt cheek, swirling her tongue against the furry globe. She sucked gently on the flesh, as one would suck to produce a hickey, teasing the surface with her tongue constantly. Again Michelle could feel herself growing aroused, despite her best efforts. But in fact it was her efforts, her efforts to please her mistresses that were arousing her so. After a brief loving on each cheek Michelle pressed her face back into the crack, returning to the anus. She licked all around before steeling herself and pressing her tongue firmly against Charlene’s tailhole. She could feel the sphincter opening before her assault.

Charlene snapped her head back pulling away from her youngest sister as she cried out in passionate rapture. “Oh god, Yes! Yes!!” Charlene was teetering on the brink of orgasm, Cecilia seized the opportunity she saw before her, latching onto her sibling's nipple and sucking passionately. Between the human with her tongue planted in Charlene's ass, and the skunkette nursing roughly on her breast it was too much for her. Letting out a banshee wail, as she came hard as her whole body stiffened.

As Charlene trembled, regaining her senses Cecilia lifted her head from the matted fur of her sisters tit. She got up and walked around to Michelle, who had now withdrawn her tongue from Charlene's backside and was kneeling obediently. Her knees were starting to get sore from kneeling so much. Cecilia lay her paw atop Michelle's head and affectionately stroked Michelle’s head. “Good job pet. You did an excellent job for your first attempt, once you finally tried. Come up onto the bed and I'll give you your reward.” The tone in Cecilia's voice made Michelle seriously question whether she would in fact enjoy her “reward”.

Nevertheless Michelle obeyed and climbed onto the bed, allowing Cecilia to guide her onto her back, with her legs stretched out before her. She was propped up by a couple of pillows at the head of the bed, allowing Michelle to watch, as her mistress pulled out a strange device. It was about a foot long, made of black rubber, and shaped like a dildo at both ends. The middle of the device bore a series of straps and small clips. After a moment Michelle realized the purpose of such an object, and it both frightened and excited her.

Cecilia looked somewhat coyly at Michelle as she placed one end of the device into her mouth and promptly lubricated it. She worked the black rubber in her muzzle in a practiced manner, treating it as she would the real thing. As Cecilia sucked and licked at the imitation prick Michelle looked into her mistress' eyes, which were half glazed over from her carnal need. Then after a brief time she let the dildo slip free of her muzzle and sat back spreading her legs in front of her, baring her dripping cunt to Michelle. Cecilia then placed the greased end of the dildo at her eager opening and pressed the tip inside. Letting out a small groan she shoved the dildo in deeper twisting it as though she were trying to replace the cork in a Champaign bottle. She twisted until the middle of the device was pressed up against her outer lips. She then withdrew the dildo and slowly started to fuck herself with it. She churred with pleasure as she pumped her black rubber toy into her dripping pussy, building speed as the intensity of her feelings increased. Soon her breath was becoming harder as she continued thrusting with the little weapon. “Oh Michelle!” She cried out in pleasure as she came. Then burying the dildo to the midpoint in her love nest she secured the first strap around her waist. Next the other strap was passed between her legs to connect with the other two in the back. The sight before Michelle was ridiculously humorous, yet at the same time bizarrely erotic. The idea of this gorgeous skunk femme, with a six inch black cock protruding from her loins, ready to fuck Michelle, was an empassioning idea, despite Michelle's continued reservations.

“Charlene, would you like to prepare me for the entry?” Cecilia grinned at her sister who was still coming down.

“Certainly, “ Charlene kneeled down beside the bed, allowing Cecilia to change positions so she was sitting right in front of her, on the edge of the bed. Charlene lowered her muzzle to lick the tip of the dildo. She lapped eagerly at the black rubber, as though she expected to actually draw cum from it's shiny surface. Then she took the length of the black prick into her muzzle, sucking it hotly, bobbing her head along it's length. Michelle was trying not to laugh at the sight of Cecilia, now sporting her new cock, getting a blowjob from Charlene. The whole imagery was so absurd as to be funny. Finally Charlene felt that Cecilia's new tool was sufficiently lubricated for penetration, and lifted her head off of Cecilia's crotch, giving her cock a final lick across the tip.

Then Cecilia turned to Michelle, and kneeled there six inches of finely crafted dick sticking out of her, just waiting for use. “Are you ready, Pet?”

Michelle took a deep breath and then replied, “Yes mistress.” Cecilia gently grabbed the thin fabric of Michelle's panties and slid them off clearing the path for her would-be manhood. The she nestled herself between Michelle's soft thighs with the tip of her phallus brushing against the outer lips of Michelle's cunt.

“All right baby, here comes mama.” Cecilia grabbed Michelle's hips and jerked hard, driving half the dildo into Michelle on the initial stroke. Michelle cried out in shock as at the suddenness of the skunk's assault, but then relaxed as the driving plastic filled her, causing her cunt walls to tingle. Michelle thought for a moment how long it had been for her, since she had made love before she came here. It had been several months, ever since her previous boyfriend had gotten imprisoned for Automotive theft. The cold rubber connecting the trembling human with her mistress was shorter than his had been, but it was a little thicker. Cecilia continued to drive deeper into Michelle until eventually her legs were slapping against the backs of Michelle's thighs. She was giving it to her fast and hard, and from the tiny moans and gasps that were coming from Michelle, she was enjoying the experience immensely.

Charlene had now recovered from her previous orgasm and was tired of simply watching. She walked up to Michelle and climbed onto the bed, standing over Michelle's face. Michelle looked up at the amorous skunk, and immediately knew what was expected of her. She also knew she would give it to Charlene, she had no choice. Even as she thought this, Cecilia slammed particularly hard against Michelle, trying to force the dick further into Michelle than it's length and connection to Cecilia’s groin would allow. Charlene lowered herself onto Michelle's face brushing her tail playfully over Michelle's body, causing Michelle to gasp. Michelle started off by kissing softly against the fur just above Charlene’s pussy. Then she gently laid a long slow lick, dragging her tongue along the patch of fur between her rapidly dripping womanhood and her tiny pink asshole. Then Michelle laid a third kiss, this time right against Charlene's cunt, flicking her tongue inside. A flavor filled Michelle's mouth, like she had never known before. It was sweet, but at the same time salty and a bit musky, somehow exactly what Michelle would expect a skunk to taste like. Cecilia drove in hard again, the sensations rocking her body were taking their toll as Michelle approached her own orgasm. Cecilia, however, was not ready to let Michelle come yet. She slowed the tempo, withdrawing her dick until just the tip was inside, and then ever so slowly she eased back in. She was going slow enough that Michelle was in no danger of getting off, however it wasn't quite like she was simply being dropped off. Michelle was being left to simmer for a bit. She continued to stab and stir Charlene's channel with her tongue, parting her nether lips with her fingers, and allowing the skunk juices to run all over her face.

Slowly Charlene's clit poked it's tiny head out of the folds, which hid it. Michelle danced her tongue around it, gently brushing it with the edge of her tongue, like the touch of a razor. Charlene bucked her hips down onto Michelle' face grabbing her own breasts as she surrendered herself to the ministrations of her human slave. Michelle saw that it was time, preparing to finish Charlene off she flicked her tongue back and forth over her clit, and at the same time pressed her middle finger into the skunk's waiting asshole. Charlene squealed as she came, drenching Michelle's face again with more love juice. Once her body had ridden through the waves of orgasm a second time she rolled off of Michelle's face and laid down beside her.

Cecilia increased the tempo again, rising up to position herself over top of Michelle as she thrusted. She was riding hard, trying to drive both of them over the edge at the same time, stirring the end of the dildo still embedded within her body. Michelle could feel it building, she was right there, teetering on the brink, but not quite able to take the plunge. She drove herself against Cecilia, trying desperately to force a little more of their connection into her but it was no good, all she was doing was bumping bellies. She could feel it, right now almost anything extra could push her over, and she gazed into the countenance of her mistress, Cecilia could feel it too. Then on an impulse Michelle threw her arms around Cecilia’s body drawing the hot skunkette into a passionate kiss. As she locked her lips to Cecilia's muzzle Michelle reached down with her hand which was still on Cecilia’s back and grasped firmly, but gently the base of Cecilia's tail. At that exact moment both femme's burst through the barrier, achieving orgasm, and reaching the gates of heaven together. For a moment Michelle wasn't sure where she was. All she could see was the blackness of the inside of her eye lids, and she could feel Cecilia's muzzle pressed against her mouth. Or was it the other way around, Michelle wasn't sure for a moment where she ended and Cecilia began, and in that darkness a tiny spark of fear, arose. There would be no denying it, she had cum, she had wanted to cum. She had wanted Cecilia to make her cum. She gradually opened her eyes, staring at the expression of pure rapture on Cecilia's face. Cecilia opened her eyes, and gave Michelle an affectionate lick on her cheek.

Michelle rolled a bit, inspiring Cecilia to climb off of her, and join her sister. Michelle realized she had to do her best to pretend this had not been enjoyable for her, even if only to convince herself. “Will that be all mistress?” She asked formally, with maybe a bit of frost in her melodious tone.

Cecilia sighed, “Yes pet, that will be all.”

“Then if my mistress approves I shall go bathe and retire for the evening to my quarters.” Cecilia nodded somewhat disappointedly. Michelle got up and left the room as Cecilia rolled over putting her arms around Charlene.

“Are you all right, big sister?” She asked.

“Yes, thanks, Cecilia, that was exactly what I needed.”

“Anything for my sister, and don't worry, you'll get over this, and go back to men.”

“Yeah, right.” She mumbled sarcastically.

“Charlene, the day you swear off men permanently, is the day I give up sucking tit, all right?”

“You would never last without it.” the older sibling giggled.

“We both know that.”