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Love Toy

By Skunkaholic

The chains had been removed from Michelle's wrists and ankles, however the weight on her heart was growing heavier with each forced step she took. She stopped for a moment unable to continue on this trek which brought her ever closer to the end of her life. This would not be the end of her existence, she would continue to exist for some time to come, just she would cease to live, in the term that no choice which guided her life from this day on would be her own. Today she was to become the slave of an indeterminate number of women, whom, from what she had gathered, had very carnal purposes in mind for her.

Unable to deal with the horrifying visions which filled her mind, Michelle leaned against the cold, barren steel wall of this fortress in which she was now a prisoner. From behind a large, furry, white hand seized her by the arm.

“Are you all right?” The heavy voice boomed. Michelle glanced up at the massive figure guiding her, he was a cross between a human and a polar bear, what was called a morph. The figure, named Ben, stood well over 7' tall and had muscles that would rival any bodybuilder anywhere in the world, human or otherwise. He had the kind of masculine physique with made Michelle's insides churn with arousal, Michelle herself was by no means unattractive, she had long slender legs, an ass like a full ripe peach, and breasts so large and firm that only someone like Ben would be able to fully grasp one in his hand. She had long black hair and a face that could grace the cover of a fashion magazine, her waist was deliciously slender and her hazel eyes burned with a fire that would ignite passion in the soul of a pope.

When Michelle didn't answer the huge bear gently pulled her from the wall and steadied her on her feet, then with a soft push on her back he encouraged her to continue down the hall. Michelle knew that there was no way out for even though she could outrun this giant she was still in their underground hideaway, she could not open any of the doors or set the elevator into motion, without the proper command codes. She also knew it would be pointless to try her charms on Ben, he was a mercenary, whose mind was set solely to his task, which for the time being was a favor to a friend, delivering Michelle. As Michelle had discovered earlier, even was he not so set in his task she could not use her womanly charms to convince him, he was more interested in those of his own sex. That's right, they had assigned the right man to guard her, he was larger and stronger than she and would under no circumstances succumb to her physical beauty. She had no choice but to allow herself to be marched down this seemingly endless corridor. Finally they turned to face a doorway, a huge pressure doorway like on all the science fiction shows. Ben pressed the intercom button beside the door, “Yeah, It's Ben, I have a package for ya' “ his voice was cut by the crackle of the intercom when he released the switch which connected the corridor to the soundproofed room beyond.

A woman's voice floated back over the channel. “what kind of package, you got out there big guy, maybe something special you been keeping from us?”

Ben snorted in disgust. He jabbed the button with his massive finger again “Dream on skunk, now do want this thing or should I go dispose of it, or maybe see if Warren's interested?”

Michelle's heart jumped, she didn't know who Warren was but at least with a name like that he had to be male. If she had to spend who knows how long being a love toy of someone, she hoped it would at least be a man. Even a cruel man but still a man. However Michelle's hopes were dashed immediately as in answer to the question there was a hiss as the door in front of them opened. Beyond she could see a lavishly decorated room, with a plush tan carpet. She stood staring into the room, trying to delay entering, to hold onto her life just a moment longer. Ben cleared his throat behind her and she felt a less gentle push than before forcing her into the room. The door hissed shut, sounding more like a snake than anything else, a big, fat, boa constrictor squeezing the life out of all her hopes and dreams for the future. Michelle forced her eyes off the floor for the first time since coming to this huge complex. The room was beautifully decorated and was divided into two sections. In the one section was a full entertainment center with a stereo, VCR, laser disk player, big screen TV, large speakers around the room for surround sound, and a perfectly placed couch for watching TV. On this couch there were right now two women, one of whom was a skunk, and the other a tiger. The skunk was leaning against the, more than ample, chest of the tiger who had her arm stretched around the skunk's shoulder. Sitting in the other area which appeared to be a combination kitchen dining area, with her feet on another chair, scanning through some photographs was another skunk, this one slightly shorter than the other it appeared. Behind the head of the one at the table there was a wall mounted intercom device. The skunk at the table glanced up at Michelle and suddenly her expression chanced. A look of interest came into her eyes as she set the photos down on the table. She got up as a predatory grin settled on her face.

“Here you go, Little lady, a new toy for ya'.” Ben rumbled from behind her.

The skunk who had been at the table came walking over towards Michelle flicking her long pink tongue across her upper lip. Michelle was amazed at how long her tongue was, at least twice as long as an average human tongue. When she got over to Michelle a troubling realization came, this skunk was much shorter than Michelle, so much so that Michelle's breasts were directly at face level. This skunk walked around behind Michelle, Michelle turned to face her. Michelle felt a corrective slap on her shapely ass, “Keep facing forward I want to see your back.” the skunk reprimanded Michelle could feel a pair of hands at work now, massaging both cheeks of her butt. “Mmmmm nice.” the voice from behind her purred. Michelle could feel her stomach knotting up in disgust as she began to panic.

She span around and ran, right now she didn't care where she would go or how she would escape she just needed to get away from that skunk. As she ran she pushed the diminutive skunk out of her way. She dropped down sliding between the massive tree trunk legs of the polar bear. She began to run down the hallway as fast as she could looking back over her shoulder.

She could see the polar bear come flying out the door of the skunk's room, she ran and she could see him falling further behind. She glanced ahead of her just in time to see a large orange and black wall. She crashed against this obstacle and fell backwards, standing in front of her was the other man who had brought her to this hell, a man-tiger who stood almost a full two feet taller than Ben. The enigmatic being known as Strike One. Michelle rolled herself over and began to run, at first on all fours but then in mid stride standing up. Strike One was somewhat of a local hero, he was a local mercenary who had helped police on several occasions. He was also the one who brought her here, and apparently the one who had decided her fate, so she was unsure what to make of him, but none of that mattered right now, he was running down the hallway at her on all fours, and he was gaining. Then a massive shadow blocked out the light from above as this massive tiger came crashing down on top of Michelle, pinning her to the ground.

“Where are you going? Hmm?” She could feel the weight of this massive cat on her shoulders and legs, but could also feel that most of his weight was distributed across the floor, he was holding her down simply with the slightest effort of his muscle power not his weight.

“Please, no.” she begged “Don't send me back there.”

“Oh and why not? I gave you a choice to live as a slave or die, you chose to live.”

“But you didn't say that my new 'owners', would be women” The word owners, she spat out with contempt, as though the very forming of it left a bad taste on her tongue.

“You didn't ask, you made your choice now live with it. Or perhaps . . .” with this he took his right hand off her shoulder and grabbed both her wrists with his other hand. From his free hand sprung five three inch long tiger claws. He ran them gently across her throat, gently enough so as not to draw blood, but Michelle could feel the pressure. “Now which would you prefer, life . . . or death?”

Michelle turned her head to the side, she wanted so badly to simply end it, to chose death, but she knew that she could not. But she had to, she swallowed hard and formed the word, she was going to say it. “D . . . “ the damn word choked off in her throat. Again she tried but got no further.”

Strike turned her face with his free hand so she was looking at him. “What was that, little one? Did you say something?” Michelle knew that like any cat this massive tiger was playing with her. “Do speak up I can't hear you, perhaps you'll speak easier if I make a hole in your neck for the words to come out, Hmm?”

“D . . .,” Michelle turned her face from his and muttered under her breath. “Don't kill me.”

“I'm sorry, what was that, I didn't quite hear you.”

“I said Don't kill me.” Michelle repeated louder this time, the words became harder to speak but these words she could still form.

Strike rubbed his finger vigorously in his ear. With a sly grin he turned his attention back to her. “Could you repeat that one more time, this darned hearing of mine, you know?”

“Fuck you.” Michelle growled.

“Oh, I'm sorry but that's not an option, you see my fiancee' gets real jealous about those kinda things. But since you did choose sex over death.”

Strike hauled Michelle back to her feet and began to march her back to the room, along with Ben, who had long since caught up with them. She was dragged back to the skunk's room and then pushed onto her knees in front of the skunk who had been torturing her earlier.

“Here you go Cecilia,” Strike presented. Cecilia so that was the bitch's name. “I brought back your runaway pet, although you might want to consider a leash for this one.”

“I am not a pet.” Michelle replied indignantly turning to face Strike, even though Ben's massive hand kept her on her knees.

Cecilia grabbed Michelle by the cheeks and squeezed, causing Michelle to make a puckered fish face. “Oh but you are my dear, you are my pet. And a naughty pet at that, in fact, I think this pet needs to be disciplined, it needs to understand that it is my property.”

Strike and Ben began to chuckle, why, Michelle couldn't even guess.

“At least take her into the bathroom and do it,” the skunk on the couch called over her shoulder, speaking for the first time since Michelle had arrived. “Remember what happened to the carpet last time, we had to get a whole new one.”

At this point Strike and Ben began to laugh hysterically. Strike managed to steady himself and between fits of laughing excused himself to leave the ladies and their new toy alone. Ben took advantage of the situation to remove himself as well, leaving Michelle alone with these . . . freaks.

Michelle knelt looking down at the floor unsure of what was to come, but that uncertainty couldn't possibly be worse than the actual events that would follow, could it? As Michelle knelt there deep in self pity, it was broken by the intrusive voice of that bitch, Cecilia. “Heel, girl.” She called, beginning to walk into another room. Rage started to boil up in Michelle, she wasn't going to let this perverted sicko bitch treat her like a common dog. Michelle got up and ran at Cecilia. She leapt tackling her to the ground. Michelle wrapped her hands around the skunks throat. She began to squeeze as this skunk clawed at her hands trying to pry them off. Finally Cecilia managed to get her hands underneath Michelle's fingers and pry them loose. Michelle continued to concentrate on regaining her grasp around Cecilia's throat, so much so that she didn't notice Cecilia getting her feet between them. As Michelle tried to force her hands back down Cecilia suddenly surged forward, her forehead crashing against Michelle's face. Stunned Michelle reeled back, too far unfortunately as Cecilia was able to lash out with one of her feet catching Michelle squarely under the jaw. Michelle fell back totally losing her position atop this feisty little skunk. Michelle rolled over and using her hands brought herself into an upright position. She turned back around quickly locating Cecilia who was also now getting up. Then from the direction of the couch something came flying. Michelle threw her hands up to block as the thing flew past her head. Instinctively Michelle turned to see what had been thrown at her. She watched in amazement as a simple writing pen embedded itself right through the triple 13 on a dart board mounted on the far wall. Michelle turned back to the couch and there stood the tiger who had been on the couch with the other skunk with a pen in her hand. Michelle stood amazed at the accuracy at which this feline had thrown that pen, had she wanted to Michelle was certain she could have embedded that pen into Michelle's ear rupturing her eardrum. At this moment Michelle truly realized for the first time that escape was impossible.

Cecilia straightened the black leather mini-dress that she wore and smoothed her headfur with her hands. Cecilia turned to the tiger “Thanks, Strike Three.” Michelle felt so stupid, of coarse two Tigers on the same base, they had to be related, and there must be one more of them. Cecilia turned to Michelle, “Now,” She began sternly. “I said Heel!”

Michelle's head dropped so low that her chin almost touched the top of her ample breasts as she spoke, two simple words which would shape everything to come. “Yes, ma’am”

Michelle stood, arms at her side, and thighs clenched tightly together as Cecilia engaged the doors locking mechanism. Cecilia turned to Michelle and crossed her arms, “Strip.” She ordered, all of the playful sensuality that had filled her voice earlier gone and replaced with cold authority. Michelle looked at Cecilia with pleading eyes, begging her not to do this. “I said strip!” Then some of that earlier sensuality edged back into Cecilia's voice, “Or perhaps you want me to do it for you.”

With that Michelle lifted the shirt she wore, which bore the emblem of the food franchise she worked for, over her head. She tossed it aside and tucked her thumbs into the waistband of her pants and pulled them down to her ankles. She kicked her pants away, landing them on top of her shirt. She then resumed her original stance, standing there in her underwear.

“I said strip, and I mean all the way.” There it was again, that cold tone of detached authority. Michelle guessed that was a necessary part of treating a living breathing human being like a possession, more than a possession. A toy, yours to play with at your leisure and then discard back into the toy box until the next time you felt the urge to play with it.

Michelle was brought out of her thoughts suddenly as she felt Cecilia's hand slip into the front of her panties. Before Michelle could react a simple tug had brought them down to Michelle's knees. She bent over to pull them back up, but her cheek was met with a hard slap. “I gave you the choice, remove them yourself or I will do it for you.” Cecilia stepped back and Michelle jerked her panties back into place protecting her precious treasure. Cecilia slapped a hairbrush against her own palm in answer to this. Michelle reached around behind herself and began to fumble with the catch of her bra. In her nervous state it took her a few seconds to undo the hooks and her bra loosened as the back came open. She slid in down her arms and tossed aside with the rest of her clothes. Michelle looked again to Cecilia, who nodded for her to continue. Michelle bent over and slid her panties to her ankles. She felt a shiver as the air touched against the bare skin of her ass and her pussy. She placed her hands in front of her crotch as she straightened into an upright stance. She lifted one foot, and then the other stepping out of her panties.

“As you were.” Cecilia instructed, Michelle looked at her not understanding. “Your arms, put them at your sides, as you were when you were dressed.” Reluctantly Michelle complied. She lowered her head again and stared at her panties lying open on the floor. A lump rose in Michelle's throat as she noticed that the crotch of her panties was damp from her juices, which had began to flow ever so slightly, Michelle was shocked at this, could it be, was it possible that she was being aroused by this. By this Bitch treating her like a cross between a pet and an object. She closed her eyes and begged to god, whom she had never believed in before.

“God,” she thought, “I'm sorry, I'll believe in you, I'll do anything just please don't let her see that.”

“Oh Ho, what have we here?” Cecilia exclaimed with perverted interest.

“God Damn it!” Michelle screamed in her mind, but only in her mind, she realized that such an outburst would only make the situation worse. Michelle opened her eyes and looked up. Standing there in front of her was Cecilia who had turned Michelle's panties inside out and was examining the dew soaked crotch. Michelle glanced down at her crotch which even now was leaking down her leg. “Traitor!” She thought.

Cecilia lifted the panties to her face and sniffed the crotch a few times. “Mmmm” she moaned which trailed into a chuckle. “You smell so nice, pity.” Michelle looked at her curious, but would not get an explanation. “Now step into the bathtub.” Michelle followed this command. Then Cecilia turned her back to Michelle “Undo my dress.” Cecilia instructed. Michelle lowered the zipper and the dress slid seductively down Cecilia's shoulders and to the floor, as Michelle followed it's course Cecilia did something strange. Cecilia slid her own panties down just enough to bare her asshole. Michelle was then instructed to kneel, with her head down as close to her knees as her breasts would allow. Then Michelle began to feel a wetness on her back like a fine mist, before she could react though a horrible smell assaulted her. It suddenly became clear, that bitch, that skunk bitch was spraying her. Michelle fell onto her side gagging and caught a facefull of the acrid substance before Cecilia stopped the spray. Then as Michelle lay gagging Cecilia turned and left. “I'll leave you alone for a while to think about your behavior, maybe you'll see the advantages of obedience.” With that Cecilia closed the door.

The Hours dragged by for Michelle trapped alone in the bathroom, those damn skunks had engaged the pressure door's locking mechanisms from the outside and turned off the water and the electricity to the bathroom. She assumed that they had other bathrooms or had arranged to use someone else's. So there she sat alone in the darkness with only her own stench to keep her company, if the power didn't get turned on soon Michelle didn't know what she was going to do. This bathroom was massive and cavernous, at least 30 ' wide and even longer than that. At this point she made up her mind power or no, she couldn't wait any longer. She stepped out of the bathtub where she had been sitting since Cecilia had left, bathtub is not really the word for it, it was almost a hot tub, easily big enough around to fit two people in it. Feeling her way along the walls Michelle began to make her way around the room. Finally she found it, the toilet. Lifting the lid she sat down and with a mighty sigh allowed herself to release. There were several splashes from the toilet as she sat pondering how long she had been here, she hadn't had to go when she was locked in here, but it seemed like she had been holding it for at least an hour, hoping the lights would come back. “Oh, god.” she moaned. “How long are they going to keep me in here?” Michelle fumbled around for a moment and located the toilet paper. Cleaning herself she stood up again. Suddenly Michelle was almost blinded as the lights came back on. She heard the hissing of the door as her eyes adjusted. When the spots were gone from her eyes she looked towards the door just in time to see it closing, she ran towards it but the two halves met in the center and the door was once again sealed, and presumably locked. However there were several large cans on the floor just inside the door. Michelle looked down at the huge cans of tomato juice, enough to fill even their bathtub, and sitting on top of each can was a neatly folded wash cloth, and one was also decorated with a can opener. Michelle proceeded to open the cans and one by one pour them into the bathtub until she had a very cool, very red bath.

After another few hours of scrubbing herself, she was now actually glad that Cecilia had made her take her clothes off . . . but she didn't have to watch, or look at her like that. The thought of how Cecilia had viewed her, as a toy, or possibly a meal, made her shudder. Even as she did though she had to question did she shudder in fear or some thing else. Michelle forced these thoughts from her mind and continued to cleanse herself with the juice until at last the scent was cleansed and she could not smell the horrid stench of skunk spray. Michelle pulled the plug as a tiny whirlpool appeared and the crimson water disappeared. Then Michelle reached forward and turned on the taps for the shower. She braced her face against the water, but it did not come, Michelle turned the taps more but still there was no water.

“Excuse me, but could I get some water in here?” She called out hoping that it was merely a case of the skunks forgetting they had turned off the water on her. Michelle heard the door hiss and she turned to see Cecilia enter. Michelle reached for a towel but found none, they must have been removed when Cecilia took Michelle's clothes away. Having no other way to cover herself Michelle used her arms to cover her chest and knelt down so as to conceal her private region.

“Now, now,” Cecilia taunted, “No need to be modest. I have come to help you clean yourself. Lay back.” By now Michelle had decided that maybe for the time being she would do as they said, so long as it didn't go to far. Michelle did as she was told and the same when she was instructed to close her eyes. Then Michelle yelped as she felt Cecilia's tongue dragging along the skin of her thigh. “Sit back and relax, I'm trying to clean the tomato residue off.” Michelle tried to get up but Cecilia put a hand on her forehead and pushed her gently back down “Shhhhhhh, relax, just lean back and enjoy.” Michelle leaned back although she was anything but relaxed. Her body was tense and her muscles were clenched so tightly that she was afraid that she might strain something. Cecilia continued to lick Michelle's right thigh, working her way over her shin, down her ankle and to the bottom of her feet. As Cecilia's tongue playfully and thoroughly stroked the soles of Michelle's feet Michelle was doing all she could to keep from laughing. Then Cecilia began to work on the other leg repeating the process, and once she had finished there one by one she gently began to suck on Michelle's toes. As Cecilia did this Michelle's feet began to tingle, Michelle felt it as this tingle ran up her inner thighs to her pussy. The room was already flooded with a new scent, the scent of a different kind of skunk juices. The thick musky scent of Cecilia's precum. But in that scent there began to be known a slightly different scent, similar but just noticeably different, at this time Michelle didn't even realize that it was coming from the furry mat nestled between her milky, saliva coated thighs. Once Cecilia had finished sucking on Michelle's toes she climbed up and began to work on Michelle's face licking her cheeks, and then working her way across her forehead. Michelle's eyes burst open in shock as Cecilia pressed her warm red lips against her own. Her entire body went tense but as Cecilia continued to press her lips against Michelle's that tension began to ebb away until Michelle was again leaning back against the tub and her eyes had closed. Michelle could feel Cecilia's tongue, that warm wonderful tongue which had been like an artists brush painting her legs and face, trying to force it's way between her lips. Michelle kept her lips clenched tightly together as Cecilia's tongue probed back and forth, searching for an entrance, and eventually it found it. Cecilia's tongue scrapped along the roof of Michelle's mouth as Michelle tried valiantly with her own tongue to evict this intruder. After a time the tongue receded back into Cecilia's mouth Michelle thought she had won a victory, a small victory but a victory none the less. She realized she was wrong when Cecilia began to suck gently on Michelle's bottom lip gently caressing it with her own tongue and nipping it lightly with her teeth before releasing it. Before Michelle could even clench her lips again Cecilia had her top lip and was repeating this process. By now Michelle felt all the tension gone from her body and it had been replaced by a warm glow. Once Cecilia felt Michelle's lips were clean enough she removed her mouth with a plop, leaving Michelle's lips smeared with a combination of both of their saliva. Cecilia continued her way down Michelle's neck, spending at least 15 minutes between there and her ears. Then Cecilia again traveled south onto Michelle's shoulders, and down her arms. Upon reaching her hands Cecilia began to lick the tender web in between Michelle's fingers. This made Michelle gasp with pleasure, as Cecilia went all the way around her hand, giving her fingers the same treatment as her toes had received earlier. Cecilia repeated this process on the other arm and then went back to her torso. As she made her way down Michelle's body she paid special attention to those magnificent breasts, and especially the area in between them. Michelle did not know that she had ever felt anything so terribly erotic as to have another persons head nestled between her massive jugs, like pillows. Then Cecilia made her way down Michelle's belly as Cecilia drew ever closer to that glistening honey pot Michelle began to realize that maybe she didn't mind this nearly as much as she had expected. Then suddenly Michelle recognized the smell in the air as being her own, she recognized that feeling of soaking liquid running along the crack of her ass underneath her. Michelle panicked and bolted up throwing Cecilia backwards.

“What's wrong, you seemed to be enjoying it?”

“Please.” Michelle begged, “I can finish myself off, that is, I mean . . . I can finish cleaning myself. Just please turn the water back on.”

“Very well,” Cecilia relented, “If that is what you wish.” She got up and walked from the room, leaving Michelle alone again, with that thick scent in the air, the love juices of two women.

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