The following contains explicit material of a graphic, and adult nature. This includes interspecies anthropomorphic sex, sex between a human and a morph and sex between two people of the same gender. If you are under the age of consent where you live, or are prohibited by law from possessing such documents I strongly urge that you stop reading now (and move to somewhere where you are allowed to form your own ideas of right and wrong, in the later case). If you are offended by any of the afore mentioned aspects of this story, I advise that you stop reading. That having been said I now can address the topic at hand.

This story fits in with the Strikeline series. Named such because the main character in the RPG on which the characters are based is named Strike One. It fits in after the previous works of Love Toy and Street Justice. As well as after an as yet unwritten sequel to Love Toy which I am working on. All characters except Strike One are co. me. Strike One is co. Aaron Smart and used with permission. As usual distribute this story to anyone usuing any method you choose, provided you don’t make anything off the transfer or go fucking with my story. As always all comments are welcome, no flames please. Send serious critique and words of praise to Now enough of my jabbering on with the story.

Pool Party

By Skunkaholic

Corey came barreling through the large plastic tube, as it reached a corner he rode so high that he had to turn himself to avoid going up where there was no water. That was one of the problems with being an otter, you naturally built up incredible speed on a waterslide, simply due to body design. As he reached the end of the tunnel he exploded out of the end, flying a good distance forward before making the seven foot plunge into the pool.

Corey wasn't sure what it was about waterslides that he loved but he suspected it was genetic, a kind of a throwback feature to the original otters. He made his way to the far end of the pool quickly with his long, powerful strokes. As he neared the far end of the pool he again dove beneath the waves and swam down to the bottom of the 25' deep pool. Upon reaching the bottom he turned and swam upwards with all his speed. He felt the water rush past his ears and then it was gone. He broke through the surface of the water with such intensity that he carried on into the air and came down into a crouch on the edge of the pool. With one hand he smoothed his headfur as he surveyed the pool. There were a lot of people here today, mostly humans of course, they were the genetic majority by a considerable amount. Out of all the morphs there probably 80% were aquatic or partially aquatic in nature, mostly other otters, dolphins and the odd sea turtle floating in the pool. Frogs were not uncommon either, and were as common a sight as the familiar Narwhal who stood nearby on lifeguard duty.

Melissa was nowhere to be seen, but he knew she'd show up eventually. He'd met her here at this public pool about two years ago, and both being otters they hit it off great. For a year and a half they had remained just friends, but then about five months ago they had started dating, and had been having sexual relations for almost a month. Corey decided to go and sit the sauna for a while, until she showed up.

He opened the door to the sauna and was immediately blasted by a burst of hot air, stepping inside he took a deep breath and enjoyed the feeling of the superheated air in his lungs. Being as busy as it was Corey was not alone in the sauna, there were five other occupants, a pair of seals probably mated if not married, a striking young female skunk and a rather odd looking pair snuggling cozily in the corner. She was a dolphin who probably stood head and shoulders above Corey, but even she only came up to the chest of her Tiger companion. The Tiger Corey recognized, he was a mercenary known as Strike One, quite a celebrity in the city of Toronto and she was his fiancee' May Wilkins. Corey had a suspicion that the skunk was also part of their unit but he couldn't remember for sure. He went over and took a seat a little ways away from everybody between the skunk and the seals. He sat for a while not really saying anything until the seals got up and left. Shortly afterwards the dolphin hauled herself off Strike's lap and offered her hand, then they left, saying a brief “see you later” to the skunk whom they called Cecilia.

As the other pair walked out Cecilia licked her lips amorously and grinned broadly still watching the pair of asses as they walked out of the sauna. Once they were gone Cecilia almost immediately turned to Corey. “So, come here often?” she questioned.

“Yeah fairly, haven't seen you around here before.”

“We decided to come here for the social aspect, we have a double Olympic size pool in the back yard, so we don't exactly come here just to swim.”

“Wow, so you're part of that . . .” Corey staggered for a moment with the name of the mercenary group.

“Northern Front?” She rescued. “Yeah, have been for almost a year now. The name's Cecilia.”

“I'm Corey, so I find it rather hard to believe such a lovely woman as yourself can be involved in such an ugly business. I mean, hunting down serial killers, and protecting international diamond collections.”

“Thank you, “ she responded, it took a moment for Corey to figure out exactly why.

“You know what I like about the sauna Corey, the feeling of the warm air on your skin.” As she said this she reached around behind herself and the top to her Snow Leopard print bikini came away, revealing a set of magnificent breasts.

At first Corey was shocked and he almost asked her to replace the garment but then he said to himself “Hey, It's okay man, this is Ontario, they won the right to be topless in public, It's okay.” Secretly Corey was glad right now that Gwen Jacobs and all Ontario women had won the right enjoyed in the summer heat by men.

“I hope you won't think me a jerk for saying so but you are very beautiful.” Corey struggled out his voice cracking a bit with nervousness.

“You're very attractive too.” Corey realized now that she must have been edging closer while they had talked because she was almost right next to him now. She slid the last little bit and placed her hand on his leg.

Corey edged a little bit away, turning defensively to Cecilia, “I have a girlfriend, sorry.”

“So do I, what's your point.” She wrapped her arms around Corey's neck and pulled him into a very warm kiss, even for where they were.

Corey tried to push her away but found she was fastened on like a vice. Her silky tongue pressed against his lips as he tried to back away but only succeeded in trapping himself into a corner.

Corey's panic started to ebb a little and he realized how good this felt. This beautiful skunk sitting here topless, her arms around his neck and her tongue trying to press into his mouth, he felt his Speedos starting to get a bit tight. Cecilia reached down and began to caress his growing member through the tightly fitting material. Corey tried to push her away but was surprised at how strong she was, he couldn't even budge her enough to pry her muzzle from his own. Feeling his rather intense resistance Cecilia broke their kiss but remained seated on Corey's lap. “It's okay, “ She soothed. “Just lay back and enjoy this, I'm going to give you the time of your life.”

Again she leaned in and pressed her muzzle against his, opening it to free her tongue. It slithered along his teeth rubbing at his gums and her hand returned to the crotch of his shorts. His own hands moved to block them. There was a brief battling of paws as Corey tried to prevent Cecilia from gaining the hold she desired on the waistband of his swimming trunks.

As Corey rapidly moved his hands successfully keeping Cecilia's at bay, he unconsciously let his tight clench of his teeth slip and his muzzle edged open. That opening was all she needed as Cecilia's pink tongue slithered in through the gap and found his own. Her tongue slid across Corey's teeth, rubbing against the sides of his mouth. As soon as he felt her tongue inside his mouth Corey's eyes bugged out in shock, sure he had done stuff like this before but only with Melissa and his previous girlfriend Diana, both of whom were otters. The idea of mating of any sort with an other species had never even been a consideration before, the compliments he gave were for the sake of politeness, not that he didn't mean them or anything.

Cecilia took advantage of Corey's distraction and latched her hands onto his Speedos sliding them down to his knees. After making another quick round with her tongue, caressing everything it could reach Cecilia broke off the kiss and slid her tongue back into her own mouth. She stepped down onto the seat below where Corey was sitting putting her face directly in front of his crotch. She leaned out and licked softly at the otter's sheath which was already showing a touch of red peaking out. For a moment Corey was about to try to push her away but he could feel his resolve weakening, giving in to the intense pleasure this skunkette was providing.

She continued to lap at his sheath as more and more his weapon sprang to life, Corey felt his cock growing longer and harder than it had ever been before. If it didn't stop growing soon he was sure he was going to hurt himself. Cecilia continued to grind her muzzle into his crotch rubbing her cheeks against the sides of his legs as her tongue caressed the underside of his sheath. finally this monster between his legs stopped growing and the skunk seemed to sense this immediately and raised her head from his groin.

“Oh my god,” She squealed clasping her hands together with delight as she stared at the glistening rod which had already coated itself with lubricating fluids.

“You like it, huh.” Corey tried to sound unimpressed, like it was always this big when he got an erection.

“Oh baby, I've known bulls that weren't this well endowed.” Cecilia wrapped her muzzle around his throbbing flesh and began to lick rapidly at the tip. Corey took in a sharp breath and closed his eyes. Her tongue was like warmed silk rubbing against his slit and it was clear that she knew what she was doing. She stopped concentrating on the tip and sucked at the length of his cock wrapping her tongue around it as she pumped the shaft in her muzzle. Corey pried his eyes open so that he could look down at the wonderful woman causing all these incredible sensations. She was bobbing her head enthusiastically on his crotch and her hands were gently caressing her breasts. She rubbed her nipples with her thumbs, causing her head to slide up and down even faster.

Then the door to the sauna began to open, Corey knew that even if he could pull his shorts up fast enough there was no way his erect member would fit back into those tight shorts in it's current condition. As the door opened all the way a young woman walked in, a human with long brown hair. She looked over at the pair and closed the door behind her. the human was as well endowed for her size as the much smaller skunk who had looked up from Corey's lap and was now smiling. She wore a black one piece swimsuit and something which made Corey do a double take when he first spotted it, around her neck was fastened a leather dog collar with a large O-ring at the front. Her eyes turned to the floor as Corey stammered, trying to come up with an acceptable and appropriate apology that maybe she would accept and not tell the pool about this.

“Hello little one.” Cecilia greeted as calmly as if they were just sitting talking, not her kneeling between his naked thighs. The term was curious as the human was obviously a good foot and a half taller and looked to be a little older.

“Mistress.” the human greeted with a whisper her eyes not leaving the floor. Corey's mind reeled, when Cecilia had said “ so do I.” Corey had thought she meant she had a boyfriend, not she also had a girlfriend.

“Come over here pet.” Cecilia beckoned, and the woman obeyed. “ You know what I want dear.”

The human's eyes left the floor for the first time since she had seen Cecilia. They locked onto Corey and he could see tears welling up as her face threatening to ignite her hair with the heat of her blush. “But mistress, . . .” she pleaded.

Cecilia turned to Corey for a moment. “ Isn't that always the way, you let a pet off it's leash for an hour and it thinks it doesn't have to come when it's called.” Now she turned back to the human. “ If I have to tell you what I want, I think that means that I haven't been properly training you. Maybe another marking is in order, what do you think pet?” Corey didn't understand the term “marking” but he was becoming increasingly uncomfortable with being witness to this confrontation.

The human spoke again her voice full of shame, as well as fear. “ No mistress, that will not be necessary.”

“Good.” Cecilia returned her head to Corey's crotch which had lost much of it's strength. She began licking his sheath again causing him to swell up again. Corey watched in amazement as the human undid the strings at the side holding the remnants of the skunk's bikini on her. Sliding the cloth away the human pressed her lips softly against the black furred ass that was now exposed. She kissed and licked Cecilia's rump thoroughly before moving to the other cheek. Between what Cecilia was doing to his cock and the show unfolding before his eyes Corey soon returned to his previous condition. Cecilia took his entire length into her muzzle again, as the human rubbed her breasts across Cecilia's backside making the skunk purr with delight. Cecilia worked her magic, bobbing as her tongue softly brushed across the tip, pressing it's tip into the slitted end of Corey's cock. Sensations rocked Corey back as he was amazed that he hadn't cum yet.

At the other end the human was now on her back, sliding between Cecilia's legs to gain access to Cecilia's private region. The human began by kissing Cecilia softly between her legs which made Cecilia shiver with anticipation. The human sped things up from there using her tongue to please her mistress. She licked Cecilia's pussy driving her tongue inside, Cecilia's juices started flowing freely coating the human's face as she worked to clean them up. Cecilia lifted her head off of Corey's cock as she let out a gasp of pleasure. She lowered her head again and started licking the top of it while her paw wrapped around his shaft and began stroking. Corey could feel the tension building and bucked into the black furred paw rubbing against him. Cecilia wrapped her muzzle around the tip of his cock and sucked hard. Meanwhile below the human had inserted two fingers into Cecilia's burning slit and was gently nibbling her clit. Cecilia rocked back pressing the fingers into her as she came, the human doing her best to catch as much as she could. Corey knew that this was it, he couldn't hold off any longer. Cecilia lifted her mouth off of his just as he exploded forth his cum flying into the skunk's waiting mouth and much of it dribbling down over her paw.

As Corey lay trying to catch his breath Cecilia stood up pulling herself away from the woman whose fingers were still lodged inside her. Her fingers slid out and Cecilia knelt down beside this woman. Still holding Corey's spunk in her mouth Cecilia pressed her muzzle against the human's lips as they kissed passionately, juggling the otter cum between them.

Cecilia swallowed and then detached herself from her servant, whose face still glistened with Cecilia's love scent. The skunk raised her hand, still covered with what remained of Corey's cum and spread it across the human's face, the Cecilia proceeded to clean off the juices of the two morph's spread across the woman's cheeks and lips. Once she was done Cecilia snuggled up against the human, rubbing her head under the woman's chin. They just lay there for a moment before Cecilia got up and fetched the discarded halves of her bikini. As Corey pulled his shorts back into place Cecilia reclothed herself. Then she turned and walked towards the door.

“Heel, girl.” She called, inciting the human woman to rise and follow.