WARNING: This story contains scenes of graphic lesbian sex. This story also goes a little deeper into the slavery aspect of the storyline than any of the previous (or those yet planned to come). Those who are under the age of majority, or are offended by homosexuality, bondage, S&M, or anthropomorphic sex are hereby advised to stop reading here.

All characters are co. Aaron Jeffery, except Strike One who is co. Aaron Smart and used here with permission. Use of any of these characters without permission will result in hunting down and disemboweling (do you want to take the chance I'm joking >:D). This document may be distributed without charge in either electronic or manual format provided the document is intact, unaltered, and includes this warning. This is part six of the Strikeline saga, and I guarantee there are some changes brewing before part 10.

Price to be Paid

By Skunkaholic

Michelle laid back in the immense bathtub, as she applied a conscious effort to slow her roaring heartbeat. She had known for over a month now that she had no desire to discover the nature of the demerits given to her by her mistresses. The water in the tub had cooled considerably since she had gotten in but it was still warm enough. The little heat that was left seemed to massage her trembling body as she floated; her hair choosing it's own directions and floating off to form a starburst around her head.

As she awaited the signal to emerge she tallied in her head, for at least the tenth time today, her sins: 3 demerits for noncompliance with appearance requirements; she hadn't dried properly after showering, 1 demerit for inappropriate address of her mistress; she had referred to her as ma’am, 10 demerits for failure to comply with an order, 1 more demerit for noncompliance with appearance regulations; this time she had taken off her high heels without permission, 5 demerits for unauthorized self gratification. Michelle hadn't known that her quarters were under surveillance and that Cecilia had reviewed the tapes of what had happened while she had been on an assignment one evening.

Now Michelle had earned 20 demerits, and according to Cecilia it was time to work them off. Cecilia seemed to be inherently kinky by nature, so it frightened Michelle to think what manner of deed she might use as punishment. Michelle hoped that being made to wait so long was simply a psychological part of her punishment, because if it wasn't then whatever Cecilia was setting up required a lot of preparation time, and so must be remarkably complex.

Michelle was plagued by many horrible possibilities: Spanking, well, that wouldn't be the worst she could do; whipping; piercing; branding; urine; and dozens worse than that. However many, if not most of these ideas Michelle dismissed. For whatever else she did Cecilia had shown herself to be compassionate, and considerate in her control, and Michelle had little doubt she would be the same in her punishment. But it seemed to be in morph's nature derive pleasure, even sexual pleasure from cruelty and torture towards the humans or smaller morphs whom they adopted as their slaves. Could Cecilia resist her own natural urges, being a morph? Particularly when punishing Michelle would mean giving in to her urges a little, would her mistress be able to stop herself once she began? On a slightly positive note from what little Michelle knew some genus' of morphs were crueler than others. Wolves, coyotes, and panthers seemed to be the worst, as well as certain aberrant lions, and tigers. Where as raccoons, mice, and fortunately skunks, where relatively docile, with foxes being downright submissive. But really, Michelle had never paid to much attention to these things, she hadn't known her life would turn into a full immersion experience. If she had known Michelle wouldn't have paid any closer attention to the nature of S&M relationships between morphs and humans; what she would have done was acted more carefully to avoid her current surroundings.

Some where deep inside an inner voice questioned this though, would she have avoided it, or merely adjusted her behavior to be more in line with the standards expected? After all, while she wasn't so hot on the connotations of being a lesbian now, hadn't it been nice to have someone go down on her for a change? She had performed numerous blowjobs, for all her boyfriends, but she had never found a man willing to put his face anywhere near her puss. Michelle panicked again, frightened by these thoughts; it's just the atmosphere, she reasoned. She was getting used to seeing women with women so it was almost becoming something natural and proper. She had to remember it wasn't, women belonged with men, and men with women. Couples such as Strike Three and Catherine, and Ben and Mark were wrong. She wasn't even going to start thinking about the relationship between Cecilia and Charlene. But the situation between her and Cecilia didn't really count, after all, Michelle wasn't a lesbian. “Sure you are,” that voice countered. “You enjoyed sex with another woman. That makes you at the very least bi-sexual.” Michelle wished there was some way to argue with the voice.

Why was it taking so long to get everything ready? In the back of her head Michelle heard another voice, which provided some answers, answers she really didn’t want to hear. “It takes time to secure things to tie chains to. Maybe the piercer is running late. Maybe her bladder isn't full enough yet. Whips have to be properly oiled before they are used to keep them supple.” Michelle had heard that last point somewhere but didn't know if it was true.

And so she waited; The minutes, disguising themselves as hours, crawled by. In truth several hours must have passed since Michelle had entered the bathroom. Michelle searched for some indication of how long she had been here, there was no clock of any kind in the bathroom but from the way the water had cooled she had been in here for more than an hour. But she couldn’t have been waiting as long as it seemed because her skin wasn’t getting wrinkled from being in the water too long. While she waited Michelle forced her mind off of the horrible things which could await her, and tried to think of anything else. For a moment she tried to think of her old friends in the outside world but her mind was inevitably drawn to two things, one was a question; “What would the say if they could see her now?” The other thing which drew her attention back when she tried to think of other friends was an image of a tombstone, she couldn’t quite make out the name but the date of death was as clear as glass, June 7th, 1998, not even two months before; the day Michelle’s world had changed forever. This triggered her mind to something even less pleasant, the sights and sounds she had experienced that day; blood caking the walls, that horrible copper smell in the air, the stench of fear and death combined with gunpowder. An image of Lennie lying chest down on the ground, staring up at her with blank eyes, his head twisted till it sat backwards on his shoulders. Michelle wrapped her arms around her stomach, holding herself, and somehow she found this comforting. She had been spared, she had been allowed to live because she had helped them find the leaders of the gang. The gang’s tactic of attacking homosexual couples had brought them to cross Strike One and the rest of this group, that had been what had killed them. Cecilia was part of the group, and yet somehow Michelle couldn’t picture her mistress taking a gun and coldly putting a bullet in someone’s head the way Strike One had that day. She imagined his face stone cold serious under his helmet, or possibly smiling. That was the worst thing about those helmets was having to fill in for yourself what they were doing, what they were feeling, behind the mask.

“All right time to change the topic.” Michelle thought aloud. She was safer thinking about what was about to happen. But there had to be a more pleasant line of thought, even her stay here hadn’t been entirely bad. When she wasn’t busy satisfying Cecilia’s seemingly constant sexual needs, or following her mistress around on that leash like a trophy, Michelle was given all the time in the world to pamper herself and enjoy belonging to someone with the kind of money Cecilia owned.

As Michelle lay there floating in her own thoughts, the doors to the room hissed loudly as they opened. Michelle sat up in the tub to be greeted by Charlene standing in the doorway gazing at her sternly. “It’s time to get out.” She instructed, icicles hanging off of every syllable. Charlene then collected all of Michelle’s clothing and left. Michelle almost protested the removal of her lovely new panties, dreading that she would be reduced to her old uniform, which consisted entirely of a pair of white cotton panties. She stopped herself when she realized that protesting her mistresses decisions was a large part of what had gotten her into this dilemma.

And so she obediently stepped out of the tub, opened the valve to drain it, and stepped into the full body dryer. This piece of equipment was truly a marvel of engineering, it reduced the time needed to dry off after a shower by a factor of at least 5, probably more than that for a morph. She flicked the switch conjuring up the almost magical seeming tornado of hot air to scatter the drops of water away from her body. After a couple of minutes Michelle was dry but she decided to wait another minute to ensure that she was completely dry, the last thing she needed right now was to receive more demerits for not taking care to dry herself properly. And the sensation of the hot air gently stroking her outer lips didn’t hurt at all. Finally Michelle banished the cyclone, and stepped out of the drying chamber. She set immediately to work brushing the tangles from her hair, that was the one disadvantage of the dryer, it had a tendency to leave a mass of tangles in long hair, it was really meant for a thick, full body covering of short fur. While she was brushing her hair the door opened again as Charlene returned. She held Michelle’s leash looped several times in her right paw.

She didn’t speak but just stood at the door waiting for Michelle to finish brushing her hair. When she finished brushing Michelle reached for her make-up bag. “Don’t bother.” Charlene’s voice startled Michelle enough that she gave a slight jump. She walked up to Michelle, who opened her mouth to ask a question but was shushed before she could speak. Charlene clipped the leash to Michelle’s ever present collar and led her from the bathroom. Michelle was sorely tempted to place her hands in front of her crotch to shield herself from view however she had learned enough about her new position to know better.

Instead she walked a pace behind Charlene through the living room, where Catherine and Strike Three sat cozily watching TV and towards Michelle’s bedroom. Michelle was sure that while they kept their calm on the surface Catherine and Strike Three were having to struggle to keep from laughing at her. And to make matters worse that door was getting closer every second. Michelle’s could feel the anxiety like a ball of molten lead in the pit of her stomach as she contemplated in horror what could be inside. The voice in her head was back, urging her to run. Run away from these skunks, try to get away to safety, somewhere there had to be such a thing. Maybe with Strike One, he had seemed to genuinely like her. But Michelle knew there was nowhere she could escape to; and besides, part of her reasoned that she had brought this situation on herself, she had failed to adapt to the situation she was in. But how could she expect herself to adapt to something as radically different- the voice said unnatural- as this, so quickly.

Finally the long walk was over and they reached the door. Charlene dropped the leash and instructed Michelle to go in and greet Cecilia properly. Michelle knew what that meant by now. She walked into the room and was assaulted by the sight of what had happened to her room. The walls were covered in all manner of bizarre devices, whips, double penetration dildos, handcuffs, and devices Michelle couldn’t identify. There were metal bars with a strap at each end, alligator clips of a hundred different sizes, leather hoods with zippers over the eyes and mouth. And so many more things that Michelle’s mind started to numb with terror from trying to conceive what possible use some of these things might have. As Michelle whirled in awful fright her eyes settled on something standing next to Cecilia and she gave a startled and very frightened yelp. It was huge, and black, the largest dildo Michelle had ever seen; it was almost two feet long and considerably larger around than Michelle’s wrist. And then there was Cecilia herself.

She was dressed in a pair of black vinyl boots that reached up to her lower thigh. There was something frightening and yet undeniably sexy about those boots with their 4 inch spike heels, and all that shinny black material. Her waist was clenched by a leather top similar to the one Michelle sometimes wore except that Cecilia’s was cut lower gracefully dipping just under her bosom. Her breasts were encircled by two lengths of gold chain which then trailed over her shoulders, acting as straps to presumably help hold the garment in place. Her arms were encased in elbow length black vinyl gloves which had the fingers cut off to leave them exposed. Cecilia’s bare mound glistened amidst the matted fur of her inner thighs, a mute testament to her arousal, and anticipation of what was about to take place. In her right paw Cecilia held a black riding crop which she gently tapped against her leg, slapping it against those oh-so-shinny boots.

Michelle meekly walked up to kneel down in front of her mistress, her hands behind her back and her head cast down in modest submission.

“Hello pet,” Cecilia addressed, “You have been a bad girl, and now I have to punish you. I don’t want to have to do this, but I must be strict with you. Remember sweets, this is all for your own good. Now close your eyes.”

“Yes mistress,” Michelle mumbled as she complied. She knelt there for a minute, as static as a plaster sculpture, waiting for her punishment to begin. Something brushed her skin, soft and cool across her cheek. It felt like silk against her skin, knowing her mistress’ tastes it probably was. Then the long strip of material brushed down her neck and across her chest. The unseen material swept between her breasts caressing her body; if this was punishment Michelle could stand it, but she knew it wasn’t going to be this easy. The silk then brushed down to her firm, flat tummy and brushed in circles against her; the sensations were slowly awakening her passion still lying smothered under the terror she was feeling. Then the silk disappeared from her body, only to reappear a moment later across here eyes. Michelle felt the silk secure behind her head, and decided to test the effectiveness of her blindfold; there must have been more to it than just silk because Michelle could see little difference between having her eyes open and having them shut.

From somewhere behind her Michelle heard her mistress’ voice, seeming so much richer and more expressive than when Michelle was distracted by sight. Her voice was soft and as smooth as Turkish coffee; the coolness and demanding tones in her voice were clearly forced, covering up excitement and compassion. “Get down on all fours, little one.” Michelle bent over flashing her fanny presumably in the direction of her mistress as she supported herself with her hands. She waited there a minute while Cecilia prepared whatever was to come next. Michelle waited for what seemed like ages gradually slipping into a light trance. She was revived by a surprising pressure behind her, something was pressing itself between the lips of her pussy. As it pushed partway inside her Michelle gave a startled squeak. The object was well lubricated and so it’s entry, while surprising, was not difficult or painful. In fact the opposite seemed to be the case, Michelle found herself biting her lower lip trying to suppress a moan of pleasure as the object, which felt like a typical bullet style dildo, slid inch by inch into her body. Then the device stopped it’s progress, Michelle tried to suppress a whimper of disappointment. Disappointment? How in the world could she be so different than before that she was disappointed when she stopped receiving pleasure from another woman? What could possibly have triggered that dramatic of a change in her mentality. In less than two months she had gone from being a member of a violent anti-gay street gang, to being the apparently willing sexual toy of another woman, and a morph besides. How was such a change possible in such a short span of time? Just as Michelle was pondering these questions she was startled as the dildo sank a little deeper into her. Michelle moaned with relief that there was more to the dildo than she had initially suspected. The dildo stopped again, and then it swiftly reversed course and withdrew from her. Michelle gave another involuntary moan and ground her hips backwards trying to keep from loosing the precious device.

“That just won’t do,” Cecilia scolded. “You really must learn to accept your punishment more quietly. Fortunately I know something which should help.” Michelle waited while Cecilia retrieved whatever she had in mind, it only took a minute before Michelle again heard her mistress’ voice, now coming from in front of her. “Open wide baby.” Michelle opened her mouth and a sizable ball of what felt like rubber was squeezed into her mouth, then straps were fastened around the back of her head securing the gag. “Now little one, try to make some noise.” Obediently Michelle tried to reply only to confirm her suspicions that nothing more than a few tiny muffled babbles escaped. “Much better, now back to what we were doing.”

Cecilia returned to behind Michelle and slowly eased the dildo back into her now rapidly dripping slit. How could she be getting so aroused by being party to this depraved scenario? And the dildo drove deeper into Michelle reaching the point where Cecilia had withdrawn it before and beyond. Slowly the pleasant feeling of the toy sliding into her lessened and the dildo began to delve deeper than was comfortable. Michelle was starting to see how this was supposed to be a punishment. Finally just before it became painful the dildo stopped. Michelle could only hope that her Mistress wasn’t simply taking another break to allow Michelle to stretch to accommodate more; Michelle knew that no matter how long they waited she wouldn’t be able to. She waited a minute or two sweat beginning to build on her forehead from her concern as to what Cecilia was going to do next. Finally she heard her Mistress’ voice again. “Now pet your real punishment begins.” The little toy buried in Michelle’s loins sprung to life, humming and vibrating. A shimmer of pleasure shook Michelle from the bottoms of her feet to her eyeballs. The device was gradually building speed, vibrating faster as it raised Michelle higher and higher, closer to an orgasm. But even as she was held tightly in the throws of passionate rapture Michelle had to wonder with some distant part in the back of her brain, how this was supposed to be a punishment. Michelle moaned with abandon into her gag confidant that if any resemblance of her strangled cries were escaping her gag Cecilia would overlook them; Mistress Cecilia she corrected herself.

The intensity of the dildo’s tremors continued to mount as Michelle rode the waves of pleasure that were rolling outward from her pussy like ripples on a puddle. Michelle could feel it building, then just before she came the intensity leveled off. Michelle held on for a minute waiting for the crashing release, but the humming simply held steady, keeping her right on the edge of orgasm. She was obviously going to have to work for this orgasm. Michelle started swiveling her hips, in what must have appeared to be an immensely seductive display. As her body moved the vibrator shifted inside her, pressing against different points of her inner chamber. She was getting closer again, but then just as she was pushing the barrier the intensity of the buzzing dropped sharply. Once again she was kept hanging right on the edge of the precipice, scrambling madly to reach the edge and take that magnificent plunge. Michelle shimmied and shook her bottom more fiercely and erratically however the more she attempted to push her level of pleasure higher the lower the intensity on the vibrator dipped keeping her level of pleasure almost rock steady. Cecilia was obviously controlling the vibrator manually and she was equally obviously a master at judging how close a woman-and probably a man- was to orgasm and how to keep them that close but no closer.

Michelle was tempted to try and drive herself into the realm of pleasure beyond the barrier Cecilia had thrown before her by using her hands, maybe on her breasts maybe on her pussy. She had to fight the temptation to do this though, for she knew that even if it did bring her off Cecilia would see her punished much more severely for it. Michelle had not obtained permission to pleasure herself and this was supposed to be her punishment. For a while Michelle simply rode the waves of pleasure, that tingled as they rolled across her body, hoping that Cecilia would miscalculate, or take pity on her and let her cum. She wasn’t sure how long she shook waiting for that tiny bit extra that would give her the release she sought. Michelle’s body started to go numb from the extended exposure to the vibrations. She didn’t notice it at first, but the feeling was starting in the epicenter of her personal earthquake; the outer lips of her vagina. From there it spread to encompass more and more of her body. Michelle wasn’t sure whether she was loosing feeling inside her inner chamber; if she was then Cecilia was keeping perfect time with increasing the power of the vibrator nestled there, because she couldn’t even notice a difference. She didn’t know if it was an actual numbness of the body or if her mind was starting to cloud over with lust, pleasure and that torturous need for release. Michelle had once heard that there was if pain or pleasure where taken far enough for long enough they became the same; the brush of a feather and a razor would feel as sharp. If this was what Cecilia had in mind, for Michelle to experience this than Michelle didn’t have long to somehow break the cycle and squeeze an orgasm out of herself. But how could she do that, Cecilia could see any attempt she made to enhance her pleasure and counter it by lowering the setting of the vibrator accordingly. Any outward attempt that is; that was the trick.

Michelle focused her mind, a struggle against the blinding lust and prolonged agonizing pleasure. She concentrated on the feeling of the imitation cock she held inside her. And in her mind’s eye it ceased to be an imitation, it was real, and it belonged to Danny Curtis, the last man she had been with, the man who had introduced her to the gang life. He was pushing into her, driving her hard from behind. She could hear his breath, his grunts, and feel the warmth of his dick, instead of the cold plastic reality. She could imagine his little moans and encouraging words as she squeezed herself tightly around him. The friction between them, him tugging against her grasping flesh just made her hotter. Michelle moaned with abandon into her gag, as she tired to keep a border between reality and her fantasy. In her fantasy there was no gag, she heaved out her unbridled passionate cries with freedom, and the sound was music to her ears.

Danny thrust harder into Michelle, he always had liked doggy style, he loved the power he felt this way. It always made him like a wild animal in bed, he was fierce and uncontrolled. Michelle leaned forward while he was on the backstroke until only the tip was still inside her love nest, then as he thrust in she pushed back onto him. Her whole body was tingling especially her pussy. Michelle’s imagination began to extend beyond the realm of physical sensations, creating a scenario of what he would do if he was truly there. Unfortunately this lost any chance of convincing Michelle that this was her actual situation but it did serve quite well for a fantasy and hopefully as an escape from this cruelly pleasurable feeling in her loins. Danny shortened his strokes as he reached around Michelle and grabbed hold of her breasts squeezing them firmly. With his strokes that much shorter he was pumping her that much quicker, driving Michelle higher and higher. Michelle was panting from the severity of her passion, and her sill inability to achieve orgasm.

Michelle felt Danny’s strong arms leave her breasts and seize her by the hips. Then she felt herself being lifted from the floor as Danny sat back on his haunches; Michelle realized this would have been impossible in real life, Danny simply wasn’t that strong. He started to turn Michelle around with his hard cock still cushioned inside her. With a bit of effort Michelle managed to swing her foot past him and she was set down on her back. Then Danny started giving it to her again, this time missionary style. She could still almost feel his powerful hands seizing her by the hips to add a little extra thrust to his strokes. In her fantasy Michelle was not bound by the rules which she must abide in her true situation, so she imagined taking her hands and letting them roam around her body. Rubbing her tummy, and sliding up to cup her breasts. As good as this fantasy felt Michelle wasn’t getting any closer to cuming. There were two reasons for this Michelle realized; Cecilia was countering her efforts, and the other reason Michelle really didn’t want to admit. She wasn’t the same person she had been when she and Danny had been together. That Michelle didn’t exist anymore. Michelle would have to change her fantasy to match who she now was, and whether she liked it or not, she did receive pleasure from her mistress.

Cecilia stood silently, She could practically hear the sound of her sweet liquid dripping down her leg. She watched her captive pet, kneel on the floor. How gorgeous she was, kneeling on all fours giving Cecilia a perfect view of her shapely ass. Cecilia could see the base of the vibrator sticking out of Michelle’s pussy, with the cord running back to the box in her paws.

At first Michelle had tried physical means to enhance her pleasure, in fact her little shimmies near the beginning had caused Cecilia to have an orgasm just watching her sexy little slave. Then after a while she had given up and drawn inside. Cecilia had found it only slightly harder to counter the effects of Michelle’s fantasizing. The main difficulty with that is that she couldn’t see the fantasy, she had to watch Michelle closely and gauge from her years of experience prolonging sex for the mutual enjoyment of both parties. This had led to an almost constant state of minor corrections in the power of the vibrator. It was her unfortunate duty as mistress to punish Michelle, so she couldn’t give her the release she desired. It also wouldn’t be an adequate punishment if she allowed Michelle’s level of pleasure to drop to low. The idea was obviously to keep her right on the edge of orgasm, which made it a game of sexual chess, each trying to out maneuver the other.

Suddenly almost out of nowhere Michelle’s body began to shiver. Cecilia watched and could see the muscles in her lower abdomen, extreme lower abdomen, squeeze. Somehow she was about to cum. Cecilia wasn’t sure what Michelle was imagining now but it was turning her on to no end. She quickly turned the small dial on the control. So frantically was she acting that she turned it a bit further than perhaps she needed to. She waited a split second, and watched Michelle’s body react, every muscle crying out in frustration. Before bringing the power level back up to prevent Michelle from dropping too low. And now she knew to watch for Michelle doing whatever she was doing to try and push herself over. Cecilia wondered if maybe this particular punishment was almost over, she glanced at the clock on the wall, it had already been almost half an hour, just another minute or so.

Michelle could feel a building fire in her loins, her new fantasy was doing the trick. She could imagine Cecilia nestled in her favorite position; her muzzle clamped firmly around Michelle’s tit. Meanwhile Catherine was face down between her legs, dipping her tongue into Michelle’s sweet nectar. While all this was going on Strike Three of all people was crouched over her face. She could almost imagine what the beautiful tiger would smell like, taste like. Her juice was slightly sweeter than Cecilia’s but just as thick smelling and heady, however it did lack that musky smell and flavor which Cecilia and Charlene possessed. That just made her Mistresses all the more unique.

As Michelle imagined herself engaged in this four way orgy she could feel her pleasure rising, she could tell this time she was going to do it, she was about to cum! Just as she could feel the barrier between her and her sweet release giving way the feelings of pleasure dropped dramatically. Michelle screamed into her gag in frustration, but it was no use, the vibrations dropped lower than they had been, for a moment Michelle’s body was allowed to calm down from being boiling on the edge to a mere scalding. Mistress Cecilia must have miscalculated in her countermeasures, that meant Michelle had caught her by surprise with her stirring, and yet remarkably depraved, fantasy. For a moment Michelle wondered if her punishment was maybe over, but that was ruled out when vibrator stopped powering down and held a steady level. Michelle’s burning lust slowly calmed until finally, seeming hours later it reached the point at which Mistress Cecilia had been maintaining it. Almost immediately the power level of that bittersweet toy wedged inside her body rose to match the level her pleasure was at. Her mistress was at it again. Michelle picked up her fantasy again to find that somehow it had been continuing without her. Cecilia was still nursing joyfully on her breast, although she had switched sides and was now satisfying herself with Michelle’s left breast. Strike Three was still on Michelle’s face although she was now sitting the other way, allowing Michelle to softly prod her back door with her tongue. From this position she was now gently kissing Catherine who had donned a strap-on and was now using it to fill Michelle’s pussy. She fell right back into pace with the experiences in her mind. She gently caressed the soft striped ass cheeks hovering over her head with her hands, while her tongue roamed between them stroking the tiny bud of Strike Three’s ass. She could feel Strike Three’s sex juice dripping down across her chin and throat, and most of all she could smell that heady exotic scent. Michelle tried to concentrate of dividing her attention between the sexy tiger mounted on her face and the strap on attached to the skunk between her thighs. She tensed her inner muscles, as though it were a real penis inside her, after all the sensations felt the same to her at this point. She squeezed and caressed with her vagina while withdrawing her tongue into her mouth to softly blow on the tiny opening nestled between those orange and black buns over her face. Michelle was so hot that she could hear music in her mind. It was a chorus of screams, moans, and panting building to a deafen crescendo. The song of passion echoed in her ears, drowning out any sound that she may have been hearing from the real world. The song rose and crashed in time with her fantasy, like the background music in a cheap porn flick. She was becoming acutely aware of everything, Cecilia’s teeth brushing against her nipple, Strike Three grinding her bum against her tongue, and Catherine’s would be manhood pumping inside her. Cecilia delicately nibbled at her breast like a fine hors d’oeuvre at some high class dinner party as Michelle’s eyes started to fade out. Looming ahead of her was a world of white light, and she was mere meters from it’s embrace. Sucking... Licking... Thrusting... Then as sudden as a flash of lightning the vibrations which were providing the focus for Michelle’s pleasure stopped. They didn’t just slow as they had before but a dead stop. As though the she had melted the vibrator away like an ice cube. For a split second as Michelle was realizing what had happened this almost seemed conceivable, she was certainly hot enough.

Realizing that her Mistress was once again denying her the pleasure she desired, hell that she deserved, with a few notable exceptions she had been a good slave, she had obeyed, hadn’t she been punished enough now. Back in tune with reality again Michelle gave a frustrated scream into her gag which must have been audible even to Cecilia. Enraged she pounded her head against the floor seeking a vent for her frustration. As Michelle felt the dull impact of her head against the floor for the third time, she came to the conclusion that it really wasn’t helping. As she raised her head again, this time not intending to drive it into the carpet again, she felt something long and thin underneath her chin. She assumed by it’s shape and texture that it was the crop Mistress Cecilia had been holding earlier. Having attracted Michelle’s attention Mistress Cecilia removed the crop from under her chin.

“What’s wrong pet, do you feel I’m being unfair?” She cooed.

Michelle knew this had to be a test, however it was hard to realize what to do, her mind was still being smothered in a blanket of lust. Michelle fought through this haze and realized what was expected of her. As contrary to the truth as it was Michelle forced herself to shake her head no.

“That’s good, because I have no desire to be unfair. There is just one more punishment I must administer, and then if my pet wishes she may cum. Well little one, do you want to cum?”

Frantically Michelle’s head bobbed up and down, of it’s own accord at first but once she realized she was answering Michelle did nothing to stop herself. “Now pet, I know you would like me to remove your gag but I can’t. You need it for this next part.” Mistress Cecilia’s voice disappeared from beside Michelle’s head, and Michelle would swear she heard her Mistress add something to her previous statement, unfortunately she couldn’t quite make out what she had said.

Michelle gave a tiny whimper which was absorbed by the rubber ball in her mouth as Mistress Cecilia removed the vibrator which had been teasing her for god and Mistress Cecilia only knows how long. She knelt there every nerve in her body driven to a razor edge. After so long with the constant sensation of the dildo in her, to be suddenly feeling nothing made her body tingle in the lack of sensation. She turned her head a little just to feel the loose ends of that silken blindfold brush against her neck. It was soft and cool she knew it should be, but it instantly attracted the total focus of her tactile attention which gave it the texture of baking sandpaper. What happened next Michelle wasn’t sure at first, her whole body shook as she was rocked by the sensation; if it had been light it would have been instantly blinding; the equivalent to her ears would be a sonic boom. It seemed to roll along her body like an explosion leaving a burning sensation as it passed. She screamed into her gag, not a scream of frustration like the previous but a scream of outright pain and fright.

Michelle trembled in the aftermath, unsure what had just occurred, but one thing was certain, it had been sparked somewhere around her ass. Then she felt that crop again, this time stroking up and down her back. It felt soft and smooth, the explosion had burned the edge off her nerves. She was still more sensitive than normal, but at least the crop felt good brushing along the small of her back, just above her cheeks. Then the crop disappeared again, only to reappear again, striking suddenly against her ass. That was what had caused the explosion, Mistress Cecilia was spanking her with that crop! Her mistress’ words seemed to echo in the room, “Two...”. although the blow surprised Michelle, and stung her poor bottom like crazy she was still able to control herself and keep her wits. She still had enough awareness, and some inexplicable urge to analyze the tones of her mistress’ voice.

For a moment she thought she heard a cruel sadistic delight, much as she had detected in Karl’s voice whenever he talked of either war or women. That couldn’t be possible, Mistress Cecilia was as compassionate as someone in her position could be, after all she had ceased the torture of that unending pleasure. That damn voice was back again, now it asked, “Why did she end it, because she took pity on you? No I doubt it, more likely because you were about to win.” Michelle pushed this voice from her mind as the crop fell a third time, on the same side as the previous. The stung lingered for a moment before fading. As it drew away a godly tingling replaced it, joining the remnants of the stinging slap which refused to completely disappear. “Three...” Mistress Cecilia declared, this time Michelle was certain she could hear pity and regret; as though her mistress was experiencing some mental anguish from punishing her. Michelle didn’t trust this analysis any more than the previous. The question was which was more accurate, both, neither, she assumed it was somewhere in between. Again the crop fell, this time on the other side, as the sting faded Michelle became dully aware that it was remaining stronger with each blow, as was to be expected. “Four...”

By the tenth stroke Michelle could feel her ass burning. She was biting into her gag in the effort to not cry from her punishment. As much from the humiliation of having her ass tanned by another woman with a riding crop as from the physical pain. The eleventh twelfth and thirteenth blows raised down, each causing Michelle to hunch her ass forward in an attempt to escape the spanking. The next four blows saw Michelle losing her earlier battle and starting to cry, the voice seemed to say something about doing a lot of that lately, but Michelle could barely hear it for some reason. She had given up on trying to halt her crying and was now concentrating on not reaching back to massage some pleasant feeling into her poor burning ass. The last three blows seemed to have some extra oomph in them, as Michelle whimpered into the rubber ball that filled her mouth. The silk was now very damp where it secured over her eyes.

Mistress Cecilia appeared beside Michelle’s head, and unbuckled the gag. Michelle’s ass was burning so badly that she didn’t even consider spitting out the offensive device. Her mistress then untied the blindfold and let it slip to the floor. Michelle kept her eyes closed at first allowing her eyes to adjust to the newly rediscovered light that was now creeping in through her cracked eyelids. She knelt there crying softly from the pain in her bottom, but even with that Michelle couldn’t help but feel a very different burning only a short distance from that. Even through twenty strokes with a riding crop Michelle still wanted desperately to cum. Mistress Cecilia gently licked Michelle’s cheek, while wiping away the tears with her paw. Slowly Michelle opened her eyes to see her Mistress again. Michelle hadn’t realized in a long time, just how beautiful Cecilia was. Before coming here she would have been exactly the type of person Michelle hated, for her type had more than once stolen away Michelle’s boyfriend. Cecilia didn’t seem to need to ask if Michelle still wanted to cum, in fact it was beyond wanting now. It was a necessity, she needed to cum, or she would surely go insane. The ravishing skunk took Michelle’s tear streaked face in her paws and led it to her muzzle. Michelle knew that Cecilia was breaking a rule of domination, never show affection for your toy immediately after administering punishment. It was the same with raising a pet, how ironic that here was Michelle a human being disciplined by an animal. But Michelle was not one to appreciate irony right now, she was too busy trying to quench the fire between her thighs.

After kissing, and probing the increasingly familiar contours of her mistress’ muzzle Michelle broke off, and slid down to press her face into Cecilia’s nether region. She was instantly overwhelmed by the scent of skunk that had drenched everything between Cecilia’s crotch and the inside of her knees. She didn’t waste any time with teasing or foreplay, Cecilia was already turned on enough for any three women you care to name. She drove her tongue into the deep musky folds of the pussy in front of her, licking away as much of the sweet fluids as she could. She was so turned on that she didn’t even stop to question her actions, the voice in her mind was silent now, as though it now wore the gag which had filled Michelle’s mouth so recently. Michelle reached around behind Cecilia grabbing her ass to use as a handhold and thus press her face, and mouth harder against Cecilia’s pussy. She took to breathing through her nose which lay nestled among the soft white fur of Cecilia’s mons.

The heavy overpowering scent of Cecilia’s love and sex began to cloud Michelle’s mind again, she wasn’t sure how long it was until she found herself gently nibbling on Cecilia’s clit, pushing her mistress to another orgasm. Michelle was sure that this wasn’t the first orgasm she had induced in her mistress this night, and she wasn’t even slowing down in her assault, she couldn’t. The incessant need in her own pussy had taken control and seemed to somehow believe that by giving Cecilia pleasure Michelle’s desperation would be abated. Within minutes Cecilia’s entire body was stiffening as her insides pulsed around Michelle’s tongue as she came yet again. And still Michelle even sped up her tongue. Finally Cecilia pushed Michelle away from her drenched honeypot. Rolling her slave onto her back Cecilia reversed their positions. Slowly Cecilia allowed her tongue to drag along the outer lips of Michelle’s beautiful slit. “Damn her!” Michelle thought, “Is she going to tease me more, can’t she just finish this?”

As Cecilia opened Michelle with her fingers and swiftly lapped the inside, Michelle had to wonder if she had spoken aloud. No if she had spoken aloud her Mistress would have simply dismissed her as was, without giving the all important permission to masturbate. Considering the condition Michelle was in now it was amazing that she had lasted this long without cuming. Finally the barrier gave way. Michelle literally screamed as she experienced the most explosive orgasm of her life. She lost herself in the pleasure, she saw nothing but white, and felt nothing except her own incredible pleasure. Her ears were filled with a roaring, as one hears when underwater. The next thing Michelle was aware of beyond her own body was the sound of a beeper. Then immediately afterwards she became aware of the pain in her backside, now aggravated by the fact that she was laying on her back.

As she rolled onto her stomach, relieving the pain a bit, she heard Mistress Cecilia’s voice. “Can’t somebody else do it, I’m in the middle of something?” she asked. There was a pause, and Michelle looked around until she found her mistress, cellular phone in paw. “All right,” she grumbled. “I’ll be there in fifteen minutes.” She turned the phone off and threw it to the side in anger. As she softly padded over, Michelle found herself hypnotized by the graceful bounce of her mistress’ breasts. Cecilia knelt down beside Michelle, who, still muddled in a post orgasmic haze, reached out to hold her. Cecilia placed a paw against Michelle’s cheek and Michelle’s hands diverted to hold that paw in place. “I’m sorry pet,” Cecilia soothed. “I have to go to work.”

Michelle’s heart sank, it wasn’t fair, Cecilia had gotten at least three orgasms, and she had barely been able to squeeze out one. Again Cecilia seemed to know exactly what Michelle was thinking. “I’ll be back later tonight,” She promised. “So just hold that thought...” Michelle reached up and cupped Cecilia’s breast with her hand in response, while she gently nuzzled the fur of her neck. “Ouuuuuu. That’s the thought, just remember that, when I get home tonight.”

Michelle drew back and tried to keep her face as calm as she could. “Yes mistress.” she replied. “Will there be anything else before you leave?” Michelle was fairly sure that the tone of her voice indicated her displeasure, despite her best attempt to control herself.

“Until I come back, you are to entertain yourself,” then she added with emphasis, “However you please. My personal bedroom and anything you find in it are fair game.”

Michelle’s jaw dropped, not only was she given permission to finish the job Cecilia didn’t have time for, but she was given free reign of her mistress’ extensive collection of sex toys and videos. She would never in her lifetime have expected something like this. Obviously Cecilia very much regretted having to leave. “Just make sure you have something left for me, little one.”

Cecilia kicked her shoes off as she entered the manor, and gave a contented sigh. She and her sisters had spent the last five hours helping Strike One and Karl hunt a professional assassin through downtown Toronto. After the first hour she had sworn that never again would she wear heels on the job. The carpet felt good under her paws, and was helped by the fact that there would soon be a hefty piece of cash in her bankroll. She and her sisters possessed street skills and contacts which had been instrumental in the completion of the job. The first place where Cecilia went was the fridge. She poured herself a stiff shot of vodka which she downed quickly, giving her muscles a nice dull glow. Her sisters were already adjourning to their respective bedrooms. After another shot of vodka Cecilia decided to go see how Michelle was doing.

The door to her room gave a quiet hiss as it gave way. The lights were dimmed as she entered. The sound of music drifted from her entertainment center, heavy bass with a chorus of human cries, and groans. Cecilia smiled as she looked upon her pet, lying asleep on her bed. Michelle lay on her side left arm tucked between her thighs. Her right arm was extended away from her body. A well soaked vibrator lay in a small damp spot on the sheets, just beyond the grasp of Michelle’s free hand. The cum spot was only one of many on the bed. What struck Cecilia the most was Michelle herself. Her hair had that gorgeous tussled, just fucked look that Cecilia found so sexy. Her tender body was concealed by a sexy nightgown, it was made of navy blue satin and low cut on the chest, and even more at the back. A high slit up the side revealed even more than it was meant to in the position Michelle was laying. Cecilia knew this nightey, it was one of Charlene’s favorites, as well as a favorite of many of the people her sister had taken to bed. Cecilia looked at Michelle’s face a moment, and a felt a familiar stirring in her loins. Her features seemed to glow with a contented smile, she had a sweet, not quite innocent look about her.

Cecilia reached over and picked up the vibrator, it was sticky but not warm, Michelle had apparently been asleep for some time. Licking the surface Cecilia delighted in the rich creamy flavored coating. Once she had licked the whole devise clean she returned it to the small chest in the corner where it belonged. Then she turned to the television, the movie which was still playing was part of Cecilia’s large collection of erotic films, this one an amateur production apparently, some kind of orgy involving a pair of massive bulls, apparently twins, and three female skunks. Cecilia giggled a moment when she realized that she and her sisters were those three skunks. She remembered that night, the tape had run out before they had. So they had done some editing and filmed the ending the next night. All three of them had walked strangely for days after that. Cecilia was struck by a pang of nostalgia as she always was when she watched this video, but strangely absent was the typical longing she felt. Last time she had watched this tape she had spent the next two days trying to track down the two brothers again, to no avail. She attributed that to simply being tired from a long night’s work. She stopped the tape and turned the TV off.

Then lastly she took two soft blankets from her cupboard and gently laid one over Michelle’s body. She was so beautiful, Cecilia could barely believe that this pet had just fallen into her paws; and so unspoiled as well, she had barely touched at her sexuality, maybe a half dozen lovers. Cecilia would have more than that in a good month. Cecilia bent over her beautiful slave and kissed her softly on the forehead, before taking the second blanket and leaving the room to bed herself down on the couch for the night.