WARNING: This story contains material of a graphic and sexual nature, and is intended for adults only. This author strongly discourages the viewing of this material by those under the age of 18. This story also contains implied violence and other material which may be offensive to some readers. If you are offended by nonconsensual sexual contact of a homosexual nature between a furry and a human do not read any further.

As usual all characters in this story except for Strike One are co. Aaron Jeffery, me. Strike One is Co. Aaron Smart and used with permission. Redistribute at will, provided the document is unchanged, and it is non profit. This is the third in the Strikeline series, following Love Toy, and Street Justice. I have already written a new piece which follows this one, called Pool Party.

Sole Survivor

By Skunkaholic

Michelle savored the feeling of the warm air sweeping up around her, drying her skin and causing her hair to sweep up on end and dance merrily in the wind arising from the floor. This device was apparently meant to dry the thick fur of the other occupants of what was dubbed around the base “Skunk Manor”. Cecilia and her two sisters Charlene, and Catherine, had taken their individual quarters and knocked down the walls separating them and built them into a large complex, with two bathrooms, and bedrooms for each of them. The kitchen and living room were each bigger than the ones provided to them individually and they still had enough room left over for a couple of spare rooms, one of which had been made Michelle's sleeping quarters for now.

In addition to the other people who lived here Strike Three was also usually here, as she and Charlene were lovers. Maybe it was genetics, or possibly some event in their shared past, but whatever the reasoning all three sisters, it seemed, were bisexual to one degree or another. Catherine the middle sister was a true bisexual preferring neither man over woman or the other way around. Charlene the oldest preferred men and Cecilia, whom Michelle called Mistress, preferred women over men, but all three would take whatever the could get, including each other.

Michelle had been brought here two weeks ago, and her arrival had been somewhat disastrous, but she would rather not look back on that unpleasantness. Other than the day she first arrived Cecilia had not made any unwelcome sexual advances, but then any advances from another woman were unwelcome as far as Michelle was concerned. Since that day Michelle had lived in Skunk Manor, getting used to being around the sisters and Strike Three, and getting used to other women looking at her nearly naked.

Michelle pressed the switch which deactivated the hot air cyclone which was surrounding her. She ran her fingers over her skin, making sure that she was completely dry, for there were demerits for any wet spot found immediately after she got out of her shower. What the demerits counted for was as of yet unknown to Michelle, but she did know that she didn't particularly want to find out.

Michelle stepped out of the fur dryer and walked up to the huge vanity mirror, it reached from the floor up to just above Michelle's head. Beside it was a small counter loaded with all sorts of bathroom paraphernalia, hair brushes, smaller brushes with finer bristles for straightening facial fur, special pheromone deodorants, make up and all other items four women could need in a bathroom. There were also a few select items of Michelle's, her own hair brush, deodorant, toothbrush and make-up. These were stored in Cecilia's section of the counter, much as Catherine's was divided off into two sections, one for Catherine herself, and a section where Strike Three stored her belongings.

The first thing Michelle did was to put on her sole modesty, the only article of clothing she was allowed, her panties. They were simple brief cut white cotton, nothing special but she treasured them for they did offer some protection from the lecherous stares of her Mistress. The other sisters looked at her, but not that much, Catherine remained loyal to Strike Three exclusively, and from what Michelle had gathered from snippets of conversation Charlene had been dumped by her boyfriend Warren, the day before Michelle had arrived. Dumped for Strike Three's older sister Strike Two. Once she was dressed Michelle preceded to run a brush through her hair to remove any tangles. It didn't take long until her hair was well groomed, time to start on the rest of her appearance. She decided that today she didn't feel like doing anything extra with her hair, although anything she could do to make herself attractive without adding additional clothing was not only allowed, it was strongly encouraged. She unplugged the small curling iron that she had plugged in before she got into the dryer, placed it back among her only possessions in the world now, and opened her make-up bag. She started off with a light coating of base to even out her coloration, she continued choosing a deep bronze eye shadow to highlight the brown in her hazel eyes, and a cherry blossom pink lipstick. She also applied a touch of blush to her cheeks and a bit of mascara completing the desired effect, she looked good, at least by her own judgment.

She took a blue silk ribbon from the small bag and tied it into a bow, holding her hair back. Michelle was now ready to face her owners, so after a quick check to make sure that she hadn't missed any damp areas on her body she walked to the door and pressed the small black pad, set about 5' above the floor, chest height for Michelle, Charlene and Catherine, and about face level for Cecilia. The bathroom doors were the only doors which didn't operate on sensors, like the ones in supermarkets. All the other doors did, unless the person in the room engaged the manual entry only option, which could be gained by pressing the black pad situated next to the door. All the doors in the manor also had a locked feature which engaged manual exit only, and no entry without appropriate passcodes, which were equipped with voice recognition systems, whoever had designed the security for this place was obsessively paranoid in their job. As Michelle pressed the pad the door whooshed open, allowing the human to step out into the main living room. As usual Cecilia was sitting on the couch watching TV while she waited to inspect her toy, she was wearing a short black mini-skirt, and a micro haltertop. The last piece of a microwavable burrito disappeared down Cecilia's throat as she turned to Michelle. Michelle waited just outside the bathroom door as Cecilia briefly sucked on each of her fingers as she stood up. Whether this was simply to remove any oils from the burrito she had just devoured or whether it was also in anticipation of closely examining her prize Michelle wasn't quite certain. Cecilia walked over to Michelle and preceded to run her silky black paws over every inch of Michelle's legs, and stomach.

“Kneel.” she ordered warmly, she had lost a lot of her cold authoritative tone lately, unless Michelle was receiving a demerit. Michelle complied with the skunk's orders, and then Cecilia closely inspected her chest, arms, underarms, back, neck and face. As she inspected each area the skunk made an affirmative “Mm-Hm.” Then Cecilia brushed her hands through Michelle's hair ensuring that every strand was dry, from scalp to end. “Very good” She commended. Then Cecilia raised a small section of Michelle's hair with her paw and began to sniff it. “I see you are using that new herbal shampoo.” Cecilia commented.

“Yes, Mistress. Do you approve?” Michelle was catching on to the method of avoiding arguments with simple compliments and seeking approval over the stupidest things, but it kept Cecilia happy. Which in turn kept Michelle happy, she was not keen on the idea of being sprayed again, or what had happened after she had cleaned the stench off herself.

After thinking for a moment Cecilia answered Michelle's question, “Yes, I think I rather like the way your hair smells when you use it.”

“In that case, Mistress, I shall continue to use it.”

“Very good pet.” Michelle hated it when Cecilia called her by any of the pet names she had, pet, little one, pretty one, or any of the others, but she hated pet the most. “Don't think I haven't noticed the improvement in your attitude and behavior. In fact I have a little treat in store for my favorite pet. Go into your room and there you will find your first surprise. Cecilia ended the discussion by disappearing into her sister Catherine's room. Michelle ventured into her vacant little room to discover the nature of her surprise. The only contents of Michelle's room were a simple mattress placed on the floor and some furnishings for it, such as sheets, blankets, and pillows with plain cotton pillowcases. Placed upon her bed was a series of packages each in a brown boxes, and each was numbered. Michelle walked over to the smallest package, number one and picked it up. It was very light, and thin, less than an inch thick. Michelle opened the box and withdrew a pair of black silk thong panties. They were trimmed around the top with a bit of black lace, and Michelle thought that compared to the cotton briefs she wore now, they were the most beautiful panties she had ever seen. They were certainly more delicate than anything she had ever worn before. Michelle slid her cotton panties down and donned her new garment, now she wished there was a mirror in this room so that she could examine herself properly in her new finery, but what could be in the other packages. Michelle went along to the next package, number two, a slightly larger package but not by much. In this box she found a pair of black stockings and a beautiful garter belt which matched her new panties. Michelle could hardly believe her eyes, could this mean that there was clothing in each of these boxes, the prospect of being able to be fully clothed again, appealed to Michelle so much that she didn't even wait to put on the stockings before going on the next package, matching stiletto heels. That left one package, the largest by no small margin. Michelle could hardly contain her excitement as she opened the box and there nestled amongst some white tissue paper was a black leather bustier which laced up the back. Michelle inadvertently squealed with delight as soon as she caught a glimpse of the item. She could scarcely believe it, clothing, real clothing, well not quite real clothing, but it was close, real close. And it was better than walking about with her breasts hanging there on open display. As Michelle stood there in awe, the door to her room opened, and she turned to face her Mistress. But it wasn't Cecilia, it was Catherine.

“I've come to help lace you up, Cecilia didn't want to see you until you were fully dressed, heighten the suspense and all that.”

“Oh, okay.” Michelle was sort of disappointed, but also very glad it hadn't been Cecilia. In her current euphoria Michelle was likely to lose control and hug Cecilia so tightly that she wouldn't be able to breath, and for the time being Michelle wanted to refrain from showing any affection towards her Mistress. She wasn't going to give in to her loss of control that easily, Cecilia could make her do things but she couldn't make Michelle love her, no matter what she did.

Michelle dressed herself in her new clothes, and allowed Catherine to tighten up the laces in the back of the corset pushing Michelle's cleavage upwards as the strings drew tighter around her waist. Finally, when Michelle felt she was going to pop in half if the skunk behind her pulled any tighter, Catherine secured the laces in a small bow and ordered Michelle to turn around. When Catherine caught sight of the human in front of her eyes almost popped out of her skull.

Michelle glanced down at herself but realized after a moment that no one can be expected to assess their own appearance objectively. “Well, “ She prodded, “What do you think.”

“Honey,” Catherine grabbed her by the arms and held her at arms length, “You look fabulous.”

Michelle blushed at her compliment, she still wasn't used to the connotations behind this sort compliment from these women. She wasn't used to the idea that these women might actually find her physically attractive. “You really think so?” Michelle tittered, grinding the toe of one of her high heels into the floor.

“Oh yeah,” Catherine murmured, Then seeming to get a grip on herself she said, “It doesn't matter what I think though, go see what Cecilia thinks.”

Michelle took a deep breath and stepped up to the door and pressed the manual exit switch, opening the door. Cecilia was standing there waiting next to the couch, dressed now in a leather jacket as well. As soon as Cecilia caught sight of her slave her paw flew to the end of her guzzle as she gasped in amazement. Michelle was beautiful normally, but in the outfit Cecilia had bought for her she was nothing short of breathtaking. “Oh my god” she breathed into her paw.

“Well, Mistress, does my appearance please you?” Michelle had regained enough control over herself that she was able to hide most of the thrill at being able to wear clothes again, most but not all.

“Oh baby,” Cecilia moaned cupping both hands between her legs and squeezing her thighs together. “If you only knew what seeing you like that does to me . . .” She was cut off by her own moaning in arousal. Her head was tilted back and rolled side to side as she clenched her eyes shut.

Cecilia's reaction was starting to frighten Michelle, what had she gotten herself into by donning this outfit. She swallowed hard, a sound which Cecilia seemed to hear as she recomposed herself quickly. She giggled uncontrollably hiding her blushing muzzle behind her paws for a moment. “Now, “ she giggled, “here is your second present.” Cecilia turned to the couch and picked up a pair of white boxes each about three inches thick and about 5 inches across. Cecilia opened the first box and withdrew a leather dog collar with a large O-ring in the middle and a latch at each end. Cecilia approached Michelle, who eyed the strange device nervously. Cecilia walked around behind Michelle and ordered her to kneel. Michelle somewhat reluctantly obeyed and tried her best to conceal her trepidation, she had been doing a lot of hiding her feelings since her first punishment. Michelle felt Cecilia lift her hair out of the way and fasten the collar around her neck so that the latch was at the back, putting the ring right in front of her throat. She heard the latch clicking and then there was another click. Michelle stood, and turned to face her Mistress who was now holding a tiny key on a black silken cord, which she hung around her own neck. That meant Michelle would not be able to remove the collar herself. She was starting to panic.

Cecilia reached out to stroke the panicking human's hair, “There, there, It's all right.” Cecilia soothed, stroking Michelle's hair and holding the human's head to her furry shoulder. Her tail wrapped around Michelle's waist reassuringly. Michelle found the skunk's affectionate embrace strangely comforting. She took a deep breath and began to relax, resting her cheek on the soft fur of her mistress.

After a moment Michelle realized the exact nature of her situation and politely pulled away from Cecilia. “Thank you Mistress, I'm all right now.” Michelle did her best to put on a calm face, but inside she was shaking with fright. Frightened by the collar and the implications that came with it, would Cecilia tie her up? Would she beat her, pierce her, would she force Michelle to drink urine? Michelle had seen representations on the 'net of morphs doing these and worse to their slaves, who they always forced to wear dog collars. Michelle though about this for only a moment before dismissing the idea. Cecilia had been a kind and compassionate Mistress so far, Michelle really didn't think she would do any of those things. Now what worried her, perhaps more than the other things was how good that embrace had felt, how warm and natural. How right it had seemed to lay her head on Cecilia's silky shoulder.

Cecilia was now holding the last box out to Michelle. She took it and tugged the lid off, revealing a black woven leash with a clip at the end. Michelle was puzzled by this, why the leash, it wasn't as though she could run anywhere. It was obviously a sign of her submission to Cecilia, the collar was a sign of ownership, the leash must be a sign of control. Michelle realized that there was no point in fighting Cecilia over mere symbols, she would save her arguments for when Cecilia actually tried to cash in on her ownership. She gingerly reached out and picked up the leash, grasping it between her thumb and forefinger, as though it may bite her hand. She fastened the clip to the ring of her collar and then let the leash drop. As much as she knew it would be futile to fight this, Michelle still couldn't help but feel ashamed of how easily she had given in. She looked to the floor to hide her reddening face and her efforts to choke back the tears.

“Well then, “ Cecilia said cheerfully, “why don't we try it out?”

“I don't understand.” Michelle puzzled, what did she mean, try it out.

“Tell me pet, “ Cecilia explained, “Why does someone usually put a collar and leash on their pet.”

“Why to take them . . . “ Suddenly Michelle's brain went *click*. “You mean . . .” Michelle gestured to the ominous door, which lead into the rest of the complex. She could barely contain her excitement, was she actually going to be allowed outside the area known as skunk manor? She was sure she would spend the rest of her life confined within this one set of rooms, was she maybe even going to be allowed to go outside, to see the sun again. The sun, the sky, birds flying free on high, breath fresh air instead of this sterile recycled air which was pumped through, cleaned and then pumped through again? Was it possible. “You mean out there?” she gasped.

“Of course,” Cecilia replied, taken back a bit, “You didn't think I was going to keep you locked up in here forever, did you?”

Michelle blushed even more, she was now embarrassed that she had so readily thought the worst of her new owner. She nodded unable to find the words to reply.

“Well pet, do you want to go for a walk?” Cecilia asked, seeming unsure because of what Michelle had just admitted.

Michelle's head bolted up from staring at her own feet, how exotic those shoes really were. “Oh yes!” She squealed, fighting again the urge to embrace Cecilia, and hold the skunk tightly to her. Michelle realized that she had allowed a little more of her emotion to show than she would have liked. “Yes please, Mistress.” She reiterated calmly this time, as though it were a second take and her first reaction would be forgotten about.

“All right then, “ Cecilia said grabbing the leash in her paw and opening the ominous metal portal which in Michelle's eyes had always stood between her and freedom. “Shall we start with a tour of these facilities?”

Michelle stepped through the doorway with wonder, this was the same hallway she had seen when she arrived, the same hall down which she had fled on her arrival and been chased by Ben. Cecilia led Michelle down the hallway, explaining that this floor was entirely crew quarters, until they reached the same elevator which had brought Michelle here. They stepped into it and Cecilia sent the elevator to the next floor up, the button was labeled S3. The elevator glided smoothly upward for a moment and came to a stop. The doors opened onto a hallway which looked almost identical to the one they had come from save the floor indicator painted on the wall. The first room they went to had GYM painted outside. As soon as the doors opened, Cecilia and Michelle were assaulted by the thumping bass, and heavy guitar music from inside the room. They stepped inside and the doors glided closed behind them.

The room was exactly what Michelle would have expected from the description on the wall. There were various weight machines, and other workout apparatus, as well as an open area with punching bags, and wrestling mats. 'Join the Army' by Suicidal Tendencies was blaring out of the speakers, pushing onward the gyms only other occupant at the moment. Karl Brewster, a gruff looking coyote who when he was upright would stand on even height with Cecilia. Right now he was on his back pressing a bar with nearly 60lbs on each side to his arms length and back. A loud grunting escaped his muzzle as he strained with the weight. Cecilia led Michelle forward to show her the facilities. As they advanced the coyote caught a look at Michelle out of the corner of his eye. His concentration was blown and he lost his balance on the bar. The stack of weights clattered loudly to the floor as Karl rolled off the bench, narrowly avoiding being struck by the other end of the bar. Cecilia ran over to where Karl was now getting back to his feet, his fur was matted by sweat underneath his plain white Singlette with the crest of the Canadian 2nd Airborne Division displayed across it. The 2nd Airborne was a unit of commandos trained to deal with terrorist activity and the like. They were disbanded following an incident when they were sent on a peacekeeping mission which showed potential for escalation. While in Somalia they apparently killed a large number of rioting protesters, an inquiry into the incident was conducted and it was deemed that their actions were unnecessary, and so the entire unit was disbanded.

Karl was smoothing down his sweaty fur, which covered his rock hard muscles. “Are you all right?” Cecilia asked.

Karl slightly out of breath from the effort of his workout combined with his near miss from the bar reassured her that he was all right. “Who's your friend?” He asked, turning his gaze to Michelle, his eyes devouring her.

“Michelle is going to be staying with us for a while. She helped us discover the inner workings of the 'Blood Reds' gang. Michelle, this is Karl.”

“So this is the survivor, is it?” He chuckled. Something about the way he said 'survivor' bothered Michelle, and the look in his eyes sent shivers up her spine. An unexplainable aspect of the canines presence frightened Michelle terribly. “I can certainly see why she was spared.” He smiled at her in a way that reminded her of all the old children's stories about wolves. After all the wolf was the closest relative the coyote had on the canine family tree. Michelle felt a lump in her throat from the way he was smiling at her, and she unconsciously shuffled a little closer to Cecilia.

Cecilia pulled the leash taunt and then gave a swift tug, drawing Michelle to her. Cecilia wrapped her arm around Michelle's waist, saying, “Just keep in mind Karl, that this lovely lady is mine.” That comforted Michelle somehow, As much as she objected to the idea of being with another woman, the thought of this coyote having his way with her frightened her even more. She could picture him ravishing her violently, biting into her breast as he climaxed as many morphs were rumored to do, they called it nipping, but it could occasionally result in some fairly painful injuries.

Then Cecilia led Michelle out of the gym, leaving Karl to return to his workout. Once they had stepped into the hallway Michelle turned to the skunk holding her leash, “Mistress, what did he mean by survivor?”

Cecilia sighed and paused for a moment, “Michelle, right now you are the only living member of the now defunct Blood Reds gang.” Cecilia seemed to want to say more but didn't. The news didn't really come as a shock to her, she had been expecting something like this since she had been taken in, and besides, the only people she knew in the gang had died that day in their apartment. But really that didn't do much to blunt the impact of such a casual admission to such large scale homicide.

From there Cecilia showed Michelle the door to, as Cecilia put it, “one room you'll never have to see the inside of “, the armory. She then showed Michelle to the Rec. room. It was huge, and had fine cedar paneling on the walls. It was occupied by a large pool table, which was in use right now, and off to the side sat a bank of computers. A couch and a couple comfy chairs were gathered around a large TV at the far end of the room. The two playing pool were Strike One and a human who Michelle had never seen before. Slouched down in one of the chairs, watching the TV, was a strange looking figure. He was a pigeon morph who at full height couldn't stand much above Cecilia's waist. Sitting in that huge chair he looked almost like a bizarre twist on Edith Ann. As Michelle and Cecilia entered the pool players turned to look at them, and the human's jaw dropped. Cecilia led Michelle over to them.

“So, she's finally letting you out for walks is she?” Strike One commented.

“Michelle, I'm sure you remember Strike One.” Cecilia said.

“Yes Ma'am.” Michelle glared coldly at Strike One, he was the one who had brought her here and set her into the service of Cecilia. But it really wasn't his fault, the alternative was killing her, and he had let Michelle choose her own fate, but it was a lot easier to blame him.

“This, Pet, is Warren.” Cecilia introduced, gesturing to the human, whose jaw still hung open as he stared obviously at Michelle. Cecilia took her paw and shut Warrens mouth for him, causing him to realize exactly how he was staring.

“Hi, uhh, pleased to meet you.” he stammered, embarrassed by his lack of control.

“Hello,” Michelle greeted nonchalantly, she had heard stories about Warren from Charlene.

“Warren here is an extended guest in our humble abode, just like you.” Strike One explained.

“What did he do?” Michelle asked, she knew she was here because she knew too much to be at large and they didn't want to kill her because she had helped them.

Warren ran his fingers through his hair, “Well, lets just say it's better for now if the police don't know where I am, and I have talents which are of use to Northern Front.”

“Right now I'm giving Michelle the grand tour of the facilities.” Cecilia explained.

“Well then, “ Strike One commented, “We'll just leave you to the business at hand. I'm sure I'll be seeing you more often now.” He smiled at Michelle, this wasn't a cruel grin, like Karl's or even an amorous smile like Warren's. Strike's seemed warm and genuinely friendly, like a big pussycat. Cecilia led Michelle past the two men and towards the TV center. “Now this here is Brainbox.” She gestured to the tiny pigeon, “Take a good look because you probably won't see too much of him.”

“Why is that?” Michelle asked.

“Because, he's anti-social, and reclusive. He'll often shut himself away for weeks without talking to anyone. Coming out in the middle of the night to raid the main pantry for his food for the next week.”

The pigeon said nothing merely staring at the screen hypnotized.

“He doesn't go along on many missions because he really only has one talent which is of limited use.” The pigeon just snorted at what he considered to be an insult, taking no other notice of the two women.

“What are his talents?” Michelle asked, somewhat intrigued as to what this tiny bird could do that no-one else was capable of.

“It's too difficult to explain, and besides if I told you I'd have to kill you.” She smiled coyly.

Michelle couldn't help but laugh at the old reference to the American secret service.

The elevator doors closed, disappointing Michelle just a bit, she had seen the whole base now, and had been hoping that Cecilia would stay somewhere to socialize. The last stop on the tour had been the mess hall, which was really just a large kitchen where the members of Northern Front could gather to socialize over a cup of coffee or a bite to eat. Almost as soon as Michelle had seen it Cecilia quickly continued to lead her back to the elevator.

Cecilia pressed the button, presumably for S4, the floor on which resided the prison which Michelle called home. “Please Authorize.” the computer requested in a simple monotone, they hadn't bothered to program the computer with a human sounding voice.

“Cecilia, access code 6-9-Sierra-X-ray.”

“Voice print identification confirmed.” The computer relayed as the elevator once again set into motion. But it was rising! The only mark on the panel above S1 where they were now was G, obviously for ground floor.

The doors to the elevator opened revealing an office, much like any other. This room was like a waiting room, a secretary sat behind a desk of polished oak, casually filing her nails. There were three doors out of this room, the first plain, the second was stainless steel and had “Authorized Personnel Only” written across it in bold red letters. The other door was a definite contrast, it was wooden with a frosted glass window, with the label, “Paul Davidson, Company Liaison.”

Cecilia nodded a casual hello to the secretary, and led Michelle out the plain door. They stepped out onto the open lot of the base, flat and green, dazzlingly illuminated by the summer sunshine. Michelle shielded her eyes from the bright glare as she looked around taking in her surroundings. Everything was surrounded by a twenty-five foot high wall of reinforced concrete, with rolls of barbed wire stretching across the top, only a single gate allowed entry into the compound. Off to her right was a large building, like a glass airplane hanger, filled with trees and shrubs, like a giant terrarium. To her left Michelle could see the end of a military style obstacle course, ending in a 50' ladder to a horizontal rope cross and then a zipline to the ground. As Michelle was absorbing the scenery Cecilia reached into her inside jacket pocket and produced two pairs of stylish sunglasses, one of which she handed to Michelle. Donning the other pair herself Cecilia led her leashed pet onwards, towards the glass enclosure.

A brief walk brought them right up to the doors, which opened at the press on the black pressure pad next to the door. Once Michele and Cecilia had stepped through the doors whooshed closed behind them. Michelle gazed up at the trees which filled this domain, far above the green canopy she could see the roof of this building was opened allowing the sun to shine in, unmagnified by the glass. there was a neatly combed sand path, lined with shrubs leading around a bend and up to a huge, double Olympic sized swimming pool. “Now if you decide to walk around, pet, “ Cecilia warned, “Don't go too far, and don't try to leave this building.” As they approached Michelle noticed two other figures at this location. Lounging on a lawn chaise was a sleek orange and black form. Even in her current state of rest her muscles were plainly obvious under a layer of soft fur. She was in near perfect physical condition which was displayed well by the French cut royal blue swimsuit she was wearing. The tiger was laying on her stomach with her eyes closed, possibly asleep. She was very different from her sister who Michelle had already met, Strike Two was the middle of the three siblings, and from what Michelle had gathered she was the one who had stolen away Charlene's boyfriend. The other figure casually swimming laps in the pool was one that Michelle knew, he was one of the only other people here that she had met before her confinement, Ben. Michelle knew that indirectly, the handsome Polar Bear was the reason she was here. Her gang had attacked him and his lover, and in doing so had brought down the fury of Operation Northern Front's darker alter ego, “The Outfield”.

Cecilia made her way around to where Strike Two was laying and instructed Michelle to set herself down on one of the other chaises. Once she had complied, Cecilia reached into the pocket of her jacket again, this time producing a bottle of sunscreen. Cecilia had obviously planned for this for a long while, since sunblock was not an item a morph would normally need, their fur protected them from the hazards of sun exposure. Cecilia had Michelle lay back as she rubbed the milky white lotion over every exposed inch of skin, taking an unnecessarily long time to cover Michelle's creamy white thighs. Once Michelle's front was covered Cecilia left her for a moment to allow the sunscreen to soak in before getting her to roll over so that her back could be covered as well. Again Cecilia delayed a bit longer than was necessary, this time on Michelle's exposed asscheeks, kneading, squeezing and pinching them. Michelle could feel her stomach twisting as she was growing increasingly uncomfortable with her Mistress' actions, but as appalling as the idea of being handled this way by another woman was, somehow it also felt good enough that Michelle didn't immediately ask her to stop. Eventually though Michelle's fear of the possibility of her own budding attraction to Cecilia won out, causing her to roll onto her back again. “If it's all right with you mistress, I always prefer to tan my front first.” She explained, this wasn't true but it sounded reasonable enough.

Accepting this although not truly believing it Cecilia sat herself down on the chaise between Michelle and Strike Two. Before she laid back Cecilia stripped off her halter baring her breasts. Michelle had only seen Cecilia naked once before, and that was when Cecilia had attempted to give her a tongue bath, following Michelle's tomato juice cleaning. Her chest and stomach where as white as the stripe running from the top of her head down to her tailbase, and then dividing to run the length of her tail. Cecilia laid back enjoying the warmth of the sun as Ben nonchalantly continued his aquatic exercise. “You know Ben,” she casually addressed, “Only a gay man like you could just keep swimming with a scene like that going on. Hell, most men would pay to see something like that.”

The white furred giant stopped his swimming and set his feet under him bringing the water up to his shoulders, “What can I say Cecilia, you just don't do anything for me. Now if on the other hand you had a brother . . .” Ben trailed off leaving his joke hanging in the air, as he climbed out of the pool and began toweling off his fur. Once he was satisfied that his fur was dry enough he turned to leave the pool area. As he left he passed Karl who was on his way in, Ben allowed himself a glare at the coyote who barely reached his waist as they passed.

“What are you looking at, fag?” Karl snapped.

“Not a hell of a lot.” Ben muttered under his breath as he kept walking, out of the pool area.

Karl's fur was severely matted and he stank of sweat as he slipped the dripping white singlette over his head, and then stripped his fatigues off revealing a pair of jet black speedos with a red lightning bolt running across the crotch. As Karl eased himself into the shallow end of the pool Michelle had to admit that if it wasn't for his cruel attitude and that evil gleam in his eye Karl might almost be attractive. Karl began swimming from one end of the pool and then turning around and heading back, getting faster with almost every lap. Then when it seemed he couldn't get any faster Karl started to ease up and gradually slow down, entering into the cool down period of his workout. Karl's entire swim took about twenty minutes to complete, and then another fifteen minutes to dry his thick fur made shaggy by his intense exertion and then his swim.

As he dried himself Karl glanced over towards the three ladies and smiled. Michelle glanced over at her mistress, who it appeared had fallen asleep, and Strike Two had made no indication of being aware of the world at this moment. Karl stood with his strongly muscled back to Michelle softly wagging his tail, drawing attention to his powerful quadriceps. As handsome as he was Michelle still couldn't get over the look in his eyes. When Michelle was a young girl she used to dream, a lot more than she did now, she sometimes dreamed that she was all alone, it was night time, sometimes she was in a forest, sometimes a deserted city street, but she was always alone. But not quite, she could feel something watching her, she couldn't see who or where but wherever she turned or ran she could still feel the eyes burning a hole in her skull, with their intense focus. Then she would see the eyes floating in the darkness, dark and cold like the eyes of a dead man, but still very much alive, they sparkled with a strange excitement constantly, ever anticipating the shedding of blood. Often she would wake up screaming, those eyes still glaring at her unseen from the dark room, Karl had those eyes, Michelle recognized them, even though she hadn't seen them in years. but it seemed even Karl knew better than to try anything against Michelle with Cecilia around, and he simply picked up his filthy clothing and departed, leaving the three women alone. Michelle lay back, enjoying the feeling of the summer sun against her bare skin. She hadn't done this in ages, even before she was brought here. She reached up and wedged a finger in underneath the collar to scratch a slight irritation, it was just going to take some getting used to, that was all.

Then she could feel rebellion building up inside her, sure this part she may be able to get used to, but what of what would surely be eventually expected of her. Could she really or did she really want to get used to the idea of serving Cecilia, or any woman, let alone an animal, in a sexual manner? “Not bloody likely!” she muttered to herself and then looked over at her new mistress again, Cecilia's arm was hanging limp off the edge of her chaise and Michelle's leash had slipped from her paw. Strike Two was still showing no signs of life, but with a cat that was nothing unusual. Michelle decided she would just have to take the chance that she was asleep as well. Creeping away from the slumbering mephit, Michelle made her way calmly into the bushes, making it look as though she were simply enjoying the scenery if someone should happen to be watching her. She was expecting to hear a voice at every step, Cecilia's, Strike Two's, some unknown voice from a security camera she couldn't see, warning her to stay close to Cecilia, but it never came.

Michelle brushed through the bushes, feeling the soft leaves brush against her stockinged legs, causing the silk to almost caress her thighs, Michelle had never worn silk stockings before, she'd always worn simple nylon pantyhose, so the feeling of silk wrapping itself around her legs was a deliciously new experience. Overhead she could hear the birds chirping, as she looked up and spied a small Bluejay perched on the edge of the open sunroof. Then from a tree within the arboretum there was a tiny explosion of movement as a robin drove out of the tree, streaking upwards towards the startled jay who took flight, and swiftly evacuated the area near the robin's nest.

As nice a prison as this was seeming now, it was still exactly that, a prison, and Michelle was not about to become the beautiful songbird, in a gilded cage, singing on cue, then fed and forgotten about until the next time a song was desired. They made machine's for the use Cecilia intended, in fact that's really what Michelle was to her, a very advanced, in fact the perfect dildo. A dildo which could do everything, it could fuck, it could kiss, it could caress, it could do things Michelle didn't want to think about at this moment. Then when it's job was done the only concern was to make sure it's batteries don't run down. No Way! Not her, Michelle was going to find some way off of this base.

Michelle made her way through the thin brush towards the door leading out of the enclosure, purposely avoiding the main path but following it's curve parallel. Eventually she reached the edge of the big glass hanger and moved left a few meters until she located the door, which much to her relief was not fingerprint coded, the simple application of pressure to the pad opened it up. Almost as soon as the door opened Michelle jumped back into the glass housing and dove behind a bush, as a huge white limousine pulled in coming to a gentle stop in front of the main building. The drivers door opened and a human male stepped out. He had short length light brown hair and wore the standard uniform of a privately employed Chauffeur, or if he did come with the limo it was an expensive package. A lot more than her date had sprung for when Michelle had graduated High School. He walked around to the rear door and opened it, allowing a sleek looking panther morph to step out. He held some sort of handgun in his hand, no not his, her hand. It was sometimes hard to tell with these morphs some of the males, particularly foxes, weasels and some felines, were as skinny as a human female. The main correcting factor was the rather obvious shape of a woman's breasts underneath the expensive looking suit. The panther looked all around, causing Michelle to crouch lower under the bush she had concealed herself behind, in fear of being spotted. The panther placed her gun inside her jacket and adjusted the faded grey fedora perched atop her feline head. Then she stepped forward allowing their charge to step out of the Limo, but still protecting her from harm. Their charge was a glamorous looking sheep, she stuck Michelle as being familiar immediately but where she couldn't say for certain. Possibly a local celebrity of some sort. Michelle stayed low, waiting for them to proceed into the main office, which led down into the prison which was intended to be Michelle's home, but not if she could help it.

Quickly ensuring the coast was clear Michelle stepped out from behind the bush, and again opened the door out of the pool area. She could feel her pulse quickening with the tension of the situation, as she steeled herself with a deep calming breath. Then she was off, making a powerful sprint towards the limo, that was her ticket out of here. The longer she was out in the open the more Michelle was at risk of being seen and caught.

As the limo drew closer and closer Michelle looked towards the main gateway, she couldn't see any guards out on patrol, or anywhere where they would be able to see her. The limo was only about 30 meters away! Then all of a sudden Michelle's body stiffened and her back arched as though she had been shot from behind with a stun laser like in all the sci-fi shows. She could feel an intense pain all though her body, which seemed to be emanating from her throat. Michelle toppled to the ground thrashing around as though she was in much more pain than she actually was. She tried to hold her body still but it continued to twitch of it's own accord. Another aspect of this was that Michelle couldn't breath, her mouth hung open as she tried to take deep breaths and get some air into her lungs, but her body simply wasn't responding to anything other than the pain.

Then as suddenly as it came the pain was gone, Michelle rolled onto her back, gazing up at the azure sky, gasping for breath. She lay there for a moment before a familiar black and white muzzle drifted into her range of vision.

“Now, pet, “ Cecilia addressed the gasping human, “I warned you not to wander too far. Your collar is an improved design of the prisoner restraint belts used by the American Justice system for it's most violent criminals. If at any time you are outside the home, and more than 100 Meters from me, you get shocked. It won't kill you, but having been through it once, I'm sure you won't be eager to experience it a second time.”

Once Michelle had recovered Cecilia led her, perhaps a little roughly, back into the compound and then down to S4 and the all too familiar Skunk Manor. “I'll be back later.” Cecilia informed Michelle, that cold authority had crept back into her voice, as Cecilia immediately turned and left the mini complex.

Michelle spent the rest of the day laying on the couch watching the Television, first some mildly amusing Sit-Coms one of which had already run its course and was now in reruns. Then she switched to Much Music and just watched music videos for a while. All the while there was a nagging voice in the back of her head, reminding her of how much Cecilia was doing for her. Cecilia had taken her in, thus saving her life, and Michelle repaid her skunk mistress by attempting to escape the first time she was allowed outside. It would probably be a long time before Cecilia let her go outside again, who knows she might not even be allowed out of the complex for a long time.

As Michelle dwelled on these thoughts under a semi-hypnotic trance induced by the flashing images and music, Cecilia returned, proceeding immediately to her room. “Come here pet.” she instructed much less cold than before. Michelle immediately complied turning off the TV and rising to follow her mistress.

Cecilia's bedroom was decorated with a lot of reds and pinks, most noticeably the bright pink satin bedsheets. Cecilia walked over to her bed which was obviously designed to hold someone much larger than the rooms occupant. Cecilia patted the bed right beside her indicating for Michelle to sit down. Once Michelle was seated next to Cecilia she began to speak.

“The time has come, my dear. Time for some increased freedoms, as I showed earlier. I don't blame you for what happened earlier, It was too much too soon. Being allowed clothing, being allowed into the other parts of the base, and outside all in one day. So pet, We're going to have to keep you in the base for a while longer, you will still be allowed to accompany me when I go elsewhere inside the base, but you will no longer be allowed above ground for a while.”

“Thank you, Mistress, I am sorry I tried to escape.”

“It is also time for increased responsibilities.” Cecilia continued, “It is time for you to begin performing the duties for which you were brought here.”

Michelle's heart leapt into her throat, as her face turned as white as a sheet. She had been dreading this moment, hoping to delay it as long as possible or even avoid it entirely. It appeared she would have no such luck.

“First of all relax,” Celia instructed softly petting Michelle's head tenderly. “I'll show you what to do, the first time all you have to do is sit back and pay attention,” She cooed in her deepest most sultry voice. “there will be a test on this later.” she added with a slight giggle. Cecilia reached around behind Michelle and untied the bow on her corset and removed the garment before lowering Michelle onto her back on the bed. Michelle was already trembling, just thinking of what was about to happen. Cecilia slithered up Michelle's side and climbed onto the larger human's chest. “Lesson One,” Cecilia breathed huskily, “The kiss.” Grasping Michelle's head in her paws, Cecilia lowered her muzzle to Michelle's lips, as they kissed Michelle could feel the passion built up in her mistress releasing into her own lips. Cecilia's tongue, which had already proved its prowess during their first encounter was now seeking out Michelle's mouth. Michelle really did not want to be in this position but she recognized the wisdom in not angering her mistress further and feared the consequences too much to fight back. She, instead, just laid back and allowed Cecilia to have her way with her, at least for now. As her tongue roamed around Michelle's mouth, flicking over her teeth, Cecilia's paws had traveled down Michelle's neck and were now stroking her sides sensuously, before moving to her ample bosom. Cecilia gently kneaded Michelle's soft flesh, squeezing what part of her breasts she could grasp within her paw. She flicked a hard, pointed claw over the aureole of one breast causing Michelle to moan into Cecilia's muzzle despite her reservations about being with another woman. Cecilia's tongue gently caressed the inside of Michelle's mouth as her hands gently massaged Michelle's firm breasts. The skunk then took the thumb of one paw and proceeded to use it to rub the human's left nipple. Finally Cecilia broke their kiss.

“Well Pet, are you ready for lesson two?” Michele thought for a moment, weighing her reluctance against Cecilia's limit of tolerance. “Well? Are you ready for Lesson Two or shall we continue with lesson one?” Cecilia demanded somewhat playfully.

Best to get this over with as soon as possible, “Yes, Mistress, I am ready.”

“Very good, Lesson two, one of my personal favorites,” Cecilia giggled, grasping One of Michelle's still erect nipples between two claws and gently pinching. Michelle gasped from the sensations as Cecilia addressed the lesson, “The breasts. Now I assume you have pleasured yourself before.” Michelle blushed, she hadn't expected Cecilia to ask intimate details of her past. “Well pet, have you?”

“Yes Mistress.” Michelle's cheeks were flushed a bright crimson and were as hot as coals.

“Then I assume you already know how to handle the breasts, it's only a minor adjustment to apply this to another woman, instead of yourself, however,” Cecilia looked up at Michelle as she spoke and when she said however her eyes sparkled in anticipation. “there is one aspect that is not part of self gratification.” Cecilia demonstrated by lowering her muzzle to Michelle's one breast extending her luscious tongue and flicked it over the flesh of her pet. She carefully skirted the human's aureole with her tongue, while brushing her fingers over the other nipple. The skunk grabbed Michelle's nipple between her thumb and forefinger, gently rolling it between them. Despite herself Michelle found the skunk's enthusiastic attention to her breasts arousing. Cecilia clamped her mouth down around the other nipple which she had been carefully avoiding with her tongue. She sucked gently, like a nursing infant allowing her tongue to swipe across the nipple. Michelle suppressed a moan as Cecilia used her tongue to play with one nipple and her paw to stimulate the other. Michelle could feel her pussy starting to lubricate, and from the scent in the air Cecilia was already very aroused. She could feel the crotch of her panties dampening, as Cecilia continued to suckle on her breast, gentle mauling the other breast with her paw. Finally, after who knows how long Cecilia lifted her head from Michelle's breast, which was shining with the skunk femme's saliva. “As much as I would love to continue this lesson all day, there are other things which you must learn, but today we will stick to the basics. Lesson three.”

Cecilia skimmed Michelle's panties off, sniffing the dampened crotch. “Glad to see that this is having the proper effect on you.” she snickered, “here, suck on these, taste them.” She instructed handing Michelle her panties. Michelle looked at Cecilia not really sure what to do. “Go ahead, “ she encouraged.

Michelle, her brain slightly foggy because of her aroused state, placed the sticky crotch of the garment into her mouth, sucking on the flimsy material. The taste was strange, it wasn't quite like anything Michelle had ever tasted before, but at the same time wasn't totally alien to her.

Cecilia shimmied down Michelle's body, past her flat stomach, to relocate between Michelle's gorgeous legs. The skunk leaned forward to begin lesson three, laying a slow flick of her tongue against Michele's creamy thigh just above the top of the silk stocking. She turned to the other thigh tracing up it with a series of feather light kisses upon the human's soft skin. Her muzzle traced a line from the thigh up to her crotch, and did a quick orbit around Michelle's womanhood, with a series of rapid licks. Cecilia's nostrils flared as she took in the heady scent of Michelle's arousal at such close range. Cecilia planted a long lick across Michelle's outer lips, being careful not to disturb the interior of her precious jewel yet. Then Cecilia orbited her again, this time in the opposite direction, planting tiny kisses around her crotch, Michelle's best attempts to suppress a moan of desire and pleasure were failing miserably as her skunk mistress continued to tease her.

Cecilia continued to lick and kiss and gently brush Michelle's skin with her paws, always drawing tantalizingly close to her honeypot and then withdrawing, but not too far, always keeping close enough to be almost there. Michelle could feel the fire taking over her loins, burning with a need to be released, a need that was only being driven higher by Cecilia's teasing. Seeking to do something about her desire herself Michelle raised her hands to her own breasts, and started massaging them, finding the one breast still slippery with skunk spit. She gently rubbed her breasts, squeezing them firmly, and finding them firmer than she would have thought by their size, Michelle had never really paid much attention to her breasts before. Now they offered a way to extinguish the fire below. Finally Cecilia parted Michelle's folds planting a soft kiss on the shining pink flesh inside, making Michelle shudder in passion. Taking a cue from Cecilia, Michelle turned her own pleasuring up a notch, grasping her nipples between her thumb and forefinger and gently rolling them. She could feel the wave of orgasm building up, this was it, Michelle realized, she was about to be brought to the peak of ecstasy by another female, and right now she was so hot she didn't even care. Cecilia licked the inside of Michelle's sex tenderly, demonstrating the proper technique. Michelle was ready to explode as the skunk stabbed into her nether region again and again with her talented tongue, driving the tip of her muzzle into the human's folds. Michelle tweaked her nipples, urging on the coming wave, when Cecilia's voice brought her back to earth. “What are you doing?”

Michelle's hands stopped as her eyes opened and she looked down at her mistress who was nestled between her thighs. She stared down at the skunk not quite understanding the nature of the question.

“I told you to just lay back and pay attention,” Cecilia scolded, “the anticipation is a big part of this, you've never had anyone go down on you before have you?” Michelle shook her head dumbly, couldn't she just save the discussion for later, the fire in within was consuming her, and she felt an overpowering need to satisfy that urge. “Don't make me tie you down,” she teased. That statement as innocent and playful as it had been brought back some of Michelle's earlier worries, would Cecilia really tie her up, if so then what about some of the other things she had heard. These frightening thoughts put a damper on the heat of her desire for a moment as anxiety, the dreaded nemesis of eroticism, reared it's ugly head. Cecilia almost immediately picked up on the change in her slave's attitude.

“What's wrong, Pet?”

“Mistress, would you really tie me up?” Michelle half whimpered, shaken by the terrible thoughts she couldn't stop.

“Yes, Yes I would, why?”

“Well mistress, I have heard stories of how some humans are . . .” She trailed off not really sure what to say to get her fears out, without running the risk of insulting Cecilia.

Cecilia it seemed did not need Michelle to elaborate, “Is that what's worrying you?” she asked, as though relieved. Cecilia crawled out from between Michelle's legs and helped Michelle to sit up. They sat side by side with their feet over the edge of the bed, as Cecilia took Michele's hand in her paw and paced the other paw over top of it. “Michelle, I may go for a little light bondage occasionally, and for the time being I need to keep you on a tight discipline. But I assure you, I never derive pleasure from hurting my lovers, although unfortunately some of them do get hurt by me though I don't mean to.”

“You mean nipping?” Michelle guessed, thinking of her earlier thoughts about Karl.

“No, although I do occasionally do that as well.” Cecilia admitted, “Many of my lovers have been emotionally hurt when they learn that they can not keep me to themselves. My desire is too strong for any one man, or woman. Or even any one couple for that matter, at least for now.”

“Well, I guess that kind of kills the mood doesn't it,” Cecilia noted, “how would you like to get dressed again, and we can go get a bite to eat at the mess hall?”

“I'd like that very much, but if it's all right with you Mistress, I'd like to just take a moment to clean myself up.” Michelle looked down at her pussy which was flooding all over the sheets and had smeared it's secretions all over Cecilia's muzzle.

“Very well.” Cecilia dismissed.

Michelle got up and replaced her panties, even damper from their brief stay inside her mouth. Cecilia walked over to the bottom drawer of her dresser and handed Michelle an identical pair of clean panties. Michelle took these in her hand and turned to go clean herself but stopped before she reached the door. “Mistress?” She addressed turning around to Cecilia who was already stripping the bed.

“yes pet?”

“Don't worry mistress, I won't get hurt like the others.” Michelle promised, if Cecilia was off with someone else than that just meant less for Michelle to do, which was just fine with her.

“ No,” Cecilia agreed, “ I don't think you will.”