Warning, this document contains homosexual sex between two Male furries. If you are underage, homophobic, just uptight about sex, or any combination of the three then this story isn’t for you. This story was originally written as a sort of rehersal for a challenge to write a M/M story, (possibly) unintentionally set before me by Albrecht. The story turned out better than I thought it would, and has spawned a couple other stories in the series. These characters are all co Aaron Jeffery 1998, and may not be used for profit or derivative works without artist permission. Distribute this document exactly as it appears here freely with the guidelines outlined here.

Steam in the Locker Room

By Skunkaholic

Torm leaned his head back allowing the shower to thoroughly soak the thick black fur of his chest and throat. He thrust his muzzle into the stream of water for a minute loving the feeling of the hot water washing away the natural oils which built up on his fur. Bringing his muzzle out of the spray, and reaching for the bottle of fur shampoo he had placed on the floor of the gym shower, he squirted a small glob into his paw. He worked the shampoo into a lather and massaged it against his sheath, providing an excuse for the aching erection between his thighs. An erection that, thankfully, the showers other occupant, and the reason for the erection, hadn't noticed. The party in question was Lex, a well built young Todd, who had been working out in the gym with Torm. He was slim but well built, not scrawny, with that rich red fur, and black markings, including one below his right eye which looked almost like a tear.

Torm and Lex were both on the college wrestling team, although in different weight classes, Lex was a featherweight, 136 lb. up to 145 lb., to Torm's Heavyweight at 175 and up, Torm himself was around 215 lb. Now that wasn't that much, especially for a skunk, unless one considered the fact that Torm stood only 5'7” tall, so he was solidly built, Skunk genetics I guess. Torm glanced over at Lex, trying to get as good a look as he could, without trying to look like he was trying to look. He grabbed the bottle again and reached around to grab his normally fluffy tail, which was now soaked through with water. Having a little trouble he turned to the fox standing a few feet away. “Um ...” He stammered shyly looking at the floor. “Could you uh ...”

“Need some help with your tail, there?” The hot young fox asked, noticing Torm's embarrassment.

“Yeah, please. I'll get yours if you want.”

“Sure.” Torm turned around and handed Lex the bottle of shampoo over his shoulder. He felt the fox paws working the shampoo into his tail and did his best to suppress a sigh of pleasure.

“Hey, man thanks for getting us the keys so we could workout late.” Lex called over Torm's shoulder.

“No problem you know, one of my friends is a custodian here, he gave me the gym keys to lock up when I leave. And the front door is open cause the drama club is rehearsing down in Stage 2.” ' No problem at all,' Torm thought to himself, he had been secretly delighted when his hot schoolmate had asked to join him in his evening workout.

“Coach says I gotta drop 4 pounds in a week and a half or he'll have to move me up to Lightweight.” The Fox complained.

“That's why I'm glad I'm a heavyweight, no weight limit,” Torm chuckled, still enjoying the feeling of the paws working his tail, drawing tantalizingly close to his ass as they washed the base of his tail. “As long as I stay in good shape and don't suddenly lose 40 pounds.”

“Not much chance of that.” The fox finished soaping up Torm's tail and he turned rinsing it in the spray of water. Once he was satisfied with the results he squeezed a generous portion of shampoo into his paws and started working it into the dripping wet fox tail in front of him. As he worked he stood mesmerized by the red furred ass cheeks in front of him. They were fabulous, perfectly formed and a beautiful deep red in color. His paws were on auto pilot for right now, it was taking all of his self control, to keep from dropping onto his knees here and now, and kissing those gorgeous buns. His lust and sexual instincts were waging a colossal battle with his reason and his conservatism. He wasn't ready to come out of the closet just yet, and there was no telling who would find out if he started hitting on Lex here in the shower. But he wanted him so badly he could taste it. His erection stood, painfully now, jutting out of it's sheath, screaming at him to just move the tail and fuck the living shit out of this bountiful ass in front of him.

He could picture himself leaning over Lex, giving it to him doggy style right here under the torrent of water shooting out from the nozzles on the walls. He could see himself reaching around Lex's body and stroking his 8 inch foxcock as he buggered him from behind. He could practically feel the tightness of the fox's (presumably) virgin ass squeezing tenderly around his cock, and he could hear the hardness of breath and the yips and groans as he imagined the fox thrusting back against his maleness. In fact he could hear the moans of foxy pleasure, not just in his imagination. He awoke from lust induced reverie to discover his paws upon the fox's butt gently massaging both cheeks, as Lex leaned forward propping himself up with his paws on the wall, and thrusting his ass back into the skunks kneading paws.

Shocked and embarrassed at his own boldness Torm quickly removed his hands and stepped back under his own nozzle, trying to finish showering and get out of here as quickly as he could. Torm had known ever since junior high that he was gay, but he had always been to shy to act on any of his fantasies. He glanced over at Lex who was finishing his own shower now, as though nothing had happened. Torm finished his shower and turned the faucets shutting off the water, then he turned and stepped out into the locker room proper. He grabbed his towel and faced the locker where he had stored his stuff and began toweling off. He heard the water in the shower stop and he assumed that Lex was now doing the same. Once he was dry Torm grabbed the white singlette he wore underneath his T-shirt and slid it over his head. The he pulled out his silk boxer shorts, covered with depictions of a famous french cartoon skunk with a female cat in an unwelcome embrace, both surrounded by hearts. As he picked up the undergarments he heard voice from over his shoulder, “Hey stripy.”

Torm turned slowly towards the sound of Lex's voice, and when he turned and looked up, Lex was sitting, naked, on the bench. The massive foxcock which Torm had fantasized about was standing at full attention as Lex gestured Torm towards him. Hesitantly Torm approached as his shyness carried on a screaming match with his own dick.

“Lex, about what just happened . . .” Torm paused trying to develop a reasonable excuse.

“I've seen you eyeing me for weeks, that's why I asked to workout with you.” Lex smiled. Torm smiled back, as Lex stroked himself a few times, ensuring he was at full attention. “Skunky want a lollipop?” he teased. Before Torm even knew what had happened he had dropped to his knees and taken Lex's foxhood into his muzzle. He sucked his muzzle in as much as he could sliding it up and down the magnificent dick he had secretly drooled over dozens of times in the shower. “Woah!” Lex gasped, “Eager are we? Well I promise it'll be everything you could hope for and more.” He chuckled. Torm continued to bob his head enthusiastically, brushing the underside of Lex's dick with his tongue. He listened with glee to the moans ensuing from the fox's throat. Then from deep within his own throat Torm could hear a happy churring, this mutual exchange of satisfaction from his work just drove him on harder.

Torm lifted his head off of the throbbing rod before him and circled it with his paw. He felt the tangy precum which had been coating his taste buds, and began caressing the tender flesh. Torm continued to lap at the tip of the cock, refreshing the taste in his mouth as he jacked Lex off. He twisted his muzzle around trying to lick the head of the fox's cock from all directions. He felt the slipperiness of the cock under his paw as he kept pumping hard on the shaft. He could feel the knot expanding quickly and knew that the fox was drawing near orgasm. Torm removed his hand and began pumping the shaft in his muzzle again, wrapping his tongue around Lex's meat. He could hear the fox's breathing increasing as he drew close, and the moans were becoming loader. He was going to blow his load at any minute.

Torm was anxious to taste the cum of another species. He'd tasted his own often enough, as he jerked off into his own paw, before disposing of the evidence in the simplest manner. But as anxious as he was he wanted even more to feel this fox stud in his ass. Torm turned and presented his ass to Lex, raising his tail high. Lex didn't argue one bit he just took his well lubed cock and pressed firmly against the skunk's anus. He pushed harder, as Torm's ass started to open to accommodate him. Then before he was even inside he withdrew causing Torm to whine. “Tease.” he gasped.

“I want to hear you beg for it Stripy, Beg well enough and I'll give it to you.”

“Please, Please I need it.” Torm whined, his balls aching in anticipation of this new thrill he was about to be bestowed.

“Is that the best you can do?” Lex teased pressing his cock lightly against the skunk's anxious ass. “Come on tell me exactly what you want me to do.”

“Please, Fuck me.” Torm begged. He felt like it was a flood dam once he had started begging he couldn't stop. “Take that massive steel pole and ram it deep into my guts, make me your bitch.”

Lex chuckled for a moment, “Very good little skunk. I shall grant your request. He forced himself into the skunk with a sudden jerk. Torm cried out in pain and pleasure as the fox drove halfway into him in one smooth stroke. He withdrew most of the way and then pumped in again, this time edging in a touch further. Lex withdrew again and slammed hard back in, pistoning repeatedly until his entire cock was pumping in and out of the young skunk.

Lex could feel his thighs hitting the back of Torm's legs and his ass, making little slapping sounds. It was an incredible feeling of power having control over a male a good 75 pounds heavier than he was; despite the excuse he had made up to come here he was right in the middle of his weight class. He felt his knot grinding against Torm's ass, as he drove himself into the churring, moaning lust machine in front of him. Torm was starting to breath harder as he could feel his own orgasm approaching rapidly, from the incredible feeling of fullness provided by the eight inches of foxcock buried in his ass. The intense pleasure, both physical and mental, and the pain of his ass being stretched was combining to have an incredible effect on the pleasure centers Torm's mind. He knew he couldn't hold out much longer but from the sounds of things neither could Lex. Torm felt Lex's hands on his hips, and a sudden jerk backwards as Lex rammed his knot into Torm's ass. Lex fired his spunk deep into the skunk's gut letting out a cry of pleasure. The feeling of the knot popping in coupled with the sensation of hot foxseed spurting into his rectum was too much for Torm as he cried out in passion and sprayed the floor of the locker room with his own cum.

As the fireworks in his head died down, Torm lay his head down on his paws and tears of joy started to flow down his muzzle. He could still feel Lex inside him, the fox's knot tying them together in body and soul, or so he felt.

“Don't cry, little skunk.” Lex panted from behind him. “At least not yet.” he chuckled cryptically.

As Torm looked back at Lex quizzically his ears turned suddenly to the door. Someone had just opened the first of the two sets of doors leading into the locker room. Torm scrambled to get up, but a cry of pain from behind informed him that he and Lex were still fused. The second door opened and a group of furs strutted in. They were a pack of some standing among the collage, there were 4 wolves here, and one fox who had proven himself and been accepted into the pack. Torm buried his head under his paws as the 5 new arrivals cackled over the scene before them.

“Look over here little skunk.” The alpha instructed condescendingly, like one would address a pet. Torm just kept his head covered. “Boys, “ he called to the wolves standing on either side of him, “Break his arms if he doesn't look over here.” Instinctively Torm's head shot up to look towards the fur who had so casually ordered such an act. As soon as he did there was an ominous click, as the fox ran off a few shots on the camera he was holding; the one which Torm hadn't seen.

“Oh god no.” Torm lamented, “Please, no, I'll do anything, just don't show anyone these.” The fox walked around taking shots of Torm's predicament.

“Make sure you get a shot of his cum on the floor.” Lex called out to the fox. Torm snapped his head around in shock to face the fur to which he had just performed the ultimate surrender. Lex was grinning evilly at him. “Sorry Stripy, “ he chuckled. Lex now turned to the pack alpha. “So, now we expose this faggot?”

“That's right, these two dirty little fags buggering in the locker room.”

“Wait a minute!” Lex cried out in betrayal. “We had a deal, I was supposed to remain anonymous!”

“We changed the deal.” the fox standing beside the mated pair taunted, still taking pictures, until his camera hit the end of the film and started rewinding.

“Done boss.” The fox called over to the alpha.

“Good, let's go boys.” The pack turned and started walking out, before the alpha stopped and faced the pair again. “Oh and Lex, good job rooting out the fag. We couldn't have done it without you.” All 5 burst out laughing as Lex did his best to hold in the tears of shame, he wasn't going to give them that satisfaction. Then the pack left Lex and Torm alone.

The two knelt there in silence until Lex's knot shrank down enough for him to withdraw. Then the both started getting dressed, neither man saying a word. Torm's muzzle was soaked from the unending flood of tears, streaming down. As he pulled on his grey and white camouflage pants he turned and looked at Lex, He couldn't remain silent another moment. “Why Lex?” He pleaded for an answer, “Why did you do this to me?”

“Why do you think?!!” The fox exploded back. “We had a deal, I was supposed to remain anonymous, we'd reveal that you were gay to the whole campus and then I was going to get accepted into the pack.”

“You were willing to sell me out for popularity?!” Torm cried, shocked at Lex's motives.

“Don't you fucking get it?!! You're nothing to me, I didn't give a shit about you! The only reason I came here tonight was to set you up and get my place in the pack!”

Each word was like another dagger, burying itself in Torm's heart. Tears exploding more rapidly from his eyes, Torm ran from the room, not worrying about his gym bag, his towel or the keys he had borrowed.

Lex got up and kicked the light covers off of himself. Walking over to the window of his one bedroom apartment he unhitched the latch and opened it, breathing in the night air, and enjoying the cool breeze against his face.

First it had been too hot so he had taken off his shorts. Still too hot he opened the window. Too cold then, he closed the window again. Now he was too hot.

“Aw fuck.” The fox muttered, running his hand through his headfur. Grabbing his glasses off of the bedside table he slipped them on and trudged out of the room to the kitchen. He only wore his glasses at home, when he was at school or anywhere else, he used contacts when he wasn't wrestling or doing some other physical activity. As Lex pulled open the door to the refrigerator he glanced at the nearby table and the keys Torm had left behind. He pulled a carton of milk out of the fridge and opening it, tilted it to his mouth. A slight trickle tumbled out of the carton onto his tongue. Angrily he hurled the empty container into the garbage and grabbed a fresh one out of the fridge. Opening it up he lifted it to his muzzle and drank heavily. Then replacing the milk Lex walked into the other room in the apartment, flicking on a light as he entered the bathroom. Lex turned to the mirror over the sink and noticed that he was now sporting a milk mustache. He chuckled, until something in the back of his mind mentioned how much the milk resembled something else. Grumbling he ran some water into the sink and then splashed it onto his muzzle, washing away the milk and relaxing him. Then he flicked off the light and returned to his bed, trying to ignore that little voice in his head. The one suggesting that maybe that night's activities had meant more to him than he was admitting.