The following contains explicit depictions of adult material. If you are not of legal age or are easily offended then do not continue. With this having been said I, the author, hereby absolve myself of any guilt that arises from people refusing to heed my warnings. The characters in this story are co. me. Redistribute freely provided this document is unaltered, and it is not for profit.


By Skunkaholic

Carson stripped the shirt from his well muscled chest, brushing down an out of place patch of jet black fur. Tossing the discarded garment casually to the side he lay back and enjoyed the warmth of the sunlight on his naked torso. The black bear gave a gentle yawn as his ear flicked, trying to dissuade a bothersome mosquito from landing. A swift flick of his massive paw sent the insect away, seeking more a cooperative donor. His eyes closed as he lay on the grass listening to the river splash and churn as it made its way westward, down out of the mountains.

That was one of the great things about living in Cascadia; the water. Most of the area south of the man state of Oregon and east of the former Province of Saskatchewan was Desert, clear to the barren wastelands of Newfoundland and eventually to the south the tropical rain-forests in Brazil. The desert areas were dotted by hundreds of villages, usually each of their own species, and often gathered around oasises.

Man's time on the earth had been gone for well over one hundred and fifty years. About three decades into the twenty first century, mankind began to create new species, a testament to their power and an attempt to play god. These new life forms were animals, mans companions on this planet since they first began recording history, given a humanoid shape. This proved to be man's greatest mistake and would be their undoing. Because of their humanoid forms combined with exotic nature of their animal features many of these beings were used as pleasure slaves by the rich elite, who could afford to build a fur to their exact specifications, body style, species, everything. These furs organized a sort of rebellion and began manipulating their powerful masters in subtle ways, until they were properly positioned. Once things were aligned the furs seized total control and it became man who was reduced to slavery. Although this did not last, the Alpha council who made all global decisions, decided that it was too dangerous to keep the humans around for fear that they would try to find a way to restore their supremacy. And it was by a sad decision that the humans were loaded into rockets and sent to live in isolation, supporting themselves with lives as farmers and such, on the moon colony with no way to ever leave.

It was then that the climate changed, as though God was punishing the humans and the furs alike for their foolish quarreling. The climate changed becoming hotter; summer stretching to as much as 10 months of the year in some areas. The amount of rain decreased in many areas leaving much of North America and other parts of the world barren, but not uninhabited.

No one was sure why Cascadia was spared the wrath of an angry world but it had been, by the large. The area was covered in massive forests with rivers of clear fresh water, like the one Carson was laying beside, stretching its borders and interior.

As Carson lay there basking in the July sunshine, he felt movement within his right hand. His eyes snapped open as he felt it again; a bite. Bolting into a standing position he struggled reeling his catch in slowly. From the fight it was probably about a 6 pounder, quite respectable for the river. After about 5 minutes Carson hauled his prize, gleaming silver in the sun, out of the water. He removed the fish from the line and placed it into the hand cooler with the other three he had caught earlier.

The production of food in all its forms had become the responsibility of government agencies about 20 years ago, when they realized that with all the unorganized fishing groups, and farmers and other industries, competing with one another, it was a state of disarray. It was then declared that the government would regulate the production of all foodstuffs, thus eliminating the need for competition. Carson knew that fishing was the responsibility of the government and private fishing was illegal, which was why many virtual reality video games had been built around sport fishing. Carson also didn't care about that, his family had fished this river since the overthrowing of man, he wasn't going to let some government ruling stop him. Besides it's not as though conservation ever came out here.

On that note he rebaited his hook and cast his line back into the stream, try for just one more before he headed home. Once his line was bobbing happily in the stream he lay down again to enjoy the sun while he waited, it was a perfect day, not a single cloud in the sky. As he waited the heat began to get to him and he slowly drifted off to sleep.

Carson awoke to a tap on his shoulder. He jerked awake staring up at the blue sky; standing over him was an unfamiliar fur. Getting into an upright position he examined her, a few years older than him and in good shape. Her fur as black as his own but marked by white patches including a prominent stripe along the length of her huge bushy tail, which probably continued up her back; such was the markings of a skunk. She had beautiful blue eyes and a breathtaking figure, but it was not really her breasts which held Carson's attention right now, but the shirt against which they strained. Her shirt bore the badge of a conservation officer and the rest of her clothing matched standard uniform, for that government agency.

“Hello sir.” She chimed, her voice light and pleasant, but laced with a sensual tone.

“Uh, hi.” was all the stunned bear could think to utter, he knew he was in deep trouble.

“I am officer Amy Masters, of the Northwest District Conservation Office. What is your name?” she asked, her manner very businesslike but still friendly.

“Carson, Carson Bright.”

“Well then, now that the pleasantries are out of the way, down to business I guess.” Her tone changed very suddenly loosing it's sensuality and a great deal of it's pleasant tone, becoming totally businesslike, almost android in terms of feeling. “You are in violation of section 248, subsection 3 of the Natural Resources Protection Act. As well as section 172, subsection 12, of the Cascadian Food Resources Control Act, the later being a federal offense.”

“Oh come on, my family has been fishing this river for our food since three generations before that stupid Food Resources Control Act.” Carson Interrupted.

“If found guilty you face a maximum fine of up to 300 credits per fish, and a prison sentence of up to 2 years.” She continued taking no notice of his protests.

Carson looked her over, she truly was a very attractive woman, He could feel his erection growing and pulling free of his sheath, in spite of his predicament. If he was going to catch hell for this he might as well make it fun. “How much extra could I get for attempting to seduce a conservation officer?” he asked, a sly grin lighting his face. Amy just stood there for a moment and then her smile matched his as she placed her hands on his chest.

“Well, you are very handsome.” Carson could hardly believe what he was hearing, was she being serious or just setting him up for a shootdown. “So tell me, “ She purred, running her hands over his pectorals, “Is your lower body this well built.”

“Only one way for you to find out.” Carson grinned.

Amy guided him down onto his back and undid the buckle of his belt. In one smooth movement she slid the belt off of his body and brought it up in front of her face, as she grinned like the devil himself. She then tried to roll Carson onto his stomach but was met with resistance, Carson still wasn't exactly sure what her game was. “Now now,” she teased. “Be a good boy and cooperate. Bad things happen to boys who don't cooperate.” Right now Carson wasn't sure what was going on but with the situation he was in now it could become a lot worse if he didn't cooperate, so he allowed himself to be rolled over with a great effort. He felt her grab his arm and pull it back, then he began to clue in as to what she was doing, just as his belt was tightening around both wrists binding them behind his back.

She rolled Carson back over, trapping his arms even more behind him but also forcing him to prop himself up into a sitting position with his legs stretched out in front of him. She then stood up and turned her back to Carson. His mind began to flash warning lights, was she just going to leave him here, arms bound with his own belt? Carson was relieved when she stopped about five feet from him.

She turned to face him again and began unbuttoning her shirt. As she worked her cleavage became visible, being lifted into place by a powder blue bra trimmed with lace. Then she reached the last button. Her shirt was now undone although it still hid her breasts revealing only her bra and cleavage. She grabbed the front of her shirt as though to strip it off but then pulled it closed tight again. She slowly began to let it open again, only to close it just before it opened enough to reveal anything. At this point Carson involuntarily growled, growing increasingly aroused by her teasing. Holding her shirt closed with one hand she shook the index finger of her other hand at Carson. “Really, so impatient, that's something we'll have to see if we can fix.”

Amy turned her back to Carson and then let her shirt slide down her back, revealing the silky blue strap of her bra running across her back. The shirt slid down her arms and to the ground. Covering her chest with her arms she turned back to Carson and slid her foot under the shirt. One quick flick of her foot sent the shirt flying, draping it over Carson's head. Carson took a deep breath savoring in the smell of this beautiful skunk, before tossing his head, to rid himself of his impromptu blindfold. After a few tries he finally managed to dislodge the shirt and send it drifting to the ground nearby. Amy stood there, her arms across her chest. If she moved her arms her bra would come off and join her shirt. She slowly walked up to Carson and lowered her arms. He gasped as he starred at her magnificent breasts, large and perfectly formed, her nipples already protruding from her white chest fur. Amy took her bra and draped it over Carson's head, laying the armholes over his ears and even going so far as to secure the hook under his chin. She stepped back a minute to examine the helpless bear in front of her and giggled, causing her breasts to shake.

She walked up to Carson again and guided him onto his back. Then she stepped over him and straddled his chest. She bent down positioning the zipper of her pants mere inches from the bear' muzzle. “Come on, undo my pants.” Carson leaned forward enough to grab the zipper between his teeth, and lowered himself, gently pulling the zipper down as far as it would go. As the zipper lowered a pair of silk panties, matching color to her bra, became visible nestled amongst the silky black fur of his captor. Standing up again she raised her one leg, so that it hovered right next to Carson's face. Carson wasn't exactly sure what she wanted. “Are you going to help me or not?” Amy demanded, a bit of annoyance edging into her voice. Then it became clear to Carson what was desired of him, he gently wrapped his teeth around the ankle of her pant leg. A gentle tug by Amy soon stripped that leg of the pants from her, and she proceeded to duplicate the action with the other leg. Carson was mesmerized by the sight of this gorgeous skunk standing over him in only her panties, his own inability to move only heightened the exotic nature of the situation.

Amy slipped her fingers into the waistband of her panties and, turning around slid them down to her ankles; her shapely ass hovered only a foot or so away from his face. Amy turned around and placed her hand on Carson's forehead. With a gentle application of pressure she laid him flat on his back. She then lowered herself onto the muzzle of the black bear. “Pleasure me bear, Pleasure me and you too shall be pleased.”

Carson's tongue slithered out of his muzzle and caressed the tender skunk flesh riding his muzzle. He brought his muzzle right up against her outer lips and drove his tongue into her, as though he was french kissing her. Amy moaned in pleasure as Carson worked his magic on her sex. The tangy taste of her pre-cum began to wash over Carson's tongue as he stabbed at her again and again. “Mmmm, that's very good little bear, keep it up.” Amy moaned. Ironic choice of words for Carson could feel that 'it' was indeed up. By this time he could feel that his cock had grown fully erect and slid free of it's sheath; he could feel it rubbing against the inside of his jeans. As Amy became increasing aroused Carson pulled his tongue out of her and instead nibbled gently at her emerged clit. The skunk gasped and began driving herself against his muzzle, trying to force the tip into her. Her breath sounded like thunder as she lifted herself off of Carson's muzzle. Carson tried to keep from losing his treasure but his attempts were in vain.

She turned and walked back to where she had stood and taken off her shirt. Then she turned back to the bear, who had again propped himself up to watch his skunk goddess. His face glistened with her passion as his tongue, which had apparently not gotten enough of her flavor, roamed around his muzzle trying to scrape away as much as it could, before retreating into its home.

Amy lay down on her back and spread her legs facing the bear, her own lips still glistening in the summer sun. Then she placed her fingers at the entrance of her hole and proceeded to finish what she had allowed Carson to start. Carson's erection was now growing painful in his pants. He growled and struggled trying to free his arms from their leather binds, but they held fast. Amy giggled at the bear's renewed struggle, and stretched her lips wide displaying everything inside to her captive audience. She then drove her fingers inside again, and began pumping them. Her free hand found work manipulating her engorged clit. Her eyes gently drifted shut as her pleasure began overwhelming her other senses. She moaned passionately as she continued to work, she could feel her excitement building up, ready to explode. Her one hand still massaging her button, she stopped pumping with the other hand and withdrew her fingers soon to be replaced by her thumb. The fingers which had just nestled in her tunnel then moved to her other hole as she pressed the one finger, up to the knuckle into her anus. All this stimuli was too much for Amy as she bucked her hips in the air and let out a scream as she came with the explosive force of a volcano. She stayed like that for a moment, her back arched thrusting her breasts at the sky, her whole body shaking.

The scene unfolding also had been too much for Carson, he was lost in a sea of lust. He was sitting fully up and his arms were straining with all his might. There was a snap as Carson's belt broke in two and was sent flying into the trees to get tangled somewhere. Carson jumped to his feet as Amy slumped back to the ground her eyes still closed with a dreamy expression on her face. Her orgasm had been so powerful she hadn't even heard the snapping of the belt.

She was jolted back to reality by the feeling of two paws closing around her wrists. Carson forced her wrists to the ground beside her head, and positioned himself between her thighs. His jeans already discarded, his rock solid cock was already bared and ready. He drove it into her with a single thrust and began furiously fucking the skunk who had tormented him. His pelvis slapped against her butt making loud slapping noises. Amy began recovering from the initial shock of the situation and began thrusting herself against Carson, driving his bear meat deeper into her. She reveled in the fullness he provided, she hadn't actually seen it but she could tell from the feeling in her lower region that he was big! She would guess at least ten inches and more than three inches around. As Amy moaned, Carson began to make some noise as well. His breath started coming in short fierce blasts. Carson huffed as he continued pistoning against the soft flesh that his tongue had caressed just minutes before. Then with a colossal roar he felt the release he sought. Amy could feel the bear shooting steaming cum into her. She was soon filled to the point where it started dribbling out of her onto the grass. She had no idea that a bear could produce that much. As he finally stopped shooting into her Carson collapsed on top of the gorgeous young skunk.

Carson gently awoke staring up at the crystal blue of the summer sky. “Man that was some dream.” he ran his fingers through his hair and sat up. “I guess I should be getting back soon.” he grumbled and turned to pick up his fish basket. His fish! Where the hell were his fish?! Then he noticed something else in the bottom of the basket, a lacy powder blue bra, and a note. Carson unfolded the note and read.

Thanks for the fun, here's a momento to remember me by. Consider this a warning, don't try fishing here again okay.


P.S. Thanks for the fish.

As Carson gathered up his pole and basket and started on the trail back home, he didn't notice a pair of beautiful blue eyes watching him from the bushes, and a solitary giggle.