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Image: 4armedsk.jpg   606x700 70101 bytes 2004.04.13

This started out as a revamp of one of my earlier thought-up species, but as I sketched it, I wondered what Michi/Dracofox would look like with four arms, so it sort of morphed into Michi. The result: I think I like the idea of having four arms. I could multitask. Type/Draw, Type/Pet Cat, Read/Type.. the list goes on.

Image: anthrodramichisk.jpg   625x800 96262 bytes 2003.11.20

I'm back on Furcadia! And I intend to buy a dragon avatar soon. This is what my Furcadia form looks like. I'm.. quite pleased with it.

Image: beast.jpg   593x700 102178 bytes 2003.09.20

This is a redo of an old sketch I did back in 01.. and I was not on the verge of a mental breakdown then and nor am I now. I just found the pics ridiculously fun to do. Venting is fun! ^_^\r\n\r\nI suppose if you want to get artsy about it, the pic could represent the dormant rage that I have cultivated and sealed away in my heart, a feral beast that I raised and chained myself and have set aside as a last defensive resort against those who would seek to harm me in life--but that's only if you want to get artsy.

Image: beastiesk.jpg   530x600 47700 bytes 2003.10.19

Random beastie. Sorta bad, but tolerable.

Image: benzi.jpg   522x800 113637 bytes 2004.03.27

Sketch of Benzi, who is his player.

Image: bitternesssk.jpg   419x800 68534 bytes 2003.11.07

Here I sit, trapped in this dead husk of a human body, confined to this small, fragile, inferior shape. For as long as I can remember I have hated this infernal shell; for as long as I can remember my fondest wish has been to become something other than what I am, unbound by human limits. My existence is a quest that can never be completed, an ambition with no basis in this reality, a hunger hindered by these laws of physics. Part of me still clings to the hope that this reality can be disproved and that I may one day finally be able to believe in something past what I can see. The rest of me is broken; hope twists to bitter hatred, hatred of this reality and this worthless body.

Image: chibimichidragonsk.jpg   582x700 63618 bytes 2003.10.19

This is a chibified sketch of my dragon persona. Foxdragon!

Image: chibimichisunesk.jpg   388x800 52881 bytes 2003.11.03

A chibi Michi pic in the works. No tails yet. Soon. Blah.

Image: cosmominisk.jpg   372x250 19240 bytes 2004.07.01

A small rough-draft sketch of my space-dragon Cosmo. He no longer looks like this.

Image: cosmosk.jpg   400x513 41515 bytes 2004.07.01

A better Cosmo sketch, but ignore the crappy far leg.

Image: doraposesk2.jpg   700x586 62211 bytes 2004.07.01

A much better pic of Dora that will one day be finished.

Image: dragomichsk.jpg   700x542 80132 bytes 2004.07.01

A nonanthro Michi-dragon scribble. Dunno what she's backing away from.

Image: dragonheadsk.jpg   409x400 39760 bytes 2003.09.22

Random head sketch of my persona's dragon aspect.. finished version to come eventually. Just figured I'd post it because I like it so far.

Image: dramichiheadsks.jpg   500x457 35232 bytes 2003.10.19

Some head sketches of Michi the Foxdragon. Yes, her top teeth are supposed to point outward like that.

Image: drozmundunfin.jpg   592x607 75481 bytes 2004.03.11

Unfinished, but I thought I'd post it anyway, just in case I destroy all the good stuff I've done by completing it. Took a little inspiration from a video game, and ran with it. Cyborg-y.

Image: duchessmichisk.jpg   540x800 75654 bytes 2003.12.04

My initial thoughts upon being asked to serve as a Regent in the Furcadian guild of the Kingdom of Elderew. I'm a little hyped about it. X3~

Image: flyingfoxbatthief.jpg   590x686 72701 bytes 2003.09.18

Something to start my sketches directory: a recent character pic I did of a flying fox bat. Looks like a carnivore, does he? Actually, he likes peaches best. Tangerines are a close second. His name is "Lightning" Hako, and he's a thief by profession.

Image: foxphoesk.jpg   621x800 117895 bytes 2004.02.05

Yes, I'm still alive. Artist's block. This was a good block breaker though. Furcadia phoenix/fox cross.

Image: foxywitchsk.jpg   521x600 55035 bytes 2004.07.01

Done for a friend of mine, because the character she created is adorable. Foxy witch character is to Ozzy.

Image: horsedogthingsk.jpg   577x800 69773 bytes 2003.11.12

I've made a young friend going to hockey games, and she asked me to draw her a horse/dog hybrid. I rather like the way it turned out.

Image: hungoverpandask.jpg   665x700 75942 bytes 2004.05.12

A response to a sketch a friend of mine did. I don't normally draw pandas, so I figured it'd be good practice.. and it turned out rather good.

Image: kamsk.jpg   500x392 32804 bytes 2004.03.21

A random sketch I did of Kam who is his player.

Image: liljechibisk.jpg   294x500 41845 bytes 2003.09.19

A sketch I just finished of a new character of a new species I just made up. Feel that creative energy flowing! Mwahahah! This is Lilje (lil'-yah), and his species doesn't have a name yet. Non-chibi pic to come in the near future.

Image: liljeminisk.jpg   208x200 15055 bytes 2003.09.21

This is just a little pose study mini-sketch of Lilje I did that I thought turned out sorta cute.

Image: lionfishgon.jpg   800x634 82047 bytes 2003.11.01

What do you get when you toss two dragon-fanatic artists in a lionfish exhibit? Well, for lack of a better term thus far, a lionfishgon. And this lionfishgon is stalking lunch.\r\n\r\nWhat's anthro about this, you ask? ....Well it has arms! See? Arms!!\r\n\r\nI like the eyes.

Image: michigryffe.jpg   800x693 96314 bytes 2003.12.07

I find that I like gryffes. So I drew Michi as a gryffe. This is a bad thing, because now I want a gryffe. o_o; I'm sure I'll get over it.

Image: michimesk.jpg   740x800 94606 bytes 2004.03.21

I sketch I did a while ago. One of the few plantigrade pics I've done.

Image: michisidesk.jpg   700x512 83590 bytes 2004.03.23

Just doodling away and this popped out of the end of my pencil. It needs some work, but I rather like it so far. I hadn't done a pic of my kitsune form in a while, felt I needed to. Damn paper being too short... *pokes at the cut-off hand*

Image: michistraitjacketsk.jpg   496x600 70098 bytes 2004.12.04

Look, I updated. I figured, why not? It's me.

Image: michiwaysk.jpg   543x800 65647 bytes 2003.11.13

I felt my old "Michi is the Way" pic needed some retrospective attention. Modify the outfit a little bit and bam... an awesome sketch results.\r\n\r\nWhat am I sitting on? I don't know either.

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