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Image: anthrodramichisk.jpg   625x800 96262 bytes 2003.11.20

I'm back on Furcadia! And I intend to buy a dragon avatar soon. This is what my Furcadia form looks like. I'm.. quite pleased with it.

Image: ozzymichihugsk.jpg   750x800 108272 bytes 2003.11.20

Random doodle to my buddy Ozzy. I like the way Ozz's tail came out in this one. o_O

Image: notabatsk.jpg   567x800 76190 bytes 2003.11.20

Just a random gift sketch... was playing with ideas. X3

Image: michiwaysk.jpg   543x800 65647 bytes 2003.11.13

I felt my old "Michi is the Way" pic needed some retrospective attention. Modify the outfit a little bit and bam... an awesome sketch results.\r\n\r\nWhat am I sitting on? I don't know either.

Image: pantherswinsk.jpg   656x800 69032 bytes 2003.11.12

Congratulations to the Florida Panthers on their amazing 4-0 win over Tampa Bay last night! I did this during the game (sketch watch sketch watch sketch watch GOOOOOAAAAAAL cheer watch sketch watch etc).. call it a tribute pic I suppose. I did and coloured a pic sorta like this before and we took them to autograph sessions to get them signed. I'll probably do the same with this one when I finish it. I will finish this one. Really.

Image: horsedogthingsk.jpg   577x800 69773 bytes 2003.11.12

I've made a young friend going to hockey games, and she asked me to draw her a horse/dog hybrid. I rather like the way it turned out.

Image: ozzydragofoxsk.jpg   628x800 143170 bytes 2003.11.09

Done for a good friend of mine, a nice fox-dragon hybrid. Don't mind the chibi-doodle in the top corner there... dunno where it came from. A rogue thought that made it to paper or something.

Image: bitternesssk.jpg   419x800 68534 bytes 2003.11.07

Here I sit, trapped in this dead husk of a human body, confined to this small, fragile, inferior shape. For as long as I can remember I have hated this infernal shell; for as long as I can remember my fondest wish has been to become something other than what I am, unbound by human limits. My existence is a quest that can never be completed, an ambition with no basis in this reality, a hunger hindered by these laws of physics. Part of me still clings to the hope that this reality can be disproved and that I may one day finally be able to believe in something past what I can see. The rest of me is broken; hope twists to bitter hatred, hatred of this reality and this worthless body.

Image: chibimichisunesk.jpg   388x800 52881 bytes 2003.11.03

A chibi Michi pic in the works. No tails yet. Soon. Blah.

Image: lionfishgon.jpg   800x634 82047 bytes 2003.11.01

What do you get when you toss two dragon-fanatic artists in a lionfish exhibit? Well, for lack of a better term thus far, a lionfishgon. And this lionfishgon is stalking lunch.\r\n\r\nWhat's anthro about this, you ask? ....Well it has arms! See? Arms!!\r\n\r\nI like the eyes.

Image: newmichsk.jpg   501x800 67960 bytes 2003.10.21

A sketch I did at 2 AM of Michi. Quite a bit different from my usual style. Experimenting.

Image: napfoxdragon.jpg   700x374 37617 bytes 2003.10.19

Another chibi MichiDragon pic. Napping.

Image: dramichiheadsks.jpg   500x457 35232 bytes 2003.10.19

Some head sketches of Michi the Foxdragon. Yes, her top teeth are supposed to point outward like that.

Image: chibimichidragonsk.jpg   582x700 63618 bytes 2003.10.19

This is a chibified sketch of my dragon persona. Foxdragon!

Image: beastiesk.jpg   530x600 47700 bytes 2003.10.19

Random beastie. Sorta bad, but tolerable.

Image: twinbladeishmichi.jpg   457x700 73546 bytes 2003.09.27

Not 100% finished, but I was gonna go mad if I didn't scan and upload it soon. It started out as a Twin Blade (from .hack) version of Michi, but I'm not sure exactly what it ended up as.. at any rate, I like it a lot. However, I might post it in the VCL Forum and ask for criticism, because I need to improve my pencil shading.. I'm not pleased with my current ability.\r\n\r\nBlah.

Image: rakisk.jpg   619x700 104920 bytes 2003.09.22

A new pic of an old character... I miss Raki. -_- This pic turned out nicely though.

Image: shiroijoint.jpg   474x700 95661 bytes 2003.09.22

Shiroi again. I did this while in Boston for a wedding. I think it turned out rather nicely. But I fricking ran out of paper at the bottom. Grr.

Image: shiroisheet.jpg   688x800 153185 bytes 2003.09.22

Sometimes I like to drive over to Seaworld and sit in the Arctic exhibit and watch the polar bear(s). I took my notebook with me and say for three hours in the uber-cold arctic exhibit air, drawing. This is one of the sheets I ended up with. Expression studies for Shiroi. Some not very good.

Image: shiroiyawn.jpg   502x500 61727 bytes 2003.09.22

Shiroi yawning. This was the first pic I ever did of her.. I think it's rather good. I have too many sketches.

Image: dragonheadsk.jpg   409x400 39760 bytes 2003.09.22

Random head sketch of my persona's dragon aspect.. finished version to come eventually. Just figured I'd post it because I like it so far.

Image: slimeforestcolol.jpg   700x535 70556 bytes 2003.09.21 I'm serious, this thing is awesome. Cult classic!

Image: slimeforestmichi.jpg   700x590 79574 bytes 2003.09.21

Learn Japanese while playing an RPG! Fun stoner toy. Michi likes it. See her enthusiasm!

Image: liljeminisk.jpg   208x200 15055 bytes 2003.09.21

This is just a little pose study mini-sketch of Lilje I did that I thought turned out sorta cute.

Image: shiroisk.jpg   529x700 62916 bytes 2003.09.21

I did this a while ago, and just now decided to upload it. It's the first and best pic of Shiroi that I've done. Tomboyish, innshe? More and better pics of the white bear later on.

Image: beast.jpg   593x700 102178 bytes 2003.09.20

This is a redo of an old sketch I did back in 01.. and I was not on the verge of a mental breakdown then and nor am I now. I just found the pics ridiculously fun to do. Venting is fun! ^_^\r\n\r\nI suppose if you want to get artsy about it, the pic could represent the dormant rage that I have cultivated and sealed away in my heart, a feral beast that I raised and chained myself and have set aside as a last defensive resort against those who would seek to harm me in life--but that's only if you want to get artsy.

Image: nezumiheadsk.jpg   305x400 35699 bytes 2003.09.20

A random gift sketch for Nezumi! I'll even try to colour it later. ^^ Used with permission.

Image: liljechibisk.jpg   294x500 41845 bytes 2003.09.19

A sketch I just finished of a new character of a new species I just made up. Feel that creative energy flowing! Mwahahah! This is Lilje (lil'-yah), and his species doesn't have a name yet. Non-chibi pic to come in the near future.

Image: flyingfoxbatthief.jpg   590x686 72701 bytes 2003.09.18

Something to start my sketches directory: a recent character pic I did of a flying fox bat. Looks like a carnivore, does he? Actually, he likes peaches best. Tangerines are a close second. His name is "Lightning" Hako, and he's a thief by profession.

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