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Image: harpokshirt2.jpg   600x739 124168 bytes 2004.04.05

More bits of old stuff. Simple drawing of Harpok for a t-shirt design at

Image: satisdesigns.jpg   500x679 150486 bytes 2004.04.05

Old-ish character design for my comic, which seems like it'll be a work-in-progress FOREVER.

Image: regression.jpg   600x849 200650 bytes 2004.04.05

Just one wildlife drawing here, just as an example. I'm going to be doing a few of these to sell on Ebay: I've hit a big block lately with my cartooning/comics work, and found myself drawing some animals from photos I took last summer at a zoo near Plymouth.

Image: tradekitsunecol.jpg   462x610 116737 bytes 2003.11.11

Trade with Kitsunerei from Deviant Art. She likes Lazul! Lazul is Abigail Ryder 2003.

Image: wfcomic6.jpg   600x849 213321 bytes 2003.11.11

Yay! Uh, actually, this one is a bit sad really. WorryFox is Abigail Ryder 2003.

Image: wf5.jpg   600x849 236631 bytes 2003.11.11

Introducing ReaperFox, the Death of Foxes. ReaperFox is Selena Thomas 2003!

Image: wf4.jpg   600x849 199265 bytes 2003.11.08

Introducing the weird Grumpy-Doo. And huzzah, I finally updated my site with new art and stuff for sale: WorryFox and Grumpy-Doo are Abigail Ryder 2003.

Image: wf3.jpg   600x849 121862 bytes 2003.11.07

Pigeons are evil. WorryFox and Mr Squirrel are Abigail Ryder 2003.

Image: wf2.jpg   600x849 108381 bytes 2003.11.07

Comic 2, the picnic. WorryFox and Mr Squirrel are Abigail Ryder 2003.

Image: wf1.jpg   600x849 172211 bytes 2003.11.07

I haven't uploaded any WorryFox comics here yet, so I thought it would. The very first WorryFox comic I did, which starts off the 'story' but is a bit, errr, tosh now really. Skip this quickly and go to comic 2. :-) WorryFox and Mr Squirrel are Abigail Ryder 2003.

Image: sekhmet.jpg   540x747 92847 bytes 2003.09.13

Queen Sekhmet and her pet Devourer, again for

Image: shezmu.jpg   500x700 98294 bytes 2003.09.13

Another character pic for The Commander, big cyborg lion dude.

Image: uripic.jpg   400x791 84038 bytes 2003.09.13

Just uploading some character pics. Here's Uri, the little cyborg snake genius from

Image: turbine.jpg   500x706 122756 bytes 2003.08.29

For the Yerf trading post, character (c) Turbine Divinity 2003!

Image: mummies.jpg   500x740 124537 bytes 2003.08.19

Lazul faces some particularly smelly enemies. Cyborg mummy, anyone? Characters Abigail Ryder 2003.

Image: lazuljar.jpg   400x586 64240 bytes 2003.08.17

Lazul again from (I've been drawing him too much lately). A sketch I ended up colouring in Photoshop.

Image: worryandjer.jpg   400x592 73180 bytes 2003.07.04

Gift for Danielle, her character Jerimin is helping WorryFox out with her evil squirrel problem. Mr Squirrel is WF's nemesis, he won't let her get away with this for long.

Image: rfbirthday.jpg   400x591 75181 bytes 2003.07.04

Birthday gift for my lovely friend Selena of her character Reaperfox, a giant pony thing, and my character WorryFox. Eeee.

Image: lazulvseti.jpg   400x565 81226 bytes 2003.06.24

Lazul showing a rare display of violence. But he's a bit ticked off and a little tired of being a sap. Plus there's a big Seti monster trying to eat him. I'd start sticking up for myself too! All characters are Abigail Ryder 2003.

Image: lazulsulk.jpg   794x400 31519 bytes 2003.06.18

Also from my comic stuff, this is Lazul. He's a failed priest of Anubis and as a result he's a fairly sulky chap. Lazul is Abigail Ryder 2003.

Image: urimecha.jpg   400x590 59406 bytes 2003.06.18

From my comic project stuff at Harpok is saved from shennanigans by a big robot (whee!), inside which is the little snake Uri. Go weird cute robot go! Coloured in Photoshop, and all characters are Abigail Ryder 2003.

Image: snakefightf.jpg   400x591 77591 bytes 2003.06.16

Um, my characters from a comic I'm developing. It's a freaky, Egypt science-fiction thingymadoo, and these are two of the main characters. The human is Shay, the kid is Harpok, and those are some snake demons. Yeah. All characters are Abigail Ryder 2003. has more stuff.

Image: abitragos.jpg   400x583 70866 bytes 2003.06.16

More Trading Post work! This time Tragos, who is NevarRaven 2003. Background painted with watercolours, and Tragos herself was coloured with markers.

Image: abisadie.jpg   400x577 57265 bytes 2003.06.16

This is part of a Trading Post thing at Yerf. Um, this is Sadie! Sadie is Terzy 2003. Pencils scanned and coloured in Photoshop.

Image: ahjincommand.jpg   400x581 46610 bytes 2003.06.13

Two villains from my comic book idea (Nemesis Fleet). Lion dude = The Commander. Weird creepy Anubis priest = Ahjin. Yeah. Characters are Abigail Ryder 2003.

Image: tigercommiss.jpg   400x566 66849 bytes 2003.06.13

Commission for Snapcat, coloured in Photoshop. Um, yes! Detailed shading resulted in dead arm. I'm still recovering. :-)

Image: reaperf.jpg   382x550 64247 bytes 2003.06.13

Ok! First upload. This is a marker coloured picture for my very good friend Selena of her character ReaperFox. Old, but I still like the crazy magenta colours. ReaperFox is Selena Thomas.

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