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Image: 20010314a.jpg   500x605 90578 bytes 2002.04.01

First page of an online comic that I started recently over at Keenspace called "Wandering Trials". Page 1 of 3.\r\n\r\n"Wandering Trials" and all characters featured are 2002 Adam Fullerton. Do not redistribute!!

Image: cb_ink.jpg   505x648 87141 bytes 2002.04.01

Did this as a 2nd Place prize in a contest my wife and I held on our comic strip a while back. I JUST got this one finished and scanned the other day, and she won this pic a while back. :P Sorry for the wait! >_<\r\n\r\nCentury Bloodrunner is 2002 her player. Artwork is 2002 Adam Fullerton. Do not distribute!

Image: marissa_ink.jpg   307x639 64342 bytes 2002.03.11

Kinda surprised I hadn't uploaded this one yet! This was done by request from a friend on YiffNet. Artwork is 2002 Adam Fullerton. "Marissa" and her likeness is 2002 her player.

Image: ericatrot_color.jpg   396x590 83942 bytes 2002.03.11

Colors came out a little muddier than I was hoping for in this scan. Nonetheless, I'm happy enough with it to post here. Quick reminder to self (and, perhaps, a warning to others in advance): Rendering individual grass blades with marker can be a real pain. Caution should be noted for future artistic ventures... :P Erica Trot is 2002 Adam Fullerton and Gabriela Fullerton. Do not distribute!

Image: nichole_ink.jpg   566x612 83181 bytes 2002.03.11

Haven't figured out a GOOD name for this character yet. So, for the meantime, I'm naming her after a co-worker who commented on the pic while I was working on it at the office. Artwork is 2002 Adam Fullerton. Do not distribute!!

Image: wtmain_color.jpg   522x559 107494 bytes 2002.01.08

This image was created specifically for an upcoming online comic I intend on producing called "Wandering Trials". I'm doing this in an attempt to finally tell the backstory to my character Pegasus, and see where I can take him beyond just an origin story. As stated in the main image, everything is 2001 Adam Fullerton. Do not redistribute!

Image: Satin_color.jpg   504x612 116263 bytes 2002.01.08

Obviously, a seasonal pic. This was for Tiffany Ross over at All characters above, including (from left to right) Marcus, Satin and Jules are 2002 Tiffany Ross. All rights reserved. Do not redistribute! Artwork is 2002 Adam Fullerton.

Image: groomink.jpg   450x655 98867 bytes 2001.11.17

Pic I did shortly before Kammy and I got married back in July. We've been working on a collaboration pic which featured several other artists' characters drawn by their creators. It will be a collage of artwork, in other words. We're just horrible procrastinators, so it hasn't been finished yet. :\\ "Pegasus" and all artwork is 2001 Adam Fullerton. DO NOT REDISTRIBUTE!!

Image: archangelm.jpg   504x605 86502 bytes 2001.11.16

This is the pic referred to in "Whisper_ink.jpg". :P Thought I had it on the gallery and I didn't! *whoops* :P Hope ya like!

Image: wtmain_ink.jpg   599x648 98020 bytes 2001.11.15

I don't post nearly enough pictures with these two. :P Well, this is what I was planning on using as a "main graphic" when I still planned on posting my comic for free on Keenspace. However, things where that is concerned may change in the not-too-distant future. So, for all I know, this could end up being the front cover art for the first issue! Pray for me, peoples! :) Pegasus and Strobe are both Adam B. Fullerton. DO NOT REDISTRIBUTE!!

Image: whisper_ink.jpg   360x643 79224 bytes 2001.11.15

Another commission piece I've been working on lately. These are the parents of a character that I did a commission pic for a few months back. The name of that character was Archangel, and I have her pic posted in this same gallery if ya wanna take another look. All characters depicted in this drawing are 2001 their player. Artwork is 2001 Adam Fullerton. DO NOT REDISTRIBUTE!!

Image: Kammysticink.jpg   504x642 96248 bytes 2001.11.15

Inked version of a sketch I posted a while back. I do plan to add color to this pic eventually, as I do with all my inked pics. :P Now, whether I'll get around to it or not before time itself comes to an end... That's another story. :P LadyKam is 2001 Gabriela Fullerton. Artwork is 2001 Adam Fullerton. DO NOT REDISTRIBUTE!!

Image: mab_ink.jpg   328x611 61569 bytes 2001.11.15

Done for one Miss Mab, another artist here on the VCL. Miss Mab is 2001 Amber Panyko. Artwork is 2001 Adam Fullerton. Do not redistribute!!

Image: zwokkiem.jpg   468x583 93516 bytes 2001.08.25

My first skunktaurs. I did this as a commission piece for a friend of mine in YiffNet.\r\nHe patiently waited for almost 8 months for the final art to get to him. *grumbles something\r\nabout the US mail service and how they need to learn how to read his chicken scra--I mean,\r\nhandwriting better* Zwokkie (male version) is 2001 B. Riegns. Artwork is copyright Adam Fullerton.\r\nDo not distribute!

Image: zwokfemm.jpg   464x575 101850 bytes 2001.08.25

My first skunktaurs. I did this as a commission piece for a friend of mine in YiffNet.\r\nHe patiently waited for almost 8 months for the final art to get to him. *grumbles something\r\nabout the US mail service and how they need to learn how to read his chicken scra--I mean,\r\nhandwriting better* Zwokkie (female version) is 2001 B. Reigns. Artwork is 2001 Adam Fullerton.\r\nDo not distribute.

Image: peg-colossuscolor.jpg   474x619 150587 bytes 2001.07.01

Here's the final version of that fanart pic that I was working on a while ago. This took me a while to get finished, as my job usually doesn't allow for much PhotoShop time. However, I'm really happy with the results, so this one's a definite keeper.

Image: marker2.JPG   345x684 54070 bytes 2001.06.28

This is an OOOOOLLLD pic! :P But, in keeping with my recent X-MEN motif, I figured I'd post one non-furry pic, if that's okay with the administrators here. I did this as a freelance job that the people at Polaroid (yes, the camera people) were considering marketing. It was for the packaging design for a set of hologram stickers that were going to be put out when they were still really popular back in the mid 90's. However, the deal fell through. So, it never went anywhere. Now, if only I'd gotten PAID for that gig... >_<

Image: peg-colossusink.jpg   516x644 115212 bytes 2001.06.17

The original description for the pic can be found in the pencilled version. Just go to the "Sketches" section and look for this pic. Colors should be done in fairly short order. (Here's hoping!)

Image: x-chixink.jpg   518x635 109737 bytes 2001.06.15

If you've already looked in the sketches section here, you'll know what this is about, more or less. If you haven't, check the description for the "peg-colossus.jpg" pic. It explains it all there. ;) I turned (from top to bottom right, counter-clockwise) N.X. Eve into Rogue, Viridiana (making her first appearance here) into Dazzler and Sharice (also appearing for the first time here) into Psylocke. All characters are copyright Adam B. Fullerton. The costume designs are all copyright Marvel Entertainment Ltd. Artwork is 2001 Adam B. Fullerton.

Image: ambyink.jpg   280x692 28981 bytes 2001.06.07

My first mousie! Don't know if I'm entirely happy with this one, only 'cuz her waist seems a little bit wider than I usually prefer drawing them.

Image: pegmural.jpg   288x429 83612 bytes 2001.06.07

I was one of those lucky guys who went to a high school where graffiti was actually encouraged! The studio art class that they held there allowed anyone who had a concept in mind to paint it on the walls along the main art corridor. I got lucky, and scored some space on the door to the adjoining room. Took me 3 months to paint this sucker. Recently, I had a chance to take my girlfriend by there to see that particular painting, as she's an artist as well (she goes by the screen name LadyKam, she has a site on the VCL as well). To my surprise, it's no longer there. They painted the door over. So, this photo is all I have to remember it by...

Image: Flashy.JPG   373x545 69844 bytes 2001.06.07

Okay, I know... it's not entirely furry in content. However, it's a piece of my art, and there are furries in it. ;) This is actually one of the first pics that I ever worked on in PhotoShop waaaaayyyy back in high school (1992 for those who wanna know). I don't even think I have the originally colored page anymore, which is too bad. The difference between the PhotoShop treatment and the marker coloring are like night and day. :P

Image: dbzbarkink.jpg   468x664 98742 bytes 2001.06.02

Now, I'm not one who can be considered a HUGE DBZ fan. This doesn't mean I don't know what it IS. Just to show that I KINDA know what it is, BARK, a friend from the YiffNet chat asked me to draw his character in Saiyan Armor, which I did. I didn't realize my creative side had actually taken over for a good portion of it, adding a utility belt and some kinda collar to the uniform. *shrug* Hey, it seemed to work at the time. "BARK" is 2001 his player. Artwork is 2001 Adam B. Fullerton.

Image: peg99m.jpg   447x571 119687 bytes 2001.06.02

This is one of my oldest and best known characters. I created him WAAAAY back in '92, during my sophomore year in high school. I was challenged by another kid in my class to create my own character after having drawn nothing but X-MEN characters all the time. So, I went home and came up with this guy. There's a bit more to it than that. But, there's only so much room for this description. "Pegasus" is 2001 Adam B. Fullerton.

Image: vixgunc.jpg   482x709 97295 bytes 2001.06.02

This is the first rendition I did of N.X. Eve. If you're wondering about the name, I came up with it by accident. Originally, I was gonna call her "Nexiv" ("vixen" backwards... I know, "duh.."). It occurred to me, when I said it out loud, that it sounded better when I gave her a REAL name, and just turned the "Nex" bit into initials. "N.X. Eve" is 2001 Adam B. Fullerton.

Image: saphiramarker.jpg   382x629 98317 bytes 2001.06.02

Here's the color version of Saphira. Man, she likes bright colors!\r\n"Saphira" is 2001 Adam B. Fullerton.

Image: babesinflightm.jpg   486x616 99306 bytes 2001.06.02

"N.X. Eve" and "Saphira" are both 2001 Adam B. Fullerton.\r\n"LadyKam" is 2001 Gabriela Leyva.\r\nArtwork is 2001 Adam B. Fullerton

Image: nxevenight.jpg   465x585 85359 bytes 2001.06.02

N.X. Eve is 2001 Adam B. Fullerton.

Image: saphiraink.jpg   504x641 87708 bytes 2001.06.02

Saphira is 2001 Adam B. Fullerton

Image: calworld.jpg   468x524 72065 bytes 2001.06.02

I did this for Calorath, an ex-Op from the YiffNet #lobby chat channel. He'd recently managed to send me a copy of a program that I, otherwise, would not have been able to afford. As a "thank you" I used that software to put this pic together. (Gee... wonder what it was he sent me!) "Calorath" 2001 his player. Artwork 2001 Adam Fullerton.

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