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Image: agosto.JPG   565x700 115823 bytes 2000.11.30

Andy has learned on those hot days of August it's good to just lay back and relax and let someone do all the work for you.\r\nAndy (c) Me , Agosto (c) Jim M. Beachboard (StickDevil)\n

Image: andjevfel.JPG   494x650 203043 bytes 2001.01.26

Andy, Jev, And Felsonic in an action scene. Image(c) Me

Image: Andrew.JPG   475x800 137328 bytes 2000.04.15

New Picture of Andy. He's just so fucking kewl. I am definetly gonna color this one and put as my profile picture on Tapestries.\n

Image: andy.JPG   425x588 78364 bytes 2000.03.24

He is Andy! This isn't my favorite picture I have ever done of him but it is my most recent. This is one of my oddest and most popular characters from what I have noticed at cons. Andy just has that dumbluck.\n

Image: Andy2.JPG   646x844 69573 bytes 2000.03.29

This pic just came out exactly how I wantted it to. Very rarely does that ever happen. It was one of the first when I redesigned Andy's hair given him that DBZish hair rather than a black matted kinda hair. Eh what can ya say chicks dig blonde spikes I guess.\n

Image: andybadge.jpg   524x882 353860 bytes 2000.08.31

Decided to make a badge for Anarchy Art. If anyone is interested I will be selling these at conventions or online for about $3 plus shipping.Andy(c) me\n

Image: AndyC.JPG   828x993 97445 bytes 2000.03.29

A cheesy ass coloring job I did with some cheap program that came with my scanner. Lotsa fun with the mouse and the shading tool. I have photoshop now. Just haven't had the chance to study it yet.\n

Image: andyflick.JPG   547x800 50626 bytes 2001.01.21

Got Bored....Andy (c) Me

Image: andygraf1.JPG   408x1000 129846 bytes 2000.04.15

Little Sharpie work with Andy.....came out well especially for doing it only in sharpie I think.\n

Image: AndyKim.JPG   1000x805 192374 bytes 2000.07.04

Here is a first, Andy actually having sex with his girlfriend Kim. Andy and Kim are together in a comic book I am working on called "Raw Material". As many have pointed out though Andy sure does get around. Andy and Kim (c) Me\n

Image: andykris.JPG   1000x766 443365 bytes 2000.08.16

Awwww how Romantic Andy kissing someone....there is a first.Decided to pencil shade this one. I love pencil shading. Andy and Kristy (c)Me \n

Image: Andyphoto.jpg   935x600 298676 bytes 2000.04.16

Well folks like I said I'm giving PhotoShop a whirl and here is it.What do you think? Straight in all his gleaming Brightness it's Andy. I had a lot of fun coloring it and will probably add Andy's pal McGrath to the picture since there is so much space in the background photo. Andy is (c)me\n

Image: andysit.JPG   653x828 125316 bytes 2001.04.21

Andy just chillin out. "What's Up?" Andy (c) Me

Image: andysketch.JPG   342x942 125160 bytes 2000.10.31

Pen Sketch I did during my Philosophy class. Andy (c) Me.\n

Image: andysparkle.JPG   592x800 178048 bytes 2001.04.16

Andy is Cresent Fresh (c) me

Image: april.JPG   700x528 118258 bytes 2000.11.29

Even proper ladies like April need a little lovin from Andy. \r\nAndy (c) Me, April (c) Jim M. Beachboard (StickDevil)\n

Image: battlandy.JPG   755x1000 168559 bytes 2000.04.30

Andy in a fighting pose.....hmmmmm wonder which superhero he's trying to mimic..heh\n

Image: Beach.gif   485x442 37421 bytes 2000.03.29

I wish more girls laid like that when at the beach.\n

Image: Beachcolor.gif   485x442 97445 bytes 2000.03.29

Yes another cheesy coloring job....this time....FUN WITH FLOODFILL!!! YAY!!!\n

Image: bed.JPG   425x550 195180 bytes 2002.01.26

this original prismacolor pic is available to be bid on at

Image: bedtime2.jpg   828x1080 560346 bytes 2000.08.31

Big baggy comfy sleeping shirts.....mmmm sleepy Image(c) Me\n

Image: Biogene.JPG   596x888 296524 bytes 2000.03.24

I've been working on some stories for sometime now and out of all the characters I have come up with this has to be my favorite crew. They just gotz the skillz to make it happen.\n

Image: bjpapa.JPG   592x718 57833 bytes 2001.10.11

Starting of some more of my sexual pictures. <c> TOOL

Image: Bksilver.jpg   372x650 102124 bytes 2000.08.14

This one was not drawn by me but a friend of mine named Emily. She had asked me some months ago to color this image for her and I finally got around to it. Damn am I lazy. She was not upset though and liked the picure very much which I am glad. You can find Emily's work at Image (c) Emily , colors by TOOL\n

Image: blaise.jpg   607x800 302112 bytes 2000.05.25

The color version of Blaise (c) Emily...hope ya like\n

Image: bllaise1.JPG   588x790 189557 bytes 2000.05.19

This one was done for a friend named Emily...her character Blaise is c(c) to her so don't gank it. The drawing is (c) Me \n

Image: Bloody.jpg   1000x774 346112 bytes 2000.04.25

When I first saw Jim's character StickDevil I thought he look like a punk so as a joke we decided that Andy thought StickDevil was a conflict occurred bada-boom bada-bing...really cool fight scenes to draw.\n

Image: bookie.JPG   744x900 190538 bytes 2000.09.17

This was my part of the Art Trade that I did with Bookie-Chan. No where near as kewl as the piece she did for me. ;) Awesome work she has. Bookie-Chain is (c) Bookie Tanuki\n

Image: britslynx.JPG   602x800 176699 bytes 2000.10.25

Female Lynx character. I asked the owner if there was anything I could draw for her and she said this was it. She said she loved it so i guess it came out ok. (c) her creator. Drawn by TOOL. Oh yeah and welcome back to Velar you ;) we are glad you have returnned.\r\n

Image: bwgirl.JPG   516x900 132488 bytes 2000.08.30

I am not sure what made me draw this girl but I like how her hair and outfit came out. I may use her in later stories. Character Image (c) Me\n

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