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Image: andysketch.JPG   342x942 125160 bytes 2000.10.31

Pen Sketch I did during my Philosophy class. Andy (c) Me.\n

Image: britslynx.JPG   602x800 176699 bytes 2000.10.25

Female Lynx character. I asked the owner if there was anything I could draw for her and she said this was it. She said she loved it so i guess it came out ok. (c) her creator. Drawn by TOOL. Oh yeah and welcome back to Velar you ;) we are glad you have returnned.\r\n

Image: framework.JPG   612x800 335357 bytes 2000.10.11

I'm not sure what made me draw this picture but I liked it alot. I may do an entire portfolio with this kinda framed wild background theme. Dunno , maybe. (c)me\n

Image: pic5Sample.jpg   380x500 156298 bytes 2000.10.03

Sample of Artwork from new "Big Pimpin" portfolio. Image (c) TOOL \n

Image: pic4sample.jpg   652x500 182812 bytes 2000.10.03

Sample of Artwork from new "Big Pimpin" portfolio. Image (c) TOOL \n

Image: pic10Sample.jpg   386x500 96183 bytes 2000.10.03

Sample of Artwork from new "Big Pimpin" portfolio. Image (c) TOOL \n

Image: happybcolor.jpg   610x800 312466 bytes 2000.10.03

The color of the BirthDay picture I did for Lizzie. Maria-Ki (c) Lizzie Johnson Webb and Andy (c) ME\n

Image: McGrath2badge.jpg   343x600 94492 bytes 2000.10.03

Image of McGrath colored that will be made into a Badge and Sold. McGrath(c) TOOL\n

Image: FinalCover.jpg   455x600 267662 bytes 2000.10.03

The cover to the new Furry/Anime portfolio that I have been working on with Andy as a Pimp in "BIG PIMPIN'". I will be selling the first run at Anime Weekend Atlanta. Anarchy Art will set up shop in the artist alley. If you are going to be there feel free to come by and see what we have. Portfolios will be going for $10 dollars at the con and will also be available later at our shop on our website. Big Pimpin' (c) TOOL\n

Image: happyb.JPG   686x900 253988 bytes 2000.09.19

I did this for my friend Lizzie's birthday. Andy brings cake! What he was doing behind the dresser I have no idea. Maria-Ki (c) Lizzie Johnson Webb and Andy (c) ME\n

Image: mioka.JPG   539x800 127513 bytes 2000.09.19

Did this picture for my friend Yvie. It is of one of her new characters. (c) Yvie , image by TOOL \n

Image: reanna.JPG   460x768 107009 bytes 2000.09.17

Friend of mine asked me to draw her so I did. Image (c) Me\n

Image: bookie.JPG   744x900 190538 bytes 2000.09.17

This was my part of the Art Trade that I did with Bookie-Chan. No where near as kewl as the piece she did for me. ;) Awesome work she has. Bookie-Chain is (c) Bookie Tanuki\n

Image: andybadge.jpg   524x882 353860 bytes 2000.08.31

Decided to make a badge for Anarchy Art. If anyone is interested I will be selling these at conventions or online for about $3 plus shipping.Andy(c) me\n

Image: bedtime2.jpg   828x1080 560346 bytes 2000.08.31

Big baggy comfy sleeping shirts.....mmmm sleepy Image(c) Me\n

Image: panties.JPG   619x800 166627 bytes 2000.08.30

Hey look ......PANTIES!!! Character Kimberly (c) Me\n

Image: Lockers.JPG   800x604 199041 bytes 2000.08.30

A girls locker room. Most men would find themselves in some serious hurt after seeing a site like this. Image (c) Me\n

Image: jiggle.JPG   675x900 163349 bytes 2000.08.30

Bounce with me bounce with me ...uhhuh yeah!!! Some chick (c) Me\n

Image: bwgirl.JPG   516x900 132488 bytes 2000.08.30

I am not sure what made me draw this girl but I like how her hair and outfit came out. I may use her in later stories. Character Image (c) Me\n

Image: andykris.JPG   1000x766 443365 bytes 2000.08.16

Awwww how Romantic Andy kissing someone....there is a first.Decided to pencil shade this one. I love pencil shading. Andy and Kristy (c)Me \n

Image: janettnude1.JPG   622x800 168463 bytes 2000.08.15

Janett nude and sexy...... ;) gotta love it!! Janett(c) Me\n

Image: tiche.JPG   609x800 177301 bytes 2000.08.14

After an astound job done by my good friend Amanda Payne , AKA Zen , on Janett. I return to her with another drawing of her request. I feel that this in no way repays that awesome picture but I gave it my best shot and this was the best out of all the doodles I did of Tiche. Hope you like it Zen. You da bomb!! Character (c) Zen, drawing done by TOOL\n

Image: Bksilver.jpg   372x650 102124 bytes 2000.08.14

This one was not drawn by me but a friend of mine named Emily. She had asked me some months ago to color this image for her and I finally got around to it. Damn am I lazy. She was not upset though and liked the picure very much which I am glad. You can find Emily's work at Image (c) Emily , colors by TOOL\n

Image: New1.JPG   574x774 184436 bytes 2000.08.13

Was doing some body sketches for a different picture. I didn't particularly like the way this body came out for the pic I was doing but as I kept messing around with it I made up some new design. I am not sure who this character is or if I will ever draw her again. I left a lot of the picture open because I may color it. Image (c) TOOL\n

Image: kristy.JPG   585x800 173853 bytes 2000.08.13

I did this picture of an old character of mine that I used to draw in High School for an old friend because I ran into her again recently and felt like drawing her. Kristy Cross (c) TOOL\n

Image: Stickcrew.JPG   604x796 242112 bytes 2000.08.07

It's been awhile since I have really had a chance to draw anything. I had this sketch done out of a bunch female figures together but no idea what to do with it. I let it sit for a bit but finally decided to do something. I collage of some of my favorite ladies that belong to my pal StickDevil. Had some trouble with it since I have been in an artistic slump but here is it. April, May, Jun, Janvier, Roxy and ChickDevil (c) StickDevil. Art by TOOL. \n

Image: Mollycolor.jpg   583x800 705128 bytes 2000.07.07

Molly in color...;) (c) Me\n

Image: Molly.JPG   729x1000 217227 bytes 2000.07.06

Was just sketching some and came out with this. I can't recall the last time I drew a mouse. Not in a while. I Like the way it looked so I decided to post. I think it may even be worthy of color. This mouse girl I have dubbed Molly (c)Me \n

Image: AndyKim.JPG   1000x805 192374 bytes 2000.07.04

Here is a first, Andy actually having sex with his girlfriend Kim. Andy and Kim are together in a comic book I am working on called "Raw Material". As many have pointed out though Andy sure does get around. Andy and Kim (c) Me\n

Image: Janet.JPG   498x800 165035 bytes 2000.07.04

A very sloppy ink that I did, I still like the way it came out and the pose fits the character very well. I may re-use it for a better picture of Janett another time. Janett (c) Me\n

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