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Image: holiday.JPG   592x673 67043 bytes 2001.10.16

Gotta love those upcoming Holiday bashes<c>TOOL

Image: inkedsho.JPG   569x800 127698 bytes 2000.06.15

I was chillin late in the artist alley at A-kon 11 with some fellow artist. Including renowned furry artist and editor for Antarctic Press Shon Howell. Shon snagged the picture I was sketching from me a proceeded to ink it giving me a fews pointers in the process.All I gotta say is.. "that was my pencil?"\n

Image: Janet.JPG   498x800 165035 bytes 2000.07.04

A very sloppy ink that I did, I still like the way it came out and the pose fits the character very well. I may re-use it for a better picture of Janett another time. Janett (c) Me\n

Image: janettnude1.JPG   622x800 168463 bytes 2000.08.15

Janett nude and sexy...... ;) gotta love it!! Janett(c) Me\n

Image: jannett.JPG   503x658 131239 bytes 2002.03.21

I love drawing Jannett in her sports gear. Playing th game she enjoys most. The original of this black and white is available on Furbid if anyone wants it. TOOL

Image: Janvier.JPG   700x531 130427 bytes 2000.11.29

lick lick lick....awwww yeah. Andy startin off with the first month of the lovely Calendar girls, Janvier. Janvier (c) Jim M. Beachboard (StickDevil) Andy (c)Me\n

Image: JevMalaki.JPG   490x650 216221 bytes 2001.01.26

Two characters that just seemed to go together. Jev (c) Me, Malaki (c) Jim M. Beachboard (StickDevil)

Image: jiggle.JPG   675x900 163349 bytes 2000.08.30

Bounce with me bounce with me ...uhhuh yeah!!! Some chick (c) Me\n

Image: Joel.JPG   460x852 53135 bytes 2000.03.29

The son of Shonaskas...and a well studied Magi....can't ya tell?\n

Image: july.JPG   700x526 126025 bytes 2000.11.30

Andy gets in some hard studying during a midsummer session.\r\nAndy (c) Me , July (c) Jim M. Beachboard (StickDevil)\n

Image: june.JPG   534x700 177942 bytes 2000.11.30

Yep he even tries to get the Lesbian folks. Andy is that determined to have the whole year. \r\nAndy (c) Me , June (c) Jim M. Beachboard (StickDevil)\n

Image: Kat1.JPG   540x800 109399 bytes 2000.06.15

Practicing with some new inks...was also doing this character for a friend of mine name Hillary. Don't remember if she wantted her nude or not she was vague on the details.....oooooh well. Hope she likes. (c)me\n

Image: katbabe.JPG   553x800 205164 bytes 2000.06.15

Quick pencil sketch I whipped up for someone. Black cat/Purple hair was about all I got for description. Kinda hair to portray in pencil. I don't like the picture much ::shruggz:: (c)me\n

Image: Katpant2.JPG   576x986 176599 bytes 2000.06.15

More practicing with a new pen...damn I like these. Something very fluid about them. Hope ya'll like the picture. Just another cat girl...topless. (c) me \n

Image: kim.JPG   423x600 59144 bytes 2001.04.16

Andy's girlfriend Kim (c) ME

Image: kitten2.JPG   581x836 61583 bytes 2001.01.26

Another Kitten Picture... ;) I love this girl. Yay!! Image (c) Me

Image: kris.JPG   505x658 218966 bytes 2002.03.21

Kristina weilding the magic power that is her birthright. This original Prismacolored piece is up for auction on Furbid.\r\n\r\nTOOL

Image: kristina.JPG   450x588 46452 bytes 2001.10.08

I'm not to good with prismacolors but I really liked the way this one came out. This piece is available for bids on Furbid. Pencil, Inked, Prismacolored Original of my character Kristina. (c) TOOL

Image: kristy.JPG   585x800 173853 bytes 2000.08.13

I did this picture of an old character of mine that I used to draw in High School for an old friend because I ran into her again recently and felt like drawing her. Kristy Cross (c) TOOL\n

Image: kyler.JPG   607x800 57344 bytes 2001.01.26

New picture of Kyler. Image (c) Me.

Image: Kyler.JPG   431x689 100297 bytes 2000.03.27

I played Kyler for a long time in online roleplaying groups ranging from Furry to WereWolf. He has always been one of my most well rounded characters. My favorite thing of all is the final outcome of his stories.^_^\n

Image: Kyler2.JPG   662x878 91334 bytes 2000.03.29

Another picture of my character Kyler after having gotten a little trimmed and neatened up. Came out alright.\n

Image: kylerarcade.JPG   800x577 173168 bytes 2001.04.16

I love that Game Area 51 Kyler, McGrath and Andy (c) Me

Image: kylergun.JPG   629x866 214560 bytes 2001.04.21

Kyler is always great for a good action picture. Kyler (c) Me

Image: kylersket.JPG   475x583 49698 bytes 2000.03.29

The sketch of the Kyler2 picture. I dunno why but I just liked how the sketch looked::shruggz::\n

Image: Larcerita1.JPG   618x782 133705 bytes 2000.04.20

Felsonic and Shahanah child Larcerita. One of twins she and her sister were both born under odd circumstances. I had done a pose like this with her a long time ago for an Anarchy Art Babe-O-Rama portfolio we were all gonna do but haven't. Definelty something we should look into doing again.\n

Image: LarCity.jpg   640x512 142486 bytes 2000.04.21

Naked Fur on a roof at 11....heh had a lot of fun coloring this one. \n

Image: LauraKitt.JPG   654x782 372357 bytes 2001.01.26

Feeling the odd "man" out. Image (c) Me

Image: Leg.JPG   586x456 30418 bytes 2000.03.29

And a 1....2....3....Lift that leg higher girls. I loved this pose my friend Ozzie did. I loved it so much I borrowed it. Thanx Ozzie!\n

Image: lick1.JPG   608x800 111128 bytes 2000.04.15

And today folks we work with odd angles. This little porno shot came straight from the gutters of my twisted mind while sitting at our table during Katsucon....mmmm lick...lick....heh\n

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