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Image: MJKyler.JPG   579x800 126987 bytes 2000.06.27

Redrew one of my favorite old characters, Kyler, in one of his older outfit. I remember why I changed the outfit. To much black...ugh..(c) ME\n

Image: sexbunny.JPG   554x800 168691 bytes 2000.06.27

I am sure Jacent would tell me that I don't draw enough Bunny's or Rabbits so here it is a Sexy Bunny. YAY!!! Surrounded by bubbles. (c) ME\n

Image: Candace.JPG   459x800 111928 bytes 2000.06.23

I did this one for my friend,Candace. She really loves Ferrets and has two of themshe calls her "babies".She showed me pictures of them,they are adorable pets. Hope you like the picture. Candace (c) Me \n

Image: Hill.JPG   546x800 136462 bytes 2000.06.23

Did this one for a friend. I guess it came out ok. Kitten (c) Me\n

Image: rabbit.JPG   606x800 146609 bytes 2000.06.23

I don't really draw very many Rabbits but for some odd reason I drew this and liked it. So I figured I'd show it off and see what folks think. Been trying to work on my male form more. Rabbit (c) Me\n

Image: McGrath2.JPG   594x800 136742 bytes 2000.06.23

Sketching some pose ideas I came out with this one. Thought it fit McGrath the best. McGrath (c) Me\n

Image: William.JPG   577x800 124617 bytes 2000.06.22

This is William. One of my oldest characters. He hasn't really changed much over the years. Mostly just i've gotten better at drawing. Oh yeah he's in the buff in this picture so....enjoy. (c) ME\n

Image: Katpant2.JPG   576x986 176599 bytes 2000.06.15

More practicing with a new pen...damn I like these. Something very fluid about them. Hope ya'll like the picture. Just another cat girl...topless. (c) me \n

Image: katbabe.JPG   553x800 205164 bytes 2000.06.15

Quick pencil sketch I whipped up for someone. Black cat/Purple hair was about all I got for description. Kinda hair to portray in pencil. I don't like the picture much ::shruggz:: (c)me\n

Image: Kat1.JPG   540x800 109399 bytes 2000.06.15

Practicing with some new inks...was also doing this character for a friend of mine name Hillary. Don't remember if she wantted her nude or not she was vague on the details.....oooooh well. Hope she likes. (c)me\n

Image: inkedsho.JPG   569x800 127698 bytes 2000.06.15

I was chillin late in the artist alley at A-kon 11 with some fellow artist. Including renowned furry artist and editor for Antarctic Press Shon Howell. Shon snagged the picture I was sketching from me a proceeded to ink it giving me a fews pointers in the process.All I gotta say is.. "that was my pencil?"\n

Image: blaise.jpg   607x800 302112 bytes 2000.05.25

The color version of Blaise (c) Emily...hope ya like\n

Image: peachiekiss.JPG   838x700 192483 bytes 2000.05.23

Andy getting a kiss from Peachie.....awwwwww. Andy (c) me Peachy (c) Irene\n

Image: bllaise1.JPG   588x790 189557 bytes 2000.05.19

This one was done for a friend named Emily...her character Blaise is c(c) to her so don't gank it. The drawing is (c) Me \n

Image: Ohyeah.JPG   929x700 261230 bytes 2000.05.07

Starbane's having a little bit off fun here...messy messy....I guess she is a sloppy eater. Oh yeah and once again GO ANDY!!! }:) Starbane(c) Zen , Andy (c) ME\n

Image: Yummy.JPG   988x799 276586 bytes 2000.05.06

"SLURP" Andy is one lucky fuckin bastard. Starbane (c)Zen , Andy (c) Me\n

Image: Star.JPG   554x800 188133 bytes 2000.05.06

This is Starbane...I did this one for my pal Amanda cuz she was trying to get me out of my artist slump. So she asked me to draw one of her chracters. I still feel like it came out shitty but she seemed to like it. I'm working on a few pictures of Andy and Starbane together.... heheheh Amanda seemed excited by the idea. She'll be drawing some pic for me look for them on her site. Starbane is (c) Amanda Payne....AKA Zen\n

Image: swords.JPG   636x899 126456 bytes 2000.05.02

Just a random pic I did of some skinny guy with swords...he doesn't have a name yet but I may use him as cannon fodder in a story but even still the image is (c) me\n

Image: caliopai.JPG   599x794 142022 bytes 2000.05.01

Caliopai is Larcerita's sister...she isn't really the type to do laundry in the nude but never stops me from drawing it....heheh...tis good to be the artist\n

Image: battlandy.JPG   755x1000 168559 bytes 2000.04.30

Andy in a fighting pose.....hmmmmm wonder which superhero he's trying to mimic..heh\n

Image: Bloody.jpg   1000x774 346112 bytes 2000.04.25

When I first saw Jim's character StickDevil I thought he look like a punk so as a joke we decided that Andy thought StickDevil was a conflict occurred bada-boom bada-bing...really cool fight scenes to draw.\n

Image: peachie.jpg   680x900 491179 bytes 2000.04.23

It's Peachie in color....isn't she ummmm.....cute.\n

Image: Peachy.JPG   604x800 205691 bytes 2000.04.23

Did this pic for my friend Cecilia. It is her character Peachie that I thought was really cute. She asked me to draw it and in trade she's doin one of Andy for me... gotta love those art trades. I'm going to be coloring it for her too.\n

Image: LarCity.jpg   640x512 142486 bytes 2000.04.21

Naked Fur on a roof at 11....heh had a lot of fun coloring this one. \n

Image: Larcerita1.JPG   618x782 133705 bytes 2000.04.20

Felsonic and Shahanah child Larcerita. One of twins she and her sister were both born under odd circumstances. I had done a pose like this with her a long time ago for an Anarchy Art Babe-O-Rama portfolio we were all gonna do but haven't. Definelty something we should look into doing again.\n

Image: mcgrathcol.jpg   366x585 86856 bytes 2000.04.19

Andy's pal McGrath.....I just had to color him since I had already done a color of Andy. Ya know.\n

Image: Andyphoto.jpg   935x600 298676 bytes 2000.04.16

Well folks like I said I'm giving PhotoShop a whirl and here is it.What do you think? Straight in all his gleaming Brightness it's Andy. I had a lot of fun coloring it and will probably add Andy's pal McGrath to the picture since there is so much space in the background photo. Andy is (c)me\n

Image: shorty1.JPG   534x700 143983 bytes 2000.04.15

One of my oldest characters I did real fast with Sharpie in my night class. Actually came out ok so I figured I'd slap it up on the site. This is Shorty my Hommie-G Badger. \n

Image: pippip1.JPG   579x700 101366 bytes 2000.04.15

Bond.....Andy Bond. Wooh a little to much Golden Eye before I Sharpied this one. \n

Image: lick1.JPG   608x800 111128 bytes 2000.04.15

And today folks we work with odd angles. This little porno shot came straight from the gutters of my twisted mind while sitting at our table during Katsucon....mmmm lick...lick....heh\n

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