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Image: Sasha.JPG   611x804 277675 bytes 2000.03.27

I did this one for my kewl friend Yvie. Here character Sasha is sweeeeeet, I like her design a lot. Figured she was worth some coloring so I whipped up a little prisma-color. Hope she likes it :) \n

Image: shadow.JPG   451x536 55100 bytes 2000.03.27

It's a Shadow...of some furrychick. ::shruggz::\n

Image: Pichan.JPG   587x771 178330 bytes 2000.03.27

My Pal StickDevil was doing a picture trade with Seby. I really liked the one of hers that he was asked to do which was Pi-chan. So I decided to draw her myself. I sent it to Seby before uploading and she seemed to like it. :)\n

Image: Kyler.JPG   431x689 100297 bytes 2000.03.27

I played Kyler for a long time in online roleplaying groups ranging from Furry to WereWolf. He has always been one of my most well rounded characters. My favorite thing of all is the final outcome of his stories.^_^\n

Image: Erica.JPG   513x601 103523 bytes 2000.03.27

Samantha's sister. The sweet and innocent type. They have their place in the world just as much as the violent sexual ones do. The most interesting things happen when the two cross paths :)\n

Image: felsonic.JPG   464x586 117698 bytes 2000.03.27

The Silent tough guy. You know the kind with issues. seems to work in comics.\n

Image: Elizabeth.JPG   437x566 99100 bytes 2000.03.27

Bloody...that was the theme of this one. This is my character Shahanah after having a bad day apparently.\n

Image: mcgrath.JPG   366x585 75375 bytes 2000.03.24

This McGrath. As Andy's best friend he keeps the idiot out of trouble. McGrath has a strong Brooklyn accent but as far as anyone knows he isn't from there. I did this picture to show his laid back feel.\n

Image: andy.JPG   425x588 78364 bytes 2000.03.24

He is Andy! This isn't my favorite picture I have ever done of him but it is my most recent. This is one of my oddest and most popular characters from what I have noticed at cons. Andy just has that dumbluck.\n

Image: samantha.JPG   404x568 95752 bytes 2000.03.24

Samantha was one of my first female characters named after a friend of mine. Siamesse Ninja Kitty!! What more could you ask for?\n

Image: Biogene.JPG   596x888 296524 bytes 2000.03.24

I've been working on some stories for sometime now and out of all the characters I have come up with this has to be my favorite crew. They just gotz the skillz to make it happen.\n

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