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Image: dancer_animate1.gif   746x800 682386 bytes 2015.12.02

dancer start

I drew a few more frames for the Dancer animation

Tags: WIP multibreast cat animated female female_solo nude  
Image: val_and_the_sheep_06f-2.jpg   453x400 44408 bytes 2015.02.03

Val and the Sheep, page 6, panel f

First draft. It'll look a lot better with shadows and shading and texture and...

Tags: human male man female fox vixen sex fucking mating comic medieval  
Image: nicolas_024_v2.jpg   1000x1566 337716 bytes 2015.01.25

Nicolas 024 V2

This replaces the older pictures. He won't introduce foreplay to her until later. And the other one, the proportions are off.

Tags: human male man female fox vixen sex fucking mating comic  
Image: val_and_the_sheep_06c.jpg   456x400 75972 bytes 2015.01.24

Val and the Sheep, page 6, panel 4


Tags: human male man briar tunnel medieval  
Image: unicorn_pregnant.jpg   763x600 106357 bytes 2010.09.26

The fertility potion, instead of making interspecies breeding possible, increased the number of offspring that there normally would have been.

Tags: unicorn mare pregnant  
Image: lookback.gif   813x600 27715 bytes 2010.09.22

Tags: feline multibreast  
Image: safari_lioness_reclined.jpg   786x1000 124311 bytes 2010.05.22

This picture goes before "safari 12"\r\n\r\nMeee-yow!

Tags: lioness  
Image: safari_sex.jpg   963x500 73667 bytes 2010.05.22

This picture goes before "safari 12"

Tags: lioness human  
Image: catgirls_three.jpg   832x700 92987 bytes 2010.04.25

Tags: cat feline multibreast  
Image: safari_new_position.jpg   418x400 26161 bytes 2010.04.25

Add this one to the Kama Sutra

On one hand, it's truly wonderful to have a girlfriend who can bend around and lick you both while you're coupled. On the other hand, if she does more than the barest tip of her tongue you'd have to be a masochist to enjoy it. Fortunately, she quickly learns to use only the smooth parts of her tongue.

Tags: lion lioness human sex mating fucking  
Image: safari_12color.jpg   904x600 100240 bytes 2010.04.25

He felt sure of introducing his gal to Dad, but he has serious misgivings about letting Mom know that she's going to be grandma to lions.\r\n\r\n(Kitty cat is making an effort to be non-frightening and tries to do a friendly "meow".)\r\n\r\nThe research expedition ('safari') will have to be extended for such a momentous situation. Forget about fall term - it's being spent right here.\r\n\r\n

Tags: lion lioness human africa pregnant father  
Image: safari_11.jpg   617x800 125588 bytes 2010.04.21

Contrary to what Dad said: in this reality yes, interspecies loving is often firtile.\r\n\r\n[this drawing depicts sperm cells, egg cells, and 'love' particles] ;)\r\n\r\nThe result, as you might guess, is going to be anthro-leos (ok, lame name, but at least it's descriptive).

Tags: lioness human dna reproduction love genetics  
Image: safari_10.jpg   961x700 101488 bytes 2010.04.21

And so, several times daily for the next week...

Tags: lion lioness human africa sex mating fucking  
Image: safari_09.jpg   1000x435 93167 bytes 2010.04.21


Dad is wondering where that question came from... but isn't quite sure what to say about it.

Image: safari_08E.jpg   736x500 50071 bytes 2010.04.21

He fails to consider that as soon as she's no longer in heat she'll be much less accessible than any human girl!\r\n\r\nAh, but for now... :love:

Tags: lion lioness human africa sex  
Image: safari_08A4.jpg   739x1000 80510 bytes 2010.04.21

Tags: lion lioness human africa sex mating fucking  
Image: safari_07color.jpg   690x400 50740 bytes 2010.04.21

Sometimes lust trumps fear.\r\n\r\nIt occurs to me now that there should be more greenery along the stream. Maybe I should fix that...

Tags: lion lioness human africa sex  
Image: safari_06B.jpg   664x500 41107 bytes 2010.04.21

Tags: lion lioness human africa  
Image: safari_06.jpg   615x800 74164 bytes 2010.04.21

Cat tongue direct on flesh is painful, but through cloth can be stimulating.

Tags: lion lioness human africa  
Image: safari_05color.jpg   895x700 82668 bytes 2010.04.21

She brushed her tail across his face when she lifted it. It was quite startling to suddenly have a big cat's tail in his face. And the way she did it seemed somehow sexual, not just the usual "I'm raising my tail as a flag to say hello" sort of thing that cats do.\r\n\r\nMaybe I'll do some shading and added detail later.

Tags: lion lioness human africa  
Image: safari_04color.jpg   460x600 51990 bytes 2010.04.21

You hold up a hand to keep a cat away and it decides you're holding your hand there for the purpose of petting it.\r\n\r\nThe big cat's purr is a rumble that sounds almost more dangerous than friendly.

Tags: lion lioness human africa  
Image: safari_03.jpg   643x480 36260 bytes 2010.04.21

Well, what do you do? You know that if you run you'll be pounced upon as if you were an enthusiastically wiggled cat toy.\r\n\r\nNo, I'm not going to color all of these.

Tags: lion lioness human africa  
Image: safari_02c.jpg   585x700 90826 bytes 2010.04.21

He had imagined that the locals around where his parents are researching would have no sexual 'hang ups' as he calls them. Wrong.\r\n\r\nThere's something to be said for boring.

Tags: human lion Africa  
Image: safari_01.jpg   906x500 70536 bytes 2010.04.21

Penciled on standard printing paper. Inked. No scanner, so photographed. Colored in GIMP.\r\n\r\nI am experiencing writer's block as regards the story of Val and Nico. So here's something in the meantime.\r\n\r\nHe was dragged along with his parents to remote Africa. Not so much a safari as a research and photography project. But they tried to sell it to their kid as an exciting 'safari'.

Tags: africa savannah human safari  
Image: Nicolas_030.jpg   576x700 111214 bytes 2010.03.21

Morning after their meeting

Nicolas is in turmoil about what to do.

Tags: fox human  
Image: Nicolas_212c.jpg   800x600 119471 bytes 2010.03.21

Val paces back and forth at the far end of the den from where Nicolas rests on the mattress. This shows just a sample of what she's thinking - doubting her choices, considering the future.

Tags: fox  
Image: Nicolas_040c.jpg   930x650 100841 bytes 2010.03.09

Drawn on paper, colored on the computer with GIMP.\r\nThere are missing numbers in this story because I have not drawn all of the pages. In some cases I have left numbers available just in case I decide there needs to be some intermediate pages. In other cases I know that I intend to insert an episode, but it isn't complete yet. So don't worry about missing numbers. Everything I have drawn and written is here in proper order - just with a few open spaces for what may appear in the future.

Tags: human fox sex mating  
Image: Nicolas_205.jpg   421x500 39886 bytes 2010.02.21

Nico and his older brothers fight sometimes, but on the whole they're nice to each other.

Image: Nicolas_206.jpg   651x600 100494 bytes 2010.02.21

Val, on the way home after a night at Nico's. Rumors, via the crow, spread faster than she can trot.\r\n\r\nSam the squirrel is too foolish to keep his mouth shut.

Tags: squirrel fox  
Image: Nicolas_207.jpg   1000x351 64353 bytes 2010.02.21

As soon as Father is out of sight, Nicolas takes off.

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