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Image: Nicolas_208.jpg   568x400 35869 bytes 2010.02.21

Tags: fox human  
Image: Nicolas_209.jpg   395x500 29102 bytes 2010.02.21

Image: Nicolas_210.jpg   380x300 15767 bytes 2010.02.21

Image: Nicolas_213.jpg   725x562 83001 bytes 2010.02.21

Nico's father doesn't approve of Nico's doings, but he regrets how he reacted to it.\r\n\r\nAs usual, any missing page numbers are where I left space in case I decide later that something needs to be put in.

Image: TeriLucia.jpg   903x700 79524 bytes 2010.02.08

Teri and Lucia, sisters, saying "Please come fuck us!"\r\ngraphite on plain paper

Tags: leopard girls  
Image: Nicolas_204.jpg   565x760 129269 bytes 2010.02.06

Some background: In this version of the time and place it isn't unheard of for humans to be friends with, or even marry other animals, but it isn't really socially acceptable. And in reality, parents were expected to take a large part in choosing their children's spouses. It certainly doesn't help that Nico's father has an even stronger dislike of foxes than was usual for peasants of that era. By the way, their father does not usually hit them like that.

Image: Nicolas_082.jpg   477x600 54176 bytes 2010.02.01


And so they go back to the foot of the cliff, which leads to the next picture.

Tags: fox human  
Image: Nicolas_081.jpg   625x750 155528 bytes 2010.02.01

Down the tumbled slope from the cave mouth they ran, dodging around trees and bushes, until they reached the edge of the plowed lands around the castle.

Image: Nicolas_203.jpg   722x700 81357 bytes 2010.01.30

Image: Nicolas_200full.jpg   681x1000 163465 bytes 2010.01.30

This counts as 3 pictures. That is to say: 201 is the bottom half, and 202 is the lower right inset.\r\n\r\nNumbering will be standardized once I decide which panels go together in what order and such.

Image: Nicolas_199.jpg   848x700 114094 bytes 2010.01.30

This is one of the few I drew in separate sections on the paper.

Tags: fox human chickens  
Image: Nicolas_198.jpg   682x600 58239 bytes 2010.01.30

As with most of the rest here, drawn with pencil, inked, digitized, then colored.\r\n\r\nGaps in page numbering are due to the fact that I intend to fill them in later. Someday. Probably.

Tags: fox human  
Image: Nicolas_191.jpg   417x500 51435 bytes 2010.01.30

Tags: fox human sex mating  
Image: Nicolas_034.jpg   889x750 213337 bytes 2010.01.06

Tags: fox human  
Image: Nicolas_022.jpg   470x800 77117 bytes 2010.01.06

Val is making the poor boy rather embarassed.\r\n\r\nNote: This is the Middle Ages in France. The time when animals talked, and Renart roamed. By the standards of the time, you were a man at 13 or 14, and ready to start a family, etc.

Tags: fox human  
Image: Nicolas_019.jpg   1002x700 118135 bytes 2010.01.06

The first few pages of the story are in my general public section, starting on page with "Nicolas 001".

Tags: fox human  
Image: Nicolas_087.jpg   1017x720 85594 bytes 2009.12.30


Pages 82, 84, and 86 haven't been drawn. They would be transition pages and I haven't decided if they're necessary.

Tags: fox human love sex mating cave  
Image: Nicolas_085.jpg   679x600 52784 bytes 2009.12.30

Val has an idea what Nico might be thinking about.

Tags: fox human cave  
Image: Nicolas_080.jpg   920x700 119582 bytes 2009.12.30

This is the first one I worked on with the tablet I received for Christmas.

Tags: fox human  
Image: Nicolas_027.jpg   639x600 89563 bytes 2009.11.02

temporary page

Nico finally loses his virginity, and glad he is to be rid of it!\r\n\r\nThis still needs work, but I'm not sure exactly what. Opinions accepted.

Tags: fox human mating sex  
Image: Nicolas_195.jpg   1020x689 68511 bytes 2009.10.22

Val thinks, "Him standing up there so obvious makes me nervous." as they sneak to Nico's room.

Tags: fox human  
Image: Nicolas_027_2.jpg   561x700 40189 bytes 2009.10.21

Temporary page

Work in progress. Should I work on this version of page 27 or the other one? Or both? Only one needs to go in the series. \r\nLet me know your opinion at \r\naefields at \r\nfastmail dot com

Tags: fox human sex mating  
Image: Nicolas_083.jpg   598x700 58340 bytes 2009.10.15

Tags: fox human mating sex  
Image: Nicolas_029.jpg   835x600 72262 bytes 2009.10.14

Criminal influence

Tags: fox human den  
Image: Nicolas_038.jpg   562x250 28136 bytes 2009.10.12

Altho the weather is hot, Nicolas is wearing his long pants this time.\r\n\r\nHe's carrying a bag, but it's behind him so you can't see it.

Image: Nicolas_194.jpg   791x700 63894 bytes 2009.10.12

Val and Nicolas arrive at the farm by moonlight.

Tags: fox human  
Image: Nicolas_193.jpg   1024x571 68014 bytes 2009.10.12

Good food is a good argument.

Tags: fox human  
Image: Nicolas_031.jpg   830x723 123395 bytes 2009.10.05

Tags: fox human marriage wedding fathers  
Image: Nicolas_026.jpg   657x500 49129 bytes 2009.10.02

provisional page

This is another I'm not sure whether to cut, re-draw, or work on from what I have. Opinions welcome.\r\n\r\nWhen, someday, I've decided it all, I'll renumber the thing properly.

Tags: fox human awkwardness  
Image: Nicolas_025.jpg   644x500 41271 bytes 2009.10.02

temporary page

I always have more ideas for pages than are needed. I haven't decided to work on this one more, or to leave it out.

Tags: fox human foreplay  

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