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Image: Fessex.jpg   725x821 140771 bytes 2003.05.02

Pencil, 7x7\r\nPart-leopard Fessex, daughter of Finetail, d of Sevina, d of Clarabelle, leaning on a rock with tail raised.

Image: GO2HELL.JPG   800x600 160116 bytes 2002.11.12

It's rude to flirt with someone else's boyfriend. Oh, well, the boyfriend is amused.

Image: Gratia6.jpg   324x800 27836 bytes 2008.02.09

Tags: feline multibreast  
Image: GruneColor.jpg   799x600 43884 bytes 2009.06.01

Tags: feline multibreast  
Image: Haloed_In_Green1.JPG   800x639 122363 bytes 2002.11.26

16x20 Colored Pencil.\r\n$220 for the original.\r\nSome proportions are off, but I was going for a semi-cartooney - semi-realistic look.\r\nDoesn't she look comfy and content?

Image: Hot_in_the_Desert.JPG   800x505 84167 bytes 2002.11.22

Started a sketch on newsprint - 36 x whatever. It quit being a sketch after a few hours! Now I'm afraid it's going to disintegrate one day. Good thing I got it scanned. The scan crops the bottom a bit, but it may be a better composition that way. This is a pretty tiny version of the file as well.

Image: Interspecies.JPEG   463x800 51527 bytes 2002.11.20

Interspecies Sex Is Good\r\n\r\n5x8 ink\r\nAlmost should be in 'sketches'... maybe?

Image: Interspecies2.JPG   536x800 58253 bytes 2002.11.20

Interspecies Sex Is Good II\r\n\r\n5x8 ink and pencil\r\nAn older drawing.

Image: julianne.jpg   412x600 31294 bytes 2004.10.02

Julianne, daughter of Duraletta, part leopard, has inherited her father's large mammary size and mother's multiple mammary trait combined into two, resulting in an 8x normal size rack! Luckily her sports bra is magically supportive - and enchanted to add enchantment as well (as if such were needed!).\r\nInk, 8x10 in

Image: Just_Too_Mythical.JPG   800x522 111737 bytes 2002.11.26

16x20 Colored pencil. I felt very bold showing this at a public library gallery a few years ago. $230 for the original.\r\nAfter erasing several times and nearly breaking my pencil into bits I decided to hide her left hand under the pillow. Anyone else have problems with hands? Pawlike hands are easier, but still!

Image: La%20Bonne.JPG   800x303 51821 bytes 2003.04.23

ink, 8x11 - I only scanned half. I like it better this way - more teasing. Feline maid with her tits out.

Image: laid_back.JPG   558x750 32543 bytes 2009.05.24

Tags: feline  
Image: Lion%20%26%20Vixen.JPG   789x797 119939 bytes 2003.04.23

Done with a brush pen.\r\nThe vixen is using the tree as support as her lion friend enters her.

Image: Lioness.GIF   800x503 13329 bytes 2002.11.20

9x12 ink - on real paper for pens, not just the back of an unwanted print out. Sometimes I let myself be a bit looser with my drawing style and it ends up being something I like. I think I got fairly good proportions here even tho I didn't have a model.

Image: Liontaur.GIF   507x800 17297 bytes 2002.11.26

8x11 started with fine point felt marker. I often look at my ink drawings and find there's too much white. So I finished this one with a brush.

Image: lookback.gif   813x600 27715 bytes 2010.09.22

Tags: feline multibreast  
Image: Lyme1a.jpg   622x800 152262 bytes 2003.04.19

Pencil 8x11\r\nPart leopard girl in extacy with a large male.

Image: Molette_Tursty.JPG   629x750 71151 bytes 2009.05.23

Molette, on the left, with Tursty, one of her four daughters from her first litter. Tursty is in first heat.

Tags: leopard feline multibreast taur  
Image: Monatella.jpg   734x600 53946 bytes 2009.06.01

Tags: feline multibreast  
Image: NaomiDancing.jpg   722x900 173542 bytes 2007.07.29

Naomi, leopard girl with 8 breasts, dancing.\r\nPencil on paper.

Tags: multibreast leopard  
Image: NaturalMouse1.jpg   542x700 66997 bytes 2007.07.31

Mouse gal with 10 teats. Not every anthropomorphic has anthro breasts!

Tags: multibreast mouse teats  
Image: Nicolas_019.jpg   1002x700 118135 bytes 2010.01.06

The first few pages of the story are in my general public section, starting on page with "Nicolas 001".

Tags: fox human  
Image: Nicolas_020.jpg   636x750 64939 bytes 2009.09.29

Tags: fox human  
Image: Nicolas_021.jpg   709x503 69951 bytes 2009.09.29

Val, practicing standing on her hind legs and embarassing Nicolas.

Tags: fox human  
Image: Nicolas_022.jpg   470x800 77117 bytes 2010.01.06

Val is making the poor boy rather embarassed.\r\n\r\nNote: This is the Middle Ages in France. The time when animals talked, and Renart roamed. By the standards of the time, you were a man at 13 or 14, and ready to start a family, etc.

Tags: fox human  
Image: Nicolas_023.jpg   917x750 137845 bytes 2009.09.29

Tags: fox human  
Image: Nicolas_024.jpg   903x400 49293 bytes 2009.09.30

Vote to influence the story

For the temporary and provisional pages, such as this one, Vote:\r\nA)Keep as-is B)Delete from story c)Improve-or-redo

Tags: fox human foreplay  
Image: nicolas_024_v2.jpg   1000x1566 337716 bytes 2015.01.25

Nicolas 024 V2

This replaces the older pictures. He won't introduce foreplay to her until later. And the other one, the proportions are off.

Tags: human male man female fox vixen sex fucking mating comic  
Image: Nicolas_025.jpg   644x500 41271 bytes 2009.10.02

temporary page

I always have more ideas for pages than are needed. I haven't decided to work on this one more, or to leave it out.

Tags: fox human foreplay  
Image: Nicolas_026.jpg   657x500 49129 bytes 2009.10.02

provisional page

This is another I'm not sure whether to cut, re-draw, or work on from what I have. Opinions welcome.\r\n\r\nWhen, someday, I've decided it all, I'll renumber the thing properly.

Tags: fox human awkwardness  

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