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Image: Daiam.jpg   695x759 96274 bytes 2003.03.04

Pencil, 8x11\r\nI erased most of the unintended scan effects, then decided that in some areas they made a nice shading pattern.

Image: Toking.jpg   284x651 25214 bytes 2003.03.04

A mouse, more cartooney than some. Re-uploaded to fix a file format problem. I also thought maybe she should be moved to the adult section since she's smoking weed.

Image: Valentina.jpg   555x800 120825 bytes 2003.03.04

pencil, 8x11\r\nA fairly humanoid dragoness. Looking at it now, I notice her left arm is too thick. Argh.

Image: Tygress_DD.jpg   797x1065 216300 bytes 2003.03.04

pencil, 11x14\r\nUnrealistically large, but hey, it's fantasy!

Image: Ronce.jpg   403x975 72214 bytes 2003.03.04

Done with a brush-pen, which I'm still learning how to use. I like its ability to do shading.

Image: Pfanna.jpg   757x1053 101260 bytes 2003.03.04

pencil, 8x11\r\n$80 for the original

Tags: feline leopard  
Image: AstralDreaming.JPG   234x317 32997 bytes 2003.01.10

A female dragon, moving from sleep to the Astral plane... \r\nShe stretches her wings and puts her hands behind her head and her four breasts shift, an enticing movement to any mammalian male in sight. He should seek her in Morpheus's realm, or beyond. She relaxes in the flow of the surreal realm of the astral.

Image: Calindone.JPG   356x800 44687 bytes 2003.01.10

Image: Deboreal.JPG   494x800 41178 bytes 2003.01.10

Eight-breasted young daughter of a fem human-leopard crossbreed and a male human. She's just come into heat for the first time and is taken with her father. The human was her grandfather too... and great- well, several generations worth.

Image: Ammie.JPG   478x800 66966 bytes 2003.01.10


Image: SMGeorgie.JPG   800x524 72951 bytes 2002.12.31

Oh, no, someone's about to get et.

Image: ExtraLG.JPG   585x800 67918 bytes 2002.12.18

There's large, extra large...\r\nThen there's "just plain silly" :-)

Image: Liontaur.GIF   507x800 17297 bytes 2002.11.26

8x11 started with fine point felt marker. I often look at my ink drawings and find there's too much white. So I finished this one with a brush.

Image: Vixen_in_the_woods.JPG   333x800 49026 bytes 2002.11.26

about 4x9 of an 8x10 pencil drawing.\r\nAfter much copying and pasting, most of the lines from the accursed scanner are gone.

Image: PB_kitten_on_rocks.JPG   552x800 77617 bytes 2002.11.26

Another one based on a photo.\r\nTrying to get halfway between human and kitty nose ended up with it just looking flat, but I'm pleased with how the rest of the drawing went.

Tags: feline  
Image: Haloed_In_Green1.JPG   800x639 122363 bytes 2002.11.26

16x20 Colored Pencil.\r\n$220 for the original.\r\nSome proportions are off, but I was going for a semi-cartooney - semi-realistic look.\r\nDoesn't she look comfy and content?

Image: 450F.JPEG   565x800 159123 bytes 2002.11.26

8x10 colored pencil (Prismacolors)\r\nThe moss she's standing on is smouldering.\r\n I went for intense color in this piece. I had to tweak the color a bit after scanning, and it still isn't exact, but pretty close.

Image: Just_Too_Mythical.JPG   800x522 111737 bytes 2002.11.26

16x20 Colored pencil. I felt very bold showing this at a public library gallery a few years ago. $230 for the original.\r\nAfter erasing several times and nearly breaking my pencil into bits I decided to hide her left hand under the pillow. Anyone else have problems with hands? Pawlike hands are easier, but still!

Image: The_stance.JPG   531x800 82820 bytes 2002.11.22

8 x 10, pencil.\r\nI put in the background about 2 years after I drew the figure. I'm not sure it was an improvement.

Image: Park_Bears.GIF   800x467 16748 bytes 2002.11.22

Hmmm. Bad bears, not just naughty. \r\n\r\nWARNING! Do not feed the bears... or give them other ideas.

Image: Hot_in_the_Desert.JPG   800x505 84167 bytes 2002.11.22

Started a sketch on newsprint - 36 x whatever. It quit being a sketch after a few hours! Now I'm afraid it's going to disintegrate one day. Good thing I got it scanned. The scan crops the bottom a bit, but it may be a better composition that way. This is a pretty tiny version of the file as well.

Image: Interspecies2.JPG   536x800 58253 bytes 2002.11.20

Interspecies Sex Is Good II\r\n\r\n5x8 ink and pencil\r\nAn older drawing.

Image: Interspecies.JPEG   463x800 51527 bytes 2002.11.20

Interspecies Sex Is Good\r\n\r\n5x8 ink\r\nAlmost should be in 'sketches'... maybe?

Image: Pandora.JPG   382x800 45718 bytes 2002.11.20

"Like the top?"

Image: Lioness.GIF   800x503 13329 bytes 2002.11.20

9x12 ink - on real paper for pens, not just the back of an unwanted print out. Sometimes I let myself be a bit looser with my drawing style and it ends up being something I like. I think I got fairly good proportions here even tho I didn't have a model.

Image: Nuniki6.JPG   800x548 44598 bytes 2002.11.20

Sometimes when leopards and humans mate, the offspring have both human breasts and kitty teats rather than a more blended anatomy.\r\n4x8, pencil

Tags: feline leopard multibreasted  
Image: River_Princess.JPG   581x800 144073 bytes 2002.11.20

She has some control over the waters.\r\n8 1/2 x 11 ink

Image: Sexy_Death-on-the-Wing.JPG   535x800 84200 bytes 2002.11.20

Powerful, dangerous women... oh, yeah, baby! Curvy and sharp.\r\nI did the dragoness in pencil, photocopied, added more detail and a frame to the photocopy in ink, and I like the result.\r\nShe's just about to torch someone.

Image: GO2HELL.JPG   800x600 160116 bytes 2002.11.12

It's rude to flirt with someone else's boyfriend. Oh, well, the boyfriend is amused.

Image: Extasiana.JPEG   661x800 73054 bytes 2002.11.12

Another feline bouncing on the bed, getting rather dizzy. (She's pregnant, if you didn't notice.)\r\n\r\nMy scanner is an irritating 4" wide hand-dragged thing which sometimes leaves speckles. After merging the 2 strips here I decided to use the stupid speckles as extra shading.

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