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Image: safari_12color.jpg   904x600 100240 bytes 2010.04.25

He felt sure of introducing his gal to Dad, but he has serious misgivings about letting Mom know that she's going to be grandma to lions.\r\n\r\n(Kitty cat is making an effort to be non-frightening and tries to do a friendly "meow".)\r\n\r\nThe research expedition ('safari') will have to be extended for such a momentous situation. Forget about fall term - it's being spent right here.\r\n\r\n

Tags: lion lioness human africa pregnant father  
Image: safari_lioness_reclined.jpg   786x1000 124311 bytes 2010.05.22

This picture goes before "safari 12"\r\n\r\nMeee-yow!

Tags: lioness  
Image: safari_new_position.jpg   418x400 26161 bytes 2010.04.25

Add this one to the Kama Sutra

On one hand, it's truly wonderful to have a girlfriend who can bend around and lick you both while you're coupled. On the other hand, if she does more than the barest tip of her tongue you'd have to be a masochist to enjoy it. Fortunately, she quickly learns to use only the smooth parts of her tongue.

Tags: lion lioness human sex mating fucking  
Image: safari_sex.jpg   963x500 73667 bytes 2010.05.22

This picture goes before "safari 12"

Tags: lioness human  
Image: SARA-CAT.JPG   700x603 44598 bytes 2003.04.23

Commission for a friend - she requested I draw her as a cat. She was good about posing for the drawing, and happy with the result. Please treat this pic as view only, no printing or saving.

Image: Saucy_Coon.JPEG   545x800 73812 bytes 2002.11.12

One of my old favorites.

Image: Scarlet.JPG   1004x750 85540 bytes 2009.05.23

Scarlet, daughter of Valerie.

Tags: leopard multibreast  
Image: Sexy_Death-on-the-Wing.JPG   535x800 84200 bytes 2002.11.20

Powerful, dangerous women... oh, yeah, baby! Curvy and sharp.\r\nI did the dragoness in pencil, photocopied, added more detail and a frame to the photocopy in ink, and I like the result.\r\nShe's just about to torch someone.

Image: Shoomie.JPG   1200x1035 99553 bytes 2009.05.23

Tags: leopard multibreast  
Image: Showoff_Girl.JPG   369x800 49702 bytes 2003.06.23

Colored pencil cartoon chick showing off. Here's the problem with not doing the surroundings at the same time as the character: I know what I want to be there, but the character being so finished makes it difficult to work with. Her mom is walking in on her as she's showing off to her beau.

Image: Sinnuouss.JPG   593x800 80168 bytes 2002.11.11

The original is 8 1/2 x 11, but I was thinking of it as a poster when I drew it. Colored pencil and ink.

Image: SkunkPlusHuman.jpg   952x786 63032 bytes 2009.05.27

Tags: skunk human interspecies mating  
Image: SMGeorgie.JPG   800x524 72951 bytes 2002.12.31

Oh, no, someone's about to get et.

Image: Stephanie.jpg   973x750 85835 bytes 2009.05.25


Little kitty Stephanie is no longer fully entertained by her string. Now that she's in heat she wants some male attention.\r\nAnthropomorphic (barely) due to having small breasts instead of just teats.

Tags: cat string  
Image: Sweetness_Bouncing.GIF   800x615 32614 bytes 2002.11.12

"Sweetness Bouncing on Her Bed" You can sort of make out the outline of a young friend at the window. (The window is foggy.) She doesn't know he's there. If she finds out she'll probably beat him over the head with her textbooks next time she sees him... But she would secretly be amused.\r\nThe scan lost some detail. (For better copies of this or any of my art, send requests (along with food, money, other art, or whatever you think appropriate) to me.)

Image: Swirlcat.jpg   390x600 41175 bytes 2004.09.30

Curved lines, wide and thin, make the abstracted form of a slit-eyed beauty.\r\nInk 8x10 in. $80

Image: Tabitha.jpg   633x800 49666 bytes 2009.05.25

Open invitation by Tabitha, who is in heat.

Tags: feline multibreast  
Image: TeasingTheDrawing.jpg   800x978 122407 bytes 2007.07.29

7 image cartoon, pen on paper. Originally on two sheets. The kitty girl asks for enhancements, and the artist keeps teasing her. I planned 3 more to the series, but they're not finished (and may never be).

Tags: cartoon cat female size changes  
Image: TeriLucia.jpg   903x700 79524 bytes 2010.02.08

Teri and Lucia, sisters, saying "Please come fuck us!"\r\ngraphite on plain paper

Tags: leopard girls  
Image: The_stance.JPG   531x800 82820 bytes 2002.11.22

8 x 10, pencil.\r\nI put in the background about 2 years after I drew the figure. I'm not sure it was an improvement.

Image: TigressByTree.jpg   1212x1491 644035 bytes 2007.07.29

Tigress leaning against tree, with her tail raised. (The sky gradient doesn't show well on the scan - pretend it's darker at the top)\r\npencil on 8 1/2 x 11 paper

Tags: multibreast tigress  
Image: Toking.jpg   284x651 25214 bytes 2003.03.04

A mouse, more cartooney than some. Re-uploaded to fix a file format problem. I also thought maybe she should be moved to the adult section since she's smoking weed.

Image: ToonBunny.JPG   613x800 210765 bytes 2003.04.23

A silly cutesey bunny drawing turned adult. Ink original, photocopied, and the photocopy colored with Prismacolor pencils. 8x11

Image: Tygress_DD.jpg   797x1065 216300 bytes 2003.03.04

pencil, 11x14\r\nUnrealistically large, but hey, it's fantasy!

Image: Umiel3.JPG   800x575 75442 bytes 2003.04.23

Mostly leopard, part human. Sadly, when scanned the metallic pen work looks the same as the regular ink.

Image: unicorn_pregnant.jpg   763x600 106357 bytes 2010.09.26

The fertility potion, instead of making interspecies breeding possible, increased the number of offspring that there normally would have been.

Tags: unicorn mare pregnant  
Image: val_and_the_sheep_06c.jpg   456x400 75972 bytes 2015.01.24

Val and the Sheep, page 6, panel 4


Tags: human male man briar tunnel medieval  
Image: val_and_the_sheep_06f-2.jpg   453x400 44408 bytes 2015.02.03

Val and the Sheep, page 6, panel f

First draft. It'll look a lot better with shadows and shading and texture and...

Tags: human male man female fox vixen sex fucking mating comic medieval  
Image: Valentina.jpg   555x800 120825 bytes 2003.03.04

pencil, 8x11\r\nA fairly humanoid dragoness. Looking at it now, I notice her left arm is too thick. Argh.

Image: Vemna_Nevenna.JPG   636x800 271664 bytes 2003.04.19

Ink, 8x11\r\nPart leopard sisters Vemna and Nevenna playing in the trees.

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