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Image: mousie.jpg   561x500 34445 bytes 2010.09.22

Tags: mouse  
Image: multi_leopardess_my_background_preview.jpg   159x200 8154 bytes 2015.09.21

link to photomorph

The full version:\r\n\r\nThe background is a photo I took. Fur from various sources, mostly free to use. The model... no clue: a picture series I found many years ago and kept with the intention of doing this. Finally, I did it. :-)\r\n\r\nShe is nude, but the fur overlay obscures it somewhat.\r\n\r\nNot ok to post on VCL iirc, so the figure is deleted from this preview.

Tags: photomanipulation multibreast collage photocollage leopard jaguar leopardess  
Image: Nicolas_001.jpg   1018x750 169832 bytes 2009.11.15

Penciled and inked on paper. Then colored in GIMP.\r\n\r\nThis is the first page in the story of Nicolas. Once I've gotten the storyline all settled I'll renumber them all properly.

Tags: chickens human chantecleer renart  
Image: Nicolas_002.jpg   1018x750 89148 bytes 2009.10.04

Yes, sometimes the chickens do shut up. ... for a little while.

Tags: chickens human france farm medieval  
Image: Nicolas_003.jpg   1018x750 107615 bytes 2009.10.04

Image: Nicolas_004.jpg   792x600 50485 bytes 2009.10.04

Nicolas is moping along the road, kicking rocks along the wagon ruts.

Image: Nicolas_005d.jpg   570x760 96273 bytes 2010.02.11

Image: Nicolas_008.jpg   898x521 89277 bytes 2010.01.06

Drawn in pencil, inked, colored in GIMP, then reworked in GIMP.

Tags: Fox human  
Image: Nicolas_009.jpg   920x700 122485 bytes 2010.01.06

Tags: fox human  
Image: Nicolas_010.jpg   944x600 118952 bytes 2010.01.06

Tags: fox human  
Image: Nicolas_011.jpg   685x500 72293 bytes 2010.01.06

Tags: fox human  
Image: Nicolas_012.jpg   575x500 50300 bytes 2010.01.06

The first several were inked with a fine point Sharpie because I kept forgetting to buy drawing pens when I was in town.

Tags: fox human  
Image: Nicolas_013.jpg   1016x700 122173 bytes 2010.01.06

Tags: fox human  
Image: Nicolas_014.jpg   904x568 73970 bytes 2010.01.06

In the Den of Luxury

Tags: fox human  
Image: Nicolas_015.jpg   1205x700 89739 bytes 2010.01.06

Tags: fox human  
Image: Nicolas_016.jpg   1010x600 73450 bytes 2010.01.06

Tags: fox human den  
Image: Nicolas_017.jpg   953x650 184524 bytes 2010.01.31

Cheese, salty sausage, and wine can make one thirsty for water.

Tags: fox human  
Image: Nicolas_018.jpg   907x556 85726 bytes 2010.01.06

The story continues in my Adults Only section.\r\n\r\nOr there's the alternative version here in my general directory.

Tags: fox human  
Image: Nicolas_019cns.jpg   726x500 77690 bytes 2009.10.14

Some suggested I do a rated-G version of the story, so starting with this page it splits in two.

Tags: human fox  
Image: Nicolas_020Cns.jpg   422x600 46188 bytes 2009.10.14

Tags: fox human  
Image: Nicolas_021Cns.jpg   709x503 61545 bytes 2009.10.26

Tags: fox human  
Image: Nicolas_029Cns.jpg   835x600 63360 bytes 2009.10.14

Criminal influence

Back in the den, still the first day they met.

Tags: fox human den  
Image: Nicolas_030Cns.jpg   617x750 109653 bytes 2009.10.14

Nicolas has lots of ideas, but little decision.\r\n\r\nHe keeps arguing with himself: Will he stay away? Will he return for good? If he goes back for just a bit before running off, how will he explain his absence to a worried family? If he comes and goes between farm and thicket, how will he explain it? And so on...\r\n\r\nThe "I got married" scheme is one among several more or less bad ideas about how to proceed.

Tags: fox human  
Image: Nicolas_031Cns.jpg   773x600 81977 bytes 2009.10.14

Tags: fox human wedding fathers  
Image: Nicolas_032-1composed1.jpg   843x750 150989 bytes 2013.08.01

Nicolas 032-1

First few panels of page 32. Finally, I got back and filled in some of the gaps.\r\n\r\nThis is what happened the first day home after getting together with Val.

Tags: medieval france peasants human father son work  
Image: Nicolas_032-7a.jpg   800x575 113203 bytes 2013.08.01

Nicolas 032-7

final frame of page 32\r\n\r\nYeah, yeah, we know the only reason Nicolas wants to go out again is to see Val!\r\n\r\nI hope I left enough gaps in page numbering. It reminds me of programming in BASIC on the C64.

Tags: medieval france peasants human father son work  
Image: Nicolas_034Cns.jpg   948x800 219296 bytes 2009.10.14

At that comment, Nicolas thinks mischeviously of pulling Val's tail. But then he thinks better of it.

Tags: fox human briar patch  
Image: Nicolas_044.jpg   886x750 231109 bytes 2009.10.22

Overlooking the Target

Val has brought Nico to a the edge of the ravine where Duravin's castle is.

Tags: fox human castle  
Image: Nicolas_045.jpg   851x650 158777 bytes 2010.02.11

Numbers 46-50 haven't gone beyond the idea stage. No promises when I'll post them.

Tags: fox human  
Image: Nicolas_051.jpg   595x400 35416 bytes 2009.11.04

After scouting Duravin's castle, Nicolas and Val return to the den. Nico pokes around more than he has before.

Tags: fox human den  

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