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Image: Nicolas_126.jpg   585x800 112898 bytes 2012.09.10

Nicolas 126

Night passes. Next morning...

Tags: human medieval castle  
Image: Nicolas_127.jpg   629x800 131353 bytes 2012.09.10

Nicolas 127

Nicolas tries to pretend he's just another castle resident. Then it gets worse.

Tags: human guard medieval castle  
Image: Nicolas_128.jpg   899x700 170738 bytes 2012.09.10

Nicolas 128

A humiliating strip search

Tags: human medieval dungeon castle guard prisoner  
Image: Nicolas_129.jpg   620x800 123054 bytes 2012.09.10

Nicolas 129

Val wakes up and waits for Nicolas. Then she gets tired of waiting.

Tags: fox vixen medieval  
Image: Nicolas_130b.jpg   684x800 158390 bytes 2012.09.10

Nicolas 130

Exploring thru brambles, Val finds an old, hidden tunnel.

Tags: fox vixen medieval castle tunnel  
Image: Nicolas_131.jpg   607x800 55942 bytes 2012.09.10

Nicolas 131


Tags: fox vixen rat medieval castle  
Image: Nicolas_132.jpg   696x800 73294 bytes 2012.09.10

Nicolas 132

This page isn't complete. I need to do shading and texture.

Tags: fox vixen human man guard trick dungeon  
Image: Nicolas_133.jpg   657x800 57610 bytes 2012.09.10

Nicolas 133

This page isn't finished either. But I want to post the story. Not sure if I'll finish every drawing.

Tags: fox vixen trick human man medieval dungeon spear lamp  
Image: Nicolas_134.jpg   478x700 52530 bytes 2012.09.21

Nicolas 134

Oil from the broken lamp is still burning.

Tags: fox human medieval dungeon vixen man guard  
Image: Nicolas_135a.jpg   658x800 78397 bytes 2012.09.21

Nicolas 135

Tags: fox human vixen man prisoners guard fight  
Image: Nicolas_136.jpg   398x600 35224 bytes 2012.09.21

Nicolas 136

To add to the confusion, Nicolas tosses the keys to another prisoner.

Tags: human medieval dungeon men keys  
Image: Nicolas_137.jpg   595x800 66926 bytes 2012.09.21

Nicolas 137

I'll have to fix the perspective/proportions in the last panel some time.

Tags: fox human medieval dungeon vixen man guard jailbreak  
Image: Nicolas_138.jpg   600x780 66021 bytes 2012.09.21

Nicolas 138

No shading or texture for now. I'll do that for the print version... assuming I can get it printed.

Tags: fox human medieval dungeon vixen man guard jailbreak  
Image: Nicolas_139.jpg   562x800 116307 bytes 2012.09.21

Nicolas 139

Well, now we know why Jaques was in prison. ;-) The old guy was a political prisoner. The others were suspects in last night's robbery. Should I add a page giving those details or are they not so important?

Tags: fox human medieval dungeon vixen man escape  
Image: Nicolas_140.jpg   635x800 94620 bytes 2012.09.21

Nicolas 140

What do you think of the narrator's text in the first panel. Should I have a page or two showing the action instead of telling it?\r\n\r\nShading and texture to come later, if there is enough interest in a printed version.

Tags: fox human vixen boy escape  
Image: Nicolas_141all1.jpg   554x800 170299 bytes 2012.09.21

Nicolas 141

Tags: fox human vixen boy ruins  
Image: Nicolas_142.jpg   710x800 176411 bytes 2012.09.21

Nicolas 142

This page is pretty much finished. Maybe some more work on shading and making Val and Nicolas look wetter.

Tags: fox human vixen boy ruins artifacts  
Image: Nicolas_143a.jpg   601x672 173935 bytes 2012.09.21

Nicolas 143

I think I need to show more digging marks where the sword was found, and maybe Val should be in the shelter already while Nicolas is unwrapping it.

Tags: fox human vixen boy ruins artifacts sword  
Image: Nicolas_144C.jpg   613x900 151228 bytes 2012.09.21

Nicolas 144

In the last panel, Nicolas' head doesn't look quite right. Sigh. It bugs me that I can't seem to keep the characters looking the same from one drawing to the next.

Tags: fox vixen human boy ruins  
Image: Nicolas_145-Bb.jpg   884x1000 236087 bytes 2013.08.01

Nicolas 145-B

Val is slurring her words because she is carrying the small bag of loot in her jaws.

Tags: fox human vixen man female male comic medieval france soldier road fields  
Image: Nicolas_146.jpg   708x900 94189 bytes 2013.08.01

I reported the situation incorrectly. She shouted for him to dodge right.\r\n\r\nUnfinished version of page 146

Tags: fox human vixen man female male cave medieval france soldiers chase  
Image: Nicolas_147.jpg   625x800 69645 bytes 2013.08.01

Nicolas 147

I couldn't show this sequence before introducing the 'troll' in the first cave story.

Tags: fox human vixen man female male cave medieval france  
Image: Nicolas_148-1.jpg   572x700 49156 bytes 2013.08.01

Nicolas 148-1

Page 148, panel one.\r\nSkipped scene: lighting the candle behind the 'troll' and hoping that Duravin's soldiers don't call their bluff.\r\n\r\nArt not finished, but mostly there.

Tags: fox human vixen man female male cave medieval france  
Image: Nicolas_148-2.jpg   689x381 37317 bytes 2013.08.01

Nicolas 148-2

Exhausted, back home. Nicolas strips off his wet clothes and Val just flops out on the mattress.\r\n\r\nNot necessarily the second panel of the page. I think I'll do two more before this one and then one after.\r\n\r\nThe characters are finished, but the background is not. Will do someday.

Tags: fox human vixen man female male den medieval france interspecies  
Image: Nicolas_215.jpg   827x650 127602 bytes 2010.05.06

For ease of commenting, I'm also posting Nicolas on FurAffinity.

Tags: fox human   [Comment]
Image: Nicolas_216.jpg   657x500 52884 bytes 2010.05.06

Image: Nicolas_217.jpg   770x600 61744 bytes 2010.05.06

Tags: fox human mint  
Image: Nicolas_218.jpg   578x750 64652 bytes 2010.05.06

Val Tries Some Mint

Brush marker on paper, slightly cleaned up in GIMP.\r\n\r\nVal discovers that she dislikes mint. If Val finds some yummy beetles, will Nicolas try them?

Tags: fox human mint eating  
Image: Nicolas_219.jpg   803x700 123924 bytes 2010.05.07

Val interrupts Nico with a grunt, then a whine of pain.

Tags: fox human  
Image: Nicolas_220a.jpg   846x700 127737 bytes 2010.05.07

Nico panics even before he knows what's going on.

Tags: fox human pregnant  

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