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Image: iapw20060813.gif   820x291 120747 bytes 2008.12.24

153 Were You Expecting Tomatoes?

Again, taken from real-life where odd plant smells were coming from next door along with the ominous all-night thumping of a water pump. Didn't take much to add two and two together and realise what they were growing.

Image: iapw20060812.gif   820x291 114015 bytes 2006.09.14

152 Trespassers Will Be Munched\r\n\r\nAnd it was always the fear of being caught that added a spice to doing something as simple as retrieving a ball, when you know you're doing something wrong but do it anyway.

Image: iapw20060806.gif   820x291 111038 bytes 2006.09.14

151 Climbing Hazard\r\n\r\nBeccy is starting to try every excuse in the book.

Image: iapw20060805.gif   820x291 115005 bytes 2006.09.14

150 Over The Fence\r\n\r\nA scene from every childhood - the ball (or frisbee or whatever) has gone over the fence and you're torn between wanting it back and gettig into trouble if you jump the fence.

Image: iapw20060603.gif   820x291 93797 bytes 2006.09.14

149 Super Moped Challenge\r\n\r\nHey, its cheaper and safer than superbike racing and it gets the groccery shopping done in half the time.

Image: iapw20060528.gif   820x291 91265 bytes 2006.09.14

148 Scooter Pool\r\n\r\nAnd the answer is five days after writing this strip. If you answered five, please step forward and claim your prize.

Image: iapw20060527.gif   820x291 86413 bytes 2006.09.14

147 Flight of the Phoenix\r\n\r\nPhoenix has bought himself a moped. The roads will never be safe again.

Image: iapw20060521.gif   820x291 123697 bytes 2006.09.14

All Hail Monty Python\r\n\r\nYeh yeh, ok, 'Meaning of Life' did inspire these strips but they are still funny. Who knows what Apollo's been watching on late-night TV anyway.

Image: iapw20060520.gif   820x291 102305 bytes 2006.09.14

To Sail The Financial Seas\r\n\r\nYar! Office pirates!

Image: iapw20060514.gif   820x291 95261 bytes 2006.05.21

144 Office Politics\r\n\r\nUnions be damned - time for workers to rise up and be treated like indivituals, not a mass of office monkeys. We will fight for recognition, for equality, for fairness, for better coffee!

Image: iapw20060513.gif   820x291 102350 bytes 2006.05.21

143 Long Hours and No Overtime\r\n\r\nEvery office has one, and those that don't end up with one eventually.

Image: iapw20060507.gif   820x291 76666 bytes 2006.05.21

142 Office Humour\r\n\r\nFinally a funny Dilbert comic. Sorta. I guess its not apparent that I don't think much of Dilbert. But it had to be done.

Image: iapw20060506.gif   820x291 85073 bytes 2006.05.21

141 Desk Job\r\n\r\nOffice jobs are so ambiguous these days. I wonder if Apollo was actually employed to be a paper weight.

Image: iapw20060430.gif   820x291 94943 bytes 2006.05.21

140 Open Mic Night\r\n\r\nNothing worse than having the pub up the road from you belting out drunken kareoke. It might be funny in Japan but its downright annoying in England at 11pm not 30 meters up the road.

Image: iapw20060429.gif   820x291 105856 bytes 2006.05.21

139 .. Mmm .. Brains ..\r\n\r\nBased on real life during a furmeet one summer where were bought fruity smoothies and gave ourselves brainfreeze, lolling in the sun drooling 'braaaaains' like zombies. Ahh, those were the days.

Image: iapw20060423.gif   820x291 109220 bytes 2006.05.21

138 You Almost Get What You Pay For\r\n\r\n.. but damn its good food. Expensive, but good food.

Image: iapw20060422.gif   820x291 96207 bytes 2006.05.21

137 A Year And A Day\r\n\r\nYaaaawn. And this is in any pub. You order your food and thiry minutes later, maybe, you get your food...

Image: iapw20060416.gif   820x291 121809 bytes 2006.05.21

136 What You Don't Know Can't Hurt You\r\n\r\nWho knows what goes on in the kitchen. Somehow I think its best not to know. (I'm sure in real life Phoenix's kitchen is every inch as clean as his food is good!)

Image: iapw20060415.gif   820x291 125786 bytes 2006.04.18

134 Pot Noodle, Its What's For Dinner\r\n\r\nWhenever Phoenix comes home, he's usually had such a long day in the pub kitchen he really doesn't want to waste another moment of his life cooking, so he frequently has a quick, nutritionless meal.

Image: iapw20060409.gif   820x291 98917 bytes 2006.04.18

134 Budger vs Star Trek\r\n\r\nBudger is doing his best to do his Q impersonation, only its not just Picard he is bugging, but me as well.

Image: iapw20060408.gif   820x291 89733 bytes 2006.04.18

133 Budger vs New TV\r\n\r\nWe should never let Budger run loose in a TV showroom. Can you imagine his face on ever screen trying to sell you everything from dogfood to bras? Watching 'Price Drop TV' hasn't been a good influence on him.

Image: iapw20060402.gif   820x291 91192 bytes 2006.04.18

132 Budger vs Physics\r\n\r\nYeh you tell that Newton. Give him one for me too!

Image: iapw20060401.gif   820x291 106509 bytes 2006.04.18

131 Budger vs Gravity\r\n\r\nEveryone has a day where dealing with gravity is too much to bare. Poor Budger - that's alot of coffee to waste.

Image: iapw20060326.gif   820x291 90737 bytes 2006.04.18

130 Moonlighting Shift\r\n\r\nI always wondered what Sphelx and Budger did after hours... maybe its best not to know.

Image: iapw20060325.gif   820x291 117584 bytes 2006.04.18

129 The Toothfairy Conspiracy\r\n\r\nI don't know where she gets these ideas, either from watching MST3K or at Budger's knee...

Image: iapw20060319.gif   820x291 92113 bytes 2006.04.18

128 Wai's First Loose Tooth\r\n\r\nWith Wai's first loose tooth comes yet another story for childhood mythology, the Toothfairy. Why do we have all these stories we tell our children? Like Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny. Is it to make it more fun? Or do we just liek to hide reality from our children until they are old enough to know better?

Image: iapw20060318.gif   820x291 124759 bytes 2006.04.18

127 Getting Your Attention\r\n\r\nBased on real events. I used to unlock the front door at 4:30pm as Aneirin would leave his housekeys with me, but this day the door was locked and its hard to hear someone bashing on the door from upstairs. So lucky he had a bottle of cola and a good throwing arm. We were quite surprised as a cola bottle suddenly flew in through ur window.

Image: iapw20060312.gif   820x291 88828 bytes 2006.03.19

126 Sream Cleaning Snow\r\n\r\nWell, what else would you use a steam cleaner for in the middle of winter?

Image: iapw20060311.gif   820x291 105203 bytes 2006.03.19

125 The Steam Cleaner\r\n\r\nAneirin has always wanted to use a steam cleaner, but I think its one of those appliances you ought to buy new, then you can be assured it will work properly.

Image: iapw20060305.gif   820x291 115919 bytes 2006.03.19

124 Lunch Break\r\n\r\nWhat else do you do on a lunch break? Of all the stores downtown to look at, we always end up looking at the same ones, almost like a ritual.

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