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Image: iapw20060304.gif   820x291 86504 bytes 2006.03.19

123 Concept of Donation\r\n\r\nOp shops get their stock through donations, not by buying them. That's what pawn shops and Cash Converter do.

Image: iapw20060226.gif   820x291 87070 bytes 2006.03.19

122 Unsellable Treasures\r\n\r\nThing about op shops os people bring is stuff that's only junk to them, not really knowing what they've got, and the same for the shop owners. To them its just junk. But to those who can recognise a bargain, op shops are a source of getting cheap quality and rare items.

Image: iapw20060225.gif   820x291 106877 bytes 2006.03.19

121 Way Out\r\n\r\nEveryone knows birds can't read.

Image: iapw20060219.gif   820x291 79979 bytes 2006.03.05

120 Don't Bring Your Work Home\r\n\r\nIt really isn't much different working at the store compared to home, still surrounded by junk, can never get it all cleaned up or dusted. Only at home you don't have random people wanting to buy your stuff.

Image: iapw20060218.gif   820x291 114036 bytes 2006.03.05

119 Aneirin Finds Work\r\n\r\nYes Aneirin finally got work at an op shop. All day surrounded by secondhand trash and treasure. Personally I love those sorts of stores, you never know what you will find.

Image: iapw20060212.gif   820x291 105097 bytes 2006.03.05

118 The Budding Artist\r\n\r\nI wonder which side she gets it from? Maybe both but more importantly where did she get all the plasterboard from??

Image: iapw20060211.gif   820x291 104142 bytes 2006.03.05

117 The Things You Learn\r\n\r\nTeachers always give you the pop quiz on the bus after the excursion, just to emphisise this is suppose to be an educational outing, never mind the fact we ran around like little horrors and got into all sorts of uneducational mischief.

Image: iapw20060205.gif   820x291 86778 bytes 2006.02.12

116 Art Critic\r\n\r\nNot as thick as some.

Image: iapw20060204.gif   820x291 90900 bytes 2006.02.12

115 It Wasn't Me\r\n\r\nChild's imagination and inginuity save the day once again.

Image: iapw20060129.gif   820x291 112186 bytes 2006.02.12

114 Lunch Break\r\n\r\nI always remember lunchtimes on school excursions where everyone had to eat their packed lunches because there was no school canteen to go buy something better. Everyone always had something weird of unusual like salami or sourcrout or worse.

Image: iapw20060128.gif   820x291 99474 bytes 2006.02.12

113 Old And Broken\r\n\r\nSomewhere there is a warehouse full of the arms and legs and heads that match these statues.

Image: iapw20060122.gif   820x291 98208 bytes 2006.02.12

112 I Can Do Better\r\n\r\nShe's probably right!

Image: iapw20060121.gif   820x291 108691 bytes 2006.02.12

111 The Art Gallery\r\n\r\nThing is with art galleries, is there is no real place to start, you just wander around until you think you've seen everything, or have seen enough. Most of that wandering is in search of the exit.

Image: iapw20060115.gif   820x291 101504 bytes 2006.02.12

110 Wheels on the Bus\r\n\r\nThe teacher always gave us the same speach before we left - its actually part of their teacher training. They have to memorise it and recite it every time we get on a bus.

Image: iapw20060114.gif   820x291 105643 bytes 2006.02.12

109 School Excursion\r\n\r\nWai is going off on her first school excursion and course she's excited. I remember always being excited about going on school outings. They would always be to boring places which had no baring on our education but that was ok, it was a school outing and simply going out was an adventure in itself.

Image: iapw20060108.gif   820x291 87441 bytes 2006.02.12

108 Feral Couch\r\n\r\nHe lies in wait for unsuspecting victims.

Image: iapw20060107.gif   820x291 89032 bytes 2006.02.12

107 Beware Falling Budgers\r\n\r\nNever come between a Budger and his favourite TV program of you will find yourself discovering where your loose change disapears to.

Image: iapw20060101.gif   820x291 100686 bytes 2006.02.12

106 Happy New Year\r\n\r\nHappy New Year everyone! Don't drink too much so you can at least remember having a good time the night before.

Image: iapw20051231.gif   620x231 88480 bytes 2006.01.21

105 They Better Be Duracell\r\n\r\nThere had to be some ulterior motive to Budger getting us all those Robobudger toys for Christmas...

Image: iapw20051225.gif   620x401 115090 bytes 2006.01.21

104 Merry Christmas\r\n\r\nFrom everyone here at IAPW, we wish you all a Merry Christmas and a safe and happy New Year. Take the time to enjoy the company of your friends and family, wherever they are in the world, cherish the blessing of having them in your life. See you all in 2006.

Image: iapw20051224.gif   620x231 82906 bytes 2006.01.21

103 Christmas Combat\r\n\r\nPerhaps a fantasy come to life? Constantly frustrated by mindlessness of Christmas shoppers I have longed to beat some sense into them. So much for Christmas cheer.

Image: iapw20051218.gif   620x231 88924 bytes 2006.01.21

102 Why Didn't I Think Of It Earlier?\r\n\r\nBased on real life where I did buy some nice heavy wrapping paper and it occured to me that it would make a nice weapon for whapping shoppers out of the way. I never did it, but I think about it.

Image: iapw20051217.gif   620x231 82937 bytes 2006.01.21

101 Now We Need A Taxi\r\n\r\nRecently we had to park in the carpark furthest away from the shopping center because there were that many people. We were lucky - an hour later every carpark was full. Every Christmas it's the same story - they build more carparking but its never enough and people are still so foolish at to think they can find a place to park on a Saturday, two weeks before Christmas.

Image: iapw20051211.gif   620x231 74819 bytes 2005.12.14

100 Or Walk, Its Faster..\r\n\r\nI prefer to go by public transport, which unfortunately also grinds to a halt at this time of year and becomes unusable. Maybe christmas really is overrated and over commercialised.

Image: iapw20051210.gif   620x231 84061 bytes 2005.12.14

099 Next Time, Take A Bus\r\n\r\nTrick is never to leave your christmas shopping to the last minute - everyone else does that, which means there is a rush to get to the shops in the last two weeks and you can never get a parking space.

Image: iapw20051204.gif   620x231 60634 bytes 2005.12.14

098 You're Never Too Old\r\n\r\nYou're never too old to be young at heart. As children we were so eager to grow up and once we've grown up we lament for what we've lost.

Image: iapw20051203.gif   620x231 61778 bytes 2005.12.14

097 Kids Today\r\n\r\nEveryone seems to want an iPod for no other reason than because everyone else has one. I guess that's the power of Apple's marketing; the ability to sell you crap and make it sound like its something you desperately need.

Image: iapw20051127.gif   620x231 77470 bytes 2005.12.14

096 Christmas Is Coming\r\n\r\nIts that time of year again when your letterbox is flooded with cataloges. While some of us like our cataloges its a little overdone when it gets to the end of the year. Especially when someone beats you to them.

Image: iapw20051126.gif   620x231 55477 bytes 2005.11.27

095 Put It Away\r\n\r\nOnline games like this can take over your life. At some point you have to turn it off and come back to reality. Especially when your partner wants to take you to bed.\r\n

Image: iapw20051120.gif   620x231 81278 bytes 2005.11.27

094 Light Up My Life\r\n\r\nBesides looking cool, glowing weapons have more than one use, being invaluable as a source of light and saves money on batteries.

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