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Image: iapw20050416.gif   620x231 72781 bytes 2005.04.16

031 Let There Be Light\r\n\r\nDon't you hate it when that happens? You walk into a room and flick the switch and the light goes 'pop'. Guaranteed it will happen when you have no lightbulbs available - even though you *know* you bought some last month, but can't find them anywhere.

Image: iapw20050417.gif   620x231 68033 bytes 2005.04.16

032 Home Improvements\r\n\r\nUh-oh! Hide the toolbox - Ara's on the DIY kick. never mind I'm actually really good with tools, very handy doing electrical, household cleaning and woodworking, but I have a tendancy to make more mess than I fix. And I really really miss 'Burke's Backyard'.

Image: iapw20050423.gif   620x231 82897 bytes 2005.04.23

033 More Junk Than Space\r\n\r\nJunk is ones of those things that accumulates and never seems to shrink no matter now much you throw out or pack away. After all you only have so much space to put it all in. Everyone has a cupboard somewhere full of all sorts of random junk ready to fall on you when you open the door.

Image: iapw20050424.gif   620x231 84301 bytes 2005.04.23

034 Dragons Can't Throw Things Away\r\n\r\nNow we know how the pile of junk is formed. A common miscoception is that dragons hoard gold. This is half true. Dragons have an unusual sense of value and will actually hoard *anything* they get their claws on. This could be gold coins, or any coins, cds, and other shiny things, through to toys, plushies and oddly shaped leaves, colourful stones and fancy international bottlecaps.

Image: iapw20050430.gif   620x231 85637 bytes 2005.04.30

035 One Family's Junk Is A Child's Art\r\n\r\nI knew we should have let Wai help us move the junk - at least then we could have kept an eye on her.

Image: iapw20050501.gif   620x231 68912 bytes 2005.04.30

036 Why Dragons Hoard Everything\r\n\r\nEver have this happen to you? I know its happened to me on several occassions and its the main reason I don't throw anything away because you know you will need it two days after you do.

Image: iapw20050507.gif   620x231 68457 bytes 2005.05.08

037 Read The Manual First\r\n\r\nBased on real life when Aneirin borrowed his parent's wet and dry vac to wash the carpets. Ever noticed how vaccuum cleaners today seem to have 101 attachments? They just seem to have bits and pieces coming out everywhere.

Image: iapw20050508.gif   620x231 71550 bytes 2005.05.08

038 More Than Meets The Eye\r\n\r\nAneirin commented in real life that the wet and dry vaccuum cleaner was like a transformer and I can believe that. Ive seen some Dyson vaccuum cleaners that are more like Ghostbusting Proton packs than houshold cleaning tools.

Image: iapw20050514.gif   620x231 62179 bytes 2005.05.15

039 Dentist Care\r\n\r\nPoor Vitty has a sore tooth. So what do huge dragons with teeth problems do? They go to the dentist of course! Something the dentists don't really approve of much, apparently.

Image: iapw20050515.gif   620x231 60169 bytes 2005.05.15

040 Curse Of Dragon Memories\r\n\r\nWell, if you lives for hundreds of years you would see the trends come and go, and come into fashion again .. and again - or so it feels like.

Image: iapw20050521.gif   620x231 71608 bytes 2005.05.24

041 Need Bigger Tools\r\n\r\nYou'd think denstists would be used to this sort of thing and be prepared with a wide range of over-sized tools for even the largest of creatures. I mean, I'm sure there are some anthro-whales who get sore teeth occassionally too.

Image: iapw20050522.gif   620x231 73363 bytes 2005.05.24

042 Remember to Floss!\r\n\r\nNow we know what causes all those brownouts - Its from dragons flossing their teeth on the high-tension powerlines! It could be worse, you should see what they do with swimming pools and chimneys.

Image: iapw20050528.gif   620x231 67255 bytes 2005.06.01

043 Zoo Outing\r\n\r\nWhile Wai can be the cutest thing since cute was invented, there is something monotnous about a child singing the same song over and over while being stuck in traffic.

Image: iapw20050529.gif   620x231 84171 bytes 2005.06.01

044 Zoo Are A Lifestyle\r\n\r\nThink about it, Why else would furries have use for Zoos? They serve as shelters for homeless and unemployed and those seeking an alternative lifestyle. They get free food and accommodation, and only have to put up with people gawking at them between 9:00am and 5:00pm, and of course, they can't leave the facility except for coffee breaks.

Image: iapw20050604.gif   620x231 88911 bytes 2005.06.04

045 Photo Opportunity\r\n\r\nWell when you go out somewhere you always want to take a few photos to help remember the trip. Of course these are some resident who like to photograph the 'tourists' for their collections and others who like to make a bit of money on the side. Lucky she wasn't a ewe or I would have been 'fleeced'.

Image: iapw20050605.gif   620x231 80662 bytes 2005.06.04

046 Act Naturally\r\n\r\nI guess the hardest part of living a Zoo lifestyle is the need to 'perform' for the visitors whenever they come around. Just have to be careful not to get caught doing normal things in the between time.

Image: iapw20050611.gif   620x231 92026 bytes 2005.06.12

047 Celebrity Hire\r\n\r\nSo, where are all the unicorns anyway? Probably one of the most prestigious of all the furry community, and hardest to come by. In the meinwhile, we have to put up with impersonators. It's like being at an Elvis convention.

Image: iapw20050612.gif   620x231 90996 bytes 2005.06.12

048 Family Matters\r\n\r\nUncle Stringybark is the black sheep of the family. He ran away to join the zoo after highschool hoping to amaze audiences with his impersonation and juggling routines. Instead he ended up in the Mythical Creatures House next to a Chimera ventriloquist and the Basalisk hypnotist.

Image: iapw20050618.gif   620x231 86890 bytes 2005.06.21

049 Guided Tour\r\n\r\nI'm sure we all have a relative we all feel a little ashamed of, especailly when they wander around a zoo, greeting visitors without any clothes on. I'm sure in the Furry Community he might get a different reaction but I do want to keep this comic G-rated.

Image: iapw20050619.gif   620x231 86700 bytes 2005.06.21

050 Its Not Broadway But ...\r\n\r\nThought it would be amusing to do a take on the dancing bears routine, where they do famous bellets and stageplays. I wonder if they will do 'Cats'?

Image: iapw20050625.gif   620x231 87857 bytes 2005.07.17

051 So Much To See At The Zoo\r\n\r\nVisters go to the Zoo to see the strange and unusual creatures there - but what happens if you are a strange and wonderful creature? There's more to see than just the exhibits. There's also the breeding programs but we won't go into those...

Image: iapw20050626.gif   620x231 75380 bytes 2005.07.17

052 Souvenir shop\r\n\r\nEver notice that you have to go through the souvenir shop when you leave the Zoo, or many other places, like the Museum or fair ground? Basicly the charge you lots of money to get in then try to flog you all sorts of cute merchandise as you leave too. Then again, my uncle seems to have trouble leaving too.

Image: iapw20050702.gif   620x231 73402 bytes 2005.07.17

053 The Fun They Had\r\n\r\nYes the imps are still possesing the toilet at Apollo's place, only now they are experimenting on making improvements around the place.

Image: iapw20050703.gif   620x231 73725 bytes 2005.07.17

054 True!\r\n\r\nThis is based on real life. A pub near where us in Bristol has three clowns as its logo while aross the top of its mantle and door it say 'three crowns'. We could only imagine the stuff up. Either that or it was some weird form of practical joke.

Image: iapw20050709.gif   620x231 73579 bytes 2005.07.17

055 House Call\r\n\r\nBudger has a sore mouth and has a habit of disapearing whenever someone he doesn't know turns up, especially doctors. For an extra-dimentional being like Budger,the places he could hide are endless. Everything from the kitchen cupboards to draws to footlockers and wardrobes and cabinets.

Image: iapw20050710.gif   620x231 68151 bytes 2005.07.17

056 A Doctor A Day...\r\n\r\nThe last thing you really ever want to say to a dragon is 'my what big teeth you have', its more likely to make him hungry than to flatter him.

Image: iapw20050716.gif   620x231 70929 bytes 2005.07.24

057 Now, That's A Party Trick!\r\n\r\nBudger seems to have an affinity for the remote, it has a tenancy to disapear into his nest, or he hides it in other places. So whenever we can't find the remote, we ask Budger.

Image: iapw20050717.gif   620x231 73078 bytes 2005.07.24

058 Jumping Through Hoops\r\n\r\nAnyone who has worked in an office will know how this feels. More a circus than a job, taming the terrible telephones, finding the fabulous files and cowing the complicated computers.

Image: iapw20050723.gif   620x231 75832 bytes 2005.07.24

059 Friends On Hell Channel\r\n\r\nWhoever thought that the imps would think a zombie movie was a soap opera?

Image: iapw20050724.gif   620x231 73211 bytes 2005.07.24

060 Horror Movie - Right There On My TV\r\n\r\nMST3K has alot to answer for, obviously they get it in hell. They probably only get the 'Manos, the Hands of Fate' over and over. I couldn't think of a worse hell than that.

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