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Image: iapw20051119.gif   620x231 94666 bytes 2005.11.23

093 Target Practice\r\n\r\nAparently there is a cannon located somewhere in WoW which fires at a target across a river. You cna have so much fun with it if you could coax people onto the fireing range.

Image: iapw20051113.gif   620x231 74078 bytes 2005.11.23

092 Fireworks, Anyone?\r\n\r\nThis comic should have been out for Fireworks Night but I didn't think of it in time. I would have been so much more fun with Trolls giving out exploding fireworks like this.

Image: iapw20051112.gif   620x231 76827 bytes 2005.11.23

091 Time For A Pause\r\n\r\nNothing worse that getting lag at the worst possible times - usually when you're doing something important, like running away from something more dangerous than you can handle.

Image: iapw20051106.gif   620x231 75541 bytes 2005.11.23

090 Trigger Happy Tauren\r\n\r\nIt had to be done.

Image: iapw20051105.gif   620x231 73126 bytes 2005.11.23

089 Experience Can Trip You Up\r\n\r\nIts one of those days where anything can go wrong and it usually does. Clumsy cow!

Image: iapw20051030.gif   620x231 84110 bytes 2005.10.30

088 Great With Kids\r\n\r\nKids always have to do that, show up ther parents at every change they get. Well we should be proud of them I guess...

Image: iapw20051029.gif   620x231 78901 bytes 2005.10.30

087 Dwarfburgers\r\n\r\nI'm sure everyone has had an annoyance like this in real life as well as online.

Image: iapw20051023.gif   620x231 81706 bytes 2005.10.23

086 Day In The Life\r\n\r\nIts a big place, and there are millions of stories to tell. Here are a few of them...

Image: iapw20051022.gif   620x231 86324 bytes 2005.10.23

085 So That's Who's Who\r\n\r\nIts bad enough that you're never sure who furries are, its even worse when you have furries playing RPG characters... now, who are you lot again?

Image: iapw20051016.gif   620x231 61180 bytes 2005.10.16

084 I Want My WoW\r\n\r\nOne reason you don't show people your new game until you've had time to play it, otherwise you wont be ablt to get htem off your computer - unless you lock your room...

Image: iapw20051015.gif   620x231 66490 bytes 2005.10.16

083 Its A Small World In A Box\r\n\r\nYes, finally there is WoW in the house and it's almost as bad as when CS was the most popular game around. Alot of shouting, crying and yelling. And that's before they finish logging in.

Image: iapw20051009.gif   620x231 72527 bytes 2005.10.16

082 Fasten Your Seatbelts\r\n\r\nI want one of those!

Image: iapw20051008.gif   620x231 69845 bytes 2005.10.16

081 Use A Roadmap Instead\r\n\r\nWe've always wondered about these GPS guides, whatever happens when one of them goes bad? Apart from taking it back and getting it replaced under warrenty...

Image: iapw20051002.gif   620x231 64038 bytes 2005.10.16

080 Dashboard Driver\r\n\r\nI'm pretty sure with GPS guides coming down in price you're going to get some really cheap units which are cheap for a reason.

Image: iapw20051001.gif   620x231 68544 bytes 2005.10.16

079 Say 'Please'...\r\n\r\nWe actually caught Budger doing this to the cooker in real life.

Image: iapw20050925.gif   620x231 89611 bytes 2005.10.05

078 Man The Pumps!\r\n\r\nBased on real life where Phoenix and I came home from Aldi in the pouring rain, greeted by Elana screaming 'Ara, do something, Aneirin's in the backyard playing in the water without a coat!' Well, yes, he was desperately bailing water over the fence to stop the kitchen flooding.

Image: iapw20050924.gif   620x231 91062 bytes 2005.09.25

077 Who Hasn't Been Doing Household Maintenance?\r\n\r\nThe backyard drain has a habit of blocking up with fallen leaves and can often flood the kitchen. Its odd getting a heavy rain, looking out hte bedroom window as thinking ' how odd, we don't own a swimming pool - AGGHH, GET THE BUCKETS!'

Image: iapw20050918.gif   620x231 99510 bytes 2005.09.25

076 After 40 Days and Nights...\r\n\r\nThose times it just rains and rains you wish you kept a dove for just this very purpose.

Image: iapw20050917.gif   620x231 73807 bytes 2005.09.25

075 Phoenix's Holiday Blues\r\n\r\nIt always happens like this to Pheonix. He gets a Bank weekend off and what happens? It rains!

Image: iapw20050911.gif   620x231 80573 bytes 2005.09.25

074 More Implied Vore Jokes\r\n\r\nThis one's been in the script file for years, finally get to use it.

Image: iapw20050910.gif   620x231 70711 bytes 2005.09.25

073 Don't Let Him Loose In Your Kitchen\r\n\r\nPhoenix has an affinity for useless kitchen gadgets. We're never quite sure what any of them do except perhaps make a mess and take up space in the kitchen draws.

Image: iapw20050904.gif   620x231 73620 bytes 2005.09.25

072 Biblism Finger Fink\r\n\r\nSpecial thanks to Cuprohastes for this script, though I don't remember him giving it to me, or how it got into the IAPW schedule.. I didn't put it there.

Image: iapw20050903.gif   620x231 54804 bytes 2005.09.25

071 Vitro Sized Altoids\r\n\r\nWhat would you do if you're being eaten by a huge dragon with bad breath? How would you go about politely telling him to do something about his problem? I mean its just etiquette to make sure you have nice fresh minty smelling breath before you eat someone...

Image: iapw20050828.gif   620x231 72442 bytes 2005.09.07

070 When The Cats' Away...\r\n\r\nAh, sprung! Now we know what Phoenix does when no-one's around to watch him!

Image: iapw20050827.gif   620x231 70222 bytes 2005.09.07

069 The Big Gulp\r\n\r\nCan't be helped - I had to sneak another vore reference into the comic somewhere. C'mon, admit it to yourselves, thats the real reason you read this comic, isn't it?

Image: iapw20050821.gif   620x231 62242 bytes 2005.09.07

068 Shuttles and Wookies\r\n\r\nBased on real life where I was jammed uncomfortably into my seat by the safety bars, forced to slouch down so my knees were around my ears. It's not easy being tall in a world of little people.

Image: iapw20050820.gif   620x231 63612 bytes 2005.08.28

067 Attack of the Cavity-Creating Blob\r\n\r\nI just wanna know where Budger actually bought that Mega Jumbo Super Happy Fun Time Candy-floss! Ever noticed that? You always see people carrying stuff at the theme park but can never find where they got it from.

Image: iapw20050814.gif   620x231 68623 bytes 2005.08.28

066 Between Jobs\r\n\r\nAh-Ha, so that's where they went.. Can I have your autograph...?

Image: iapw20050813.gif   620x231 80915 bytes 2005.08.28

065 Mabland\r\n\r\nHere we are all set for a day at the themepark. Course, everyone wants to do something different... meet back here at closing time, shall we?

Image: iapw20050807.gif   620x231 63586 bytes 2005.08.07

064 Forgotten Someone?\r\n\r\nWell, Phoenix wasn't ready to go with the rest of us so he gets left behind. It doesn't seem to bother him much... lets hope he doesn't tear the place down while we're out.

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