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Image: iapw20010617.gif   620x273 55844 bytes 2001.09.25

Writer's Block\r\n\r\nEver get days where you just cant get an idea out of your head and onto paper? IAPW nearly didn't happen simply because i was never satisfied with the first comic strip. But after a while the very frustration was my inspiration. Which is pretty much the story behind a lot of IAPW comics\r\n

Image: iapw20010624.gif   620x273 73282 bytes 2001.09.25

Wuffled Hair Day\r\n\r\nI love head scritches. And my partner loves to scritch my hair - and wulfie it so its a horrid mess. Problem is my hair has a tendency to stay like that and there is nothing i can do about it besides grin and bear it.

Image: iapw20010701.gif   620x273 44581 bytes 2001.09.25

Getting A Lift\r\n\r\nIm not sure where this one came from. Mostly out of a conversation about how a dragon and his wulf mate can travel around without the wulf giving the dragon a hernia.

Image: iapw20010708.gif   620x273 72117 bytes 2001.09.25

Laptop Rage\r\n\r\nThis was based on a real event where Aneirin's laptop had been slowly going demonic to the point where he had enough and nearly threw it across the room (im glad i was a good catch). Its also a good way of summing up how most of us feel about Windows some times, myself included, with my own PC running a rapidly degrading version of Windows ME. Anyone who can loan me a shotgun to fix my PC please email me.

Image: iapw20010715.gif   620x273 47253 bytes 2001.09.25

Wasn't Me\r\n\r\nAnyone who sleeps with their partner will identify with this strip, im sure.

Image: iapw20010722.gif   620x273 58420 bytes 2001.09.25

Unwanted Attention\r\n\r\nNuff said. Can't help these people. Can't eat them.

Image: iapw20010729.gif   620x273 59594 bytes 2001.09.25

Living With The Chu Chu Rocketeer\r\n\r\nAneirin with his Dreamcast Chu Chu Rocket withdrawals is a scary thing. Basically he has taken over my PC and is downloading lots of emulation ROMs. It doesn't help with the fact the Dreamcast is practically nonexistent here in Australia.\r\n\r\n(in recent developements I caved in and bought a Dreamcast - best choice I ever made!)

Image: iapw20010805.gif   620x273 74181 bytes 2001.09.25

Belly Talk\r\n\r\nAnother scene based on real life when Aneirin and i were cuddling and his belly burbled followed by mine. It was just one of those funny coincidental things, but left us with a warm fuzzy feeling.

Image: iapw20010812.gif   620x273 62264 bytes 2001.09.25

Marshmellow Crunch\r\n\r\nIm clumsy in real life and have a tendency to make things go crunch. Its a running joke here that dragons have a gift for making things go crunch. Unfortunately its usually something precious or expensive or both. Or a certain mate whom I love dearly. This is also the first strip I came up with but put others in first so people could get into the strip.

Image: iapw20010819.gif   620x273 80070 bytes 2001.09.25

Evangelion Crunch\r\n\r\nThis is a true story! I bought my Evangelion toy and was fitting a gun into its hand when i snapped its thumb off. It was only out of the box for five minutes and I broke it. Typical. Its still in its original pose because im too scared to touch it.

Image: iapw20010826.gif   620x273 26125 bytes 2001.09.26

What you want me to type more stuff on my birthday???

Image: iapw20010902.gif   620x408 96289 bytes 2001.09.26

In The Post\r\n\r\nThis is my first double length comic strip. From now on the first of the month will always be a double length strip. Also from next week you will be getting comic strips on both Saturday and Sunday.

Image: iapw20010908.gif   620x252 72199 bytes 2001.09.26

Eva Attack\r\n\r\nFans of Evangelion will know whats going on in the first two panels but for those who don't it doesnt matter. This is just a dig at Ara for fantasizing when playing with toys.

Image: iapw20010909.gif   620x273 55647 bytes 2001.09.27

Zerowing's Origins prt 1\r\n\r\nI always wondered about how Zerowing came to love planes. We came up with the joke his parents would leave him in the penny ride while they were shopping. The pictures I drew for the strip were so adorable it became cannon.

Image: iapw20010911.gif   620x231 80154 bytes 2001.09.27

Why?\r\n\r\nEven in Australia, the effects of recent events in America can be felt. Especially for those of us with close ties to American friends and family. I've noticed that this goes beyond country and race and even species. For once, we are all united in purpose and spirit.\r\n\r\nClose friend Storm Starmage wrote this eulogy at my request:\r\n\r\nOn the day of 9/11/01 is a day that history will remember. That day not just the US was changed but the world changed as well. They might have killed thousands of people but they haven't broke the us. We will grieve deeply for all those who have lost family. For all those who don't know what happen to their loved ones. Our thoughts a prays go out to all those who died. May the find peace and no longer suffer. -- Storm\r\n\r\nLest we forget.

Image: iapw20010915.gif   620x231 68033 bytes 2001.09.27

Zerowing's Origins prt 2\r\n\r\nThis is the second part of how Zerowing became an aviator. Well, it was mroe a set up for the last panel. Finally Zerowing gets a picture of one his famous Kamikaze foliage-assisted landings.

Image: iapw20010916.gif   620x231 61499 bytes 2001.09.27

Crunchy Cereal\r\n\r\nI normally have corn flakes for breakfast, which do go crunch, but as Aneirn says 'it wouldn't be funny then'. Maybe I've just run out of corn flakes and am munching into Aneirin's choco pops (he is a sweetie and shares).

Image: iapw20010922.gif   620x231 59203 bytes 2001.09.27

Magic Markers\r\n\r\nFinding nice alcohol based markers is hard! But I finally found a box of them at a small art shop near where I live. I love them. The black marker is nearly worn out. I use it for the thick border on these strips. And no, you can't get drunk on them but you can smell the alcohol in them.

Image: iapw20010923.gif   620x231 67487 bytes 2001.09.27

Crunchy Lover\r\n\r\nOccupational hazard of living with a clumsy dragon such as myself. Its not the first time I've accidentally poked or prodded Aneirin when we cuddle.

Image: iapw20010929.gif   620x231 66423 bytes 2001.10.01

Jiggly Belly\r\n\r\nI love belly rubs and when Aneirin stops my belly usually keeps going. I really must think about getting more exercise and toning my diet. I used to drawn AraKaraath as strong and muscular but as I've become more like him and he has become more like me, I've been drawing him with a build more like the one I have in real life.

Image: iapw20010930.gif   620x231 72288 bytes 2001.10.01

Motivation\r\n\r\nOk this was a cheap strip. With the original strip I planned for today I had trouble arranging it properly so I came up with something else. This is pretty much how life is like at our house. Aneirin has to poke me alot to get me to do my strips.

Image: iapw20011006.gif   620x408 107203 bytes 2001.10.08

Night Owl And Early Bird\r\n\r\nEven though Aneirin and I are very similar in many respects, we are also very different in other respects. While we share interests in Lego, DreamCast games, MAME, Furries and cartoons, we have major differences in lifestyle. I'm an early bird, wake up with the sun and sleep with its setting while Aneirin stays up all night downloading mp3s and movies from the net and then sleeps in 'til noon. We are still adjusting to our life together.. :)

Image: iapw20011006b.gif   420x341 61082 bytes 2001.10.08

Image: iapw20011007.gif   620x231 68608 bytes 2001.10.08

Gallen Visits\r\n\r\nHope you're wrapped in this, Gallen. Hoping to introduce new characters regularly on IAPW ive started with my brother Gallen (though Reiji, Zerowing and HollyAnn have already featured in the strip, and we hope to see more of them)

Image: iapw20011013.gif   620x231 68058 bytes 2001.10.15

Watch Carefully\r\n\r\nI dont mind people watching me draw as long as they dont get too close and invade my space.

Image: iapw20011014.gif   620x231 78209 bytes 2001.10.15

Scribbles\r\n\r\nRule one about being an artist and owning a drawing board: Never leave a drawing board unattended with paper and pens laying around.

Image: iapw20011020.gif   620x231 61314 bytes 2001.10.21

Cuddles\r\n\r\nEveryone knows I love to cuddle and hug and i'll hug anything that moves, and if it doesnt move, i'll hug it until it does. But there is a time and place for cuddles and 3am is not the time. Except for my mate - he's the only exception.

Image: iapw20011021.gif   620x231 63922 bytes 2001.10.21

Forgotten Something?\r\n\r\nMy memory isn't the best. I tend to forget things that I did from last week. When I go to work its not unusual for me to forget my wallet or watch or sunglasses .. or pants.

Image: iapw20011027.gif   620x231 67267 bytes 2001.10.28

Carrying?\r\n\r\nUh oh.

Image: iapw20011028.gif   620x231 70927 bytes 2001.10.28

Buns In The Oven\r\n\r\nEver since Aneirin has been living with me, my belly has been getting a little round. I'm not sure if this is from all the good food or something else. About 3 months ago Aneirin wondered if I was pregnant. At first I was stunned at the notion .. but after that my belly was always referred to as the baby.

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