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Image: iapw20020804.gif   620x231 42989 bytes 2002.08.06

Picture Perfect\r\n\r\nWe all know Wai is a cute as a button and she is even cuter on film. Although She has a problem working out distances...

Image: iapw20020803.gif   620x408 53656 bytes 2002.08.06

Eleven Piece Feed\r\n\r\nFor those who don't know what Cricket is, its a boring game of English origin where two teams of 11 players hit a ball around and basically doze off in the sun. Boring to watch and boring to play. Now, we have KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) which is a fast food outlet who have a meal called an 'eleven piece feed' which is a bucket with eleven pieces of chicken inside. So now you can add two and two together and get four, or just nod your head (or heads, for those with more than one), dutifully chuckle and go on with something else.

Image: iapw20020728.gif   620x231 68303 bytes 2002.08.06

Godzilla, The Return\r\n\r\nSomething cute for the Godzilla fans (I know my mate is one) and yes, the Engrish is intentional (though no offence was intended - its all in good fun - though I could have done the comic in reverse and really bugged everyone)

Image: iapw20020727.gif   620x231 54499 bytes 2002.08.06

Where Wai Came From\r\n\r\nWe've been dreading the question, especially seeings we're not the usual family model. When the time came Aneirin of course improvised with disastrous results. Poor Wai! Hopefully this hasn't scared her for life. But I'm sure she will have forgotten about it by next week.

Image: iapw20020721.gif   620x231 41830 bytes 2002.07.22

Going Fishing part 2\r\n\r\nHmmm I don't condone this sort of behaviour but I'm sure this could be a good method of getting rid of door-to-door sales people, charity collectors, JWs and Mormonds. I'm sure we can add telemarketers in there too but they don't come to you (they are for 'dining out'?).

Image: iapw20020720.gif   620x231 45458 bytes 2002.07.22

Going Fishing part 1\r\n\r\nI've always wondered where a giant dragon like Vitro goes to have lunch? Besides McDonalds (there are enough of them around that he can eat one every day and two more can spring up)

Image: iapw20020714.gif   620x231 30277 bytes 2002.07.22

How To Catch A Dragon\r\n\r\nHmmm think someone has been watching too much Discovery Channel...

Image: iapw20020713.gif   620x231 57185 bytes 2002.07.22

How Dragons Hunt\r\n\r\nDragons are expert hunters. They can roam for miles looking for prey. Their primal grace and stealth in stalking their prey is matched only by the greatest of hunters in the animal kingdom. And doughnuts can be vicious when cornered...

Image: iapw20020707.gif   620x231 50136 bytes 2002.07.07

My Weakness\r\n\r\nYep. I admit it. I have a fondness for grated Mozzarella cheese. I tend to just nibble on it while doing the cooking or put it on everything like some people do with Parmesan. I love it but I don't know if I'd call it an addiction ('Yes it is!' Aneirin shouts from the back).

Image: iapw20020706.gif   620x595 151202 bytes 2002.07.07

And Now For a Commercial Break\r\n\r\nEveryone has seen one of those infomercials, and everyone knows how cheesy then are so I though I'd do one too. Sorry it was so big (which is why its so late) but I couldn't fit the entire sequence into two lines - It was hard getting it into three! This is certainly the largest strip I've done so far. Special guest appearances by Kia and Katie, Storm and Asha, Tincrash and my brotherhalf DreamDancer.

Image: iapw20020630.gif   620x408 77456 bytes 2002.07.02

Back To One\r\n\r\nI miss Wai being whole and both of them running around could cause them problems further down the track so best to put them back together and find a more secure place for that medallion. But .. its going to be alot quieter with only one Wai .. (PS, the odd shape of the strip is due to the last panel being revised at the last minute. Originally the last panel was gonig to be Wai sitting lonely in her room but seeing her like that I had to change it so I go back and give her a cuddle of reassurance. In a way, I interact with my comic as if it were real life.

Image: iapw20020629.gif   620x231 53293 bytes 2002.07.02

Dealing With Two Of Them\r\n\r\nThe Wais are not always naughty, it just seems that way with all the things they do and get into. And before anyone complains - no I'm NOT hurting dragon Wai by carring her by her tail. Dragons have their strongest muscles in the tail, back and chest. Carrying Wai like that is akin to a lioness carrying her cubs by the scruff of the neck. She's perfectly fine and it doesn't hurt - only hurts her pride.

Image: iapw20020623.gif   620x231 56923 bytes 2002.06.24

Double of Everything\r\n\r\nThe two Wais, while having different personailities, still think of themselves as the same person although we treat them as two seperate beings, which means they think they get double of everything, two icecreams, two presents etc. Luckily they have different favourite toys so they don't fight over them (I doubt it they woud fight even if they did!). But usually if one does something the other one probably had helped as well so they both get into trouble.

Image: iapw20020622.gif   620x231 57392 bytes 2002.06.24

Two's A Party!\r\n\r\nOne thing about Wai is she's adaptable. She can find the best aspects of the stranges of situations - she has the eternal optimism or youth. Even when faced with having two of herself she find the bright side which is now she can have someone to play with all the time.

Image: iapw20020616.gif   620x231 49170 bytes 2002.06.16

Double The Trouble\r\n\r\nWai is only a few months old but she learns fast! And she gets into everything. Including my jewellery case. Although she doesn't know what is so special about that medallion I'm sure she's soon going to find out...

Image: iapw20020615.gif   620x231 43206 bytes 2002.06.16

Winter Is Here\r\n\r\nDon't you just love that feeling on a winter's morning when its cold outside but you're snug warm in your bed with you partner and favourite plush toy? hehehe And before you Americans complain its not winter - its winter down here in Australia and believe me it gets COLD. My poor wulfie has exploded into his winter fur! I'm not looking forward to shedding season.

Image: iapw20020609.gif   620x231 53255 bytes 2002.06.10

Got Milk?\r\n\r\nKids say the strangest things at the best of times but I shoudn't be too hard on Wai because she's never seen me without my breasts before. Its going to be hard for her as her mommy becomes a male. But so far she seems to be coping just fine. But its just amazing where they get these ideas from...

Image: iapw20020608.gif   620x231 49860 bytes 2002.06.10

End Of An Era\r\n\r\nMy hormones have finally balanced themselves out, which I'm greatful for. Its confusing enough for me but its also confusing for everyone else too. My facial fuzz is even growing back! I missed my breard! Its been an interesting experience, something single sexed creatures take for granted while my world gets turned upside down with as my gender swings back and forth. The doctor says it will settle down now so I can let out a sigh of relief.

Image: iapw20020602.gif   620x231 60584 bytes 2002.06.05

More Of Your Favourites\r\n\r\nWe have a radio station at 104.3 FM which plays 70s, 80s and 90s music - my favourite eras of music. But lately Aneirin and I have noticed they seem to play alot of John Farnham and Elton John - so it seems that someone broke in and stole all their records - except for the John Farnham and Elton John collections. urrf?

Image: iapw20020601.gif   620x408 51012 bytes 2002.06.05

Steamrollered\r\n\r\nHow do you give a large dragon back scratches? usually they do it themselves by rubbing up against a mountain or building. Well Vitro gets special treatment and a steamroller!

Image: iapw20020526.gif   620x231 56606 bytes 2002.05.27

Bedtime Stories\r\n\r\nHow do you answer those awkward questions. All fairy tales end with 'And they lived happily ever after' or 'the first payment on the mortgage is due'. Its just one of those unassumed things we take for granted. Well Wai doesn't seem to take anything for granted. Her curiosity is insatiable. Maybe we should all adopt that sort of child-like wonder about the world. Might make it a better place to live in.

Image: iapw20020525.gif   620x231 58160 bytes 2002.05.27

Babysitter\r\n\r\nThis strip originated from a conversation between Raptor and my mate which he told me about afterwards. I thought it would be a perfect strip so he got to star in IAPW. Sorry Rap! I forgot your crest and wings! Sorry sorry sorry eeep!

Image: iapw20020519.gif   620x231 46404 bytes 2002.05.19

Being Sick Aint So Bad\r\n\r\nUm yeh I managed to spend time trying out Halo - and its awesome! I love first person shooters and this one is the best of the lot! Hmmm... there may not be any more comic strips cos I'll be devoting my time to Halo (just kidding)

Image: iapw20020518.gif   620x231 44501 bytes 2002.05.19

Sick With Cold\r\n\r\nSorry everyone, there won't be any official comic strips this weekend because I've had a pretty nasty cold. Hopefully next week I'll have my comics up again. And after my day off I managed to have produced two new ideas and comic strips so .. guess you got your comics after all.

Image: iapw20020512.gif   620x231 58452 bytes 2002.05.13

Mothers Day Gift\r\n\r\nHappy Mother's Day everyone! I had a mum who was always there for me and I never really appreciated her until I became a mum myself. Takes alot of guts and hard work being a mum. And alot of love and firmness for your child. Mums a great!

Image: iapw20020511.gif   620x231 54270 bytes 2002.05.13

Conjoinments Annonymous\r\n\r\nA friend of mine recommended 'Conjoinments Annoymous' to give to Storm and Asha to help them out though I know Storm isn't too pleased with the idea while Asha is looking forward to it. They only need half as many chairs and half the food yet have twice the headcount. Special guest appearances from Tunis and Effie, Dana and Rogers, Sea and Ro, Jan and Jon and Xander Opal.

Image: iapw20020505.gif   620x231 60121 bytes 2002.05.07

Childhood Habits\r\n\r\nYes, Zero still likes those little penny rides outside the supermarket. I'm thinking of drawing the picture of him riding one but not sure if its a good idea hehehe.

Image: iapw20020504.gif   620x408 105866 bytes 2002.05.07

At The Mall\r\n\r\nHow do you go shopping when you have *two* children to look after - especially when one is old enough to know better? Very carefully.\r\n\r\nJust a note: People have asked me why is Wai suddenly grown up and why I still have breasts. Well my kind mature rapidly from birth, having an aging equivelent of 4 human child year in the first 4 months. This is probably left over from when my kind had to fend in the wild and young had to run and fly from birth to survive. And I still have breasts because they don't disapear overnight and will probably fade away over the next month or two.

Image: iapwpromote.jpg   519x400 48434 bytes 2002.04.28

"In A Perfect World" is updated first at every Saturday and Sunday American time. If you enjoy the strip please go there to view the comics, after all thats what it was set up for. IAPW will still be uploaded to VCL, but you get more cool stuff at Keenspace. Also if you really like IAPW, please vote for me on the Keenspace Top 99 Comics list. Link can be found on my Keenspace site.

Image: iapw20020428.gif   620x231 56387 bytes 2002.04.28

Passing On The Trouble\r\n\r\nThen again, for now its best to put the medallion away somewhere where it won't cause more problems. But the only way I can be sure of that is to keep it myself - now that I know what it does. Hopefully Asha and Storm can learn to deal with their new found closeness a little better than Kaa and Ga did.

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