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Image: iapw20031105.gif   620x231 57142 bytes 2003.11.06

Fireworks Night\r\n\r\n.. Oooohhh pretty ..

Image: iapw20031108.gif   620x231 51615 bytes 2003.11.12

Back When I was Young ..\r\n\r\nWith the age of Science most people have forgotten their superstitious medieval ways and thus there is very little work for Imps to do these days. They usually get their jollys these days by going around creating crop circles and making lights flash in the skys and wearing fish-bowls on their heads and saying 'Nanoo Nanoo' alot.

Image: iapw20031109.gif   620x231 57239 bytes 2003.11.12

You Get What You Pay For\r\n\r\nThat's what you get for shopping at the 'Reject Shop' for books!

Image: iapw20031115.gif   620x231 57985 bytes 2003.11.30

Enemies Are Your Best Friends\r\n\r\nLife would be so much more duller without enemies. For instance you wouldn't have anyone to smite or seek revenge against. Having an Arch Nemisis keeps you on your toes and makes life interesting.

Image: iapw20031116.gif   620x231 68079 bytes 2003.11.30

Budger vs Postfur Prt 1\r\n\r\nWell Budger needs to do something with his pare time so he harasses the Post officers who come around with our mail. I guess its better than talking to trees...

Image: iapw20031122.gif   620x231 54562 bytes 2003.11.30

Budger vs Postfur Prt 2\r\n\r\nWell, why not? Everyone keeps photo-albums of their achievements or interests. Though its a little disturbing to have one full of photos of posties though it makes some sort of morbid sense considering how non-anthro dragons think.

Image: iapw20031123.gif   620x231 67444 bytes 2003.11.30

Budger vs Postfur Prt 3\r\n\r\nOur neighbourhood goes through so many posties when you have a well organised group of dragons dedicated pestering the postal officers. This is one of the reasons I spend so much time on eBay - it means a constant stream of parcels and mail - as well as posties - to feed our local dragons playful natures..

Image: iapw20031129.gif   620x231 64856 bytes 2003.11.30

Reasons For Moving\r\n\r\nDon't try this at home. Leave overclocking to the experts. They are more expeirenced than you and you can laugh at them when it blows up in their face without any injury to yourself.

Image: iapw20031130.gif   620x231 63877 bytes 2003.11.30

Multipurpose Jewellery\r\n\r\nThis medallion really does come in handy! I'm glad i bought it - it has soooo many uses. And its shiny!

Image: iapw20031206.gif   620x756 271352 bytes 2003.12.09

Speedhumps\r\n\r\nWe have a joke that large dragons being so big they wouldnt trip over anything smaller than a bus, unless they were extremely clumsy. Well, Budger was obviously travelling too fast on this day!

Image: iapw20031207.gif   620x930 316819 bytes 2003.12.13

Delayed Reaction\r\n\r\nLarge dragons are alot bigger than normal furs so you would think that electricity would take longer to travel around their bodies from brain the nerve ending. It would make them move slower and have slower reflexes. Though I doubt it would slow them down this much.

Image: iapw20031213.gif   620x231 53900 bytes 2003.12.13

Making Present Lists\r\n\r\nI really am bad at getting christmas gifts for people. I never really know what to get people. I envy Budger because his answer to everything is to give someone a pineapple - seriously. We all got pineapples for christmas last year and I got one for my birthday too. In a way it works, its a unusual gift, and practical too, it tastes lovely. Better than socks.

Image: iapw20031214.gif   620x231 66591 bytes 2003.12.13

Christmas Rush\r\n\r\nIt always gets to that time of year when there are only two or three weekends before christmas and the shops are packed with people rushing around for last minute gifts. I guess the best way to shop for gifts is to watch all year for something that might appeal to someone and buy it then and set it aside for christmas. Speaking of presents, we have to send off all our christmas cards soon too...

Image: iapw20031220.gif   620x231 68102 bytes 2003.12.25

Santa Trauma\r\n\r\nYou always know its getting close to Christmas when the Santa's start appearing in droves and in shops and in malls and windows etc. Here is a ditty I thought was appropriate:\r\n\r\nThere's another Santa Claus\r\nThere's another Santa Claus\r\nThere's another Santa Claus there\r\nEverywhere you look you can't escape\r\nThere's Santas everywhere\r\nBells are ringing, children screaming\r\nSomething doesn't seem right\r\nHis beard is gray, that's a nice toupee\r\nBut his eyebrows oughta be white\r\n

Image: iapw20031221.gif   620x231 74579 bytes 2003.12.25

Impish Choir\r\n\r\nAnd why shouldn't the minions get in on some Christmas cheer, in their own irreverent, flippant way. Of course, they do it for their own benefit even though Halloween was two months ago and everyone has run out of Halloween candy.

Image: iapw20031225.gif   381x648 106983 bytes 2003.12.25

Merry Christmas\r\n\r\nSeasons Greetings to everyone who follows 'In A Perfect World'. Thank you all for your support over the past year. Wish you all a very Merry Christmas and have Happy New year. See you in 2004 with more adventures from all of us here at 'In A Perfect World'.

Image: iapw20031227.gif   620x231 65012 bytes 2004.01.03

David Bowie Asks 'Is There Life On Mars?'\r\n\r\nThis comic was a random idea that I inked for an emergency strip, but its strangely topical at the moment with the landing of the Beagle 2 Mars probe a couple of days ago. What's even more fun is that it has strangely disapeared. Upon landing it was suppose to establish contact with Earth by playing a song by Blur. I can imagine the Clangers have run off with it because it plays better music than the Music Tree.

Image: iapw20031228.gif   620x408 125786 bytes 2004.01.03

Mystery Science Theare 2004\r\n\r\nAll bow down to MST3K! Today we pay hommage to 'Manos. The Hands of Fate', the worse movie ever made. Special thanks to Joel Hodgson for creating MST3K and teaching us an appreciation for crap movies and to Mike Nelson for having to suffer through 'Manos. The Hands of Fate' repeatedly solely for our entertainment.

Image: iapw20040103.gif   620x408 106908 bytes 2004.01.26

New Year Washout\r\n\r\nIts winter in England and there is no snow to be seen. Just rain (not that I'm complaining - I love the rain) New Year's Eve we planned on going downtown to see the fireworks but it was cold and rainy and nothing to be seen except flashes in low-lying cloud.

Image: iapw20040104.gif   620x231 61939 bytes 2004.01.26

Personal Theme\r\n\r\nBudger likes to hum a errie version of the circus clown theme. Normally its an innocent tune but when Budger hums it is suddenly becomes a sinister sounding anthem which can freak anyone out who hears it. Especially when he peers at you over the back of the sofa.

Image: iapw20040110.gif   620x231 34143 bytes 2004.01.26

IAPW Outtakes: Getting A Lift\r\n\r\nHumerous look at some of the outtakes of IAPW, even we get it wrong sometimes.

Image: iapw20040111.gif   620x231 66043 bytes 2004.01.26

IAPW Outtakes: Whole Again\r\n\r\nHumerous look at some of the outtakes of IAPW, even we get it wrong sometimes.

Image: iapw20040117.gif   620x231 65594 bytes 2004.01.26

IAPW Outtakes: Childhood Habits\r\n\r\nHumerous look at some of the outtakes of IAPW, even we get it wrong sometimes.

Image: iapw20040118.gif   620x231 57310 bytes 2004.01.26

IAPW Outtakes: Meet The Neighbours\r\n\r\nHumerous look at some of the outtakes of IAPW, even we get it wrong sometimes.

Image: iapw20040124.gif   620x231 59407 bytes 2004.01.26

IAPW Outtakes: Smite Thine Enemies!\r\n\r\nHumerous look at some of the outtakes of IAPW, even we get it wrong sometimes.

Image: iapw20040125.gif   620x408 111876 bytes 2004.01.26

IAPW Outtakes: Mystery Science Theare 2004\r\n\r\nHumerous look at some of the outtakes of IAPW, even we get it wrong sometimes.

Image: iapw20040126.gif   620x231 60889 bytes 2004.01.26

Australia Day\r\n\r\nJust letting EVERYONE know, that January 26th is Australia Day, and I'm not going to let anyone forget that I'm a True Blue Aussie from the great Land Down Under!

Image: iapwpromote.jpg   519x400 48434 bytes 2002.04.28

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