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Image: deckthehallkittyjpg.jpg   50x50 11944 bytes 2005.12.05

A little 50x50 Avatar I did, happy holidays ^^

Image: decongestant.jpg   500x500 39165 bytes 2005.01.11

Because I have a cold and feel like crap, and decongestant is good, it makes me able to breathe out of two nostrils instead of one, or none at all. Yes it's supossed to be all out of the lines and stuffs like that. Anyways, it's a squirrel if ya can't tell.

Image: DesertJourney.jpg   1000x790 176301 bytes 2007.03.28

Desert Journey

Inspired by Shadow of the collosus, a young woman and her hours journey out into the desert in order to find the large anubis statue who mysteriously is said to move, and it's eye to glow green as if filled with life. Gouache on Bristol Paper 11x14

Tags: Anubis Jackal Sand Desert Journey Horse woman  
Image: dobermanfemme.jpg   417x800 104981 bytes 2005.09.06

Colored pencil and micron pen on paper. Red Dobey in a Corsette ^^ the colored version *nods* Her name is Missy, she has an older twin sister named Sissy who is a white doberman, need to draw the two together for you guys. Hope you all enjoy hehe. pose, art and coloring all by me, art copyright to Aerona.

Image: donotbothercopyright.jpg   752x900 86341 bytes 2006.07.21

My anthro self, Aerona, playing the PS2 ^^ yay for games, w00t w00t. So yips. about 5 or 6 hours of coloring in photoshop and I art dead *dies on a pillow* copyrighted, watermark style, for just in cases. Character and art are both copyright to me, and you can't steal me <.< ... or can you?

Image: dragondetails.jpg   900x668 119908 bytes 2006.04.24

somewhat of a detail/color close up shot, kinda not so great though, but oh well

Image: Dragonness.jpg   500x587 33297 bytes 2005.10.06

Dragon Pen drawing I did back in 04'

Image: dragonpendone.jpg   506x600 57571 bytes 2005.10.04

Dragon design for shirts. Originally designed to go on the hood of my car, I'll put up pics when I get it on. Also on for purchase of products. Illustrator 10.0

Image: dragonwindow2.jpg   500x353 50706 bytes 2004.08.26

Yeps this is mine *nods* actually I made it for my dad for father's day. Pattern was created purely by me, the colors are Green, Blue, Black and Purple. Very difficult to do, very annoying as well, but I like it. Took 6 wks to do, yeps.

Image: EForceslargerbg.jpg   358x566 39799 bytes 2004.08.24

This is of course, and egyptian wolfess of mine, who is yet to be named. She is copyright to me, looked at my own paws to get her's right. Drawn on computer paper with a ballpoint pen, then taken into photoshop elements where it was colored and all that fun stuffs.

Image: ElementsofLove.jpg   800x614 110919 bytes 2005.11.14

Lineart of a wolfess and her cat sitting in a field, with five bubbles, the bubbles represent an element, Wind, Water, Fire, Earth and Love. Hey look! a background! anyways, referenced the pose from a picture of me and my kitty vash

Image: elementsofloveillcolor.jpg   873x803 83803 bytes 2005.12.13

Elements of love colored in illustrator, I used one of the charocal brushes for outlines, plus I have the old outlines for an interesting kind of look

Image: EmperorPhoenixcolor.jpg   678x930 91236 bytes 2005.06.17

Yay colored! The emperor phoenix, the most powerful of phoenixi. Yeps, I like Phoenixi, they're very beautiful. I love the full fire ones, those are my favs, but I'm not to great at drawing fire yet, so we deal with this. Drawn, then Inked with Rapidograph pen, then scanned and colored in PS Elements. I really need to put my full PS version on my compy :P.

Image: EnglishTiledragons.jpg   600x557 86499 bytes 2005.04.28

English tile styled celtic dragons. This is done in a way called a Batik, which is with fabric, dye and wax, takes a long time to do, but the result is pretty awesome.

Image: eyeofthetiger.jpg   594x800 114199 bytes 2005.04.28

Painting I did of a tiger, it was all high contrasty photo for reference and painted with opposite colors on the scale.

Image: Fiery_tears.jpg   531x700 96089 bytes 2005.04.28

Another batik, this one is a phoenix crying. It is said that the tears of the phoenix bring life.

Image: firestarterline.jpg   443x700 51840 bytes 2005.10.06

Line art and a tiny bit of shading of a wolf anthro about to blow fire.

Image: firstkisswords.jpg   700x717 82202 bytes 2005.06.06

Two wolves sharing in their first kiss. I have a version without the wording, but I like it much better with the words on it. I made this for my mate/fiance. I love him very much and just hopes he likes it, line art for this one is in my sketches.

Image: firstlove.jpg   933x653 84386 bytes 2005.06.02

Yiff colored fwee! I still suck pretty good at digital coloring, but I'm getting much better. PS Elements. A red wolf and a border collie becoming mates for the first time. Iris is copyright to the Goo Goo Dolls. Anyways, enjoy all!

Image: firstlovelineart.jpg   700x490 34835 bytes 2005.06.01

My first yiff! It's a wolf and a what will be border collie when I color it. This piece is more about love than actual yiff and the passion that comes with love. Not just any love though, the first love.

Image: firstlovepgold.jpg   933x653 74764 bytes 2005.06.02

Monochrome yiff! I love monochrome, this one is a nice gold, cause gold is kick tail in monochrome heh.

Image: FollowmyPath.jpg   1000x751 149659 bytes 2007.01.19

Follow My Path

It's personal, but I'll let you know. After over a year of falling in and out of depression I've begun to realize who I am, and finally find peace and happiness. So to all, find yourself, then you'll be happy.

Tags: wolf, happiness  
Image: gatheringcloseup.jpg   700x510 84168 bytes 2005.06.01

A nice close up detail of a piece I spent a long time on, this piece is my cub, so if anyone tries to claim it as their own I will maul you. If you look in my sketches you'll find the two seperate pieces and the whole pic (too big for scanner and my camera is an ass with pencil)

Image: Gaurdianloves.jpg   700x647 106096 bytes 2005.04.28

A batik of two tigers. The black one gaurds his mate the white for all eternity, which is symbolized by the circle.

Image: ghostsofkitsune.jpg   900x896 105717 bytes 2007.03.16

Ghost of the Kitsune

A drawing I did of a kitsune, you can't see it very well here, but there is a ghost of a small kitsune touching it's chin, looking up at it. Done in graphite on paper. Yes there is lines from where the paper ends, that's on purpose, it is not supossed to be a flat white background.

Tags: kitsune ghost pencil graphite fox  
Image: GodofJackals.jpg   452x700 68092 bytes 2005.09.22

Anubis, unevolved. Colored pencil on paper, looks a thousand times better in real life. It was a birthday present for one of my very good friends. It's actual size is 3 1/2" by 5" total. Scanner ate details too and ehh. Spent about hour half to two hours on whole thing. Right leg bugs me.

Image: GodofJackals120avagold.jpg   94x120 16061 bytes 2005.09.22

did a golden version for an avatar, yips.

Image: gottheitch_line.jpg   960x1000 93751 bytes 2006.08.02

some pen work of a draggy itching his chin ^^ isn't he coot?

Image: graywolftearscopyright.jpg   500x500 67102 bytes 2004.09.03

Yeps the little thing written on the picture is completly of my own, written at the time of the picture's creation. Done in Photoshop Elements, yes another one of em ^.^. Now the real question...the it anthro? Is it normal? That's all up to you. I love the markings on his face and his colors.

Image: GreenDragonGlow.jpg   500x500 41761 bytes 2004.08.29

Gah, I'm not impressed with this one, For how long it took it sure isn't that great -.-. PhotoShop Elemnents, about 13 or 14 layers on it. I do love the background and the glowyness, but my dragon isn't that great, probably will fix it one day.

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