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Image: Gryphynesslight.jpg   800x749 79174 bytes 2005.03.28

The gryphon I have lineart of, with coloryness, I did some experimentation for my computer graphics class so here it is and stuffs.

Image: HolidayMail.jpg   500x500 48514 bytes 2004.12.22

I did this for my fiance, but his is a special version. Course I realize now, that I forgot my copyright ois, anyways, happy holidays, this is my version for all you furs out there who want to be with the ones they love but can't this year. Image copyright to Aerona.

Image: howlingfeathers.jpg   800x1078 99179 bytes 2006.06.08

pencil drawing a a wolf with feathers pushing out from his eyeridges, it's basically goes off of part of an rp I was doing a while ago, but that was only the inspiration for it, completly different from that, but anyways. Done last year.

Image: Icerialofthefourshadows.jpg   765x560 65826 bytes 2004.10.20

This is one of my newer characters, a goddess by the name of Icerial. She is as it states, the goddess of the four shadows. I don't like it as much as some of the others I've done but *shrugs* anyways, Icerial is the mother to Angesai an anthro dragoness.

Image: icestorm.jpg   1000x769 264882 bytes 2006.12.21


I messed up on the legs, but I still really like it. Photo reference for unicorn, horn is from an icecycle, and background. Colored pencil.

Tags: unicorn, winter, snow, ice, storm  
Image: Ieriagreys.jpg   701x900 102246 bytes 2006.03.27

New species I created called the Ieria, in grey prisma markers, yeps.

Image: JaxBackground.jpg   1200x950 157281 bytes 2006.08.02

My background/desktop version so you can place this stud muffin on your computer ^^ w00ts. Mine, all mine.

Image: jaxnamecopyright.jpg   590x950 107887 bytes 2006.08.02

7hrs. 15mins. in Photoshop 7.0 yields this goregous wolf. I want his pants *cries* T.T I'm extremly proud of how this turned out.

Image: Judgementbw.jpg   674x1000 144294 bytes 2006.09.26

The Anubis god, a two headed anubis, passes judgement upon you all. ^^ I heart him so good. He took forever to get right, and the chains, gods the chains <.O plus I had to transfer this many times and reink it. I love the way hims turned out though *drools* anubis is sessy.

Image: KnightofTheDragon.jpg   587x700 101115 bytes 2005.04.28

Batik of a very angry red dragon.

Image: littlebutterfly.jpg   612x800 75468 bytes 2005.10.06

Tigress with butterfly wings, catching glowing butterflies. Inspired by the the song "Butterfly" by Smile. Lyrics Copyright to Smile. Art copyright to Aerona.

Image: longdrag.jpg   705x970 158116 bytes 2007.03.08

The Long Drag

My scanner hated this so I had to take a picture of it, so the color quality sucks alot. I drew this a while back, and started painting it last year. I found it and finished painting it. A rabbit anthro takes a drag on his cigarette. I was gonna do something cool with the smoke lines but I don't remember anymore, either way, I still think it looks cool. It was started in Acrylics and finished in Gouache.

Tags: Anthro Rabbit Bunny Smoking  
Image: luciole.jpg   667x500 45345 bytes 2005.01.28

This is Luciole, which means firefly in french. It's done in photoshop elements, 19 layers total, the picture for the background was taken by me. Paws suck! took forever on that right paw, but I'm happy with the outcome of it, you can't tell but he's got a droplet of water on it. A few hours of work, yips, not too happy with my coloring, I have coloring issues still to work out, tried a new fur technique, don't like it too much, but ehh, like the pic.

Image: magmadragon.jpg   500x500 34798 bytes 2004.09.03

Nothing better than a dragon made of pure molten lava walking through bright, hot yellow flames. One of my first Photoshop Elements pics. This was one of the pieces I have in my portfolio I showed for my college interview ^.^.

Image: manedwolf.jpg   967x1000 221498 bytes 2006.09.26

maned wolfy, no reference used. Mechanical pencil, blending stick and a lot of patience ^^

Image: Moon'sblue.jpg   497x700 76138 bytes 2005.04.28

Batik of a blue dragon collecting stardust. I've had a lot of people tell me how much they like this and how it's their favorite, so I hope you all enjoy.

Image: MoonlightPhoenixcopyright.jpg   495x464 22942 bytes 2004.10.01

Woots it's a Phoenix. It was originally a picture I took of one of our doves, then I colored phoenix like, cut out the dove and put it into a night time picture I took, then I removed the orignal pic of the dove. Done in Photoshop Elements. Image copyright to Aerona.

Image: moonlightrun.jpg   1000x619 116216 bytes 2006.08.02

another 3x5 card I did, this one has a running wolfie ^^ my anatomy sucked on it T.T

Image: morningstretchlineart.jpg   900x368 30644 bytes 2005.06.01

A wolfy having a nice morning stretch, yay for line art, ya think I should make a directory just for line art? Wells anyways, isn't he cute?

Image: myeyescouldtellyou.jpg   627x900 69251 bytes 2006.06.08

Drawing of an anthro wolf looking up, did last year, had fun with it, yeps, good stuff

Image: Nightglow.jpg   976x1222 189342 bytes 2006.08.23

My own personal fursona Aerona with glowsticks and glow bracelet's for Abyss-dog's glow thingy contest on DeviantArt. About 4 and a half hours in Photoshop 7.0

Image: onedestination.jpg   826x1000 188003 bytes 2006.12.21

One Destination

Just a random wolf, colored pencil and all

Tags: wolf, male  
Image: Origins.jpg   785x1000 147202 bytes 2007.03.01

In one part of Egyptian mythology it is said that anubis split into two halfs, one a female, the other a male. This is a representation of the female version of anubis rising up from him. I loved this sketch and of course, had to color it. I hope you enjoy it. Colored in Photoshop 7.0 in about 4 or 5 hours.

Tags: Anubis death egypt egyptian legend mythology scarab desert sand palmtree  
Image: OriginsLinework.jpg   785x1000 171765 bytes 2007.01.19

Origins Linework

Anubis the Egyptian god of death was said to at one time split into two parts, the male half and the female half. Here, the female half is emerging from his back. I spent a lon time on the background *nods* with refernces and everything. I'm gonna color it soon.

Tags: anubis, legends, god of death, death god  
Image: othercatchick.GIF   402x229 6766 bytes 2004.09.03

Another Femme cat girl, done in MS Paint. ^.^ I like this one better than the other. Orange kitty girl, and a sheppy yay heh. Copyright to Aerona.

Image: Panda.jpg   517x624 48508 bytes 2004.11.21

Look everyone! It's a panda, with a really big nose! yeps, Rapidograph pen again, I lub my Rapidograph pen *huggles it*

Image: peak_a_boo_dragon.jpg   677x500 56686 bytes 2004.12.10

Yeps, it's a dracolich...heh undead dragons are good *nods* anyways this is an etching, one of 8 ever made! Heh since this scan I've matted it ^.^. Anyways, etching then color pencil colored.

Image: piratesandplushies.jpg   789x900 119143 bytes 2006.12.21

Pirates and Plushies

A pirate giraffe who just loves his plushie giraffe, colored pencils

Tags: giraffe, pirate, plushie, stuffy  
Image: Powerstanceblue.jpg   684x1064 193688 bytes 2006.03.10

graphite drawing, with blue added in photoshop of a very special sort of dragon.

Image: pumkindesign.jpg   800x644 100544 bytes 2005.10.18

design for my pumpkin for halloween this year, I'm looking forward to doing it ^^ It'll be fun and hard. It's a tiger on one side and a wolf on the other. Art copyright to Aerona.

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